This article focuses on the interactions between Sadie and Tyler.

Overview Edit


Sadie and Tyler having an alliance, causes them to be incredibly powerful in the game, causing five eliminations together.

Sadie sees Tyler as a great potential alliance member due to his previous ranks and his overall niceness towards many in the game When Sadie tries to gain him in an alliance, Tyler feels shady on joining because of not having enough trust in Sadie but soon joins with Alejandro and Dave. With the alliance, they plan the eliminations of most of the contestants on their team whenever the lose a challenge. This alliance between the two and Alejandro has caused the eliminations of Jasmine, Dawn, Shawn, Lindsay and Dave, being the second best alliance in Total Drama Toxic Brawl. With Alejandro switching teams in Fun Zone 3.0, Sadie and Tyler convince Noah, Owen and Staci to join them, but in Samey-Bot's Revenge, Tyler is eliminated, followed by Sadies allies Scott, Alejandro, Owen and Eva. Sadie is seen quite devastated at Tyler and her allies eliminations, The two soon reunite in the finale, and still have their friendly interactions.

Both Sadie and Tyler return to compete in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, however have limited interaction at first, because the both of them are placed on opposite teams. When Sadie is moved to Tyler's team, they instantly form another alliance again, along with Sky to further themselves in the game. They end up casuing the eliminations of Anne Maria, Lightning, Katie and Cameron. Sadiue however is convinced by Heather that Tyler is the biggest threat left in the game and that he must be eliminated as soon as possible, which lead to Sadie betraying her alliance with Tyler and eliminating him in A Slippery Little Sucker.

Total Drama Around the World Edit

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit

Sadie says that no one cares that Tyler placed third in Total Drama Returns to the Island which Tyler argued back saying that it shows he has brain, as he got rid of some of the strongest players on the show. Lightning tells Tyler to ignore Sadie, saying that she is trouble. Sadie then says that she doesn't mind making an alliance with Tyler. Tyler tells Sadie no, as last time in his alliance, he was betrayed, and that ruined a great friendship.

Total Drama Toxic Brawl Edit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit

Sadie and Tyler

Sadie and Tyler join in an alliance together along with Alejandro and Dave.

Sadie tells Alejandro that she needs to speak with Tyler as well. Tyler asked what Sadie wants to talk to him about, in which she asks for an alliance with him. Tyler then says that he will think about it. He said in the mean time that Sadie should go find the rock, causing him to push her off the cliff. Later on, after Tyler won the challenge for his team, Sadie seen very happy that they won. Tyler thanked Alejandro, and then said that its obvious that him and Sadie are in an alliance, and that Tyler thinks that he should join with them to which Alejandro agrees. Alejandro then talks to Sadie, about how he doesn't remember when Tyler was ever interested in making alliances. Sadie is very happy that Tyler is an alliance with her and Alejandro. When Sadie and Alejandro debate on if they should keep Dave or not, Tyler says that he could be useful.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit


Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler plan to eliminate Jasmine.

Tyler asks Sadie how they think they should try and take out Jasmine. Lindsay then asks Sadie and Tyler if they are gonna join them, which Tyler says they will join them soon. Alejandro pulls Sadie and Tyler to him, hearing their plan, saying that he wants in on the plan.Tyler the demands Sadie to go with Jasmine, and to make sure they get her out. Sadie listens to Tyler and joins Dawn and Jasmine. As the first round starts, Tyler is seen rooting for Alejandro, Sadie and his team, telling Alejandro and Sadie to do the plan they talked about ealier. When Sadie jumps out of a tree, and lands on top of Noah, Tyler is justs seen laughing at him. After Tyler's team won the challenge, both him and Sadie high five. When Tyler see's Alejandro and Sadie talking, he joins them, and asks what they are talking about. Alejandro tells him that Dawn told him something, but that it doesn't matter. Tyler then asks what Dawn told him. Sadie greets Tyler, and also asks what Dawn told him. When Chris interupts them with the elimination ceremony, Alejandro tells them that he will tell them later.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit


Both Sadie and Tyler are annoyed and mad at Noah for stealing Dawn's diary.

Both Sadie and Tyler are seen mad and annoyed by Noah lurking around the girls cabin, and reading Dawn's diary. Chris then announces that it is time for the challenge, which Sadie and Tyler walk over to Mess Hall. When Chef comes in with the first dish, Tyler quickly wishes luck to Sadie, and tells her to remember about eliminating Jasmine, if they lose. When Sadie is seen crying from the disgust of the eggs, Tyler tells her that she can do it, and he keeps encouraging her on. She then thanks him. Sadie fare-wells Lindsay and Tyler as they are out of the challenge after they are eliminated from the challenge. Tyler then tells Sadie that she is born to win the challenge for the Toxic Sharks, which made Sadie very happy and energetic for the next dish. Tyler is seen rooting for Sadie to win, telling her to pretend that the dish is Eva. Sadie then walks up to Alejandro and Tyler, and whispers in their ears that they need vote off Jasmine. Sadie asks if Alejandro and Tyler will do it, which both said yes.

