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Season Title Winner Runner-Up Third
1 Island Sky Cameron Tyler
2 Western Duncan Scott Lindsay
3 World Tour Amy Beth Anne Maria
4 Toxic Staci Lightning Scarlett
5 All-Stars Samey Heather Sky
6 Back in Action Gwen Leshawna Blaineley
7 Amazonian Nightmare Leonard Courtney Dawn
8 Heroes vs. Villains N/A N/A N/A
Season Title Winner Runner-Up Third
1 Total Drama Big Brother 1 Courtney Sugar Lindsay
2 Total Drama Big Brother 2 Sadie Justin Trent
3 Total Drama Big Brother 3 Noah Laurie Jay
4 Total Drama Big Brother All-Stars Alejandro Kelly Mickey
5 Total Drama Big Brother 5 TBA TBA TBA


BerryleafUser CabbageUser DestructiveUser GhostUser IzzyUser
KidUser MirnishUser OstianUser PrinceUser SkyUser
SpiritUser EpicUser TDNUser TylerUser VUFUser
AudaciousUser AquaUser RJUser LucinaUser SolarUser

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