This article focuses on the interactions between Samey and Tyler.



Tyler's enthusiastic and helpful nature, helps Samey to succeed in the season and helps Samey get over some of her insecurities.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Samey is very quiet and hardly participates in the challenges, making Samey Tyler's first target. In Total Drama Wild West, Samey is once again the same, and Tyler tries taking her out as soon as possible, but when Samey is revealed to be Samey-Bot, and Samey then rejoins her team, the contestants rather vote off Tyler from Noah's influence, saving Samey from elimination. In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Tyler gets mad at both Duncan and Samey a lot for dating each other behind Sky's back, and without Duncan even breaking up with her first. Tyler views this as cheating, and he loses a tonne of respect for both Duncan and Samey.

During Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, Samey and Tyler start to bond mroe as friends. In Greet It and Weep, Samey and Tyler soon become best friends, as they start helping each other with each other problems. Tyler is seen showing and telling Samey that Amy really loves her, and that she really wants to become friends with Samey. This leads to Samey really liking Tyler and his helpful nature. Despite their strong friendship, they are seen being very competitive as well, throughout many times in the challenge they compete in. Samey soon betrays her alliance with Tyler in A Slippery Litte Sucker, due to Heather's manipulation. Even though Tyler was mad at Samey about this, he never gave up on Samey and constantly rooted for throughout the rest of the game. Even helping her get to the Finale by helping her win the final three challenge. However, Tyler believes Heather played a better game, so he voted for Heather to win over Samey. However, he is still seen extremely happy when Samey wins.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Trials and Triva-lationsEdit

Both Samey and Tyler seen waving to each other when they reach the Island. When their team won the challenge both were very happy, smiling at each other.


Samey and Tyler in Bottom2

Tyler and Samey in the Bottom 2.

Samey is seen walking off in the forest leaving her team when the challenge starts. This annoys Tyler as their team lost and she did not contribute. Tyler knew he was on the chopping block, and puts the blame on Samey as she did nothing to help out in the challenge. As well as Samey is in an alliance which could ruin Tyler's plans later on if she is still in the game. At the elimination ceremony both landed in the bottom two.The last marshmallow was thrown to Tyler. Tyler waves bye to Samey as she is shot out the Arrow of Shame.

Final Four Face Off!Edit


Tyler and Samey cheering for someone in the finale.

Despite being previously eliminated Samey and the all the other eliminated contestants were locked in a cage. Tyler was really happy to see everyone, and he said sorry to everyone, which almost everyone said its okay. When Samey saw Lindsay get sad when Tyler was eliminated, she also started to get sad, saying that Lindsay needs to have Tyler in the game.

Totally Dramatic Finale!Edit

Both Samey and Tyler, along with all the rest of the eliminated contestants vote for a winner, between Cameron and Sky. When it is revealed that Samey voted for Lindsay to win, Tyler was just confused, and couldn't help bu laugh, with the other contestants.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Samey and Tyler are placed on the Venomous Vipers

Both Samey and Tyler return to for another season. Sky picked both Samey and Tyler to be in her team the Venomous Vipers. Both were also happy when Sky chose Lindsay to be on the team as well. In the end, their team lost the challenge, and was sent to the elimination ceremony. Both Samey and Tyler were deemed safe, and both were stoked.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Tyler starts to get annoyed by the lack of participation Samey has in the challenges.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

When their team won the challenge, which both Samey and Tyler high five each other.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit


Samey voted off Tyler, causing his elimination.

Samey is seen coming out the Bushes, and starts to Wrestle Samey-bot. Tyler just stands surprised to the Situation. Later on, their team lost and was sent to the elimination ceremony. Noah convinced Samey and Dakota to vote out Tyler. Which Samey agreed and voted out Tyler. He was sent home, which everyone was very shocked, even Samey.

Red Dead MergitonEdit

Despite being eliminated a few episodes ago, Chris brings back both Courtney and Tyler to cameo and Judge the remaining Merged contestants Western plays. When Courtney and Tyler were talking, Tyler said that Noah and Dakota will most likely be the worst play, and that Samey, Sky and Duncan will win the challenge. Later on, it was Samey, Duncan, and Sky's trun in the challenge. Throughout the play, Samey and Sky is seen fighting each other for Duncan. Tyler says that he hopes it doesn't carry on, which Courtney is seen rooting saying for them to keep fighting. In the end, Tyler gave their performance a 8/10.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit

Both Courtney and Tyler return as Judges for the challenge. Once again Tyler wished luck to the others. Next up in the challenge was Samey, and Tyler was as well amazed at her Cheer-leading about herself. Tyler gave her a 9/10, but it wasn't enough for her to win the challenge, as Sky was the clear-out winner.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit


Tyler is shocked to see Duncan and Samey hugging and acting like a couple behind Sky's back.

