Toxic Sharks
Number of members 13
Highest ranking member Staci, 1st place
Lowest ranking member Jasmine, 22nd place
Advanced to Season 5 6
Team selected by Chris

The Toxic Sharks are one of two teams that a contestant is placed on in Total Drama Toxic Brawl. The Toxic Sharks consists of:

  1. Alejandro - SkyFanTD
  2. Dave - Finnmcmissilecar
  3. Dawn - DerpyandDawn
  4. Eva - TheAnimeKid87
  5. Jasmine - DestructiveMilkshake
  6. Lindsay - TylerWebkinzFan
  7. Noah - King Flurry51
  8. Owen - Niksdorfv
  9. Sadie - Izzynoah12
  10. Shawn - TrentFan
  11. Staci - Mirnish
  12. Tyler - LlewellynIsAwesome!

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Overall Edit

Despite dominating the game pre-merge with the Villians Alliance 2.0 and being the superior team to the Mutant Laser Squirrels, the Sharks came into the merge after losing several members and two team swaps, leaving them with less members than the Squirrels. Many members were quickly eliminated post-merge by Femme Fatale except for Staci, who aligned with them. By the final 6, there was only one Shark left to five Squirrels.

Original MembersEdit


Post Team SwapEdit


Second Team SwapEdit

Toxic Sharks teammates
Alejandro | Dave | Dawn | Eva | Jasmine | Lindsay | Noah | Owen | Sadie | Scott | Shawn | Staci | Tyler


Toxic Sharks eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Jasmine Female 22nd 11th Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder The Villains Alliance feared for her physical capabilities so they voted her off for being a threat.
Dawn Female 20th 10th En-Toxicating The Villains Alliance convinced the team vote her off after she was viewed as threat, losing the challenge for her team and also for her break-up with Noah giving a negative feeling to her teammates.
Shawn Male 17th 9th Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste The Villains Alliance voted him off for being useless on the team.
Lindsay Female 16th 8th Fun Zone 3.0 The Villains Alliance convinced the team to vote her off, because they thought that she could be a possible threat at the merge.
Dave Male 14th 7th Mutant See, Mutant Do Sadie campaigned to her teammates to vote off Dave due to their conflict.
Tyler Male 13th 6th Samey-Bot's Revenge The remaining campers besides Alejandro and Sadie thought he was annoying and a threat.
Scott Male 12th 5th The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate Femme Fatale eliminated him because Jo convinced them he was a threat because he was a previous finalist. He also had conflicts with many of them, including people such as Jo, Scarlett, and Eva.
Owen Male 10th 4th 2014: A Toxic Owen He quit after seeing all the drama spiraled out throughout the season.
Sadie Female 8th 3rd Chris & Stitch She received the lowest score with her animal in the talent contest, automatically eliminating her.
Noah Male 7th 2nd The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind Scarlett convinced her alliance to eliminate him in revenge for him flipping to the outside of Femme Fatale and almost succeeding in eliminating her.
Staci Female 1st 1st Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize Staci guessed the correct number in the final portion of the challenge resulting in her winning.


  • The Toxic Sharks are the superior team in Total Drama Toxic Brawl.
  • All of the pre merged eliminated members eliminations were caused by the Villains Alliance.
  • This is the first team in the roleplay's history to have a team be pagonged as seven members were systematically voted out or eliminated in a row.
  • Staci was the last remaining original member to make the final six.


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