This article focuses on the interactions between Heather and Tyler.

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Heather talking strategy with Tyler.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, both Heather and Tyler are placed on the Screaming Ducks However, unlike most contestants, Tyler later gains Heather into an alliance with several other contestants on their team. Heather has little respect for Tyler and intends to use him to her own advance in the game, whereas Tyler seems to have no longer been as mad at Heather as he has been in the past, despite previous conflicting moments. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Tyler is approached by many other contestants, stating that Heather needs to be eliminated, and Tyler votes her off. Heather tries not to show hard feelings towards Tyler after that, still coming across as being friends with him, but is visibly incredibly angry at him due to her dislike of him.

In Total Drama Wild West, Heather and Tyler are on opposing teams, along with the fact that Tyler is eliminated early, meaning they have less interaction with each other, although seem to have more of a rivalry with each other. Despite that, Heather is dissapointed when Tyler is eliminated, although this may have just been becausse she planned to use him for her own benefit. She's happy when he returns as an intern, but it clearly isn't genuine.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, they have less interaction due to being on opposing teams, and because Heather takes up a more antagonistic approach, she doesn't seem to like paying attention to people she dislikes such as Tyler. Despite her obvious dislike of Tyler, Heather is able to persuade and convince him and his alliance to team up with her and take out the threats during the merge. However, this alliance is short-lived, as Heather soon starts to target Tyler as he is the most likely to win in a jury finale. She is able to convince the rest of the final six to betray Tyler and eliminate him A Slippery Little Sucker. Despite this, Tyler votes for Heather to win in the finale, as he believes that Heather had the best gameplay, and that she deserved to win the million dollars.

Total Drama Returns to the Island Edit

Trials and Triva-lations Edit

Heather and Tyler root for each other to win the challenge and get a point right for their team. Heather congratulates Tyler when he gets a point.Tyler and Noah later recruit Heather in an alliance, and she reluctantly accepts.

Volleybrawl Edit


Heather, Noah and Tyler talk strategy about their alliance.

Heather and Tyler talk about their strategy for the game. Heather asks who else is in the alliance, to which Tyler says that Gwen, Lindsay, Noah, and Scarlett are in the alliance. Heatherreplies that Tyler chose stupid people like Gwen and Lindsay for their alliance, but she will still join as she knows she has a huge target on her back because of her past seasons, not showing any care for any of the alliance members, including Tyler. Tyler roots for Heather to win her portion of the challenge. Tyler cheers for Heather when she wins her round. Heather threatens Tyler to win the challenge against Cody or else. After Tyler loses, Heather is mad and irritated at him, but never lets it out on Tyler, as she knows that that could potentially ruin her chances. Heather is relieved when Tyler is handed the last marshmallow, but only because she knows her chances are benefitted.

Starting Off on Humble BeginningsEdit

After hearing Tyler panic about previously being in the Bottom 2, Heather notes that it was probably Samey who voted for him, causing Tyler to calm down. Tyler notes in the confessional that he hopes Heather is right, because he doesn't want to be eliminated early again. Tyler roots for Heather to win her part of the challenge. Heather roots for Tyler to win his part of the challenge afterwards.

All Aboard the Cuckoo TrainEdit

Heather and Tyler's alliance agree on voting off Dawn after her performance in the challenge.

Topple on the Luck PlayersEdit

When Tyler landed on top of Chef after being exploded by a stick of dynamite, Heather laughed at both Chef and Tyler. Both Heather and Tyler were confused to why they needed Electric Collars for the challenge, which Chef just growled at them. Heather congratulated on Tyler gaining two points for their team, and both were very stoked to find out that they have won the challenge.

Relay Feelings Speed FastEdit

Tyler tells Heather to vote out Lindsay, which makes Heather think Tyler is shady, as he is already voting out his own alliance members, showing off visible dislike for him. Heather gets even more suspicious feelings towards Tyler when she finds out that he voted out Scarlett instead of Lindsay.

The Super Wi-Fi SpiesEdit


Tyler farewells Heather from the game.

