This article focuses on the interactions between Scott and Tyler.

Overview Edit


Due to how openly supportive he is to just about everyone, Tyler easily gets along with Scott, and is one of the only contestants to still be on good terms with him.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Scott and Tyler have limited interaction due to being on opposite teams, as well as Scott's early elimination in Topple on the Luck Players. Their friendship grows in the same episode, as they started to joke around. In Final Four Face Off!, Scott along with most other eliminated contestants mare seen rooting for Tyler to win. He is soon disppointed when both Tyler and Duncan are eliminated that episode.

In Total Drama Wild West, Scott and Tyler have limited interactions at first due to being placed on opposite teams again, as well as Tyler's early elimination in Western Tough for the Polocrossie. Scott is seen sad about Tyler's elimination, and starts to have an even bigger grudge against Noah for betraying him. Scott soon eliminates Noah, which makes Tyler very happy. Despite Tyler being eliminated, he is seen to judge and come back in a few episodes, making interactions no longer limited. When Scott reaches the final 3, Tyler returns and helps out Duncan in the challenge. Tyler is still seen rooting for Lindsay, Duncan and Scott in the final 3, even being conflicted on who he should root for between Scott and Duncan.

The two are placed on opposing teams for the third time in Total Drama Toxic Brawl. In this season, Tyler slowly becomes a villain inadvertently. Scott's influence helps with this, with both even having some rough experiences with each other. Through it all though, despite them being against each other in challenges, they remain having respect for one another.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 both are placed on the same team for the first time. They have budding interactions once again, and in Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, Tyler even entrusts an alliance with Scott that Scott happily agrees to. The both of them team up with Lightning, to ensure their safety and make sure they can beat the girls. Scott soon realizes that Tyler is having relationship issues with Lindsay, and starts to offer him some relationship advice. Tyler takes this advice, but this leads to Lindsay ignoring him most of the season. Despite cheating, and being horribly injured, Tyler keeps with his word in Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater, and votes off Katie along with Scott, however, Scott is eliminated, much to Tyler's disappointment. Tyler is seen upset that he is the last male left on the team, and now believes that Scott is gone, Tyler will soon follow.

Total Drama Returns to the Island Edit

Trials and Triva-lations Edit

Tyler is confused as to why Scott is afraid of Fang when Scott hides behind Courtney. He feels sorry for Scott when Dawn explains Fang. Fang is released to go and attack the Killer Beavers. They all start running away from Fang. When they reach the beach, Tyler asks if they are okay. Everyone on the Killer Beavers including Scott say that they are fine.

Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Edit


Scott and Tyler laugh over a joke on the Helicopter.

Tyler greets Scott after he runs to the challenge late, as he wakes up late. Scott is also seen saying good-morning to Tyler at the challenge.

Topple on the Luck Players Edit

When electric collars are strapped to the contestants and Scott notes his displeasure towards getting a possible shock, Tyler laughs that it's better than Fang, causing Scott to laugh in agreement. In his confessional, Scott thinks Tyler is okay, and that he relates to his far from smart personality. Despite this, Scott arrogantly considers himself to be slightly smarter than Tyler. When Scott gets eliminated, Tyler says goodbye to him, showing that he misses Scott once he's eliminated.

Final Four Face Off! Edit


Scott is seen rooting for Tyler to win, along with many other contestants.

Tyler is happy to see all the eliminated contestants support the finalists, including Scott. Scott is seen rooting for Tyler and Duncan to win the challenge, satisfying Tyler. Scott continues to openly root for Duncan and Tyler to win throughout the challenge. In the end, Scott is very disappointed when Cameron chooses Sky over Tyler for the Final Two. Scott openly says that he's lost his preferred Final 2 of Tyler and Duncan.

Total Drama Wild West Edit

A Wild Western Introduction Edit

Tyler is very happy to see other contestants return, including Scott. Tyler is very torn on who's team to be on when Scott and Sky are the captains. Scott is very disappointed that Tyler isn't on his team again.

Dancing With Cowboys Edit

At the elimination ceremony, Tyler wishes luck to a few contestants, including Scott. They all thank him, including Scott. When Heather and Scott are handed marshmallows, Tyler jumps up in excitement, shouting a very loud "Yes!" Tyler is seen feeling sorry for Scott when Scott is shocked at the result of Courtney being eliminated.

3:10 to the Horse of Losers Edit

Tyler congratulates Scott, Heather and Jo on still being in the competition.

Western Tough for the Polocrossie Edit

When Tyler is declared to be eliminated. Scott is very shocked. Scott shows his disappointment in the confessional, saying that once again he won't get time to know Tyler more. Both are seen high-fiving each other before Tyler leaves. When Scott finds out that Noah betrayed Tyler, Scott is furious and feels sorry for Tyler.

