Interactions is in which contestants interact with other contestants. Usually being important to the Roleplay, and also causing Drama within the game. These Interactions can be split into categories.

Alejandro and EvaEdit

Eva, much like many other females, is attracted to Alejandro, they have numerous interactions as they are placed on the same team. Eva also has an alliance with Alejandro, and though wary, feels that he is trustworthy and "perfect" in her wording. Alejandro acts kind to Eva often and it is unknown how he really views her. This all changes when Eva is betrayed by Alejandro, and only finds out moments before her elimination, she expresses anger at this, and Alejandro seems content with her elimination, emitting no emotions of remorse at all afterwards.

In Total Drama Roleplay Season 4, the two are once again placed on the same team, it is unknown whether they will interact.

Alejandro and GeoffEdit

Geoff is one of the most vocal people who don't like Alejandro. In Total Drama World Tour, Alejandro manipulated Bridgette into cheating on Geoff with Alejandro. Although Geoff has forgiven her for this, he hasn't stopped holding a grudge against Alejandro. Alejandro sees Geoff as a difficult target to take out, while also considering him immature and annoying. Although they're on different teams in Total Drama Around the World, they have both had unfriendly run-ins with each other. By the time the teams merge, Alejandro is determined to win immunity at all costs so that Geoff doesn't eliminate him, until he fails against Geoff in London the Ripper.

Alejandro and LightningEdit

For the first few episodes of Total Drama Around the World, these two do not speak to one another, as they are on separate teams, but both of their egos, and their obsessions with their fit bodies eventually have them form a friendly competition throughout the first half of the season. Soon enough, they trust one another to consider being an alliance (which does not come true until Aloha, Merge!), where they get rid of many threats, and strategize with one another through the second half of the season. They end off the season having some respect for one another, and on friendly terms.

Alejandro and SadieEdit

In Let's Have a World Tour!, Sadie is first placed on a different team but soon swaps teams with Geoff when she then became the new member of the Outstanding Olympians. She meets Alejandro and their major conflict begins from there. Sadie begins to develop feelings for him after he helps her with the challenge in episode two but he doesn't know and everytime she feels like someone is flirting with him, she gets irritated and yells at them.

In Total Drama Toxic, they are once again placed on the same team, the Toxic Sharks. It is unknown whether or not they will interact.

Anne Maria and LightningEdit

Due to being on the same team, Anne Maria and Lightning interact a lot. She considers him the only good looking person on her team, and flirts with him to get Mike eliminated in the season premiere. They bond quickly in the next episode, as they are the only ones who got a lot of work done. The two constantly flirt with one another, but there is no indication that they are romantically interested in one another. As their team diminishes, they grow closer together. When they are 2/3 Underdogs left, they grow a lot closer, and their flirting turns straight into a showmance, where they kiss one another. In Jamaica Man!, it is revealed that there is some minor issues when Anne Maria is confused about the status of their relationship, and Lighting thinking they were just having fun. Their relationship blossoms for a while after that, but things get tense when they are in the merge, as Lightning would ignore her (and Beth) for Alejandro being seen as his puppet. When Anne Maria stabs him in the back, he breaks up with her. As of yet, they still have not gotten back together.

Anne Maria and ZoeyEdit

After the events of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Anne Maria is still bitter towards Zoey, and is willing to openly express it to anyone that would listen. Feeling the same way, Zoey takes a less broad way of showing her discomfort. However, after continuously being nudged by Anne Maria, she starts to retaliate. Throughout the season Anne Maria makes her goal to get Zoey out, and Zoey feels threatened by Anne Maria in her relationship with Mike. On many occasions the two clash with these factors, but both are confident that each other will not be successful in them.  

Cameron and SkyEdit


Cameron and Sky are the Finale 2.

Sky and Cameron have one of the biggest friendships in Total Drama history. They are both very supportive of one another which strengthens their bond. They interact with one another quite often between challenges. Cameron has introduced Sky to new friends such as Cody and Courtney, and Sky has also introduced Cameron to Duncan. The two never seem to disagree, and are thought to be good team players. The two form an alliance to ensure that the two merge. This alliance includes them and many other teammates of the Killer Beavers. They ended up being Total Drama Roleplay Season 1's finalists.

Cameron and TylerEdit


Cameron, Noah, and Tyler are served a Korean Dinner.

