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Episode One: I Am AudaciousEdit

ChatBot: Hello. Welcome to Wikian Grit. We have 4 important founders of 4 wikis here. And 16 contestants. The leaders will lead a team of 4. The only way you will leave is if you give up. You must prove to yourself that you have Wikian Grit. Let's meet the leaders. Heo, Hijotee, Ryan, and Liam.

Heo: CONF: Yo. I think I'm a great leader. I just need to make sure the *cringes* hams aren't on my team. Other than that, I'm winning. B)

Ryan: CONF: I'm the queen bee of Tumblr, Total Drama, and recently Wikian Grit. I have Wikian grit and I will provide it to the average wiki users.

Hijotee: CONF: Cody

Liam: I founded one of the most successful wikis recently. And in Wikian Grit, I will help fellow contestants be as successful as I was.

ChatBot: The 16 players have already went through grueling obstacle courses while the 4 wiki leaders have been observing.

(The 16 are seen forced to cliff jump)

Blake: yikes

Izzy: CONF: (In this game, I want to be a villain..because I love survivor villains! And I'll do what it takes to win.) *pushes Blake off cliff*

Blake: yikes

Ryan: I saw Izzy push that cunt down that cliff. *claps* That's the type of person I want on my team.

Fiz: guys

Cabbage: what

Fiz: redomd aded Jaclyn to shortlist

Mirnish: OMG

Milk: OMG

Kendall: OMG

Wendy: OMG

Tyler: OMG

Maria: who

Fiz: jk

Izzy: ugh

(Everyone throws Fiz and Maria off cliff)

Rocky: YOLO B) *hops off*

Chwiis: For Shrek! *hops off*

Heo: CONF: Chwiis and Rocky are my bois. I'd love to have them on my team.

Tyler: *gulps and hops*

Noah: Just like the border. *jumps*

Kendall: I am NOT jumping off.

Aqua: Neither am I, Kelsey twin.

Izzy: Look, Kelsey is at the bottom of the cliff.

Aqua and Kendall: Where? *jumps*

Izzy: guys

Izzy: sandra is

Izzy: at the bottom of the

Izzy: cliff

Mirnish: CONF: Izzy isn't slick. He's trying to be a villain. Well no. I will drag his ass.

Milk: *jumps*

TDN: I'm not jumping unless you all do nuTR- *is pushed off by Spirit*

(Soon, everyone else jumps)

(The 16 arrive in front of ChatBot, Heo, Ryan, Hijotee, and Liam)

Liam: Hi.

ChatBot: Hello contestants. These 4 wiki leaders have observed you jump that cliff to help them assemble the best team. They can. They will now privately discuss who will join their team.

(The four are seen talking at Arby's)

Heo: I want my two bois on my team.

Liam: Sure, nobody else wants those bigots.

Ryan: I want Izzy on my team. His villainous actions interest me. I also want my reincarnation Kendall.

Liam: Well I'll take Wendy, Blake, and Mirnish.

Hijotee: Thank god I don't have Blake.

Heo: Hijotee who do you want?

Hijotee: dynamic.

Heo: Okay, well. I have 2/4. Liam has 3/4. Ryan has 2/4. Hijotee has 1/4.

Hijotee: Give me Maria.

Heo: Okay??

Ryan: Ooh, I want Milk!

Liam: Fine I was gonna choose him next. I'll round out my team with Cabbage.

Heo: Hm...too much hams...I'll get Noah and TDN.

Ryan: So Hijotee, the last three are Aqua, Spirit, and Tyler. You need two. I need one..and that one is Tyler. Spirit and Aqua troll too much.

Hijotee: Okay, I take Spirit and Aqua.

Liam: We're done.

(The teams are seen with the leaders standing in front)

ChatBot: Here's your teams. Team Heo is Chwiis, Rocky, TDN, and Noah. Team Ryan is Izzy, Kendall, Milk, and Tyler. Team Liam is Wendy, Mirnish, Blake, and Cabbage. Team Hijotee is Fiz, Maria, Aqua, and Spirit. You will all be living in one house. Good luck.

(in house)

Kendall: Maria, sleep with me.

Maria: no

Cabbage: CONF: Looking around at my team, Liam loves Wendy and Blake for being original WC. He loves Mirnish too. I'm an obvious outsider but I'm not giving up.

(Team Hijotee; Fiz, Maria, Aqua, and Spirit are seen sitting at a table)

Aqua: Let's introduce ourselves.

Fiz: ok

Spirit: I'm Spirit now kill yourself.

Maria: Yes.

Fiz: im fiz and I never troll in my life

Aqua: I'm Aqua but you can call me Purple Kelly.

Spirit: Nobody's gonna call you that.


(Team Heo; TDN, Rocky, Noah, and Chwiis are seen sitting at a table.)

Chwiis: Hey Jews. I'm Chwiis.