The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous Edit

Everyone is in a bad mood after Tyler is eliminated, including Scott. He states that camp will never be the same without him.

Red Dead Mergiton Edit


Courtney rushes to Scott's aid, while Tyler is about to rush to his aid.

When Chris announces Tyler's name to judge, most people, including Scott, are rather happy to see Tyler again. Tyler and Courtney are seen rooting for Scott and Sugar in their performance. In their play, Scott is seen being injured multiple times, which makes both Tyler and Courtney laugh, but they also do worry for him. In the end, Sugar gets really mad at Scott, and punches him off stage. Scott is knocked out, and both Tyler and Courtney demand for Chris to call the ambulance. Both are very worried when Scott is taken away. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler is very happy when Scott is called safe.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! Edit

Tyler states in the confessional that he is so glad that the remaining contestants were smart enough to vote out Noah the previous episode, including Scott. Tyler wishes luck to everyone in the challenge. When it is Scott's turn to perform, he decides to do the alphabet using his pits. Tyler scores him a 7\10, saying that it was okay, but that Scott struggled on his R's, S's, and T's. Tyler is happy when Scott is declared to be safe.

Three Enemigos Edit


Tyler helping Duncan in the challenge, while Sky helps Scott.

Scott is happy that Tyler is coming back to help one of them. Before the challenge, Tyler wishes luck to Lindsay and Scott, but then says that they would never win against him and Duncan. Tyler says in the confessional that he doesn't mind who wins, but he wants to win with Duncan. Tyler gets ready, and wishes luck to the others again. Both Scott and Lindsay's teams are frustrated that Tyler and Duncan are winning in the challenge. When the challenge reaches the midpoint, Scott's team start to gain points. Chris calls them different names every time they score a point. Tyler laughs at first, but also gets mad at Chris for calling them some names. Because of this, he's seen laughing at the insults that Scott throws back at Chris. Tyler also congratulates Scott and Sky for their scores. Both are thankful for Tyler's comment. In the end of the challenge, Tyler wishes luck to both Scott and Lindsay in their tiebreaker.

The Final Finalé Edit

Although it is hard for him, Tyler sides with Lindsay in the tiebreaker against Scott due to being in a relationship with her, although says that he doesn't mind if Scott wins either. Even though he's upset that his girlfriend was defeated, Tyler congratulates Scott on the win. When the finale is between Duncan and Scott, Tyler is conflicted on who to root for, saying that either result is okay to him.

Total Drama Toxic Brawl Edit

A Radioactive Beginning Edit


Tyler pushes Noah off the Cliff, making Scott laugh.

As Scott worries about the other team's name, while saying they're going down, Tyler makes a joke about Scott and Fang. He then says that at least Fang isn't here. At the challenge, Tyler pushes Noah off the cliff, and calls him a loser, which makes Scott laugh, and says that that was a good move. After Scott is deemed safe, Tyler is seen very happy for him that he still in the game. As Tyler worries about Jo being eliminated as she's one of the strongest, Scott shows off his "muscles" and says that he is the strongest one his team to Tyler.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens Edit

Tyler shoots Scott when he's vulnerable, but seems to be very apologetic of doing this violence to Scott. After Scott regains consciousness, Tyler apologizes to him once again for shooting him, and Scott doesn't seem to mind.

Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder Edit

Scott laughs at Tyler throwing up in Jasmine's face, calling what Tyler is doing hilariously disgusting. When the Sharks lose, Scott mentions in the confessional that he wants either Alejandro or Tyler to be eliminated, as although he likes Tyler, he could easily be a threat to him later on.

En-Toxicating Edit


Tyler tackles Scott in the challenge, trying to get the flower off of him.

As Scott tries to get a purple flower from a crocodile with Amy and Brick, Lindsay and Tyler show up. Scott angrily asks what the two of them are doing here, while wanting them to go away, as he was here first. Scott later runs with a purple flower that he gets out of Owen, before being tackled to the ground by Tyler, shocking Scott, as he wanted Tyler to be clumsy. Scott punches Tyler and grabs the flower, not realizing that Tyler tricked him into carrying dirt. Scott later laughs at Tyler throwing up, telling Tyler it's funnier than the time he broke his legs. Tyler also asks how Scott fell, and Scott replies that it was on his butt, possibly misunderstanding Tyler's question. Tyler laughs while also feeling slightly sorry for Scott, and then asks if Scott can forgive him for tackling him. Scott doesn't mind Tyler's action as he'd expect it from someone on the other team.

