This article focuses on the Interactions between Lindsay and Tyler.

Overview Edit


Lindsay and Tyler kiss at the Dock of Shame.

Tyler and Lindsay are the first couple in Total Drama. The two have such a strong bond that nothing will ever break them apart. Even though Lindsay calls Tyler "Tyson", he does not mind this at all. Their relationship has been tested a lot in the game. As Lindsay sometimes does not participate in the challenges, this makes Tyler mad, and he even thought of voting her off before the merge, but both make the merge in The Super Wi-Fi Spies. In Puzzle Riot, Lindsay is eliminated from the game. This makes Tyler feel sad and guilty, as he also voted for her, but is soon much happier and as himself when Lindsay returns as being an intern for Chris and Chef.

Both Lindsay and Tyler return in Total Drama Wild West, and both are chosen by Sky to be on the same team. With being on the same team again, they are extremely happy. This season Tyler acts more arrogant. As he placed third last season, he keeps saying that he will definitively make the merge, and also destroy the other team. This makes Lindsay quite mad, and feels like Tyler has changed a lot. Both also prove to be very strong and powerful contestants early on in the season. Lindsay soon feels better when Tyler apologizes to her. Tyler is then eliminated from Noah's devious plan early on, which makes both Lindsay and Tyler very sad. They both kiss their goodbyes, and then Lindsay is seen crying in the confessional when he left. When Tyler returns as an intern in Red Dead Mergiton, this excites Lindsay, as she can finally reunite with him.

Lindsay starts to wonder about Tyler's new evilness in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, although Lindsay ignores this for the time she is together with Tyler. They hit rough terms when Tyler masterminds Lindsay's elimination, breaking them apart for some episodes. They get back together at the finale, where it seems that they fixed all of their problems, they kiss each other as a proof of this.

Knowing about their relationship problems from Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Tyler sets out to make things better between him and Lindsay in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as he takes relationship advice from Scott. However, this advice ends up making Lindsay ignore Tyler for most of the season. They do not have much interaction, as Lindsay is an early eliminated contestant. However, after her elimination, Tyler is seen quite upset about this, and is seen in the confessional saying that he will win for Lindsay.

Total Drama Returns to the Island Edit

Trials and Triva-lations Edit

Both Lindsay and Tyler and immediately get into an alliance to the merge. Both are put on the same team, and are seen rooting for each other in the first challenge. When their team wins, they both hug each other and go off to their cabins.

Volleybrawl Edit

Tyler is approached by Lindsay, Dawn, and Samey, and is asked to join with them in an alliance. Tyler just nods, and they all are happy. But later on in the episode their team loses, and both Tyler and Samey are in the bottom two. This upsets Lindsay as both are in her alliance and Tyler is her boyfriend. In the end Tyler is deemed safe, and Samey was sent home. This puzzles Lindsay as to why Samey in the bottom 2 as well as Tyler, not realizing that Samey and Tyler betrayed her alliance in someway and voted each other.

Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Edit


Tyler and Lindsay's team won the challenge.

Lindsay asks why both Samey and Tyler were in the bottom two in the previous episode. Tyler is confused on why he was in the bottom two, but he knows why Samey was in the bottom 2 but lies that he didn't know why Samey was as well. Both are seen rooting for each other to win a point for their team.

All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Edit

Lindsay is still worried about Samey being eliminated, and that there is now only Tyler and Dawn in her alliance. She is also worried that Tyler might end up in the Bottom 2 again, which she really doesn't want to happen, as well as her and Dawn being in the Bottom 2. During the challenge the other team wonders what would happen if they "killed" Lindsay, to which Tyler screams that they "protect Lindsay's face!" When Tyler is chosen to be the killer for his team, Lindsay is so scared that she might die, that she asks that they don't kill Tyler, to which Tyler explains to Lindsay the rules and principles of the challenge. Lindsay replied saying that "Tyson" is a very nice person. Both Lindsay and Tyler are devastated when they learn they had lost the challenge. During the challenge, Tyler finally realizes that Dawn and Lindsay are too powerful together, and gets his alliance (excluding Lindsay) to vote out Dawn in the end. Lindsay is very shocked and becomes much more scared that she might be the next to go.

