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Both Noah and Tyler answer a question right in the challenge.

Throughout the show Tyler makes Noah become more and more involved in the game, and as a result of this, Noah starts to win some of the challenges for their team. This makes Noah very thankful for Tyler being his best friend on the show. Both create an alliance early on in the competition, and both make the merge in Total Drama Returns to the Island, and Noah starts winning a ton of challenges. This makes Tyler very happy and proud of Noah. On some occasions their alliance is tested out, but through thick and thin, they make the Final 6 together. Noah eventually feels worried about his winning chances in Supreme Chef Auto, but Tyler promises him that he wants to take him to the Final 2 at all costs. The both of them team up with the rest to vote out Cody in Supreme Chef Auto, but in Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, Duncan finally got everyone besides Noah and Tyler to get Noah eliminated. Tyler is devastated and vows to win for Noah.

Tyler argues with Noah, saying that he never wants to see him again.

In Total Drama Wild West, both Noah and Tyler return for another season. Both are super happy to see each other return, and once again build a power alliance. They both are chosen to be on the Venomous Vipers by Sky. This leads to their alliance being even more powerful, because they are on the same team once again. At the end of A Wild Western Introduction, Noah finally stands up to Tyler, taking charge of the alliance, and forces Tyler to vote out Duncan, which causes Tyler and Duncan to have a large conflict, as well as Noah and Duncan. Noah soon believes that Tyler is a fraud and votes him off. This causes Tyler to never want to see him again, and then has very deep conflict between the two forms, as Tyler will not take Noah anymore. Noah will not either. Unlike his previous season, Tyler is determined for Noah to be eliminated, as seen in Red Dead Mergiton.

In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, they are both placed on the Toxic Sharks, and have trouble working with each other, even resorting to occasional violence towards each other. Despite their deep hatred of each other, the both are able to form an unlikely alliance to help further themselves in the game. Tyler soon starts to feel awful for the way he treated Noah, and explains to him why he has become who he has. The both of them soon become friends again, as they both accept each others apologies for the ways they acted towards each other. Despite making up and becoming friends again, Noah betrays his alliance with Tyler once again, as he flips to Femme Fatale to eliminate Tyler.

Both of them return to compete in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, however they do not interact as much, as they are placed on opposite teams, and Noah is the first person eliminated.

Total Drama Returns to the Island Edit

Trials and Triva-lationsEdit

Both Noah and Tyler are put on the same team, the Screaming Ducks. Noah is very sarcastic when he hears this, saying "Great, I have Mr. Jock Wannabe on my team." Tyler isn't offended by this, mostly because he's more focused on the challenge. Throughout the challenge Noah and Tyler answer the trivia questions right, and Noah starts to notice that Tyler has come here to win. He quickly makes friends with Tyler and they create an alliance together. During the challenge, Fang was let go to attack the Screaming Ducks, but Tyler protects Noah. This makes Noah very certain that Tyler will not betray him. Later on, their team wins and both are extremely happy that they won and about being the members on the team to get the most points in the challenge. Both are seen talking to each other getting to know one another on the way to the elimination ceremony.



Noah is shocked to see Tyler in the Bottom 2.

Both Noah and Tyler wake up and say good morning to each other with happy thoughts from the previous episode. Tyler says that he is glad to see Noah actually trying to win the challenges for their team, and Noah says that he is inspired by the Tyler's determination to win for his team. When Chef tells everyone to meet up at the courts, Tyler trips over a branch, and Noah just can't help but laugh. This does not aggravate Tyler as he also laughs. At the challenge Tyler is seen rooting for Noah when he was up. However, Noah loses, but Tyler is not mad at him at all. When Tyler was up, Noah is on the edge of his seat as this was the deciding match. Tyler ends up losing, but Noah says that he at least tried his best. Tyler gets Noah and some other campers to vote out Samey, as Tyler knows he is on the chopping block. Noah is quickly ready to vote out Samey as he wants Tyler to stay in the game. At the elimination ceremony, Noah is deemed safe and Tyler is very glad that Noah is still in the game. Tyler ends up being in the Bottom 2, and both are very nervous. After a very dramatic pause Tyler is thrown the last marshmallow, and both Tyler and Noah jump up and high five each other.

Starting Off on Humble BeginningsEdit


Tyler and Noah speaking in the cabins.

