Lethal Lizards
Number of members 9
Highest ranking member Duncan, 1st place
Lowest ranking member Dave, 18th place
Advanced to Season 4 6
Advanced to Season 5 7
Team selected by Sky

The Lethal Lizards is one of two opposing teams competing in Total Drama Wild West. The Lethal Lizards consists of:

  1. Sky - SkyFanTD
  2. Tyler - LlewellynIsAwesome!
  3. Duncan - DuncanRocks123
  4. Noah - King Flurry51
  5. Samey - Marialuisa.hernandez.3760
  6. Dave - Finnmcmissilecar
  7. Lindsay - TylerWebkinzFan
  8. Cody - Semaj617
  9. Dakota - TDPIScarlett




Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Dave Male 18th 9th A Wild Western Introduction

He gathered useless supplies for his team.

Tyler Male 16th 8th Western Tough for the Polocrossie Due to making it very far last season, people saw him as a huge threat, plus many thought of him as a liar.
Noah Male 11th 7th Red Dead Mergiton He was considered a jerk for eliminating Tyler and was a threat.
Dakota Female 10th 6th Red Dead Mergiton No one liked her act with Noah, as it was very boring.
Sky Female 8th 5th The Magnificent 8 Cowboys She quit the competition to prove to Scott that she felt guilty.
Samey Female 6th 4th Yodelayhee...Who? She was considered a huge threat by an alliance; lost the tiebreaker against Scott.
Cody Male 4th 3rd Aftermath: The Unlimited Sky won the aftermath challenge, and eliminated him for betraying her.
Lindsay Female 3rd 2nd The Final Finalé Lost the tiebreaker against Scott.
Duncan Male 1st 1st The Final Finalé Won the final challenge against Scott.


  • This team's original name was the Venomous Vipers, and was changed due to confusion with the Villainous Vipers.


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