After Eva faints, Sadie asks if they could throw her into a ditch, which Tyler agrees with Sadie. Tyler tells Sadie that this episode is just too funny, while still laughing, which Sadie agrees with. After Chris deemed Tyler's team victorious, he hugs Sadie and Staci in joy. But in the end their team lost instead. At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler sit together, and Sadie whispers to them both asking if they voted of Jasmine. Which Tyler says he voted for her. Both Sadie and Tyler wonder who Alejandro's love interest is. When Tyler is deemed safe, Owen, Lindsay, Sadie, Dawn and Alejandro congraulate him, which Tyler thanked them all. Tyler is seen shocked when Sadie lands in the bottom two with Jasmine. Sadie thanks the people who didn't vote for her, which Tyler said no problem. Jasmine glares at Sadie and Tyler, and warns her team about the "vipers" being Sadie and Tyler.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit

Tyler states in the confessional that his, Alejandro and Sadie's plan to to get Jasmine out, worked perfectly. Tyler approaches Sadie, happy that their plan to get Jasmine out worked. Sadie tells Tyler that they did amazing, which Alejandro agrees with. Lindsay tells Sadie that she is glad she wasn't eliminated yesterday, which Tyler agrees with Lindsay, saying that he was extremely nervous when she landed in the bottom two. Sadie thanks both Lindsay and Tyler. When Sadie is eliminated from the challenge, Tyler tells her that she did great. Chris asks for someone on the Toxic Sharks to go to boney island, Alejandro volunteers, saying that he needs some time to think, which Tyler tells Chris that Alejandro should go. Sadie also agrees with them.



Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler team up in the challenge.

In the Mess Hall, Lindsay sit next to Sadie and Tyler. Tyler then greets both Lindsay and Sadie, which both of them greeted Tyler back. Sadie approaches Alejandro, Owen, and Tyler and tells them that they need to talk strategy. Both Owen and Tyler agree to Sadie. Alejandro also agrees and says that the team will eventually find out that they are working together. At the challenge, after Scott and Tyler wrestle over the purple flower, Tyler grabs the flower and throws it to Dawn. Sadie is seen rooting for Tyler when he passed the flower to Dawn. Noah soon catches up to Tyler and Sadie who are running behind Dawn to the finish line. Tyler then high fives Noah and Sadie, after Dawn won the challenge. But then it revealed that Dawn had the wrong flower, and then the Mutant Laser Squirrels won. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler sits next to Sadie and Tyler tells Sadie that he hopes the plan worked.

Mutant KingdomEdit

When Alejandro and Lightning talk, Lightning starts telling Alejandro that he is off his game, and that Sadie and Tyler are running him now, calling Tyler "Ty Ty". Alejandro states in the confessional that Lightning is right, and that Sadie and Tyler have been calling all the shots. He then states that he will still stick in the alliance for now. Tyler starts to run next to Sadie, and tells her that if they lose they must vote off Shawn. But then out of nowhere Sadie is taken by the Psycho, which both Lindsay and Tyler hug in terror shouting out for Sadie's name.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic WasteEdit

Dave tells both Alejandro and Tyler that he will help in the challenge, which made both Alejandro and Tyler happy. Sadie then tells Alejandro and Tyler that he better help them win the challenge, which Tyler agrees with Sadie. Chris reveals to Tyler that he must eat a stew of nails. Alejandro, Sadie and Scott wishes luck to Tyler. After Tyler chokes on a nail and spits it out and hits Daves eye, Chris, Eva, Sadie and Scott laugh at both Dave and Tyler. Lightning runs up to both Sadie and Tyler, and starts laughing at them, and tells them that one of them will probably be going home tonight. Sadie and Tyler just look at each other, and Tyler tells Sadie that he is extremely nervous, which Sadie tells him that she is as well. Sadie and Staci hugs Tyler wince they are happy he is still in the game.

Fun Zone 3.0Edit

In the challenge, Sadie catches up to Tyler, and tells him to wait up. Before the elimination ceremony, he convinces her to vote off Lindsay then later at the elimination ceremony they vote her off. When Noah and Sadie gets a marshmallow, Tyler congraulates them, and he high fives Noah. Sadie was happy when Tyler got the last marshmallow, and then hugs him.

Mutant See, Mutant DoEdit

When Lightning and Sadie shoot each other in the challenge, Tyler tells Sadie that she did her best, which Sadie thanked him and wished him luck in the challenge. Sadie gets Noah, Owen, Scott, Staci and Tyler to vote off Dave. Tyler votes for Dave listening to Sadies plan, in the confessional, stating that Dave was extremely weak and annoying in the challenge today.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit


Tyler and Sadie speak to each other in the mess hall before the challenge.

