Outstanding Olympians
Number of members 5
Highest ranking member Alejandro, 6th place
Lowest ranking member Harold, 12th place
Advanced to Season 4 3
Advanced to Season 5 3
Team selected by Challenge

The Outstanding Olympians is one of three opposing teams in Total Drama Around the World. The Outstanding Olympians consists of:


Original Members

Additional MembersEdit

In Let's Have a World Tour!, she offered to swap teams with Geoff to which Chris agreed.

When Mike wanted to swap teams and join team three, Chris let him and places Harold on the team.
Outstanding Olympians teammates
Alejandro | Eva | Geoff | Harold | Mike | Sadie | Zoey


Outstanding Olympians eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Eva Female Returns Returns Korean Pop Quizzing Sadie had convinced Alejandro and Zoey to vote her off due to their conflict.
Harold Male 12th 5th Jamaica Man! Alejandro and Sadie saw him as a threat and didn't want him to find out that they were evil.
Sadie Female 10th 4th Australian Rivals The winners of each boxing round got to vote off someone from the losing team, and they voted off Sadie due to being a huge threat.
Zoey Female 9th 3rd Aloha, Merge! Her performance in the previous episode still creeped everyone out, she had no allies, and her argument with Anne Maria showed a different side of her.
Eva Female 7th 2nd London the Ripper After not agreeing to join Lightning's alliance, they decided to vote her off. She also was really mean and a big threat.
Alejandro Male 6th 1st London the Ripper Everyone saw him as a threat for winning many immunity challenges and for causing many eliminations.



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