Both wake up and are happy to see each other still in the game. Tyler is very worried about who voted him off. Noah just calms Tyler down by saying that Samey most likely voted for him. At the challenge Tyler goes up against Courtney, and Noah roots for him to win, but he loses by one number. Noah comforts Tyler and says that he tried his best. When Heather wins a point for their team, Noah and Tyler high five each other. It is Noah's turn up and Tyler is very stoked and nervous, as this is the deciding point. Noah is also very nervous. Noah ends up winning, and Tyler runs to him and gives him a huge hug. Noah is very surprised as he faints and falls down. Noah comes back and Tyler helpes him up, and Noah cannot believe he won it for his team.

All Aboard the Cuckoo TrainEdit


Tyler votes out Noah's girlfriend.

Both are very happy that they have made it to the Final 13, and that they won the last challenge. Noah tells Tyler that he has a crush on Dawn. Tyler is very shocked yet happy that Noah is starting to express his feelings. Noah is very happy that he got that out of his chest.  At the challenge Noah is very doesn't want to join in "killing" people and in response, Tyler gets very energetic and gets Noah up and says it will be fun, encouraging him to join. Throughout the challenge, Noah and Tyler discuss on who they think is the killer and who they think should kill of the other team. Their team end up losing and going to elimination. Noah is very unsure about voting for Dawn, but Tyler says that she is in an alliance with Lindsay, and they are too powerful together. Noah ends up voting out Dawn from Tyler's influence. Noah kisses Dawn to say he likes her, and Tyler is standing in awe, proud of Noah, showing some extent of guilt for voting out Dawn.

Topple on the Luck PlayersEdit


Noah and Tyler bump into each other after Chef woke them up.

When Noah and Tyler are woken up out of bed by Chef, Tyler jumps out of bed in fright, and bumps into Noah. Tyler apologizes, and asks what time it is, to which Noah tells him. Tyler opened the cabin door and shouts the time, but Noah sarcastically pretends to care. Noah laughs at Tyler's misfortune when Chef also yells that he doesn't care. Both get changed, and Tyler trips over running on a rock, which explodes and Tyler flies in the air and lands on Chef. Seeing this, Noah laughs at both Tyler and Chef. Tyler reassures Noah when he misses Dawn throughout the episode, telling him that it was for the best. Noah and Tyler, along with Lindsay, high five each other and hug when their team wins.

Relay Feelings Speed FastEdit


Noah and Tyler speak to each other before the challenge.

Noah wakes up Tyler to tell him that its time for breakfast. Noah tells Tyler that he cannot believe that they are the only males left on the Screaming Ducks, and haven't been voted out yet, to which Tyler agrees while also calling Noah a good friend. Noah mentions that there will probably will be two or three more eliminations before the teams merge, and stated that they need to get out some of the threats. Tyler mentions that Lindsay is very fast and unpredictable, and that Scarlett is an intelligent and capable murderer. Noah says that both are big threats at merge, and that they should probably be the next to go. When Chef yells at Noah, Tyler, and Cody, Noah whispers something to Tyler and Cody, and they all start laughing at his joke.Noah says to Tyler that Heather hasn't done much, but Tyler interrupts him, saying that Lindsay and Scarlett are the bigger threats in the game. Tyler says that Noah and the rest of the alliance should vote out Lindsay, while Tyler votes with Lindsay, and Scarlett. Noah just nods, not minding that Tyler is betraying his girlfriend.

The Super Wi-Fi SpiesEdit


Tyler and Noah find out its Merge time.

Tyler greets all of the members of his team in the morning, including Noah, while also sitting next to Noah on the stairs, and they all start to talk to each other. Noah and Tyler high-five each other when they hear of the teams merging. Tyler congratulates Noah on winning the challenge and fist-bumps him. Noah approaches Tyler, saying that it would be best saying that Heather should go, as she as done nothing in the game at all, and has been carried all the way to the merge. At first Tyler doesn't want to vote her out, but soon agrees with Noah, as he can't keep pretending to like Heather.

Puzzle RiotEdit


Noah and Tyler are woken up, along with the other boys by the girls.

Noah and other boys ask Tyler how they should shut them up, but Tyler shrugs in response. When Scuba Bear throws Tyler against a tree, Noah and Sky run as fast as they can to go and help him up. In the end of the challenge, Tyler assumes that Noah will share immunity with him, but is disappointed when Noah chooses Cody, until he's told that Noah does not want to make it obvious that they are in an alliance. Tyler agrees, and compliments Noah's smarts. Tyler betrays Lindsay and doesn't tell her the truth by voting her off, while convincing Noah to do so.

