Olympic Duo
Season Total Drama Around the World
Founder Sadie
Members Remained Loyal:
Alejandro (Ep.2) - (Ep.8)
Sadie (Ep.2) - (Ep.8)

Zoey (Ep.2) - (Ep.9)

Enemies Staci
Lowest Placing Member Sadie (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Alejandro (6/16)

Olympic Duo is an alliance formed in Total Drama Around the World.


Being the new villain that she is, Sadie formed separate alliances with Alejandro and Zoey to ensure that she will have the majority and eliminate whoever she wants.

After their team placed first in the third immunity challenge, it was announced that the reward was to eliminate someone from the losing team. Sadie felt that Staci had become increasingly threatening and began targeting her. Before the ceremony, Sadie convinced both of her allies to eliminate Staci and successfully eliminated her.

The alliance is majorly focused on during episode four as both Alejandro and Sadie's conflicts with Eva seemingly increased. They both began targeting her for personal reasons and wouldn't stop anything for letting that happening. After their first lost, the whole alliance meets up off-screen to discuss who is leaving. Both Alejandro and Sadie say in unison that Eva must leave. At the elimination ceremony, the alliance voted together and finally eliminated their biggest enemy. Sadie than began targeting Harold for being the outsider of the team and lying about a secret alliance that had been formed between her, him, and Alejandro. This incident almost lost Zoey's trust but Sadie was able to manipulate her into thinking that Harold was lying, but in hindsight, he actually was. At the next episode, the team lost the challenge and eliminated Harold.

At the final pre merge episode, Zoey had released Commando Zoey and scared nearly everyone left in the competition. Sadie later tells Alejandro that she definitely needs to go should they lose. After another lost, they both vote off Zoey at the ceremony, however, Chris announces that the winners of the challenge will eliminate someone from the Outstanding Olympians. At that same ceremony, Sadie was blindsided in a 2-1 vote as both members of the Underdog Unicorns voted against her.

At the finale, a betrayed Sadie creates an unofficial alliance with Alejandro to eliminate Amy and make sure she doesn't win the game. They gained Staci's support and together, throughout the whole challenge, the threesome help each other out and almost succeed until they're all eliminated from the challenge.


  • They both returned to compete in the next two seasons.

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