Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Dawn, 3rd place
Lowest ranking member Topher, 19th place
Team selected by Julie Chen

Vontade is one of the three opposing tribes competing on Total Drama Amazonian Nightmares. The tribe consists of:

  1. Beardo - Mirnish
  2. Dawn - Derpy
  3. Ezekiel - Sean
  4. Harold - 16bit
  5. Leonard - Courtney/Milk
  6. Sierra - Russel
  7. Topher - Izzy

Total Drama Amazonian NightmaresEdit



Additional MembersEdit



Vontade eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Topher Male 21st 7th The Nightmare Begins Leonard feared him for his strategic background, so he grouped the misfits and bonded them together at the vote causing a tie and then Leonard made Beardo flip at the revote.
Ezekiel Male 18th 6th It's Too Lake In the tiebreaker against Unidade, he chose rock while they chose paper, ultimately costing his tribe the challenge.
Lightning Male 13th 5th All For One, and All For One Lightning was considered one of the bigger physical threats in the challenges, and he had no more allies to team up with anymore.
Harold Male 12th 4th My Dinner With Julie People started to get really annoyed with Harold, and wanted him out as soon as possible.
Beardo Male 6th 3rd The Wonderful Final Seven Courtney convinced Rodney and Sierra that Beardo is a threat and should be eliminated, leading to his elimination.
Sierra Female 4th 2nd Who's More Worthy The majority of the Final Four believed that Sierra didn't deserve to reach the finals, as she hadn't played the game as well as the other three contestants did.
Dawn Female 3rd 1st Jury's Out She only received one of the nine jury votes.


  • Vontade means "will" in Portuguese.


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