In the Mess Hall, Tyler greets Sadie, which she greets him back. Sadie is seen happy that she has finally merged, and she says it great to have the feeling that she has merged, which Tyler agrees with her. Tyler tells Sadie that he has merged for a long time now. Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler team up for the challenge. Eva tags along as well, and tells her team to get the million dollars. Tyler then informs her and his team that they must get Samey as well. When Sadie gets a shovel and tells her team to start digging, Tyler asks her why they must dig. Sadie answers back saying that she must be underground somewhere, and asks where else would they go. Tyler then points at a cave, and says that they could go in the cave. Tyler then walks into the cave, and tells Sadie that she is obviously underground. Sadie then says that she will be digging by herself then. Tyler tells Sadie that Samey-Bot will be in the cave, which Sadie tells Tyler to do what he wants, and she does what she wants. After Samey-Bot grabs Sadie, both Alejandro and Tyler look at each other and ask where did Sadie go. But Samey-Bot then grabs them both, and throws them into a cage with Sadie in it. Sadie tells Alejandro and Tyler that there must be a way out. Alejandro tells Sadie and Tyler the plan by whispering it to them.

Tyler then realizes that he could use his fingers to break the steel, since his fingers are incredibly strong. Sadie then tells Tyler good thinking. Tyler asks what he should do to try and break the steel. Sadie then tells Tyler to punch the cage or something. Tyler punches the cage and it bends a little, Tyler then screams out loudly in pain. Alejandro then tells Tyler that he doing great. Tyler tells Alejandro and Sadie that they owe him big time for this, as it hurts his fingers a lot. Sadie then encourages Tyler, saying he almost has it open. Tyler then tries pulling it with his fingers, and it starts to bend even more. Tyler tells Alejandro that he could probably fit through the gap. Tyler then notices the hairgel and remembers that Chris said whoever brings that back wins immunity as well. He then tells Alejandro and Sadie that they should try and get that as well. Tyler then asks if anyone has a rock, which Sadie says she has a pebble. Tyler takes the rock, and gives it to Alejandro and tells him to try and hit the hairgel. Sadie then gets another rock and throws it but misses it, which Tyler said good try. Tyler gets fustrated when Alejandro gets stuck and pushes him out. Alejandro then thanks Tyler, when he gets out. Tyler then pushes Sadie through and het then gets himself through. At the elimination ceremony, Noah and Tyler land in the bottom two. Both Alejandro and Sadie are seen shocked when he is deemed to be eliminated. Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler hug and fist bumb there good-byes. But before being hurled Tyler thanks everyone for making this season so fun. Everyone is seen waving bye to Tyler, and fare-welling him.

The Harder They Fall, The Easier They MutateEdit

Sadie mentions Tyler as she wakes up even stating that she lost an ally.

2014: A Toxic OwenEdit


Sadie is upset that her main alliance has been ousted.

Sadie mentions both Tyler and Alejandro frequently throughout the episode. In the morning, she cries in the confessional over the lost of her closest friends and allies and states that they left her alone to fend off for herself but soon realizes that she may be next so she says she will the challenge for them. During the challenge, she tells herself she has to win for them and when she wins the challenge, she says Tyler and Alejandro will be proud of her.

Chris & StitchEdit

Tyler announces that Sadie is eliminated from the game for having the lowest score. He says at least they will be at Playa Des Losers together.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit

In the challenge Tyler is first up. Sadie whispers to Tyler, that they should cut Staci in the challenge. Tyler sighs and walks up to get ready to cut either Ligthtning or Staci. Tyler hugs Sadie, and tells her that he hopes she is in All Stars.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit

When Tyler is placed on the Brawns team, Tyler is seen upset that he isn't on a team with Alejandro, Lindsay or Sadie. Tyler wished luck to Alejandro and Sadie in the mess hall, and tell them that he hopes they are not eliminated early. Tyler states in the confessional that he knows that both Alejandro and Sadie are villains and that he could trust them no matter what. He then further states that if they all merge, he will definitely form an alliance with them again. Tyler also states in the confessional that it is great to be competing with his friends again (including Sadie), but that competing with Lightning and Scarlett is the bad thing about returning to All-Stars.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

Tyler congratulates Cody, Cameron, Heather, Sadie and Alejandro on their team victory.

Trivia Edit

  • They have both have gotten tenth in a season.
  • They were both eliminated by a main antagonist in a canon season.
  • Sadie and Tyler were both main antagonists in different seasons.
    • There were also more than one antagonists in the seasons in which they were antagonists in, being Alejandro and Noah.
  • They are both former Killer Bass members.
  • Their alliance with Alejandro, and several others has caused the eliminations of Jasmine, Dawn, Shawn, Lindsay, and Dave.
  • Both contestants have been eliminated in the 11th episode in a season:
    • Sadie was eliminated in Who Can You Trust? in Total Drama Island.
    • Tyler was eliminated in Samey-Bot's Revenge in Total Drama Toxic Brawl.

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