Unidade Alliance
Season Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare
Founder Sky
Members Remained Loyal:
Sky (Ep. 4) - (Ep.14)
Zoey (Ep. 4) - (Ep.13)
Sam (Ep. 4) - (Ep.7)
Leonard (Ep.7) - (Ep.12)
Dave (Ep.5) - (Ep.9)
Enemies Jasmine
Lowest Placing Member Sam (14/21)
Highest Placing Member Sky (8/21)

The Unidade Alliance is the majority alliance of the Unidade tribe during Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare.


The alliance was formed during the challenge in episode four by Sky in order to counter Unidade's supposed leader, Jasmine. Sam and Zoey soon joined the alliance because of Jasmine's overbearing bossiness towards them.

Losing the fifth immunity challenge, the alliance formed with the majority with the help of Dave. At the elimination ceremony, they finally voted out their target, Jasmine in a 4-2 vote.

After a surprising tribal swap, Leonard joins Unidade, replacing the alliance's next target, Shawn. Because of Unidade and Fortaleza going to the Elimination Ceremony, Sky secretly allied with Leonard. At their Elimination Ceremony, the first vote ended up 2-2-1, with Leonard and Sam both receiving two votes. At the revote, Sky and Zoey betrayed their alliance with Sam and blindsiding him in a 2-1 vote, sending him to Redemption Island. Losing the ninth immunity challenge because of Leonard's horrible directions, the alliance now consisting of Sky and Zoey agreed to vote him out along with Dave. However at the elimination ceremony, due to Sky not wanting to be viewed as a backstabber, voted for Zoey as a throwaway vote. Dave ended up leaving in a 2-1-1 vote, as Zoey surprisingly voted with Leonard against him, blindsiding Dave and sending him to Redemption Island. At the final Redemption Island duel, both Dave and Sam failed to win, provoking them of returning at the merge.

At the merge, Sky and Zoey worked together at the first immunity challenge, but failed to win immunity. At the following elimination ceremonies, they voted with the majority to eliminate Lightning and Harold.

In the final ten, Dakota was automatically eliminated because of a twist. However, because of another twist given by Julie to Dakota, Zoey also ended up eliminated in the same episode. In the next episode, Sky soon followed, seizing the alliance, as an all guys' alliance formed between the remaining males in the final eight targeted her.

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