Korean Teaching or LearningEdit

Noah asks if Tyler is feeling okay from Lindsay being eliminated, and Tyler replies that he could feel better, while telling Noah how guilty he feels. At one point in the challenge, Tyler answers "Seoul" as South Korea's capital, but Noah argues that it is "Seul". Both Noah and Cameron were rewarded with a Korean Dinner, as well as choosing another to join them, and winning Immunity for the night. Both Cameron and Noah were very sad in the state Tyler is in after Lindsay's elimination, and choose him to join them and Tyler is very thankful. Cameron, Noah and Tyler were discuss who they think should go next, and all agree on Courtney and Gwen.

Supreme Chef AutoEdit


Noah and Tyler in the Final 6.

Tyler asks his fellow contestants where Noah is, and he then overhears Cody and Duncan talking about getting rid of Tyler. Everyone is a little mad at Cody for wanting to eliminate Tyler, including Noah. Noah told Tyler that the best thing to do is win the challenge, and make sure Cody doesn't, to which Tyler agrees. Noah votes out Cody due to trying to eliminate Tyler.

Frozen Yogurty Up Brain FreezeEdit


Tyler is very sad, when Noah was eliminated.

Tyler is woken up by Duncan and Noah. They ask if he is okay after Cody tried eliminating him. Tyler replies saying he really feels bad for voting him out, as he was a part of his alliance. Noah says that at this point, you can't rely on alliances anymore and that it's everyone for themselves now, but winks at Tyler, hinting that he is an exception. Tyler states in the confessional that there is no way that he would ever vote for Noah, as he is the one Tyler wants to take to the finale. Everyone, including Noah, are jealous that Tyler has a warm tracksuit on while they're in a freezer. Tyler is shocked when Noah is deemed eliminated, even blanking out for a moment. Tyler runs to Noah, and says that he will win it for him, and also says that next season will be their season. Noah smiles, and says to Tyler that he better win, or he will not even come to the finale. Tyler smiles and waves goodbye to Noah.

Final Four Face Off!Edit

Tyler wakes up very sad and disappointed with himself. He promised that Noah would be with him in the finale, but Tyler feels that he betrayed his promise to Noah. Tyler immediately runs to everyone, greeting them, including Noah. Noah is seen disappointed when Tyler is eliminated.

Totally Dramatic Finale!Edit

Tyler sits next to Noah and Lindsay in the finale, and also warns Noah about Dave when Dave tries befriending Noah.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit

Tyler high-fives Noah when they arrive to the season. Tyler is very excited that Noah is on the same team as him. Tyler sits next to Noah on the bus. They form an alliance together again. Noah then states that this season he will choose who they vote for. Tyler states in the confessional that he is very nervous with that rule. Dave and Noah decide that both Tyler and Duncan can lead the team. Noah tells Tyler to vote out Duncan, as he didn't choose the right items. But Tyler argues that Dave should go, because he brought a lizard's tail. But Noah pressures Tyler into voting Duncan in the end. Tyler glares at Noah when Duncan yells at him, and states in the confessional that if Duncan has to get mad at someone, he should get mad at Noah for telling him to vote him off.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Tyler greets Noah and Duncan in the morning. When Tyler runs after Duncan to try to make him forgive him, Noah grabs him, saying to not try. Noah cheers on Tyler when he sings, as he loves the song, but is a little disappointed when Chris scores it a 7/10. Noah is up and he sings a song about Dawn, which Tyler is very moved by.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit


The Vipers win their second challenge of the Season.

