Rules for sign ups: you MAY NOT sign up as Alejandro, Tyler, Cameron, Scarlett, Scott, or Samey. Up to 10 of either gender.



  1. DestructiveMilkshake as JoProfile
  2. Mirnish as BeardoProfile
  3. Izzynoah12 as TopherProfile
  4. Bulba as DaveProfile
  5. Lego as DakotaProfile
  6. ShawnFan14 as SamProfile
  7. X16bit as HaroldProfile
  8. Sean as EzekielProfile
  9. Welly as ZoeyProfile
  10. Freddie as SkyProfile
  11. Tyler bae as RodneyProfile
  12. TrentFan as DawnProfile
  13. RJ as CourtneyProfile
  14. Epic as JasmineProfile
  15. Scarlett as ShawnProfile
  16. Derpy as AmyProfile
  17. Grass as BrickProfile
  18. Courtney as LeonardAvatarHQ
  19. TheAnimeKid as SugarProfile
  20. AquaInfinity as
  21. Russelrules as

The people who have spots no matter what are the people who sign up on Total Drama Big Brother Sign ups. The other 5 spots are fair game.

Season 7 itself will take place in the Amazon with the Survivor Island theme. There will be 3 teams of 6 decided by schoolyard pick.

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