Topple on the Luck Players Edit

When Tyler shouts out to Chef that's its 4:00am, Lindsay walks out of the girl side of the cabin, along with Gwen, Scarlett, and Heather. Lindsay asks what's the problem, and Tyler says that its 4:00am and its already challenge time. Chef then shouts out that they needed to run to the Chrissuem. Both Lindsay and Tyler start to run. Tyler trips over a rock, which then explodes and Tyler is shot in the distance. Lindsay is very worried and shouts out to Tyler. She then starts running very fast towards where Tyler lands and helps Tyler up. When Chef throws Tyler in the helicopter again. Lindsay runs into the helicopter and helps Tyler to his feet. Later in the challenge, when their team is shocked, Tyler straight away checks if Lindsay was okay, to which Lindsay replies with a "yes". When they find out that their team won the challenge, Lindsay and Tyler kiss in happiness. Before the elimination ceremony, Lindsay and Tyler are seen sitting at the Dock of Shame talking to each other about the game, and what they think the next challenge is going to be. They then kiss.

Relay Feelings Speed Fast Edit


Tyler and Lindsay kiss, after Lindsay is deemed safe.

Despite their relationship, Tyler puts the game before Lindsay and gets his alliance members to vote out Lindsay, just to warn her, that next time she needs to participate and contribute in the challenge, even though Tyler himself does not vote for her. Chef demands a tie breaker, in which Lindsay wins and Scarlett is sent home. Lindsay is very happy, and kisses Tyler.

The Super Wi-Fi SpiesEdit

Tyler is happy to see Lindsay still in the competition, despite impulsively getting a few people to vote for her. Tyler walks out of his side of the cabin, finding Lindsay, along with Heather and Noah outside. He says a good-morning, to which everyone replies good-morning, including Lindsay. All five remaining Screaming Ducks talk about their strategy from now on, as they know the merge is just around the corner. Chris tells everyone it was the merge, causing Lindsay and Tyler to hug. When Tyler must move to the other cabin alongside Noah, Lindsay grabs Tyler and kisses him, saying she is gonna miss him, to which Tyler agrees. Tyler is very happy for Lindsay when she scores a point in the challenge. As the challenge progresses Tyler earns two points for himself, and is congratulated by the other campers, including Lindsay. Tyler congratulates Lindsay and Noah when they win immunity. Everyone approaches Tyler saying that Heather needs to go, including Lindsay.

Puzzle RiotEdit


Scuba Bear about to attack Tyler as he is too close to Lindsay.

Tyler walks out of the cabin and sees Lindsay and Sky at the stairs of the cabin. Both greet him, as does he. Lindsay wins a part of the challenge, and Tyler is very happy for her. Tyler goes up to Lindsay to talk to her, but is growled away by Scuba Bear. At the end of the challenge, Tyler notices that Lindsay is very great at challenges, and finally realizes that if she makes it far, she could win her way to the finals, and obviously get more votes as she is very loved.

Tyler and Lindsay kiss their goodbyes.

Tyler makes the ultimate decision to get his alliance members to vote her out, as her name has been floating around who should be voted out next for quite a while. In the end, Lindsay is eliminated and everyone was devastated, especially Tyler, feeling guilty. Tyler kisses his goodbyes, but Scuba Bear punches Tyler into the water. As Tyler comes up, Lindsay and Scuba Bear are already leaving, making Tyler sad.

Korean Teaching or LearningEdit


Tyler is happy to see Lindsay join him at the reward.

Tyler states in the Confessional that he really misses Lindsay.. He also stated that he really hates that Scuba Bear, as he would of loved to have more time with his girlfriend last episode, which Scuba Bear prevented. Tyler gets out his bed and walks outside. Tyler goes out and sits down at the stairs, just looking out at the camp grounds, wondering what Lindsay is doing, and if she is okay. Sky ran towards Tyler, and sat soaking wet next to him. She asked how he was doing after Lindsay's elimination. He said he could feel better. Everyone seems very worried for Tyler the whole episode, as everyone asks if  Tyler is feeling okay because of Lindsay's elimination. Each time he replied saying "yeah".

After Tyler wins immunity along with Cameron and Noah, as a reward, Chris surprises Tyler, and Lindsay comes in. Tyler is so happy and shocked that he throws his food to the ground and runs towards Lindsay. Both kiss and gave each other big hugs. Lindsay is very proud that Tyler is still in the game compared to his last placings. Tyler says that he is very sad that she couldn't stay longer, to which Lindsay says that its okay. Chris then says Lindsay has to leave, making Tyler very sad and happy as well, as he at least got to see her.