Heather has mixed feelings of still working with Tyler when they talk strategy. She worries that she might be next because of his actions. Most people approach Tyler after the challenge, saying that Heather needs to go. At first Tyler doesn't want to vote her out, but soon came to realize that she is great at individual challenges, and that could ruin Tyler's plans for the end, along with his history of having extreme disdain for her. Heather doesn't appear to be mad at Tyler, calling it a "stupid" game, but she is visibly aggrivated by him.

Final Four Face Off!Edit

Heather roots for Tyler to win the challenge, but only because she dislikes him slightly less than the rest of the Final 4. Heather is mad when Tyler is eliminated until Tyler tells her that Cameron and Sky deserved the finale more than him.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Heather glares at Tyler, stating that her team will destroy Tyler's team.

Tyler is upset that he and Heather aren't on the same team again. Tyler later states that his team is the best out of the two teams, to which Heather glares at her enemy and says that her team will destroy his. Later on in the challenge, Tyler asks Scott how was their team doing, to which Heather and Scott reply to Tyler that they both dislike their team. Tyler congratulates Heather on the win.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Tyler wishes luck to Heather, Courtney, and Scott when their team lose. Heather replies that they are on opposite teams, and that she doesn't care what he's saying. Tyler answers that he does care because she is his friend. Tyler is happy when Heather receives a marshmallow. After hearing Heather ask Scott to take down Sugar, Tyler hopes both of them succeed.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

Tyler wishes luck to Heather and Scott again after they lose the challenge.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit


Heather and Tyler talk before the elimination ceremony.

Heather rubs her team victory in Tyler's face. During the elimination ceremony, Tyler lands in the bottom two with Samey. Heather is seen very nervous for Tyler, and to her shock, Tyler is eliminated. She, along with many, bids Tyler farewell.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit

Heather states that she can't believe that Tyler is actually eliminated so early but also states that now that Tyler is gone, she can start to break up his team, hinting that Heather knew of Tyler's powerhouse qualities.

Red Dead MergitonEdit


Heather is annoyed at Noah and Tyler's constant complaining.

Heather greets Tyler and Courtney when they come back. During the fight between Noah and Tyler, Heather says in the confessional that she can't believe that Tyler is holding such a big grudge against Noah for eliminating him. During Cody and Lindsay's play, both Heather and Tyler is shocked when Cody starts to attack Lindsay, which Tyler starts to get mad, making Heather laugh at all three of them. Tyler and Courtney both get emotional at Heather and Katie's performance. After seeing Tyler and Courtney hug and cry, Heather is disgusted.  In the end of their play, both Judges give them a 10/10, to both Heather and Katie's surprise. Tyler is happy for Heather and Katie when they win the challenge. After both Dakota and Noah are eliminated, Tyler states in the confessional that he is happy that everyone voted them off, including Heather.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit

Heather is happy when Tyler gives Katie a low score in her performance. Tyler is excited when Heather is about to perform due to the previous episode. However, Tyler gets mad at Heather when she reads Sky's diary. When Tyler sees that Sky is about to start crying, he demands for Heather to stop reading her diary, and instantly gives her a low score, much to Heather's disappointment. After Heather is eliminated, Tyler notes that it was obvious after her actions in the episode.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

Tyler is seen shocked when Alejandro told him and Sadie that Dawn told him that Heather is not his true love.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit


Tyler falls for Heather's nice act and happily greets her.

Tyler falls for Heather's nice act and happily greets her. When Heather gets angry towards Beth, Tyler is confused, and reminds Heather that he thought she was nice. Heather worries about her chances in the game and thus says that she was just joking as she stutters with the words. She puts her arm around Beth and asks if they're friends with an awkward look on her face, while telign Tyler she is nice, but stutters with the words again. When Tyler worries about Cameron from his bruises and says he looks hurt, Heather informs Tyler that Cameron isn't as nearly as hurt as she is from Katie's stupid presence.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

Tyler is seen disgusted when Cody and Heather kiss during their performance in the challenge. Tyler congratulates Cody, Cameron, Heather, Sadie and Alejandro on their team victory.