Tyler states in the confessional that he is very happy that his team won last time, and that he is very moved by Noah's song about Dawn. Tyler greets most of his team, including Noah and asks where Duncan and Sky are, but Noah shrugs. Tyler then says that he thinks that Duncan is trying to get Sky on his side to eliminate him. But Noah, along with Cody and Lindsay say that they don't think so. Noah then says that he loved the drama from last episodes elimination, but Tyler disagrees. Noah congratulates Tyler on winning the challenge for his team in the end.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit

Noah starts to get suspicious about the possibility of Tyler being only a fraud with him all the time, and helped by Chris McLean he's able to collect a number of evidences in favor of this theory, above all an ambiguous registration in the confessional. where Tyler is voting Duncan as Noah told him to do, but says he's only doing that to make Noah trust him more. Chris explains to him a lot of events happened in season one that he completely ignored since then. Tyler was on two alliances behind Noah's back and Noah feels so shattered to discover the truth that he has a huge grudge, now wanting to eliminate Tyler. During the challenge, Noah manages to get three people on his side ready to vote at his command. Noah doesn't look too shocked when Tyler is called eliminated, and isn't as sad as others.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit

Noah states in the confessional that he is glad that Tyler is gone.

Red Dead MergitonEdit


Noah is eliminated, along with Dakota.

When Chris announces Tyler's name, Noah instantly looks nervous and mad. Tyler asks where Noah, is, and said that he is going to destroy him. Noah makes a sarcastic remark, which makes Tyler even more mad, before calming himself. Noah and Tyler glare at each other while the challenge is being explained. Tyler tells Courtney that Noah and Dakota will most likely be the worst play, and that Samey/Sky/Duncan will win the challenge. Tyler asks for Courtney to give Dakota and Noah's team a very low score. Courtney says that it isn't fair, but considers it when Tyler tells her about their unfair eliminations.

Tyler cries angrily when Noah and Dakota are called up. Tyler loses his cool towards Noah. Throughout Dakota's and Noah's play, Tyler keeps complaing that he is bored, and tells them that the two have to hurry up their play. Tyler scores them a 3/10, frustrating Noah. Tyler is over the top happy when Noah is declared to be eliminated.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit

Tyler states in the confessional that he is so glad that remaining contestants were smart enough to vote out Noah the previous episode.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

London the Ripper Edit


Noah and Tyler talk in London.

Noah and Tyler sing together about how much they hate each other in Big Ben of a Friendship. They're also too busy arguing to pay attention to what others say, and even have trouble co-operating when they capture contestants.

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit

Tyler is seen working for Sky, along side Jo. Tyler starts to punch a punching bag, saying that he will find Noah, and take him down, for betraying him in Total Drama Wild West. Jo says that she likes Tyler's new energy, and that he should keep punching the punching bag, until it goes down. Tyler thanked Jo, and stated that Noah should of never had betrayed him, which Tyler gets more angrier, which he started to punch harder, causing the punching bag to break. When all the contestants are called for a group meeting, Noah joins, Tyler pushes him to the ground, calling him a jerk. Noah says that he knows why he is back to the show, as the producers need at least one person with brains on. Which Tyler argued that he has a brain, which he argued, that he was the one cause almost every elimination in Season 1, by using his brain. Noah got up and said that Tyler was played by the Killer Beavers. Which Tyler called Noah a loser, and argued that he placed 3rd and he didn't. Noah says that the reason to why he eliminated Tyler, was because his strategy was senseless. Sadie says that no one cares that Tyler placed 3rd. Which Tyler argued back saying that it shows he has brain, as he got rid of some of the strongest players on the show, which Noah said, its because he was there everyday to support him. Alejandro tells Noah and Tyler to take their bickering somewhere else. Sadie then laughs at Noah's arguments. After Noah and Owen are seen talking to each other, Tyler starts to glare at Noah. Noah then tells Chris to get rid of some bad contestants which he looks at both Alejandro and Tyler. Later on, on the Island, Noah is pushed into the late by Alejandro, which Noah compares Alejandro with Tyler.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit

Tyler is rather upset that Noah is on his team, but he then says that it will be easier for him to get him out early, before laughing menacingly. At the challenge, Tyler pushes Noah off the cliff, and calls him a loser. In the confessional, Noah states that obviously Tyler would win at a luck based challenge, and that Tyler shouldn't be proud of it. Brick and Noah start talking to each other, but Tyler interrupts, saying to Brick that he should not trust Noah, and that he is the worst person ever. Noah and Tyler start to argue more, before being stopped by Brick. When Brick walks off, Tyler blames Noah for making Brick leave. Noah tells Brick to not trust Tyler, but Tyler pushes Noah to the ground, saying that no-one asked him. Tyler helps up Noah, acting nice towards him to impress him, but Noah responds by throwing mud at Tyler's face.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