Supreme Chef AutoEdit

Tyler wakes up thinking about Lindsay, as he already misses her from the reward yesterday. When Tyler reaches the challenge area, his mouth drops in surprise as Lindsay is standing in front of him. Chris announces that Lindsay is an intern now. Tyler immediately runs to Lindsay and gives her a big hug, and then kisses her. Lindsay is also really happy to see Tyler.

Final Four Face Off!Edit

When Tyler reaches the area, he can see all of the eliminated contestants, including Lindsay, locked up in a cage. Tyler is very happy and sad at the same time. He immediately greets everyone, including Lindsay.

Tyler and Lindsay rooting for the Final two.

Cameron ends up winning the challenge, and chooses Sky over Tyler for the finale, as Tyler would win in a landslide if it is a vote for the winner. Tyler has no hard feelings, and joins the other eliminated contestants. Almost everyone is disappointed when Cameron won, and eliminated Tyler (including Lindsay).

Totally Dramatic Finale!Edit

Tyler happily sits next to Lindsay and Noah in the finale and they all smile at each other.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Team Venomous Vipers Team photo.

Tyler is very happy to see Lindsay and Noah return to the game. Tyler kisses Lindsay and high-fives Noah. Tyler is also very excited when he finds out that Lindsay and Noah are on his team again. Throughout the challenge, Lindsay is seen helping Tyler with choosing the 10 items on the way to the wagon. When both are deemed safe from elimination, they kiss each other.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Lindsay is proud of Tyler when he sings, and she is happy when Tyler scores a 7/10.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit


The Vipers win their second challenge of the Season.

Tyler walks outside and saw everyone (besides Duncan and Sky) at the stairs. Tyler says good-morning to them all, including Lindsay. Tyler then says that he thinks that Duncan is trying to get Sky on his side, to eliminate him. But Cody, Noah and Lindsay say that they don't think so. Noah then said that he loved the drama from last episodes elimination. Tyler says that he thinks that Courtney should still be here, and that Ezekiel should be on the horse going off to the sunset, to which Lindsay agrees.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit


Tyler at his last Elimination Ceremony.

Tyler sits down next to Lindsay and starts talking. At elimination, Chris declares that Tyler is eliminated. Tyler stares at Chris in shock, and it is revealed that Noah betrayed him. Lindsay starts to cry when Tyler rides on the Horse of Shame.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit

Lindsay is in a bad mood throughout the entire episode, crying over Tyler being eliminated.

Red Dead MergitonEdit

Most people are rather happy to see Tyler again when he's announced as a judge for the challenge, especially Lindsay. Tyler greets everyone, including Lindsay and she runs up the stage and kisses him. Tyler says to Courtney that he hopes Cody and Lindsay do well, as he won't mind them having immunity. Tyler is gives them luck before they go up. Cody ends up hitting Lindsay, and Tyler stands up, ordering Lindsay to fight back, to which they inform him that it's fake. Tyler is still upset about Cody hitting his girlfriend, so he gives the team a 6\10.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit


Dakota, Courtney, and Tyler make a Cameo apprearance.

Tyler wishes luck to everyone in the challenge, including Lindsay. While the contestants were trying out their talents by their self's. Lindsay is happy that Tyler is in charge instead of Chris.

Three EnemigosEdit


The teams in Three Enemigos.

Despite being eliminated, the final 3 contestants have to choose an eliminated contestant to help them in the challenge. When Lindsay gets to choose she instantly shouts out Tyler to be her helper. Chris announces a shocking twist, as the pairs are being switched up. Both Lindsay and Tyler are upset they aren't on the same team. Tyler states in the confessional that even though Lindsay is his girlfriend, he will still try and help his teammate as much as he can. Lindsay is sad that Tyler isn't on her team, and that she got stuck with Sugar. Before the challenge, Tyler wishes luck to Lindsay and Scott, but then says that they would never win against him and Duncan. Tyler wishes luck to Lindsay and Scott when they must do a duel to see who'll be in a finale.

The Final Finalé Edit

After much consideration Tyler roots for Lindsay over Scott in the challenge, as he is closer with her. He is seen to be disappointed when she loses.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit


Tyler greets Cameron and Lindsay at the plane runway.