The Rake-ageEdit

Tyler states in the confessional that he cannot believe that Cody and Heather kissed in the previous episode, which makes his kinda disgusted by them. Tyler wishes luck to Heather and Cody. When Beth lands in the bottom two, Tyler is seen confused to why she is in the bottom two. Heather then tells Tyler that she deserves it.

Brawn Within a BeautyEdit

Tyler says in the confessional how he is confused that Heather is attracting to Cody, and assumes he's not the only one who doesn't like it. Tyler later congratulates Heather when her team win the challenge, but she refuses to listen to him.

Contestants Meet InsanityEdit

Heather runs at Sky after she calls her a hag, and Tyler, along with Scott, hold Heather back, causing her to scream at them that they let her at Sky.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin EaterEdit

Tyler defends Sky by telling Heather that her calling Sky a chicken is not nice, but Heather replies with a question to Tyler, asking if he's just telling her to stop because of his chicken fear. Seeing Tyler looking scared, Heather makes more chicken noises.

You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!Edit

The food Heather eats causes her to walk unsteadily and trips over Tyler, apologizing to him in a sick tone while calling him "Tylerioioi", while also noting how dizzy she is. After Sky decides to take the temptation, Heather calls her dumb.Tyler notes to Cameron that they haven't talked since Total Drama Returns to the Island, but Heather reminds Tyler that the "dweebs" did talk when that "weak bubble dork" was injured and Tyler stupidly asked if he was okay. Watching the kindness between Cameron and Tyler, Heather barfs on Sadie instead of talking to her.

Blood's DownpourEdit

After Tyler climbs a tree and grabs a branch to defend himself against the giant gophers, Heather climbs up the tree and pushes Tyler off of it, yelling at him that it's her spot.

Greet It and WeepEdit

Heather laughs at Cameron, Samey, and Tyler when they all fall over. In anger, Heather jumps at Katie to fight her but is held back by Cameron and Tyler, yelling at them to let her at Katie while calling them dorks. Tyler lets go of Heather but accidentaly causes her to fly into a table, looking concerned for her. Hearing Cameron, Tyler, Sadie and Katie panic about Sky being missing, Heather asks them to calm down, believing that it is obviously one of the lame host's tricks. Katie and Tyler get mad at Heather for not caring too much about Sky's dissapearance, with Katie wanting Heather dead, and Tyler asking Heather what's wrong with her. Tyler also complains that all Heather does is insult people for the fun of it. In response, Heather grabs Tyler and whispers that she'll stop insulting people if he votes off Lightning. Tyler agrees to Heather's proposal and shakes her hand, but warns her that she better not be mean to anyone, especially Cameron or Katie. Heather agrees with a "Suuuure" but winks in the confessional. After Tyler apologizes for eliminating Lightning, Heather tells Tyler that he shouldn't apologize, as this "Scarlett messer" isn't even worth it.

They're Jumping Around Like KangaroosEdit

Heather walks outsid and yawns, but sees Alejandro and Tyler conversing in the distance. Tyler asks him what he thinks about Heather being bald, to which Alejandro replies that he still thinks Heather is beautiful. Tyler asks Chris if they can take off their stupid costumes at the challenge, to which Heather agrees, adding that the costumes are more worn down than Alejandro playing hard to get. Chef throws a life sized rubber duck, and Heather ducks as it hits Tyler, with her giggling at his misfortune. Heather runs towards her trampoline and trips Tyler on her way, telling him to move it or lose it. Tyler wishes Heather luck, and she is about to call him "Tyl-iot", but corrects herself and calls him "Tyler". Heather continues to hop, having a blank face, but once pig crap hits Tyler, Heather laughs with a disgusted "ew", adding that pig crap was thrown by a pig crap guy. Heather unsincerely asks Tyler if he is okay, holding in a giggle. Heather fakes being sad to get people to vote Katie, saying that she was trying to form an alliance with her, and believes she'll betray her again, pretending to cry, and thinks that Katie will betray her and is out to get her. Tyler replies to Heather that everything will be fine.