When Duncan and Samey hug each other, Tyler looks at them in shock, and asks what Duncan is doing, and tells him that he already has a girlfriend, Sky. Both Duncan and Samey tell Tyler that it was just a friend hug. Tyler shoots at Samey when he see's her, but she dodges it, then she tries shooting at Tyler, but he also dodges it. Tyler then tells Samey that she shoots like a girl, which Eva, Jo and Samey all tell Tyler that she is a girl.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

When Duncan gets mad at Courtney, he then shouts at Courtney to not talk to Samey like that, almost saying girlfriend. Tyler then glares at Duncan, he then overreacts and can't believe that Duncan and Samey are going out, behind Sky's back. Samey then butts in, and says that they are not dating and that they are just friends, which Tyler then gives up on the argument.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic WasteEdit

When Samey tells her team that she is trying to be different then Amy, and that she dyed her hair black, Tyler is seen shocked and confused to why Samey did that. Samey tells Tyler that she is trying to be different compared to Amy, and wants to looks different from her as well. Tyler swallows the nail stew and then starts to choke, which made Samey shout out to everyone that Tyler is choking. Samey tells Chris that he is mean for doing that do Tyler.

Fun Zone 3.0Edit

Samey greets Tyler has he is switched, with Scott. Chris then tells everyone that he is joking, and switches Alejandro and Scott instead.

Mutant See, Mutant DoEdit

During the challenge, Tyler glares at Samey before the first round starts. Tyler also tells Scott that he did a great job, has he blocked both Brick and Samey's shots, causing both of them to be out of the challenge. At the Mutant Laser Squirrels elimination ceremony, when Alejandro lands in the bottom two against Samey, Tyler is seen worried about him. Alejandro then pulls out the hidden immunity idol, and tells everyone that he had a feeling he would get votes, which made Dave, Sadie and Tyler gasp. Tyler waves bye to Samey as she is hurled in the hurl of shame.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit


Samey fare-wells Tyler, along with everyone on the dock of shame.

When Samey-Bot appears on a screen, and calls Tyler and ll the cast "reckless hooligans". Tyler looks at Samey-Bot and asks who she is. Eva answers that it is some Samey wannabe, which made Tyler say "oh". When Lightning gets confused and gets mad that Samey never told him that she had a thrid twin, which made Tyler roll his eyes, and say that Samey only has one twin, being Amy. When Samey-Bot reveals that she has the million dollars along with Samey, Tyler pushes everyone away, saying that Samey-Bot has his money. Tyler then tells everyone that they must find her, and get the million dollars. But Samey-Bot then grabs them both, and throws them into a cage with Sadie in it. Tyler tells Samey-Bot that she extremely cold. But before being hurled Tyler thanks everyone for making this season so fun. Everyone is seen waving bye to Tyler, and fare-welling him.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit


Tyler once again gets mad at both Duncan and Samey.

Tyler states in the confessional that Duncan has completely forgotten about Sky, and that he only cares for Samey now. When Duncan and Samey start to flirt, Tyler tells Duncan that he is forgetting about Sky. Duncan then tells Tyler to keep him and Samey a secret from Sky, which Tyler says he will.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit

Tyler tells Sky that they haven't seen each other in forever, and that he can't believe that Duncan cheated on her with Samey. At the challenge, after Scott pushes Samey off the cliff and tells her that the ladies should go first, Tyler waves bye to her as she falls. Chris reveals that both Samey and Tyler tied in the challenge and that both won the challenge for their teams. Tyler approaches Duncan, and tells him that they need to talk. Duncan asks Tyler what they need to talk about, which made Tyler tell him that he needs to talk with Sky about what happened between him and her, and with Samey.

Brawn Within a BeautyEdit

During the challenge, Samey points to Tyler's boat, with Katie and Scott on, and tells Fang to attack them instead of her boat, causing Fang to swim away and attack Tyler's boat.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin EaterEdit


Tyler roots for Sky to beat up Samey in the challenge, so that their team can win.

Tyler is seen surprised when Anne Maria, Alejandro and Samey must swap teams, and be dissolved from the Beauty team. Tyler is seen rooting for Sky over Samey in the boxing challenge, telling Sky to beat Samey. When Samey and Sky start viciously attacking each other, Tyler comments telling them that they must hate each other. After Samey wins the challenge, Tyler congratulates her, and goes to aid Sky.

You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!Edit

When Tyler tells Chris that they shouldn't eat anything more, Samey agrees with him, telling Chris that Cameron almost died. When Samey gets a reward in the second challenge, Tyler congratulates her. When Tyler's reward is immunity for his team, Samey is seen shocked and surprised.

Blood's DownpourEdit

When Samey overreacts about Heather, Tyler jumps in-front of her and tells Samey to calm down. He puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her to just leave Heather alone, and let her be who she is, and tells her that everything will be fine. Samey then tells Tyler, that Heather is a bitter, bitter person, and that something is wrong with her.

