Total Drama Back in Action
Season 6
Winner Leshawna
Runner(s)-up Gwen
Teams Cutthroat Castmates
Discordful Directors
Preceded by Total Drama All-Stars Take 2
Succeeded by Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare
Opening Sequence
Total Drama Back in Action Intro

Total Drama Back in Action Intro

Total Drama Back in Action is the sixth season of the roleplay series.


Teams Edit

Cutthroat Castmates Edit

Discordful Directors Edit


This is the process in Total Drama Roleplay Season 6 in which a camper is eliminated; initially, the team that loses the most recent elimination challenge will vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them will be voted off the island by the Lame-o-sine. Since the teams will eventually merge, all the campers will vote for each other and only the challenge winner will receive immunity. In certain challenges, a camper will be automatically eliminated without any votes if they lose a challenge after the merge.

Participant Team Status Placing
Sierra Discordful Directors 1st Voted out
in Lights, Camera, Action
18th Place Non-Merged
Izzy Discordful Directors 2nd Voted out
in School of Hard Rocks
17th Place
Shawn Discordful Directors 3rd Voted out
in Raiders of the Lost Dork
16th Place
Beardo Cutthroat Castmates 4th Voted out
in Silence of the Contestants
15th Place
Owen Cutthroat Castmates 5th Voted out
in Could This Be Mutiny?
14th Place
Dakota Discordful Directors 6th Voted out
in Lord of the Flings
13th Place
Jasmine Cutthroat Castmates 7th Voted out
in The Sound of Drama
12th Place
Courtney Cutthroat Castmates 8th Voted out
in Canadian Gladiators
11th Place
Dawn Discordful Directors 9th Voted out
in Dead Man Walking
10th Place Merged
Max Discordful Directors 10th Voted out
in Loose Lips Loose Hearts
9th Place
DJ Cutthroat Castmates 11th Voted out
in Orange is the New Safety
8th Place
Rodney Discordful Directors 12th Voted out
in Alarming The Champions
7th Place
Justin Cutthroat Castmates 13th Eliminated
in The Triathl-Amazing Race
6th Place
Sam Cutthroat Castmates 14th Voted out
in Back to the Present
5th Place
Mike Cutthroat Castmates 15th Eliminated
in The Aftermath X
4th Place
Harold Cutthroat Castmates 16th Eliminated
in Cut to the Case
3rd Place
Gwen Discordful Directors

Runner-up in Cut to the Case

Leshawna Cutthroat Castmates

Winner in Cut to the Case


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