At the Studio, Sierra asks Lindsay who she wanted to know about, which she asked about Jo, Tyler, and Sky for being interviewed. When all the contestants are called for a group meeting, Lindsay then greeted Tyler, which he greeted her back. After Lindsay is called up, she tells Tyler, that she hopes they will travel together, which Tyler agrees with. When Owen gets stuck in the door to the plane, both Lindsay and Tyler are seen helping Owen. Owen then thanked them after he is pushed through the door.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit

Lindsay and Tyler are happy to be on the same team as each other again. After Tyler wins the challenge for his team, Lindsay is very happy and excited for him.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens Edit


Lindsay shouts out to both Sadie and Tyler to hurry up and join their team at the challenge.

Tyler asks Sadie how they think they should try and take out Jasmine. Lindsay then asks Sadie and Tyler if they are gonna join them, which Tyler says they will join them soon. Lindsay then tells Sadie and Tyler to hurry up, which Tyler ran to Lindsay, and greeted her, calling her "babe".

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

After Lindsay faints after swallowing an eye-ball, Tyler helps her up. Lindsay pats Tyler on the back, which Tyler tells Lindsay that he doesn't know what has gotten into him, after puking on Jasmine. After Chris deemed Tyler's team victorious, he hugs Sadie and Staci in joy. Lindsay then hugs Tyler as well. Tyler then turns around and kisses Lindsay, saying that he hasn't kissed Lindsay in a long time. Lindsay then tells Tyler that he got a little barf on her, then she starts to blush. Tyler then apologizes to Lindsay. Noah looks at Lindsay and Tyler kissing with vomit on them, which he thens says that it is a perfect scene to end the gross episode with. When Tyler is deemed safe, Owen, Lindsay, Sadie, Dawn and Alejandro congraulate him, which Tyler thanked them all.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit


Lindsay glares at Tyler, after Lightning tells lies about their relationship.

Lindsay says good morning to everyone, including Tyler, who also says good morning to her. Lindsay tells Sadie that she is glad she wasn't eliminated yesterday, which Tyler agrees with Lindsay, saying that he was extremely nervous when she landed in the bottom two. Sadie thanks both Lindsay and Tyler. During the challenge, in the first round, Tyler was the second person to get the first question right about Lindsay. Tyler congratulates Lindsay when she gets it right first. In the challenge, Lightning rants in an angry state about how Tyler has been with Lindsay for so many years for every other reason but the fact that he loves her, which completely shocks everyone, and Noah agrees with him. Brick believes what Lightning is saying about Tyler and Lindsay's relationship, and Jo mocks him for actually believing it and tells Tyler to ignore Lightning. Tyler blows off the ridiculous rumor, and says that he loves Lindsay, and that Lightning will not get away with what he is doing. Noah also tells everyone that Tyler has made him vote for Lindsay multiple times. Tyler then glares at Noah and then pushes him into the water. Staci see's Tyler sweating, with Lindsay glaring at Tyler, she then stands up for both Lindsay and Tyler, and calls Lightning a mean person and then pushes him over. When Lindsay is seen happy that they won the challenge, Tyler was also super excited, and ran to her. He then hugged her and kissed her, and told her that he loves her. Lindsay asks Tyler if they will merge together, which Tyler says that he hopes so.



Both Lindsay and Tyler fall over due to the effects of the poison in the challenge.

When Lindsay wakes up, she states that she is so thirsty, and that she needs water, which Tyler runs to her aid, and gets her some water. He gives the water to Lindsay, which she thanked him. Noah asks Tyler where he got the water, which Tyler answered that he got it from the tap outside. In the Mess Hall, Lindsay sit next to Sadie and Tyler. Tyler then greets both Lindsay and Sadie, which both of them greeted Tyler back. Tyler and everyone else wakes up in the middle of the forest. Tyler tries to stand up, but loses control of his legs and falls on top of Lindsay. He then apologizes to her, and helps her up. Lindsay then asks Tyler why there is two of him, as she is hallucinating. Tyler tells Lindsay that he doesn't feel good at all. At the elimination ceremony, Lindsay wishes Tyler and her team luck at the elimination ceremony, which Tyler also wishes luck back at Lindsay.