Rocky: Hey crackers. I'm Rocky...give me a cashew.

TDN: CONF: Chwiis and Rocky are two very arrogant people. They think they're better than me and that's false. Nobody is better than me. But Chwiis and Rocky need to learn teamwork.

Noah: Ey I'm Noah.


Chwiis: CONF: Rocky and I are gonna run this game and there's no stopping us.

Rocky: CONF: The only reason I came here was to get the cashews.

(Team Ryan; Izzy, Kendall, Milk, and Tyler are seen sitting at a table)

Kendall: Hi, I'm Kendall. (CONF: I already feel the queen bee here. I'm a totally challenge beast and I'm so...audacious.)

Tyler: Hi I'm Tyler.

Milk: how bland

Tyler: *rolls eyes* (CONF: If there's one thing I hate, it's being called bland. I'm not bland. I'm just different from everyone else. I guess they can't just accept my Julia love.)

Milk: Hey peasants I'm Milk. (CONF: I don't know why I'm not a leader in this game. I created TRD and we wouldn't be here without me. So...)

Izzy: I'm Izzy.

Tyler: CONF: I can tell there's going to be a power struggle. Izzy wants to be a mega villain, Kendall wants to prove she's an audacious leader, and Milk is salty he isn't a leader. the words of Blake, yikes.

(Team Liam; Mirnish, Cabbage, Wendy, and Blake are seen sitting at a table)

Cabbage: Hi guys! I'm Cabbage.

Blake: *busy talking to Mirnish* Ugh, LaPorsha was robbed.

Mirnish: was Dalton. </3

Blake: CONF: Hi I'm Blake. As in my username, my name is Prince Blake. And I just can't wait to crush these losers..because..I'm winning. *cackles*

Wendy: CONF: I have certain assets that's gonna help me in this game. I'm sweet, athletic, smart, and I'm very great at picking my battles. I have a seriously good chance at winning.

(The 16 contestants are seen in front of challenge)

ChatBot: CONF: Welcome to your first challenge. Why am I in the confessional

ChatBot: Welcome to your first challenge. For this challenge, all 4 team members will work together to carry one 125 pound log. You're only as strong as your weakest link. You will carry this log for about two miles. Once you finish, you will insert the log in a hole within the platform you reach. One team member will dig up a flag in the mud and with all the slippery mud on their body, they will climb up the log and place the flag at the top. First team to do so wins immunity. And the 3 losing teams...your losing leaders will select one person from their team to compete in the circuit. In the circuit, it will be a brutal challenge and it will keep going until someone gives up and rings the bell. Let's begin.

(The four teams are seen ready to race)

ChatBot: Ready...set..go! Oh and if you drop the log on the ground at any point, your team must do 50 jumping jacks.

(They all start running)

Rocky: Go! Go! Go!

ChatBot: All teams off to a great start!

Noah: *struggling to carry log* (CONF: I'm the youngest person here. But that's not dragging me down. I'm here to prove myself that I have Wikian Grit.) *accidentally drops log* Crap.


ChatBot: Team Heo, do 50 jumping jacks!

Chwiis: Idiot.

Aqua, Fiz, Spirit, Maria: *leading*

ChatBot: Team Hijotee leading!

Hijotee: YES!

Wendy: Come on guys! Don't give up!

ChatBot: But Team Liam is using great team work!

Liam: YES!

Hijotee: Shut up!

(Team Hijotee arrives)

Hijotee: YES!

Liam: Shut up!

(They place log)

ChatBot: It is Aqua digging for the flag for Team Hijotee!

(Team Liam arrives)

Liam: Come on team!

(They place log)

ChatBot: It is Mirnish digging for the flag for Team Liam!

(Team Ryan arrives)

ChatBot: It is Milk digging for the flag for Team Ryan!

(Team Heo arrives)

ChatBot: It is Chwiis digging for the flag for Team Heo! It's close!

(Mirnish, Chwiis, Milk, and Aqua are seen digging in mud)

Aqua: disgusting

Milk: *finds flag* YES! *begins to climb log*

ChatBot: It's going to be difficult climbing the log with all that mud on you!

Wendy: *finds flag* Yes! (CONF: I had a strategy when going through mud. Get as least mud on me as possible so I can climb the log easier.) *climbs and reaches top, then places flag*


Rocky: Seriously?

(Blake, Mirnish, Cabbage, and Wendy are seen cheering)

(At house)

Chwiis: CONF: I'm pissed that we lost. It was thanks to no good Noah dropping that log. Now the 3 losing leaders has to put up one person from their own team in the circuit. I'm making these people's lives HELL.

Chwiis: *walks in living room, sees Aqua's family picture, and rips it*

Aqua: :O

Noah: :O

Tyler: :O

Cabbage: :O

Aqua: HOW DARE YOU DO THAT! *slaps Chwiis*


Rocky: CONF: Chwiis is causing chaos around the house and I love it. I'm laying back, eating cashews, fapping to Gary Buesy..

