Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare
Season 7
Winner Courtney
Runner(s)-up Leonard and Dawn
Teams Fortaleza
Preceded by Total Drama Back in Action
Succeeded by Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains
Opening Sequence
Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare Intro

Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare Intro

Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare is the seventh season of the roleplay series. In this season, there will be 21 contestants, with 3 different tribes. The tribes will merge at a remainder of 11 (presumably). Different users will host the competition. The season will take place in the wiki chat, and the challenges will be there as well. We will play as characters, so please try to be in character. You will be allowed to talk and interact as long as the host is not speaking, but talking is prohibited during the elimination ceremony. If you throw a fit when eliminated you will be banned from the chat and not allowed to compete again in season 8.


Tribes Edit





This is the process in Total Drama Roleplay Season 7 in which a camper is eliminated; initially, the team that loses the most recent elimination challenge will vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them will be voted off the island by the River of Shame. Since the teams will eventually merge, all the campers will vote for each other and only the challenge winner will receive immunity. In certain challenges, a camper will be automatically eliminated without any votes if they lose a challenge after the merge.

Participant Team Status Placing
Topher Vontade 1st Voted out
in The Nightmare Begins
21st Place Non-Merged
Sugar Unidade 2nd Voted out
in Snakes on an Island
20th Place
Brick Fortaleza 3rd Voted out
in Caiman, I Get It
19th Place
Ezekiel Vontade 4th Voted out
in It's Too Lake
18st Place
Jasmine Unidade 5th Voted out
in King of the Amazon
17th Place
Beardo Vontade Returns in All For One, and All For One
6th Voted out
in Survival Instinct
Dakota Fortaleza Returns in All For One, and All For One
7th Voted out
in Time For A Twisted Twist
Sam Unidade 8th Voted out
in Time For A Twisted Twist
16th Place
Shawn Fortaleza 9th Voted out
in Puzzled in the Amazon
15th Place
Dave Unidade 10th Voted out
in Crude Foil
14th Place
Lightning Vontade 11th Voted out
in All For One, and All For One
13th Place Merged
Harold Vontade 12th Voted out
in My Dinner With Julie
12th Place
Jo Fortaleza 13th Voted out
in The Chopping Block
11th Place
Mike Undade Quit
In the chopping block
Zoey Unidade 14th Voted out
in Bidding You Farewell
10th Place
Dakota Fortaleza 15th Eliminated
in Bidding You Farewell
9th Place
Sky Unidade 16th Voted out
in Apocalypse Now
8th Place
Amy Fortaleza 17th Quit
in The Wonderful Final Seven
7th Place
Beardo Vontade 18th Voted out
in The Wonderful Final Seven
6th Place
Rodney Fortaleza 19th Voted out
in Amazonian Prime
5th Place
Sierra Vontade 20th Voted out
in Who's More Worthy?
4th Place


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