Misfits Alliance
Season Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare
Founder Topher
Members Remained Loyal:
Leonard (Ep.2) - (Ep.14)
Dawn (Ep. 1) - (Ep.18)
Sierra (Ep. 2) - (Ep.15)
Beardo (Ep.1) - (Ep.6); (Ep.10) - (Ep.15)
Topher (Ep. 1)
Enemies Ezekiel
Lowest Placing Member Topher (19/21)
Highest Placing Member Leonard (2/21)

The Misfits Alliance is the majority alliance of the Vontade tribe during Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare.


The alliance was created in the beginning of the season after Dawn comforts Topher because of their tribe being so different and the harsh conditions. He later invites Beardo to join the alliance because of their early bond and he managed to sway Sierra into voting with them. Initially formed as the majority before the first elimination ceremony, however, at the vote Dawn voted against Topher causing a tie and revote. Despite Dawn initially flipping back and voting against their intended target, Harold, Topher ended up being ultimately blindsided after Beardo flipped on him, sending him to Redemption Island.

In the following episodes, knowing that the alliance is in the minority with Topher gone, Dawn tried to bond with Leonard to get him to join, which she does successfully. She then managed to bring Sierra into the alliance, forming the majority again. Because of Vontade winning immunity, the alliance didn't have to vote anyone out.

Witnessing their first lost since the first episode, the alliance decided to either cut Ezekiel, who didn't listen, or Harold, for his annoyance. Beardo and Dawn emotionally debated on who they would vote along with Leonard. Ultimately, they stayed strong and eliminated Ezekiel next in a 4-2 vote.

Losing another challenge in the sixth episode, the alliance were automatically eliminating Vontade's outsider, Harold. However, Leonard secretly schemed with him and together they blindsided Beardo in a scattered 2-1-1-1 vote. Beardo, Dawn, and Sierra all voted differently with Sierra voting for their intended target.

Vontade would then go a streak with not having to go to the Elimination Ceremony. Following the final pre-merge eliminated contestant being rushed to Redemption Island, the final duel began. In the end, Beardo along with Dakota returned and debuted at the merge. Beardo then re-joined the misfits and they all collectively voted against Lightning and Harold with the majority.

At the Final Eleven, the alliance voted differently as the male faction voted for Amy while the female faction voted for Jo with the majority, eliminating her.

By the Final Eight, the alliance is presumably over as Beardo and Leonard formed an alliance with Rodney and eliminated their own target, Sky.

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