Spirit: CONF: Chwiis is being annoying right now. Thank god his team lost. Hopefully Heo puts him in the circuit.

(Next, Ryan is seated with his team of Izzy, Kendall, Milk, and Tyler)

Ryan: I have to put one of you in the circuit :(

Izzy: I know. :(

Ryan: I want one pro and one con as to why I should put you in the circuit.

Izzy: Well...the reason I should be in it is because I'm very good at intellectual stuff. The reason why I shouldn't is because we don't know what the challenge will be.

Kendall: Why I should be in it is because I'm an audacious person. I never give up. Why I shouldn't is because I'm lazy.

Tyler: Why I should is because I have a driving force which is to prove myself. Why I shouldn't is because I'm not the best physically.

Milk: Why I should is because I'm really great at any challenge. Why I shouldn't is because I already climbed up the log.

Ryan: Okay. (CONF: I have to nominate one of team mates. The smart thing to do is to nominate someone who's great at challenges so they would succeed and they move forward along with the rest of my team.)

(Next, Heo is seated with his team consisting of TDN, Noah, Rocky, and Chwiis.)

Heo: Here's my thing. Noah, you're not going up. You'll get crushed out there.

Noah: :(

Chwiis: We would have been better off if Noah wasn't there.

Noah: Excuse me?

Chwiis: You heard me ham. You're our weak link.

Noah: Okay then don't put me in the circuit. Chwiis you need to stop bullying everyone around here.

Chwiis: U still salty I ripped that family photo?

Noah: NO IM NOT. I HATE THAT FAMILY. THEY TREAT ME LIKE SHIT JUST LIKE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. (CONF: I am SICK of everyone treating me like this. I hate it! I hate it!)

Chwiis: :O

Rocky: :O


Heo: :O interesting.

Rocky: CONF: My team needs to stop arguing so I can enjoy cashews in peace.

(Next, Hijotee is seated with his team consisting of Maria, Spirit, Aqua, and Fiz)

Hijotee: I'm putting up our strongest member, Maria.

Maria: XD

(Everyone is gathered around)

ChatBot: Ryan, Hijotee, Heo, you have to put one member of your team into the circuit. Hijotee, who are you putting up?

Hijotee: Maria.

Maria: ok.

ChatBot: Heo, who are you putting up?

Heo: Noah is too weak for this. So is TDN. I need to put the only person who's qualified for this and it's Rocky. B)

Rocky: Rockypublican is ready!

ChatBot: Ryan, who are you putting up?

Ryan: Kendall. She never gives up and I admire that.

ChatBot: Kendall, Rocky, Maria, you will face off in the circuit. It will not end until one of you gives up and is eliminated.

(They are next seen in starting position)

ChatBot: Here's how this works. You will climb up a GIGANTIC ladder that is guaranteed to exhaust your muscles. First one up there gets to relax their muscles as we will not move on until all 3 are up, once all 3 are up, you will pull on a rope. On the other side of the rope is a hundred pound bag. First to drop their bag gives up and is ELIMINATED. Let's begin. Ready...set...GO!

(They begin climbing)

Kendall: *leading* I'm a cheetah.

Rocky: *right behind Kendall* Not so fast.

Maria: *hasnt started yet* Yes.

Kendall: *climbing* Okay, I'm getting tired.

Rocky: I am too but I'm still beating you.

Maria: HM.

Hijotee: MARIA GO!

Maria: Okay. *grows wings and flies to top*

ChatBot: Magically, Maria is the first to the top!

Kendall: *reaches top*

Rocky: *reaches top*

Fiz: im a power botom

ChatBot: Okay. Grab onto your rope! Your leaders are up there with you to support you! The challenges

(They hold on)

Hijotee: Maria don't give up.

Maria: Yes.

Rocky: *to Maria and Kendall* I'm not going.

Kendall: Neither am I.

Maria: Hola putas

Kendall: Rude.

Ryan: Hang in there, Kendall.

Maria: CONF: Me strategy is to win.

Rocky: Hey Kendall, if you drop, Alecia will love you.

Kendall: Alecia loves me unconditionally.

Blake: Unconditionally is the best Katy Perry song.

Wendy: ^

Heo: Rocky, stop distracting them. Focus.

Rocky: Fine.

Chwiis: Come on Rocky!

(A cashew is seen on ground)

Rocky: Who the hell leaves a perfectly good cashew on the ground! *lets go of rope and saves cashew*


Rocky: What!

Heo: *facepalm*

ChatBot: Rocky, it's time for you to go.

Rocky: Bye. :(


Rocky: Sad that I went out that way. But I saved a cashew. That's all that matters. It was a heroic act. Now I can go to the gym.

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