Despite being on opposite teams in Total Drama Roleplay Season 1, both Cameron and Tyler have grown to like each other and became to be great friends. Eventually in the series, Tyler joins Cameron's alliance with Cody, Duncan, and Sky. This is for Tyler to assure that he makes it far with his friends. Both Cameron and Tyler reach the Merge in The Super Wi-Fi Spies. This is gives them more interaction throughout the game. Both have proven to be formidable players in challenges. They both make the Final 4/3 together. Cameron ended up winning the last challenge, and as a reward got to choose who to bring to the Final with him. Either Sky or Tyler. He chose Sky, saying that Tyler is a huge threat in the Final 2. Tyler has no hard feelings, but ended up voting for Sky to win, instead of Cameron.

Courtney and ScottEdit


Courtney's elimination.

Scott and Courtney were previously in a relationship in Total Drama All Stars before breaking up with each other, due to Courtney betraying Scott in that season. Due to this, the two have had very mixed interactions, before eventually devolving into a conflict. Because of them both being placed on the Killer Beavers, the two have had many interactions throughout season 1. They have also been placed on the same team in Season 2, having more interactions with each other. Because of Courtney betraying Scott twice now, she has helplessly tried patching things up with him, but to no avail, causing it to develop into a very one-sided conflict. However, deep down, Scott may be trying to accept Courtney after her many apologies.

Courtney and SkyEdit


Courtney and Sky interacting.

Sky and Courtney meet in Trials and Triva-lations and despite contrasting personalities the two become friends. In fact they form an alliance to help each other reach other reach the merge. This goal is ultimately achieved in The Super Wi-Fi Spies. Both are excellent team sports and cheer each other on during every challenge. Even though Courtney is bossy Sky knows she is doing it for the better of the team. In Korean Teaching or Learning Courtney starts to get on the other contestants nerves including Sky. This leads Sky to vote her out, despite being in an alliance with her.

Courtney and TylerEdit


Courtney is very mad at Tyler.

In Total Drama Roleplay Season 1, the two campers initially had hardly any interaction as Courtney is on the Killer Beavers, and Tyler is on the Screaming Ducks. But as the Season starts to develop, the two start their interactions. Courtney is set on making the Finals, and the only way she can get their is by making allies with a lot of the contestants, even though some she cannot stand at all, and will annoy her to the extreme. She see's Tyler as a great Alliance member as he is very loved and is very strong in the competition. But their relationship becomes more then just an Alliance, as they become friends later on in the Season. Both reached the Merge together, and started to interact much more. But Tyler soon votes out Courtney in Korean Teaching or Learning, as she has become a huge threat in the game for him. This affects their friendship hugely. But the conflict is soon resolved in Final Four Face Off!

In Total Drama Roleplay Season 2, once again Courtney and Tyler are chosen to be on opposite teams. There isn't much interactions between the two because of this. Courtney was the second person to be eliminated, in which made Tyler mad and sad, because Courtney deserves to stay in the game. Courtney was very thankful for Tyler.

Dawn and LindsayEdit

Dawn and Lindsay formed one of the first alliances in Total Drama Returns to the Island, and the two girls seem to get along very well. Dawn and Lindsay are well liked by other campers, which is good a thing for both of them. They mainly interact with Samey the most out of all the campers, and later joins their alliance to get in the Final 3. However, once Samey is eliminated, Dawn and Lindsay just focus on each other to get to the Final 2. They seem to always vote together, as they have always voted the same each time. Due to Dawn's early elimination in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, the girls only had four episodes to interact, but they had strong interactions in each episode they both competed in. They have no interactions in Total Drama Wild West, since Dawn doesn't compete in this season.

Duncan and NoahEdit


Duncan and Noah don't get along.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Duncan and Noah do not interact much before the merge. However, after the merge, Noah believes that Duncan did not deserve to make it as far as he did in the competition, which causes a rivalry between the two. This eventually culminates into Noah being the fifth eliminated, and him becoming bitter towards Duncan and his friends. Noah was happy when Duncan was eliminated the next episode.

In Total Drama Wild West, Noah tries to make amends to Duncan when he is appointed team leader by sky, but Duncan acknowledges him only slightly, which angers Noah. When the team loses the challenge, Noah becomes even angrier, causing him to vote for Duncan. Noah even gets one of Duncan's best friends into voting him off. From that moment on, Duncan and Noah become bitter enemies.

Duncan and ScottEdit


Duncan laughs at Scott.

Duncan is one of the only people who Scott still seems to be on good terms with. They are both placed on the Killer Beavers and therefore cheer for each other whenever one performs in a challenge. Duncan and Scott have similar personalities, so they get along with each other fairly well, despite both being very devious people, who tend to do what is best for them, and only them.