Mutant KingdomEdit

When Lindsay wakes up, she tells her team that she is gonna go to the shower, Tyler then tells her tp have fun. When Chris pops on the TV, Tyler is seen saddened by it. Lindsay tells Tyler to keep it on this channel, as Chris needs their help. Tyler starts to run next to Sadie, and tells her that if they lose they must vote off Shawn. But then out of nowhere Sadie is taken by the Psycho, which both Lindsay and Tyler hug in terro shouting out for Sadies name. Both Lindsay and Tyler run together up the cliff. Staci joins them after and they find Chris. Tyler accidentally trips over and rock and crash lands into Lindsay. He then apologizes to her and helps her up. They all then reach the top of the cliff, where Chris is. At the top, Tyler loses his balances and falls over the cliff, and on top of Fang and Scott. Lindsay is seen worried about Tyler as he falls.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic WasteEdit

When Tyler starts to choke on a nail, both Dave and Lindsay save Tyler, which Tyler spits out a few nails which hit Dave in the eye. Tyler lands in the bottom two against Lindsay and Shawn. After Lindsay gets a marshmallow, Tyler is happy for her, but is then extremely nervous. It is later revealed that Lindsay voted for Tyler.

Fun Zone 3.0Edit


Lindsay plays the fake idol, and almost eliminates Tyler.

Tyler states that there were 3 votes against him last night, he then gasps and realizes that Lindsay had voted him off. Tyler then states that Lindsay is getting to big of a distraction. At the elimination ceremony, Lindsay and Tyler lands in the bottom two. Tyler states in the confessional that he voted for Lindsay, due to her being a huge distraction and for almost eliminating him last time. When Lindsay brings out an immunity idol, Tyler is seen in great shock. Chris then informs Lindsay that the idol is fake. When Chris gives Tyler the last marshmallow, everyone is shocked that the Toxic Sharks voted Lindsay over Tyler. Tyler is seen quite upset that Lindsay was eliminated. He apologizes to her, and kisses her. But Lindsay tells him to not kiss her, she tells Tyler that he has been using her all season, and then breaks up with Tyler, calling him "Tyson".

Mutant See, Mutant DoEdit


Tyler is seen extremely upset throughout the whole episode about Lindsay's elimination.

When Tyler wakes up, he just sighs. Scott asks Tyler whats wrong, which Tyler mutters Lindsay's name. Scott asks Tyler if he feels quilty for eliminating Lindsay last episode, but Scott then tries to cheer up Tyler by telling him that he is almost as cool as him in "villainy". Staci comes barging in the dorr, and told everyone that she is here to see how Tyler is feeling. She then says that she feels incredibly bad for both Lindsay and Tyler. Tyler just sighs. When Chris tells the contestants that their challenge invloves water guns, Tyler tells Chris to just shoot him, he also states that he doesn't deserve to be here if Lindsay hates him.

Tyler states in the confessional that he might soon quit, Tyler then states that he can't take losing Lindsay, he then states that he misses her more then anyone. Noah then comes in knocking asking if Tyler is ok. Tyler tells Noah that he misses Lindsay a tonne. Noah then tells Tyler that everything will be fine, and to calm down. Noah tells Tyler that girls are un-grateful, and that Lindsay did vote him off an episode before she was eliminated. Tyler then tells Noah that is the reason why he voted her off, Tyler then states that he really cared about Lindsay more, then she cared about him.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit


Lindsay and Tyler make up, while kissing on the Hurl of Shame.

When Tyler wakes up, he instantly sayd good morning Lindsay, but stops himself. In the confessional, Tyler states that he is still getting use to not having Lindsay around. Scott starts laughing at Tyler for saying good morning to Lindsay in the boys cabin, telling Tyler that Lindsay is not a guy. Owen tells Tyler that everything will be fine. Scott tells Tyler that he still feels bad for him, and pats him on the back. At the challenge, Tyler wins a reward which is Tyler is allowed to talk to a previously eliminated contestant, Tyler instantly shouts out Lindsay's name. Chris then brings back Lindsay, which she is pushed into im. She then greets him and calls him "Tyson". Tyler grabs Lindsay and tells her that he never meant to eliminate her, and says that he hopes she could ever forgive him. He then says that she is everything to him. Lindsay told him that she thought of him everyday, and she then tells him that he better never eliminate her again like that. Both Lindsay and Tyler get into the hurl of shame. Noah fare-wells Tyler, saying that he is gonna miss him a lot., and tells him to have fun with Lindsay. Both are hurled by Chris.