Mutant Kingdom Edit

When Tyler hears about the opportunity for immunity, he's determined to save Chris, confusing Scott, as he says in the confessional that he doesn't know whether Tyler wants to marry Lindsay or immunity in the future.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste Edit


Scott is very worried when Tyler lands in the bottom 2, against Shawn.

Tyler gets a question wrong and Scott pats him on the back sympathetically. Scott feels bad for Tyler when he must eat Chef's toenails, even barfing. Scott laughs when Tyler accidentally spitting food into Dave's eye, calling it nice villainy. Scott is worried when the Bottom 2 is Shawn and Tyler, saying that he likes Tyler's lovable idiocy that reminds him of himself, noting that he'll be sad if either go.

Fun Zone 3.0 Edit

Scott seems happy to be on Tyler's team and high-fives him. Tyler notes how happy he is that Scott is on his team for once. Scott joins Noah and Tyler in the challenge. Scott thanks Tyler when he says that he hopes Scott is safe. Scott high-fives Tyler when he's called safe.

Mutant See, Mutant Do Edit


Scott tries to cheer up Tyler.

Scott is confused when Tyler gives a sad sigh and asks what's wrong. Hearing Tyler's answer about how guilty he is about Lindsay's elimination, Scott tries to cheer Tyler up by telling him to look on the bright side, loving his unpredictability, and saying "You're almost close to close to being as cool as I am with villainy." Tyler thanks him, but still feels guilty. Despite Scott insulting some of his team in the confessional, he calls Tyler cool. Tyler is worried about Scott when he falls into mud and tries helping him out, but falls too. Scott tries getting up but trips over Tyler's shoe, and crawls out, dragging Tyler out with him and helping him up. Tyler, along with Dave, cheer for Scott in the first round of the challenge. Scott fist-bumps Tyler when a successful plan by him gets rid of some of the Mutant Laser Squirrels.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit


Scott fare-wells Tyler along with everyone else on the dock of shame.

Tyler wakes up and almost greets Lindsay, but remembers that she is eliminated. Scott points this fact out to Tyler and laughs at him, yet does show sympathy for Tyler and pats him on the back. After Owen mentions how he had a dream of someone returning, Scott sniffs his farts and says the only thing returning are his farts, making Tyler laugh. Tyler later laughs again in the mess hall when Scott says how happy he is to have merged, as he hated being on a team with the word "Shark" in it. While Brick wishes the challenge was more physical and shows his arms, Scott laughs, believing Brick has no guns. Tyler misunderstands Scott, and thinks he is talking about real guns. Scott replies to Tyler that he knows exactly what Brick is saying, and considers it very funny, making Tyler laugh. When Samey-Bot shows all the contestants that she has the million dollars, Tyler gets over-excited and pushes every contestant out of the way, including Scott.  Scott is disappointed when he hears of Tyler being eliminated, and both fist-bump each other before Tyler goes to the catapult. Scott asks Tyler to look on the bright side of his elimination, as he at least got to see Lindsay, and waves at Tyler as he is catapulted.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit


Tyler forms an alliance with Scott during the challenge.

When Tyler is introduced, Tyler is seen holding onto the helicoptor while Chef is trying to shove Tyler off. While this happens, Scott is seen holding onto Tyler's legs, screaming out mommy. Chef eventually pushes Tyler off the helicopter, which Tyler and Scott land on Cody in the ocean. Later on when Scott makes hogs noises, Tyler asks him what he is doing, while laughing at him. But before he could answer Scott is seen over joyed that he is on the same team as Duncan, Lightning, Sky and Tyler. He then high fives Tyler, out of joy. At the challenge, after Scott pushes Samey off the cliff and tells her that the ladies should go first, Tyler waves bye to her as she falls. When Chris explains the challenge, Tyler tells his team that he should dive and that Scott should push the carraige, and explains that there might be sharks in the water, which would be bad for Scott's fear of sharks.

Tyler then walks out the water with a key in his hand, and falls into the carriage and roots for Scott to push him. Scott listens to him and starts to push. Tyler runs his head and states that he had a hard fall of the cliff, and tells Scott to keep going. Duncan starts to yell at Scott to push Tyler faster. Scott then tells Tyler that they are near the hotel anyways, which Tyler was happy to hear. Scott then asks Tyler how can Duncan scream so loud to them, and that he must be skilled, which Tyler agreed with Scott. Tyler then asks Scott if they should form an alliance with each other, which Scott joins. Tyler looks around and tells Scott that he thinks they are in first. When they reach the hotel, Scott asks Tyler what number he got. He then answers back that he has the number 62. Tyler then apologizes and says that he read the number wrong and that the number is 26. Scott then tells Tyler to wait at the hotel, and Scott then runs off to get Duncan. After they return, and Duncan reveals that his number is 44, Tyler tells Duncan and Scott that he hopes they win. When Chris tells everyone to meet in the mess hall, Duncan, Scott and Tyler all walk together there.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