Duncan and SkyEdit


Duncan and Sky.

Duncan and Sky are both placed on the Killer Beavers, which causes them to become very close friends. They both orchestrate an alliance with Tyler, Cody, and Cameron to make it to the final 5. They both become great friends with Tyler as well, and they work together on challenges very well. Later on it the season, the cast mates are led to believe that Duncan likes Sky, and she likes Duncan, but the two confront the cast stating this to not be true, and that they are only good friends. Their alliance is successful in helping the two merge and make the final 6.

Duncan and TylerEdit


Duncan and Tyler laughing at a Joke.

In Total Drama Roleplay Season 1, despite being on opposite teams, Duncan and Tyler have grown to become very good friends. Both make the merge in Season 1, which means many more interactions between the two guys. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, the beginning of the Tyler, Sky, and Duncan group interactions starts. This is as the three start to interact a ton and Duncan starts getting jealous of Tyler being around Sky so much. This causes a little bit of a conflict to happen. Both also make an alliance to reach the Final 5 together.

In Total Drama Roleplay Season 2, this season has a completely different vibe to it, starting when Tyler decides to vote for Duncan in the first episode of the season. Tyler does not own up to his own mistakes and flames the loss of Duncan, which angers Duncan a lot. Duncan chooses to devise a new tactic when he realizes that Tyler will do anything to gain Duncans approval, so Duncan decides to slowly give Tyler his trust back enough to give back hope, but little enough so that he can still manipulate Tyler easily.

Eva and SadieEdit

Eva views Sadie as a weak link who sucks, a lot, and tries to take the easy way out and to blame others. It seems Eva dislikes Sadie some-what more than is let on, as Eva has approached fellow team member Zoey and revealed that Sadie was going to get her out and should not be trusted. Sadie and Eva are often of each-others annoyance, on Eva's part it is sometimes unintentional. Sadie views Eva as an annoying pest and constantly states how she dislikes Eva in the confessional.

The conflict starts when the two are placed on the same team in Total Drama Roleplay Season 3. During the time of the competition, the two often argue, and Sadie eventually resorts to blindsiding Eva and eliminating her from the competition, she is thought to be proud of this, while Eva remains angry

Lightning and SadieEdit

For the first few episodes of Total Drama Roleplay Season 3, they do not interact much, but as Sadie's antagonism grew, and Lightning's temper and idiocy growing, they both start to get on one another's nerves, before the two end up sharing words at least once in every episode. Things take a turn for the worse when they reach the middle of the season, and things almost get violent, and he eventually eliminates her, with her wishing bad on him.

Lindsay and SameyEdit


Samey's famous Quote.

Samey and Lindsay are probably one of the strongest freindships in thie Series. Both share similarties, as both are quite dim at times, and enjoy each others company. Both in Total Drama Roleplay Season 1, are placed on the same team, casuing the two have a lot of interaction. This also leads to Lindsay creating an alliance with Samey and Dawn, as they are both great friends. Samey doesn't speak much, but when she does, she only ever says "Hi Lindsay", in which becomes the most well known quote of the series. There alliance is short-lived, as Samey is an early out of the Series, as being eliminated in Volleybrawl, due to not speaking or particpating in the challenge. Later on, Samey's friendship shows even more deeper, in the Finale of the Season 1, when Samey votes for Lindsay to win, even though being eliminated a few episodes before. Both return in Season 2, and are again placed on the same team, the Venomous Vipers.

Lindsay and TylerEdit


Tyler and Lindsay kiss their goodbyes.

Tyler and Lindsay are the first couple in Total Drama History! The two have such a strong bond that nothing will ever break them apart. Even though Lindsay calls Tyler "Tyson", he does not mind this at all. Their relationship have been tested, a tonne in the game. As Lindsay sometimes does not participate in the challenges. This made Tyler mad, and he even thought of voting her off before the Merge, but both make the merge in The Super Wi-Fi Spies. In Puzzle Riot, Lindsay is eliminated from the game, this throws Tyler into a great deal of depression, but is soon much happier and being himself, when Lindsay returns as being an Intern for Chris and Chef.

Both Lindsay and Tyler return in Total Drama Roleplay Season 2, and both are chosen by Sky to be on the same team, the Venomous Vipers. With being on the same team again, they are extremely happy. This Season Tyler acts more cockier then ever. As he placed 3rd last Season, he keeps saying that he will definitively make Merge, and also destroy the other team. This makes Lindsay quite mad, and feels like Tyler has changed a lot. Both also prove to be very strong and powerful contestants early on in the Season.