Greet It and WeepEdit


Tyler helps up Cameron and Samey, after bumping into them.

Before the challenge, Tyler accidentally bumps into Cameron and Samey. He apologizes to them both and help them both up. Samey and Tyler then start a conversation, Tyler apologizes to Samey about the previous season, of him constantly getting mad at her about her going out with Duncan, behind Sky's back. Samey then tells Tyler that everything is fine, and that she understands that he and Sky are extremely close friends, and that Tyler wouldn't like it when she was being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend, Duncan. Both then laugh slightly. Tyler starts up the conversation again, and asks Samey how her relationship with Amy is going. Samey replies saying that its not going well, as she was so blind from Amy's many attempts to make up with her, and that now she is the evil twin. Tyler then feels genuinely bad for Samey, and tells Samey that he believes neither Amy or her are the evil twin. Samey thanks Tyler. As a chandelier falls, Samey grabs Tyler out of the way, saving him from the falling object. She then asks if he is ok. Tyler thanks Samey, and tells her that Amy is really trying her best to fix her and Samey's relationship, and that Samey should make amends with Amy, as Amy really misses her.

Samey starts to break down, and tells Tyler that it is extremely hard to trust someone who's only purpose is to ruin everything for you. Samey starts to cry, and Samey carries on saying that she doesn't know why God let he be born, because all she is, is a punching bag. She then wipes her tears off, and tells Tyler that he wouldn't understand the pain she is going through. Tyler puts his arm around Samey and tells her that he does understand, as he was also bullied at school. The reason being that everyone thought Tyler sucked at sports. Tyler tells Samey that yes the bullying hurt him, but he let it never get to him and control his life, and that it just made him more determined to be the person he wants to be. Tyler further says he constantly trained, and this lead to the bullies respect Tyler for his level of enthusiasm and his hard work. Tyler then tells Samey that he is trying to say to not let Amy get her down, but also not to let Amy down too. Samey wipes off some of her tears, and says that she is good at nothing, and that she is only a cheerleader, so now Amy could embarrass her even more. But before Tyler could reply, he falls straight through the boards in the house, confusing Samey when she opens her eyes to notice Tyler is gone. Samey then believes in the confessional that something she said must have scared him off.


Samey comforts Tyler after he was yelled at by Lightning.

As Samey wins the first challenge, Tyler runs into the house and hugs her. He then tells Samey that he was right, as Samey can so anything she puts her mind too. Samey thanks Tyler and then blushes, and tells Tyler that he was right all along. Tyler tells Samey that she did amazing in the challenge and that she deserved to win the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, when Lightning bursts at Tyler for voting him off, Samey comforts him saying that he did nothing wrong at all.

They're Jumping Around Like KangaroosEdit

Tyler runs into first as he passes Samey in the challenge, by waving at her. Samey and Sky then passes Tyler, where Tyler trips into Samey and Sky where they all roll past the finish line together. Chris announces that Heather, Samey, Sky and Tyler are the final four for the challenge and must compete in another challenge to determine the winner. When Tyler tells Samey she did great, Samey states in the confessional after they smiled and looked into each others eyes that her relationship with Tyler is nothing more then friends, and that she'd never hurt Lindsay.

Go Big or Go HomeEdit

Tyler bumps into Samey in the morning where he overhears Samey and Cameron complain about the vote Cameron had received from the previous episode. Tyler tells them that its the past and should just be left alone. When Tyler admits to Samey that he misses Lindsay and Scott, Samey tells him that she considers him a best friend which made Tyler smile and thank her. Tyler states in the confessional, that him and Samey have really started to bond a lot over the past few episodes, and that Samey reminds him a lot of Lindsay. When Cameron overreacts about his elimination and blames Tyler about everything, Samey comforts Tyler saying everything will be fine.

A Slippery Little SuckerEdit


In a shocking vote, Tyler is blindsided by Samey and the rest of the cast.

Samey and Sky notice that Tyler is upset, and they both comfort him about it, and tell him that he shouldn't feel bad as it is just a game. However Tyler tells them that he just lost one of his closest friends, just because he fell for Heather's manipulation. Before the challenge, Heather approaches Alejandro, Sadie, Sky and Samey about blindsiding Tyler, as he is the biggest threat in the game. They all say they will think about it, which causes Heather to tell them that no matter what, if Tyler makes jury he will win, and that they need to get rid of him now, or it will be too late. Heather then tells Tyler that Samey is planning on voting off him, for being a huge threat in the game. Tyler just glares at Heather and says sure. Heather then tells him that Samey really wants him out, and that why would she tell him if Samey wanted him out just to lie to him. Tyler raises his eye-brow and states in the confessional that Heather may be right. Not knowing about Heather's real plans, Tyler talks to Alejandro, Sadie and Sky about blindsiding Samey, due to being a huge threat and for targeting him. They all agree that Samey is a threat, but they do not end up voting her off, rather voting off Tyler at the elimination ceremony. Sky however votes herself as she couldn't choose who to vote of between Samey and Tyler.