At the challenge, Tyler asks if they are in a Theatre, which Scott informs him that they are, and that he had once entered an audition for a theatre once, and he also states that they said he wasn't soapy enpught for the threatre, which confused him. Which confuses Tyler also. Tyler gets the team together and asks what their sjit should be about, which Scott anwsered that he has an idea. Tyler then tells Scott that the idea should probably be a comedy. Tyler then starts on a speech on how they are all here to win, and that they must work as a team to win this challenge. He then puts his fit in the air and shouts out "go Team Brawns!", which everyone followed him and did the same thing (including Scott).

The Rake-ageEdit

In the tent, Scott streches and talks to Lightning and Tyler, about he how he can't believe Duncan was eliminated. Scott goes on further by saying that he was jerk, but that he was their jerk. Which Tyler kinda agree's with Scott. Lightning goes to Scott and Tyler and tells them that they need to win todays challenge. Scott and Lightning soon join them and gets in, Tyler then shouts to Lightning to push the cart before Scuba Bear gets them at the challenge. Tyler is flung out of the cart and passed the finish line. Tyler then gets up and starts rubbing his head in pain. Sky then goes up to Tyler, and asks him if he is ok, which Scott starts to comfort his head, but then Lightning lands on top of Tyler. yler wishes luck to Cody before the elimination ceremony, after his team lost the challenge, which Cody thanked Tyler. Scott then asks Tyler if he meant bad luck Cody, which Tyler declines. Lightning whispers to Tyler, that he has been hanging out with the girls lately, and that he has been wondering if he wanted to join team men, along with Scott, which Tyler joins in the alliance with Lightning and Scott. Lightning, Scott and Katie all wish luck to Tyler for boney island, which Tyler thanks them. Tyler is seen waving bye to them as he leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • Both have competed in six seasons; Scott in Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All-Stars, Total Drama Returns to the Island, Total Drama Wild West, Total Drama Toxic Brawl, and Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, and Tyler in Total Drama Island, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Returns to the Island, Total Drama Wild West, Total Drama Toxic Brawl, and Total Drama All-Stars Take 2.
  • Both have placed third in a season.
    • Tyler in Total Drama Returns to the Island
    • Scott in Total Drama All Stars
      • Coincidentally, both eliminations were irregular, as both were chosen to be eliminated by a contestant who won the challenge in the same episode. Cameron chose to eliminate Tyler, while Zoey chose to eliminate Scott.
  • Both have been a part of a villains alliance.
  • Both have been a main antagonist in a season; Tyler in Total Drama Returns to the Island , and Scott in Total Drama Wild West.
    • Coincidentally, both have caused the most amount of eliminations, with Tyler causing fourteen eliminations, and Scott causing eleven eliminations.
    • Coincidentally, these were the first and second RP seasons.
  • Scott is one of the most least liked contestants, while Tyler is one of the most liked contestants..
  • Both have never merged together in their first two seasons, but both also only merged twice.
    • In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Scott did not merge, while Tyler did.
    • In Total Drama Wild West, Tyler did not merge, while Scott did.
    • In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, both merged together.
  • Both times they did not merge, they were betrayed by their main alliance; Scott was betrayed by Sky in Total Drama Returns to the Island, and Tyler was betrayed by Noah in Total Drama Wild West.
  • Both contestants have served as "pain magnets" of a particular season who is injured excessively as part of a running gag, others being; Cody , Brick and Harold.
    • Scott was a "pain magnet" in Total Drama Wild West.
    • Tyler was a "pain magnet" in Total Drama Toxic Brawl.
  • Both have been the highest ranking member of one of their teams.
  • Both contestants are known as "dumb" or "dim-witted" contestants, despite being main antagonists.
  • Both are also excessively injured by a particular character.
    • Tyler's being Scuba Bear, while Scott's being Fang.
      • Coincidentally, both are "animals", and were created by Chris McLean.
  • Both Scott and Tyler have been on a team that starts with the word "Killer"; Tyler on the Killer Bass, and Scott on the Killer Beavers.
  • In Total Drama Around the World, both Scott and Tyler cameoed with another person. Tyler cameoed with Noah, while Scott cameoed with Gwen, Cody, and Sky.
  • Both have been in a relationship that broke up; Courtney and Scott, as well as Lindsay and Tyler.
  • Both appeared in every episode of a season; Scott in Total Drama Wild West, and Tyler in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both appeared in 14 episodes of Total Drama Toxic Brawl.

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