Noah comments that Brick was the only one to treat him with respect, and now he is gone, which Tyler goes to Noah and pushes him down, telling him to shut up, Noah then agrilly thanks Tyler. Tyler states when the challenge begins that he use to play paint-ball with his family, and states that he thinks the challenge wil be quite easy. Noah then asks how many times Tyler was bet my his Grannies. Tyler then kicks Noah in the kiwis, and goes to Sadie to talk. Tyler then stays with the flag, and tells Alejandro that he has a plan. Noah overhears Tyler, looking surpised that Tyler came with a plan, he then says that if Tyler has plan, the team will be doomed. Tyler states in the confessional that he is confused to why Brick shot him and not Noah, saying that Noah is more worthy to be shot. Noah states in the confessional that he is proud he shot Tyler. Later on, Tyler grabs Noah, and tells Noah that they should be in an alliance, telling Noah that it would be good strategy, saying it would put everyone off track, and it would be un-expected. Noah then agrees to the alliance. Tyler the states in the confessional that Noah is extremely gulliable for smart person.

Tyler then see's Scott, and shoots him with his paint-ball gun. He then tells him he is sorry for shooting him. Noah also shoots him right after Tyler, which Tyler then glares at Noah, telling him that he shot Scott first. After Scott is shot, Courtney is seen worried and then glares at both Noah and Tyler. Tyler then apologizes to Courtney, but then Courtney said that it was fine, and said that at least Scott got some competition, being Noah and Tyler. Noah then pushes Tyler against Courtney causing them both to fall over. Tyler helps Courtney up and told her that it was Noah's fault. Courtney the pushes Tyler against Noah, telling them that they never stop, no matter what. Noah gets mad at Tyler for being on him, demanding him to get off of him. When Sadie jumps out of a tree, and lands on top of Noah, Tyler is justs seen laughing at him.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

Tyler then walks outside to see Noah creeping around the girl's cabin, with a book in his hand. Tyler goes over to him, and asks what he is doing, which Noah tells him he is reading Dawn's diary, which made Tyler mad, as he doesn't think reading his girlfriends diray behind her back is something he should do. Soon Sadie joins Tyler, and they both starts to get fustrated with Noah, and mad at him. After seeing Alejandro and Noah talking to each other, Tyler states in the confessional that he can't believe the two are bonding. Alejandro asks Chris if he can compete now, which Tyler also asks Chris if Alejandro could compete, but both are ignored by Chris. Noah then asks Tyler if he only wants Alejandro to compete, so that he could fail, and then he votes him off at the elimination ceremony. Tyler just looks confusingly at Noah, he then grabs Noah, and tells him that they had an agreement about an alliance, and then tells him to stop. Alejandro is seen confused, and asks if Noah and Tyler are in an alliance, saying that he thought the two of them hated each other. Noah tells Tyler that yesterday he told him to vote for Alejandro, which Tyler refused saying he never said that. He then says that they should rather vote of a fodder or a floater.

Noah tries to convince Tyler to vote off Alejandro, saying that he did nothing in the challenge today. Tyler then tells Noah that he doesn't care as Alejandro is stronger then Noah anyday. Noah then tells Tyler that that is why he wants Alejandro out, he then asks of he was the biggest strategist of Total Drama Returns to the Island. Lightning then says that he wants to see Alejandro, Noah and Tyler fight each other. Tyler tells Noah that he was, and says who cares. He then gets fustrated, and throws Noah out of the Mess Hall. Tyler then walks over to Alejandro, and tells him that he hates Noah a lot. Noah then joins them again, which Tyler pushes Noah away again. Noah then tells Tyler that it will be his fault if Jasmine throws up, causing their team to lose the challenge, as he threw up on her. Noah then tells Tyler that it will be his fault if Jasmine throws up, causing their team to lose the challenge. Lightning then starts to throw up, with chunks hitting other contestants. Noah uses Tyler as a shield from the vomit, with more vomit landing on Tyler. Noah then runs away from Tyler, in fright. Noah looks at Lindsay and Tyler kissing with vomit on them, which he thens says that it is a perfect scene to end the gross episode with. Tyler tells Noah at the elimination ceremony, to make sure he votes off the right person being Jasmine.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit

When Chris announced that the cast must meet them at the place the first ever challenge in the series took place. Tyler says that he enjoyed this challenge, and that him and Noah dominated the challenge, and ultimately won the challenge for their team. As Noah and Tyler walk to the challenge area, Noah tells Tyler that they only won because a brain was in charge, hinting to himself. Lightning grows increasingly annoyed with Tyler mentioning his issues with Noah every chance he gets and tells him that no one cares about his issues with Noah. In the challenge, Lightning rants in an angry state about how Tyler has been with Lindsay for so many years for every other reason but the fact that he loves her, which completely shocks everyone, and Noah agrees with him. Tyler blows off the ridiculous rumor, and says that he loves Lindsay, and that Lightning will not get away with what he is doing. Noah also tells everyone that Tyler has made him vote for Lindsay multiple times. Tyler then glares at Noah and then pushes him into the water.Tyler starts to root for Noah, he then realizes what he did, and starting rooting for Staci, telling her to crush Noah. Tyler laughs at Noah when he gets zapped as he lands in the water.


When Tyler gets some water for Lindsay, Noah asks Tyler where he got the water, which Tyler answered that he got it from the tap outside. When Noah and Owen leave that cabin, Tyler runs after him and asks Noah if he could speak to him. Noah then sayd yes, but to speak somewhere private. Noah crosses his arms, and asks Tyler whats up. Tyler then tells Noah that is is sorry for the way he treated him lately, and he states that he is extremely mad lately.  Tyler carries on telling Noah about how after he was eliminated in Total Drama Wild West by him, he went back home and when Tyler's parents found out how bad he did in the season, they were extremely disappointed in him. Tyker states that they literally didn't care about him as much as they use too, and stated that they were ashamed to call Tyler their son. He also states that his parents told him that he would never be a great jock like his dad is. Tyler the states that he got extremely mad, and then joined Sky's gym, where he worked out everyday, preparing to return and stop at nothing to win. Tyler the says that if he carries on like that, him and Noah would never be friends again. Lightning rolls his eyes, and tells Noah that Tyler is lying. Noah tells Tyler that the speech was nice, and he then asks if he is trying to tell him that he wants him to forgive himself. Tyler then says no, and states that he doesn't have to forgive him. It ius revieled that Noah had Dawn's diary the entire time, which made almost everyone mad and upset, including Tyler. After Staci is surpirsed that Dawn cheated on Noah with Shawn making Tyler gasp.

Mutant KingdomEdit

Tyler then looks at Noah, and asks him why he had Dawn's diary. Noah tells Tyler that Dawn has been ignoring him a lot, and has started to hang around Shawn more. Noah then says that he got jealous and read her diary. Tyler tells Noah that Dawn was super hurt. When Tyler and his team reach the cliff, he tells everyone that they are almost there. Tyler then realizes that Noah is gone, and asks where he is, but he is ignored by everyone.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic WasteEdit

When Noah decides to join the rest of the cast, Tyler greets him, which Noah greets him back as well. When Scott tells Noah that he is dumber then him, because he has never arrived late to a challenge, which Tyler then winks at Scott. In the confessional, Noah states that he is confused to why Samey is like a goth now, and says that Tyler will probably become a nerd. When Tyler finds out what Noah said about him, he just glares at him.

Fun Zone 3.0Edit

Both Alejandro and Noah are shocked that Tyler is being switched. As Tyler is running, Tyler asks what they even have to do in the challenge. Noah tells Tyler that they must escape the fun zone and build a fire, to signal a rescue boat. Tyler then tells his team to find the ocean, if they want to signal a rescue boat. Tyler tells Noah that a rescue boat will see a fire better on an ocean, than in a thick covered forest. When Noah asks if Scott has some great sense of smell like an animal, since he is one. Which Tyler asks Scott if he does have a great sense of smell. When Staci flings Noah over the wall, Tyler tells both Noah and Staci that there are stairs. Tyler then helps Noah and Scott with the fire. As the fire grows, Tyler grows impatient and asks where the rescue boat is. Noah tells Tyler that he can see a boat, and Noah and Tyler start to call out to the boat. Tyler along with everyone else run to the boat and jumps in. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler wishes luck to Noah and Scott. When Noah and Sadie gets a marshmallow, Tyler congraulates them, and he high fives Noah.

