Total Drama All-Stars Take 2
Season 5
Winner Samey
Runner(s)-up Heather
Teams Team Beauty
Team Brains
Team Brawns
Preceded by Total Drama Toxic Brawl
Succeeded by Total Drama Back in Action
Opening Sequence
Total Drama All Stars Take 2 Intro01:11

Total Drama All Stars Take 2 Intro

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 is the fifth season of the roleplay series. In this season there will be 18 contestants, with three teams that will merge at a remainder of 9 (presumably). Different users will host the competition. The season will take place in the wiki chat, and the challenges will be there as well. We will play as characters, so please try to be in character. You will be allowed to talk and interact as long as the host is not speaking, but talking is prohibited during the elimination ceremony. If you throw a fit when eliminated you will be banned from the chat and not allowed to compete again in season 6.



Team Brains Edit

Team Brawns Edit

Team Beauty (Defunct at Episode 7) Edit


This is the process in Total Drama Roleplay Season 4 in which a camper is eliminated; initially, the team that loses the most recent elimination challenge will vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them will be voted off the island by the Hurl of Shame. Since the teams will eventually merge, all the campers will vote for each other and only the challenge winner will receive immunity. In certain challenges, a camper will be automatically eliminated without any votes if they lose a challenge after the merge.

Participant Team Status Placing
Noah Team Brains 1st Voted out
in Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty
18th Place Non-Merged
Duncan Team Brawns 2nd Voted out
in The Returning Record Holders
17th Place
Beth Team Brains 3rd Voted out
in The Rake-age
16th Place
Cody Team Beauty 4th Eliminated
in Brawn Within a Beauty
15th Place
Amy Team Beauty 5th Voted out
in Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs
14th Place
Lindsay Team Beauty 6th Voted out
in Contestants Meet Insanity

13th Place

Scott Team Brawns 7th Disqualified
in Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater
12th Place
Scarlett Team Brains 8th Voted out
in You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!
11th Place
Anne Maria Team Brawns 9th Voted out
in Blood's Downpour
10th Place
Lightning Team Brains 10th Voted out
in Greet It and Weep
9th Place


Katie Team Brawns 11th Voted out
in They're Jumping Around Like Kangaroos
8th Place
Cameron Team Brains 12th Eliminated
in Go Big or Go Home
7th Place
Tyler Team Brawns 13th Voted out
in A Slippery Little Sucker
6th Place
Sadie Team Brawns 14th Voted out
in Losers in Paradise
5th Place
Alejandro Team Brains 15th Eliminated
in Do You Think You Can Drama?
4th Place
Sky Team Brawns 16th Eliminated
in Opposites The Way
3rd Place
Heather Team Brains

Runner-up in It Is My Time

Samey Team Brains

Winner in It Is My Time

Season SummaryEdit

The eighteen returning contestants are divided into three teams: Team Beauty, Team Brains, and Team Brawns.

In the beginning, Team Beauty proved to be a powerhouse, coming first and second in every challenge, while Team Brawns routinely came in second. Team Brains on the other hand usually lost due to two villains wanting to eliminate enemies. At their first Elimination Ceremony, Noah was eliminated. Being in a precarious position for being having a conflict with Heather, Beth became the target for the newly formed, unofficial Brains Alliance. At the Brains' second Elimination Ceremony, Beth was voted out in a close 3-2 vote. Despite only visiting the Elimination Ceremony once, Team Brawns lost their first member, as Duncan was voted out for becoming the cancer in his team and his betrayal to Sky.

Chris announced that the contestants would be switching teams in episode four. Cody transferred to Team Beauty, Lightning moved over to Team Brains, and Sadie moved over to Team Brawns. Team Brains proved that they were actually strong in challenges, coming first in the next two challenges. Team Beauty went on a losing streak, losing three challenges in a row, ending its dominance. Team Beauty planned to vote out Anne Maria because she was a huge threat, however, when she found the hidden idol, Cody instead ended up eliminated with two votes. Team Brains and Brawns continued dominating in the challenges, sending Team Beauty back to the Elimination Ceremony. Team Beauty then lost Amy and Lindsay in back-to-back Elimination Ceremonies. Chris then announced that Team Beauty will be dissolved and its remaining members will be absorbed by the other two teams. Alejandro and Samey moved to Team Brains, while Anne Maria moved to Team Brawns.

Even with the dissolve Team Brains continued dominating in challenges, sending Team Brawns to their second ceremony where Scott was eliminated. Scarlett soon followed after Team Brawns managed to win the next challenge. With her closest ally gone, Heather felt vulnerable and led the Brains to win the last challenges before the merge. Team Brawns then finally voted out Anne Maria for her strategizing.

The nine remaining players then merged. Heather's first order of business was to dispose of her alliance's next target, Lightning. She then went out trying to convince everyone left to vote him out. Because of this allegation, Heather got her way and Lightning became the first member of the jury. Katie soon followed as Heather manipulated Katie's allies into voting her out next. Under the manipulation of Sadie, Tyler then put up Cameron and Heather for elimination. Heather then successfully eliminated Cameron in the tiebreaker. The final six enforced a tie as members of the Brawns Alliance and the Brains Alliance remained. Needing a fourth vote to eliminate her next target, Tyler, Heather tried manipulating Sadie into voting with her. Failing horribly at first, Sadie then agreed to vote against him, sending him to the jury in a 4-1-1 vote. Sadie's infamous action later led to her elimination as the eliminated contestants gave Samey the sole vote of eliminating someone in the final five.

Despite Heather being the most hated contestant left, she still stayed in the game because her romantic partner, Alejandro, eliminated himself in the Final Four. Samey won the last immunity challenge, and this sealed Sky's fate in the game, as it was obvious she would bring Heather to the Final Two. At the Final Elimination Ceremony, most of the Jury members expressed their disgust towards Heather for her numerous deceptions, while Samey was castigated for using her naivety and heroicism to her advantage to manipulate them. Eventually, Samey was crowned the All-Star winner in a close 4-3 vote.


18 teenage contestants, Chris the host, and Chef Hatchet, who is the camp's cook and the co-host of the show.

Roleplayer Role Episode Count
TylerWebkinzFan/ShawnFan14/DestructiveMilkshake Chris 18/18
DerpyandDawn Samey 18/18
TheEpicDestroyer Heather 18/18
SkyFanTD Sky 18/18
SkyFanTD Alejandro 17/18
Izzynoah12 Sadie 16/18
LlewellynIsAwesome! Tyler 16/18
Mirnish Cameron 15/18
LucinaFTW/Total Drama Lego Katie 14/18
Queen Courtney/VeryUnknownFan/LlewellynIsAwesome!/Destructive Milkshake Lightning 13/18
VeryUnknownFan Anne Maria 12/18
DestructiveMilkshake Scarlett 11/18
TheEpicDestroyer Scott 10/18
TylerWebkinzFan Lindsay 9/18
DerpyandDawn Amy 8/18
Semaj617 Cody 7/18
TDPIScarlett Beth 6/18
DuncanRocks123 Duncan 5/18
King Flurry51 Noah 4/18


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