Chris & StitchEdit

Despite being eliminated a few episodes ago, Tyler along with Dawn and Lindsay cameo. Lindsay and Tyler carry on thier relationship, with having a few kisses throughout the episode.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit

After Chris reveals the first challenge the final two have to compete, Tyler says that he threw up on Jasmine during the same challenge earlier in the season, Tyler then shivers. Lindsay then tells Tyler that after he threw up, he kissed her. Duncan tells Tyler that him kissing Lindsay after throwing up, was extremely disgusting. After Tyler coughs, Lindsay then tries to help Tyler, saying that he is choking, calling him "Tyson", which made Tyler mad and correct Lindsay. Tyler states in the confessional that he is annoyed that Lindsay still doesn't remember is name. When Tyler is revealed to return for Total Drama All Stars, Tyler hugs both Alejandro and Noah (who were also confirmed), and tells Lindsay that he hopes she makes All Stars. When Lindsay is confirmed for All Stars, both of them make out.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit


Lindsay and Tyler talk to each other, after they were introduced to the season.

When Tyler is falling, Lindsay tells everyone that Tyler is coming down like an angel. Lindsay later states in the confessional that she hopes she is on Tyler's team again for the season. Tyler approaches Lindsay, and puts his arm around her, and says that he is glad that they are competing again with each other. Lindsay greets Tyler, and apologizes for last season, and then blushes. Tyler then stops her and tells her that he should be the one to apologize, and that he shouldn't have voted her off so early. When Tyler is placed on the Brawns team, Tyler is seen upset that he isn't on a team with Alejandro, Lindsay or Sadie. When Alejandro tries to manipulate the girls on his team, Lindsay tells him that she is with Tyler, which Tyler comes and tells Alejandro to back off from Lindsay. When Lindsays asks what they should do, Tyler tells her that they need to wait at the hotel for the next person at the challenge.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

Tyler tells Cody that the last skit Cody did was when he and Lindsay slap fighted in the merged challenge in TDWW. After Alejandro tells Chris that he stated in an interview that he loved Lindsay's boobs, Tyler over reacts and screams out to Chris that he will mess him up if he ever touches Lindsay. Both Cody and Lindsay wish luck to Tyler for the elimination ceremony after his team lost the challenge.

Brawn Within a BeautyEdit

When Scott see's Tyler frowning, he asks him what the matter is, which Tyler tells him that he misses Lindsay a lot, as because of the last few seasons, their relationship isn't as strong anymore. Scott then goes up to Tyler and puts his arm around him and tells Tyler to not worry, as he is an expert with girls, and that he can help his and Lindsay's relationship. Tyler then asks Scott if he could give him some advice about relationships. Scott tells Tyler that he should act really dumb around Lindsay, even dumber then her. Scott then says that if he does that, she will treat him like a dog, which Scott says its great to be treated like a dog. At the challenge, Scott runs to Tyler, and tells Tyler that now is his chance for his advice to work. Tyler listens to Scott and tells Lindsay, and says a bunch of random dumb stuff to her., which Lindsay just ignores Tyler. After her team loses, Tyler wishes her luck for the elimination ceremony.

Thoughts 'N Dumb-DumbsEdit

Scott asks Tyler how he went with Lindsay in the last episode. Scott asked if she even paid attention to him at all. Tyler tells Scott that she didn't, he then bows his head in shame. At the challenge, after both of them were eliminated for the challenge, they both hug each other in mortal fear of chickens and cockroaches. Tyler is extremely nervous when Lindsay lands in the bottom two at the elimination ceremony. When Lindsay escapes elimination Tyler kisses her and tells her that she did a good job in the tie-breaker.

Contestants Meet InsanityEdit

Tyler is seen glad that Amy was eliminated instead of Lindsay. Scott feels bad for Tyler that Lindsay is still ignoring him, which causes Tyler to tell him he wishes she wasn't ignoring him. When Lindsay is seen eliminated, Tyler is seen extremely shocked and emotional, which causes Tyler's closest friends to comfort him (Scott and Sky).  Tyler kisses Lindsay before she gets flushed.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin EaterEdit

Tyler is still upset about Lindsay's elimination last episode, where he even gets mad at one of his teammates (Katie) for being loud. Tyler's sadness of Lindsay's elimination, causes him to trip over the stairs, where everyone starts to feel bad for him. Katie eventually helps up Tyler. Tyler tells everyone that he is just lonely without Lindsay around. At the challenge, Tyler isn't very excited for the first time, which causes Chris to keep Tyler out of the challenge. Scott states in the confessional that Tyler is usually excited and always in a happy mood, but now that Lindsay's gone, he just isn't himself anymore.

