This page focuses on the interactions between Amy and Courtney
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Amy and Courtney ended up both on the same tribe. They slowly began to understand each other's emotions, and defend each other during arguments. They grown close and after being on the outs premerge, they dominated early merge, until Amy quit and gave immunity to Courtney, saving her game.

Total Drama Amazonian NightmareEdit

The Nightmare BeginsEdit

In the first episode, Courtney is arguing with Jo on day 1. Amy was walking with Brick and mentioned her complaints about the early drama. She states in the confessinals that her and Brick are on the outs, and that she can reel in Lightning, excluding Courtney,

Snakes on an IslandEdit

When Courtney volunteers to start the fire, Amy allows her permission. Courtney bonds with Amy's boyfriend, as he helps her carry a log, and Courtney begins to get closer to the duo, securing an alliance spot with them. When Amy wants to go fishing, Courtney decides to join her. Amy and Courtney use that as bonding time as they ask back and fourth questions like how their love lives are. After the bonding, Courtney lets out a quiet whisper, stating she is nowhere near her target and she'll keep her safe. When Jo sees them and asks if there is any scheming, the two deny this. Courtney and Jo begin to argue at the challenge. Amy comes in to defend Courtney. However, when Jo insults Amy back, she points out that she is still evil and cruel, and Amy denies that. When Courtney is about to be eaten by Larry, Amy saves her, with an appreciative Courtney. When they won the challenge, the two hugged each other. 

Caiman, I Get ItEdit

When Amy defends herself from Jo during the challenge, Courtney cheers her on. When Fortaleza lost, Courtney approached Amy and told her if Amy votes against her, then thats betraying her boyfriend. Courtney was shocked when Amy voted against Brick.

It's Too LakeEdit

Courtney is worried about Amy when she is sobbing after the elimination ceremony. After the challenge, Courtney begins poking around for the idol and goes into the ocean and finds a fake idol. Amy sees her. Worried, Courtney told her that she was just looking for fish. When Amy asks to help, Courtney accepts. They quietly strategize and talk about Jo and Rodney's closeness. 

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