Lightning Squad
Season Total Drama Around the World
Founder Lightning
Members Remained Loyal:
Lightning (Ep.7) - (Ep.13)
Alejandro (Ep.7) - (Ep.11)
Beth (Ep.9) - (Ep.11)
Anne Maria (Ep.9) - (Ep.11)
Enemies Sadie
Lowest Placing Member Alejandro (6/16)
Highest Placing Member Beth (2/16)

Lightning Squad (also known as Lightning's alliance) is the majority alliance from Total Drama Around the World.

Remembered for being dysfunctional, not voting together, and its split between the males and females.


After the challenge in episode seven, Lightning proposes an alliance to Alejandro to try and eliminate his biggest enemy, Sadie. Alejandro agrees to join but will not eliminate her because she is his only and most trustworthy ally. The Outstanding Olympians then lost the immunity challenge in the following episode which led to Lightning telling Alejandro to eliminate Sadie. At the elimination ceremony, Lightning had successfully eliminated Sadie when the votes were revealed to be a 2-1 vote due to Lightning (already in the alliance) and Beth (eventually joins the alliance) voting for Sadie (as she was a bigger and meaner target than Zoey was).

After Chris announces the merge, Lightning asks his former teammates, Anne Maria and Beth, to join to which they both agree to. Zoey became the alliance's first target after she attacked Lightning and Beth for eliminating Sadie in the last episode, arguing with Anne Maria for the entire episode, and creeping them out from her actions in the last two episodes. Later, during the elimination ceremony, Zoey is eliminated thanks to Anne Maria convincing two out of three into eliminating her. Chris announces the final seven will vote to return someone previously eliminated before the merge. Alejandro convinces the alliance to bring back Eva, with them being successful. They try to get Eva to join their alliance (which is the only reason they bought her back), but she refuses, as her hostility towards Alejandro and her random acts of anger proved she was hard to deal with. The alliance had caused another contestant's elimination after Alejandro told them all to target and eliminate Bridgette.

Things got really tense between the alliance during the final seven, as it is apparent that there are two sides to the alliance; Alejandro and Lightning on one side, and Anne Maria and Beth on the other side. Alejandro tells Lightning that Anne Maria rarely votes with them, and that they should consider getting rid of her, which Lightning tells her, and causes her to vote both of them off for elimination. The alliance agreed that Eva should leave (though Beth and Anne Maria were about to form an alliance with her) and all but one voted her off at the elimination ceremony. The alliance then loses its first member after Alejandro was blindsided with Eva.

The alliance is completely fractured by the final five, with Lightning finding out that Anne Maria and Beth betrayed them by ridding Alejandro, and blindsiding them with their votes. At this point, Anne Maria and Beth decide to form an official alliance together, leaving out Lightning. The alliance with Lightning officially ended for good after their leader, Lightning, mother bribed Chris into removing him from the competition.


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