Losers in ParadiseEdit

Tyler states that Samey is really good at the game, but she needs to stand up to Heather, as Heather is also just controlling her like a lost puppy. Tyler says that he is rooting for Samey to win, and says the same for Sky. When Chris tells everyone they need to vote for someone to win immunity, Tyler votes for Samey to win, as she is who he is rooting for. When Samey wins immunity, she auto-eliminates Sadie, sending Sadie to the Jury House.

Do You Think You Can Drama?Edit

Tyler sits next to Cameron and tells him that he hopes Samey or Sky can win in the Jury House. Tyler sighs as he thinks about Samey voting him off, as he says he can't believe Samey voted him off, after they were bonding so well. In the game, Samey mentions Tyler, as she says that Heather is great as she warned her about Sadie and Tyler's plan to eliminate her. During the challenge, the arrow lands on Tyler's face when Samey spinned. Samey states in the confessional that she really liked Tyler as she blushes, but she corrects herself that she only liked him as a friend.

Opposites The WayEdit


Tyler helps out Samey during the Final Three challenge, ultimately helping her win the challenge.

On the island, the contestants must be paired up with a past contestant, which Samey chooses Tyler. Tyler hugs Samey when he is pushed out of the Helicopter. As the challenge starts, Samey and Tyler jump off the cliff and grabs a baby carriage, where Tyler puts Samey in the carriage and starts to push her to the cabins. Tyler accidentally trips over a rock and lands in the carriage with Samey, where they roll down a hill and are flinging out by a ramp where they land on top of each other. They both smile and help each other up. However, they came in second to Cameron and Sky who got there first. The following challenge was trivia, where Tyler tries really hard, but lost by one point, as Heather and Scarlett won the challenge. In the third challenge, Samey and Tyler run and jump into a boat, where Samey drives the boat into first place. Samey and Tyler end up winning the challenge, causing them to hug.

The Season's SeizingEdit


Tyler as a member of the jury who get to decide who wins the season between Heather and Samey.

Samey mentions Tyler's name in the confessional, calling him one of her best friends. Tyler along with Lightning, Katie, Cameron, Sadie, Alejandro and Sky are deciding who they want to win by asking them questions. Tyler tells Heather and Samey that they did a great job to get where they are now, and he wishes them both luck. When Scott mentions that Samey was crushing on Tyler, Tyler looked shocked and surprised and asked if she did. Lindsay then gets mad, where Tyler asks Samey to tell her that they never cheated on her. Samey tells Lindsay that she does not have a crush on Tyler. It is revealed when Lightning asked his question, that Samey become better at sports because of Tyler, as they trained off screen. When Heather and Samey complain, Samey mentions that she eliminated Sadie, Sky and Tyler to save Heather, which causes Tyler to sigh. When it was Tyler's turn to ask a question, he congratulates the finalist on making it to the finale. Tyler says that he came back to compete again to probe to himself that he is not a villain, but that he is a hero. Tyler further says that he worked hard on the social and physical aspects of the game, but not so much the strategical aspects. Tyler says that he was trying to prove to everyone that a hero can win this game, without backstabbing others. Tyler then says that the game is all about backstabbing if you want to win. Tyler says that its hard knowing a person who did not back-stab is going to win, as both the finalist betrayed others. Tyler tells Samey that she was very insecure the whole season, and that she did very little in the beginning, before the switch occurred, where she blindsided Scarlett with Cameron. Tyler then says after that, she was wrapped around Heather's finger, and says that she was so blind to not know that Heather was a villain and that she was playing her the whole time. Tyler then asks what was the purpose of her betraying almost everyone who was always behind her no matter what. Samey answers that she was thinking what would happen if she didn't do what she did. She says that Heather had an army behind her, and even if she did try to eliminate Heather, it wouldn't have been successful. Tyler comforts Samey when Cameron makes her be sad.

It Is My TimeEdit


Tyler is seen extremely happy when Samey ends up winning the season.

When Samey answers Sadie's question, she says that if she had to switch her spot with someone else. It would have to be Tyler, as he played the hardest to try and get to this stage in the game. When Alejandro asked his question to Samey about how she is the main villain, as she betrayed her "love interest" Tyler. Samey answers saying that she is a big reason to why Tyler was eliminated, as he has never made the finale before and had a better chance at beating me if he was against her in the finale. Tyler ends up regrettably voting for Heather to win, as he states she had the better game-play. He looks into the camera and says sorry to Samey as he shows a picture of Heather. However, Tyler is seen extremely happy when Samey wins the challenge, as he hugs her extremely tightly when she won.

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