Unidade Rank
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Leonard, 2nd place
Lowest ranking member Sugar, 21st place
Team selected by Julie Chen

Unidade is one of the three opposing tribes competing on Total Drama Amazonian Nightmares. The tribes consists of:

  1. Dave - Bulba
  2. Jasmine - Epic
  3. Sam - Brady
  4. Shawn - Scar
  5. Sky - Freddie
  6. Sugar - CB

2 Mike - OMG

  1. Zoey - Welly

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Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sugar Female 20th 7th Snakes on an Island She was considered the reason why her team lost the challenge, and she had no alliances with anyone else on the team.
Jasmine Female 17th 6th King of the Amazon Jasmine's bossy leadership skills led to Sky and the others getting irritated by her, even forming an alliance against her, causing to the foursome to vote her off.
Sam Male 16th 5th Time For A Twisted Twist Knowing he would be in danger of elimination, Leonard convinces Zoey to vote off Sam, causing a 2-2-1 tie vote. At the revote, Sky joins in with Zoey, and votes off Sam, saving Leonard.
Dave Male 14th 4th Crude Foil He had no more allies, and Leonard had convinced Zoey to vote off Dave for being weak in the challenges.
Zoey Female 10th 4th Bidding You Farewell Dakota's twist that she won at the challenge was that she had to power to eliminate one of the remaining nine contestants, where she chooses to eliminate Zoey.
Sky Female 8th 3rd Apocalypse Now With Zoey gone, Sky had run out of allies, and was targeted for being a physical threat in the challenges.
Mike Male 3rd 2nd Apocalypse now Sky injured mike too so chris took mike out
Leonard Male 2nd 1st Jury's Out He only received four of the nine jury votes.


  • Unidade means "unit" in Portuguese.


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