Mutant See, Mutant DoEdit

In the last round, Chris decides to give to Eva and Noah for being the last two remaining (even though Tyler was still in the challenge for the Sharks) after the contestants blown up his yacht. Tyler glares at Chris, but congratulates Noah on winning immunity. Tyler once again congratulates Noah on the win at the elimination ceremony, which they both then high five. Tyler states in the confessional that he might soon quit, Tyler then states that he can't take losing Lindsay, he then states that he misses her more then anyone. Noah then comes in knocking asking if Tyler is ok. Tyler tells Noah that he misses Lindsay a tonne. Noah then tells Tyler that everything will be fine, and to calm down. Noah tells Tyler that girls are un-grateful, and that Lindsay did vote him off an episode before she was eliminated. Tyler then tells Noah that is the reason why he voted her off, Tyler then states that he really cared about Lindsay more, then she cared about him. At the Toxic Sharks elimination ceremony, Tyler is seen nervous, but when Chris calls his name, Tyler just stands up shocked. He then asks how he is safe. He then thenked the people who didn't vote for him. Noah high fives Tyler, when the later is called safe from elimination.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit


Noah fare-wells Tyler along with everyone else on the dock of shame.

At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro and Sadie forced Tyler to vote off Noah. Noah states in the confessionla that he is voting off Tyler for being a big threat in the game. At the elimination ceremony, Noah and Tyler land in the bottom two. Naoh fare-wells Tyler, saying that he is gonna miss him a lot, and tells him to have fun with Lindsay. Everyone is seen waving bye to Tyler, and fare-welling him.

Chris & StitchEdit

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit

When the next challenge is revealed to be trivia, Noah asks how many trivia challenge they have already had, which Tyler sarcasticly says 100. When the cliff explodes after Staci and Lightnign jumps, Tyler grabs Noah, and uses him as a sheild, asking him to protect him.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit

When Noah is also placed on the Brains team, Tyler is shocked, and states that this is their first season in a long time that they are not on the same team again. Tyler states in the confessional that it is great to be competing with his friends again (including Noah), but that competing with Lightning and Scarlett is the bad thing about returning to All-Stars. Tyler wished luck to Cameron, Cody, Heather and Noah at the elimination ceremony. When Noah is deemed to be elminated, Tyler is seen surprised by it.


  • Noah and Tyler are the only male members on the Screaming Ducks.
    • Ironically both are the highest ranking members of the Screaming Ducks.
    • They are also the only males on the team.
  • They both formed the first alliance in the show.
  • They are the typical "Vitriolic Buddies" in Total Drama Returns to the Island, because Noah is the brain and Tyler the brawn, and the first usually mocks the second about his lack of intelligence despite they're best friends.
  • They both caused the eliminations of their respective girlfriends:
  • Some of the best friends of Tyler are the worst enemies of Noah: see Courtney, Duncan and Scott.
  • They will do a cameo together in Total Drama Around the World as the rippers.
  • They were placed always in the same teams, along with Lindsay; Screaming Ducks, Venomous Vipers, and Toxic Sharks.
  • Noah and Tyler have competed in 6 seasons, and competed in the exact same seasons; in Total Drama Island, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Returns to the Island, Total Drama Wild West, Total Drama Toxic Brawl and Total Drama All-Stars Take 2.
  • Both Noah and Tyler appeared in all 13 episodes in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Even though Tyler has caused the most elimination of anyone to date, he has never betrayed Noah, while Noah has caused Tyler's eliminations in Total Drama Wild West and Total Drama Toxic Brawl.
  • Both contestants have been eliminated in the 11th episode of a season:
    • Noah was eliminated along with Dakota in Red Dead Mergiton.
    • Tyler was eliminated in Samey-Bot's Revenge.
      • Coincidetally, both were eliminated in the first merged episode.
      • As well as both were took the elimination device with someone else; Dakota and Noah took the Horse of Shame together, while Lindsay and Tyler was hurled in the Hurl of Shame together.
  • Both have been eliminated in the 4th episode of a season:
    • Noah was eliminated in Dodgebrawl.
    • Tyler was eliminated in Western Tough for the Polocrossie.
      • Coincidentally, both times they placed the worst compared to the the other seasons they competed in.
  • Both have been eliminated in an episode where two people were eliminated:
  • Both have always been on the superior team in the series; Screaming Ducks (even though it is tied with the Killer Beavers), Venomous Vipers, and the Toxic Sharks.
  • Both contestants have placed 18th in a season.
    • Noah placed 18th in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2.
    • Tyler placed 18th in Total Drama Island.

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