Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains
Season 8
Winner Mike
Runner(s)-up Zoey
Teams Heroic Hippos
Villainous Vipers
Preceded by Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare
Succeeded by Total Drama Blood vs. Water
Opening Sequence
Total Drama Heroes vs Villains Intro

Total Drama Heroes vs Villains Intro

Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains is the eighth season of the roleplay series. In this season there will be 20 returning contestants, placed on 2 different teams.


This is the process in Total Drama Roleplay Season 8 in which a camper is eliminated. Initially, the team that loses the most recent elimination challenge will vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them will be voted off the island by the Boat of Shame. Once the teams merge after a certain number of campers have been eliminated, all the campers will vote for each other, the exception being the winner(s) of immunity. In certain cases, a camper will be automatically eliminated without any votes if they come in last in a challenge after the merge. Once the teams have merged, the eliminated campers will be put on a jury where they will vote on the winner of the season when are only 3 campers left.


Villains: (from left to right) Alejandro, Blaineley, Dakota, Duncan, Eva, Justin, Noah, Scarlett, Scott, Sugar

Heroes: (from left to right) Bridgette, Cameron, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Leshawna, Sam, Samey, Staci, Tyler mike zoey


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