You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!Edit

Tyler is starting to worry about his position in the game, as his girlfriend and now his best friend has been eliminated. Tyler states in the confessional that no matter what he will try and win the game for Duncan, Lindsay and Scott, and that he will never give up no matter what.

They're Jumping Around Like KangaroosEdit

When Tyler tells Samey she did great, Samey states in the confessional after they smiled and looked into each others eyes that her relationship with Tyler is nothing more then friends, and that she'd never hurt Lindsay.

Go Big or Go HomeEdit

When Tyler admits to Samey that he misses Lindsay and Scott, Samey tells him that she considers him a best friend which made Tyler smile and thank her. Tyler states in the confessional, that him and Samey have really started to bond a lot over the past few episodes, and that Samey reminds him a lot of Lindsay.

Losers in ParadiseEdit


Tyler at Playa Des Losers with Lindsay, talking about the finale five.

Tyler is seen hnaging out in the pool with Lindsay by his side making out. Tyler states in the confessional that he really missed Lindsay, and that he is trying to catch up with her.

The Season's SeizingEdit

When Scott mentions that Samey was crushing on Tyler, Tyler looked shocked and surprised and asked if she did. Lindsay then gets mad, where Tyler asks Samey to tell her that they never cheated on her. Samey tells Lindsay that she does not have a crush on Tyler.


  • Lindsay and Tyler are the first ever couple in the whole entire show.
  • They have so far always been on the same team.
  • This couple have lasted longer than any other relationship, as it started at the beginning of season one and is still active through Total Drama Toxic Brawl with absolutely no break-ups or confrontations between either of them during that time.
  • This is one of two couples that started in Total Drama Returns to the Island, and still going strong; the other couple being Dawn and Noah.
    • Ironically, all these people return to compete in Total Drama Toxic Brawl.
      • Coincidentally, all these people are on the same team, the Toxic Sharks and the Screaming Ducks.
  • This is the first couple to be formed from both members being on the same team on the season the couple was formed on. The others being:
  • This is one of three couples that are still together, the others being Amy and Brick, Bridgette and Geoff and Duncan and Samey.
  • Both have placed third in a season.
    • Lindsay placed third in Total Drama Wild West.
    • Tyler placed third in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
      • Coincidentally both of their eliminations were irregular as Lindsay lost a tie-breaker against Scott, and Cameron decided to eliminate Tyler for being a threat, and choosing Sky to take to the finale.
  • Both contestants have used a hidden immunity idol before., although when Lindsay used her immunity idol, it was revealed to be fake.
  • Both contestants have appeared in all the episodes of Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both competed in a challenge to return to the game, after being eliminated.
    • Both Lindsay and Tyler competed against each other, along with Beth, LeShawna and Noah in Total Drama World Tour, which both of them lost.
  • Tyler has caused Lindsay's eliminations in Total Drama Returns to the Island and Total Drama Toxic Brawl.
  • Both were in an alliance with Sky at some moment in the series.
  • Both have been apart of a team that begins with the word "killer".
    • Lindsay was apart of the Killer Grips in Total Drama Action.
    • Tyler was apart of the Killer Bass in Total Drama Island.
  • Both have been apart of a team that begins with the word "screaming".
    • Lindsay was apart of the Screaming Gophers in Total Drama Island and Screaming Ducks in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
    • Tyler was apart of the Screaming Ducks in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both have placed 16th in a season.
    • Lindsay placed 16th in Total Drama Toxic Brawl.
    • Tyler placed 16th in Total Drama Wild West.
  • Both have been eliminated in the 15th episode of a season.
    • Lindsay was eliminated in The Final Finale in Total Drama Wild West.
    • Tyler was eliminated in The EX-Files in Total Drama Worl Tour.
  • Both Lindsay and Tyler won an individual immunity challenge in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both contestants were eliminated irregularly in Total Drama Wild West.
    • Lindsay was a finalist and lost a tie-breaker against Scott.
    • Tyler lost a tie-breaker against Samey.
      • Coindentally, both Lindsay and Tyler lost tie-breakers before being eliminated in Total Drama Wild West.

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