Noah and TylerEdit


Both Noah and Tyler answer a question right in the challenge.

Noah votes Tyler

Sad, tired and disappointed. Noah votes Tyler out.

Throughout the show Tyler makes Noah become more and more involved in the game, and as a result of this, Noah starts to win some of the challenges for their team. This makes Noah very thankful for Tyler being his best friend on the show. Both created an alliance early on in the competition, and both make the merge in Total Drama Roleplay Season 1. Both friends make the Merge together, and Noah starts winning a tonne of challenges. This made Tyler very happy, and proud of Noah. On some occasions their alliance is tested out, but through thick and thin, they make the Final 6 together. On the way there, they lost 4 members of their alliance, including Scarlett, Heather, Lindsay, and Gwen. In Supreme Chef Auto, Noah and Tyler are last people from the Screaming Ducks left, in which Noah feels terrified. However, Tyler doesn't as he as alliances with Duncan, Cody, Cameron, and Sky. But Tyler states that Noah is the one he wants to take to the Final 2. The both of them team up with the rest to vote out Cody in Supreme Chef Auto, but when Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze came out. Duncan finally got everyone besides Noah and Tyler to get Noah eliminated. Tyler is devastated and vows to win for Noah.

In Total Drama Roleplay Season 2, both Noah and Tyler return for another Season. Both are super happy to see each other return, and once again builds a power alliance between the two. They both were chosen to be on the Venomous Vipers by Sky. This leads to their alliance being even more powerful, because they are on the same team once again. At the end ofA Wild Western Introduction, Noah finally stands up to Tyler, taking charge of the alliance, and forces Tyler to vote out Duncan. Which cause Tyler and Duncan to have a large conflict. As well as Noah and Duncan. Noah soon believes that Tyler is a fraud and votes him off. This cause for Tyler to never want to see him again, and cause a very deep conflict between the two. As Tyler will not take Noah anymore.

Samey and SkyEdit

Samey and Sky first meet in Western Tough for the Polocrossie. Sky is shocked when she finds out that Samey from Total Drama Returns to the Island was a robot. Samey and Sky immediately hit it off, and eventually it leads to Samey telling Sky that she has a crush on Duncan. Since Sky doesn't want anyone to know her feelings for Duncan, she tells Samey that she thinks she has a good shot with Duncan. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! Samey is shocked when Sky betrays her trust and kisses Duncan. In the following episodes Sky tries to get back on Samey's good side, however in Season 2 their friendship was never repaired.

Scott and SkyEdit

Its Sky and Scott

Sky, along with Scott arrives to the island.

Sky and Scott arrive together on the island and are placed on the same team. The two immediately become friends and support each other in every challenge. In addition the two form an alliance unofficially, and vote the same person out up until Scott's elimination in Season 1. Due to Sky betraying his trust in Topple on the Luck Players Scott views Sky as an enemy. In later episodes Sky shows remorse for voting out her former friend. In Season 2, they are both the captains of two different teams. While Scott vows vengeance against Sky, she tries her hardest to make Scott forgive her, but this may ultimately backfire.

Sky and TylerEdit


Sky and Tyler talk to each other.

Despite being on opposite teams, Sky and Tyler are very close friends and are very nice to each other. Sky and Tyler hit off straight away! Sky admires Tyler's great sportsmanship and his overall personality. Tyler also admires Sky, as she has great leadership skills and a nice attitude to everything. The two begin their friendship in Trials and Triva-lations, and continue it to present day. Both of them have also formed an alliance to help further themselves in the game. Sky and Tyler are both competitive, but also both of them are great sports even when they lose. They both cheer for each other even if the other loses.

Everyone InteractionsEdit

Everyone and CourtneyEdit

While her behavior tends to vary by season, the two things that never change about Courtney are her obsession with winning and overall aggressiveness. Several times, she has shown to value the prize money over her friends, as well as the lives of the other contestants. In her earliest days on the show, she is ultimately focused on her team winning at all costs, though the rest of the team becomes visibly annoyed by her constantly bossing them around. They are also similarly annoyed by her costing them certain challenges, which they perceive as hypocrisy on her part. The settlement of her lawsuit allows her to stay in contact with her lawyers at all times, and she often threatens to call them should something not go her way.

