Poisonous Pythons
Number of members 9
Highest ranking member Scott, 2nd place
Lowest ranking member Courtney, 17th place
Advanced to Season 4 3
Advanced to Season 5 2
Team selected by Scott

The Poisonous Pythons is one of two opposing teams competing in Total Drama Wild West. The Poisonous Pythons consists of

  1. Scott - TheEpicDestroyer
  2. Sugar - DerpyandDawn
  3. Courtney - Queen Courtney
  4. Zeke - RiMiEg007
  5. Ella - PT&HAM
  6. Heather - Mirnish
  7. Jo- EpicLuna
  8. Sierra - SierraFanGuy
  9. Katie - Drfizwuz997xlol



Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit

Quickly after the teams are formed conflicts are already beginning. As Chris starts the challenge they all accept Scott's acts of leadership, all but Courtney. As seems to appear that she announced herself as team leader, and was annoyed she was getting ignored. However more trouble was brewing when Sierra went missing. As the team finally succeed to get their last idem, they become the first team across the finish line, meeting up with Sierra there.

Dancing with CowboysEdit

In the next challenge Scott is happy they will be performing a song, as he and Sugar would do well. He then makes Ella in charge of righting the lyrics for their team to sing. Scott goes up first with the lyrics, and nearly wins with them. However, things start going downhill as they can't win enough points for the team. The last contestant up was Courtney who had trouble viewing Ella's lyrics, thus losing the challenge for the team. In the elimination ceremony Courtney pleads it to be Ella's fault, but Courtney is eliminated.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

At the beginning of the episode Scott becomes furious at his team for betraying their alliance. However he decides to just continue with the competition. Heather and Scott have problems trying to win the challenge, and all of the other teammates just stood their worried. When they lost, everyone decided to vote out Ezekiel to assure their safety.

Western Touch for the PolocrossieEdit

When Chris announces the 3 contestants were giving a second chance to compete, he was excited Courtney would comeback. However, the other teammates would rather have Ezekiel comeback. As the challenge went on Courtney did a horrible job, which many of the contestants thought was hard to watch. and Ezekiel won, wining for his team.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Courtney Female 17th 9th Dancing With Cowboys She cost the team the challenge because of her horrible singing.
Ezekiel Male Returns Returns 3:10 to the Horse of Losers His team thought he was useless and annoying, and some disliked how Courtney was eliminated instead of him.
Sierra Female 15th 8th The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous Her silence didn't help the team in any way and the majority alliance disliked her heavily.
Ezekiel Male 13th/14th 6th/7th The Wild Bunch of Losers Despite returning and helping win the challenge from his team in the previous episode, the ladies of the majority alliance disliked him more over their leader's intended target.
Ella Female 13th/14th 6th/7th The Wild Bunch of Losers Wanting revenge on her for helping in eliminating Courtney from the compeition, Scott convinced outsiders Ezekiel and Katie into voting with him.
Jo Female 12th 5th Serpent Showdown Her dislike for the Pythons, physical capabilities in challenge, and openly stating that she would flip to the Lizards at the merge factored into her elimination.
Heather Female 9th 4th This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! With help with from Sky convincing her to do so because Heather read Sky's diary, Katie flipped on the Poisonous Pythons Alliance and voted for Heather, blindsiding her in a 5-4 vote.
Sugar Female 7th 3rd Yodelayhee...Who? She was automatically eliminated for doing the worst in the challenge.
Katie Female 5th 2nd The 5 Not So Lucky Horse Riders Duncan and Scott won immunity and between her and Lindsay, they chose Katie, considering her intimidating for spying on them, and seeing her as a threat because of this.
Scott Male 2nd 1st The Final Finalé He lost the final challenge against Duncan resulting in becoming the runner up.



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