Redemption Island
First Appearance Redemption Island Duel 1
Last Appearance Redemption Island Duel 3

Redemption Island is an island located on Garrafa Ilha.

Total Drama Amazonian NightmareEdit

Redemption Island was revealed after Topher's elimination on the night of The Nightmare Begins. While at Redemption Island, the eliminated contestants must fend off on their own while awaiting for the duel.

Sugar and Brick then joined Topher after they were eliminated in the previous episodes. At the first duel, Sugar and Topher teamed up to eliminate Brick, but unfortunately he won, with Topher placing second, permanently eliminating Sugar.

Ezekiel, Jasmine, and Beardo then joined the duo of Brick and Topher. The duel was revealed to be a talent contes where Ezekiel, Topher, and Beardo did horrible, garning them little to no votes, permanently eliminated them all. However in the next duel, Beardo returned while Dakota, Sam, Shawn, and Dave joined Jasmine and Brick. The final duel was then revealed to be a play performance and later Korean tria. Upon the start of the duel, Brick was medically evacuated. Later, because of Shawn and Dave not doing anything memorable, they were quickly eliminated. Jasmine soon followed, meaning Dakota and Beardo had won the final duel and received the reward of returning to the competition.


  • Topher is first person to ever arrive and live on Redemption Island.
  • Topher is the first male to arrive to Redemption Island.
  • Sugar is the first female to arrive to Redemption Island.
  • Sugar is the first contestant overall to be eliminated at Redemption Island.
    • Sugar is also the first female to be eliminated at Redemption Island.
  • Brick is the first contestant to place first in a challenge duel.
  • Ezekiel is the first male to be eliminated at Redemption Island.
  • Brick is the only contestant to be medically evacuated and not participate in a duel.
  • Beardo is the only contestant to return after previously being eliminated in a duel.
  • Dakota is the only contestant to be permanently eliminated but return due to Julie's change of plans.


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