Everyone and DuncanEdit

Total Drama Roleplay Season 1, Due to Duncan's polarizing personality, he generally makes great friends, or great enemies. However, alliances with many contestants have managed to make him get very far in the game this season. He was able to get all the way to the final 4, but ended up quitting the competition.

Total Drama Roleplay Season 2, In this season, Duncan is once again a hardened criminal from juvy. He would rather be back in juvy than in the middle of the desert, but Duncan is willing to fight, argue, and backstab his way to the million this season. This has created many more conflicts for Duncan than in Season 1.

Everyone and LightningEdit

Over the course of Total Drama Around the World, Lightning has interacted with many of his fellow competitors, and his arrogance, stupidity, aggressiveness, and selfishness has caused him to make many enemies amongst the cast, though there are a few people who see his softer side, and finds him likable. As the season goes on, he gets more and more cocky and aggressive, which makes many officially loathe and hate him.

His aggressiveness and arrogance is toned down in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, but his anger issues are still there, and can be pushed over the edge, though he is a tiny bit friendlier.

Everyone and LindsayEdit

Although a constant annoyance due to lacking many signs of intelligence, Lindsay's kind, loving nature ensures that she is still able to make many friends. However being naïve and overly trusting, she is also an ideal target for several manipulative contestants.

Everyone and NoahEdit

Noah's sardonic and sarcastic nature tends to prevent him from being one of the most liked competitors in the the competition, but most of his lines are just made to be jokes. Noah is finding it easier than in the past to make some friends, because he has toned down his snarkiness, which sometimes sounds annoying to the others. Actually, Noah is trying his best to become slowly more friendly and kind than his usual self. As of now, Noah is the lowest ranking competitor that remains in the game, having always been eliminated before the merge and even before Tyler. This is why he wishes to show to everybody his hidden potential in order to be finally recognized for his values, not only his sarcasm.

In Season 2 Noah returns to be a little asocial feeling unable to trust most of the people he considered friends anymore, because it seemed they played him last season in order to reach the final four, especially Sky. He still strives his best to provide fair and square victories as in the past and does his part of the teamwork.

Everyone and ScottEdit

Due to his critical nature of others, along with his unawareness of certain social situations, Scott tends to not really get on with most contestants he's interacted with. His unapproachable nature and lack of empathy towards contestants ensured his early elimination.

Everyone and SkyEdit

Sky is one of the main protagonists in the season and has many friends and interactions. People are particularly fond of Sky because of her emotional support and good spirit. Sky doesn't want to get into any relationships because she fears that it will distract her. Sky also has made many small alliances, so she can have some security with voting. However, she has made a few enemies because she betrayed a few people. Sky does her best to make up with these people and restore their former friendship. Even though Sky has many friends she doesn't let any of them stop her from her ultimate goal winning the money.

Everyone and TylerEdit

At the beginning of the series, Tyler had his mind set on the merge, and making a ton of friends along the way. Tyler seems to be the most liked contestant on the show with over half the cast being his friend! This is because Tyler has great sportsmanship and friendly qualities. But no hero goes without an villain, and Tyler no different. He has fallen victim to the hatred of Dawn, Scuba Bear, and Dave in the beginning of Total Drama Roleplay Season 1. Tyler does not like this one bit at all, and tries to fix this. But Tyler has also been the reason for a lot of the eliminations in Total Drama Roleplay Season 1. This has caused some contestants to think differently of Tyler. In Final Four Face Off!, everyone seemed to cheer for Tyler to win, besides threecharacters. They were all openly dissapointed when Cameron chose Sky over Tyler for the Final two.

Tyler is competitive, enthusiastic, and genuinely wants to be a helpful force for his team. Even though he is popular at home, he has been forgettable among Total Drama's other contestants and in-universe fans. He is hurt more by nothing else than when his girlfriend, Lindsay, forgets who he is. Even though she isn't perfect, Tyler has expressed deep love for her on numerous occasions. He even says his dream date would be holding Lindsay's things while she shops. Tyler has a tendency to be air-headed. All in all, while clumsy and at times, dim, Tyler is determined and has a heart of gold. Because of all this, Tyler is one of the most well-liked characters on the show, with over half of the cast of Total Drama Roleplay Season 1 being his friend. Tyler was also a part of both the main alliances of the Season. This made Tyler very favored from most contestants. This also put a HUGE target on Tyler as he has two alliances, and he is the most liked contestant on the show. This was the reason to why Tyler was eliminated in Final Four Face Off!

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