Go Big or Go HomeEdit


Both Cameron and Heather call Tyler the most evil person in the game, after Cameron was eliminated.

Hearing that he is in the Final 7, Tyler says that he hasn't been in it since the first season, and after Cameron corrects him by saying he sould mean the sixth season, Heather notes that Tyler's dumb butt did worse in TDI, making Tyler glare at Heather and say that he is not dumb. Heather catches a leech gun thrown at her for the challenge, and tells Tyler "Whatever you say", calling him Tyl-iot. Tyler sighs, saying he thought Heather was nice, but guesses that he was wrong, to which Heather nervously says that she is nice and is just under a lot of pressure and nervously giggles. Just then at the challenge, Tyler sees Cameron and Heather and shoots both of them, successfully winning the challenge. She screams as she hits the ground. Chris announces that there is a twist. Heather rubs her head and is confused. Tyler must choose two people who are up for the vote, and Heather crosses her fingers.

Tyler chooses Cameron and Heather, noting that his reasoning for Heather is that she is mean and bullies everyone. In the confessional, Heather yells an "Ugh!" To save herself, Heather whispers a lie to Tyler that Cameron was trying to eliminate him, as he whispered it to her. Cameron swears that Tyler is his friend since he met him, but Heather simply recalls how Cameron got Tyler out in Season 6, but Cameron yells back that he had no choice, while Heather is just mean. At the elimination ceremony, hearing that Cameron is eliminated, Heather cheers out a "Yes!" Heather waves with an evil grin at Cameron. She pats Tyler on the back, calling it nice antagonism, making him feel bad. Heather is shocked to see Cameron criticize Tyler and call him the real evil. Heather giggles at Cameron insult Tyler, calling it "too rich".

A Slippery Little SuckerEdit


In a shocking vote, Tyler is blindsided by Heather.

Tyler is still upset that Heather manipulated him into voting off Cameron in the previous episode. Before the challenge, Heather approaches Alejandro, Sadie, Sky and Samey about blindsiding Tyler, as he is the biggest threat in the game. They all say they will think about it, which causes Heather to tell them that no matter what, if Tyler makes jury he will win, and that they need to get rid of him now, or it will be too late. Heather then tells Tyler that Samey is planning on voting off him, for being a huge threat in the game. Tyler just glares at Heather and says sure. Heather then tells him that Samey really wants him out, and that why would she tell him if Samey wanted him out just to lie to him. Tyler raises his eye-brow and states in the confessional that Heather may be right. Not knowing about Heather's real plans, Tyler talks to Alejandro, Sadie and Sky about blindsiding Samey, due to being a huge threat and for targeting him. They all agree that Samey is a threat, but they do not end up voting her off, rather voting off Tyler at the elimination ceremony. Sky however votes herself as she coundn't choose who to vote of between Samey and Tyler. When Tyler is shockingly eliminated in a 4-1-1 vote. Tyler stands up and glares at Heather. He starts yelling at her about how she should not be trusted and that she lies to everyone. Tyler walks to the Flush of Shame and fare-wells everyone, and tells them that he had a great time being in the game with strong competitors, and thank them for making the experience so fun. Tyler is then flushed by Chris.

Losers in ParadiseEdit

When Chris asks Tyler what he thinks about the final five, Tyler says that Alejandro isn't himself anymore. He has been completely consumed by the ladies as thats all he talks about, or who he hangs around. Tyler says his mind is off of the competition and Heather is just playing him for his vote. Tyler then states that Samey is really good at the game, but she needs to stand up to Heather, as Heather is also just controlling her like a lost puppy. Tyler then states that Heather is really playing the game well, but she needs to learn how to play a better social game if she wants to win.

The Season's SeizingEdit


Tyler as a member of the jury who get to decide who wins the season between Heather and Samey.

Tyler tells Heather and Samey that they did a great job to get where they are now, and he wishes them both luck. When Heather said her opening statement, Tyler tells her she did play the game very well and that he isn't as mad as her as he was. When Heather and Samey complain, Samey mentions that she eliminated Sadie, Sky and Tyler to save Heather, which causes Tyler to sigh. Tyler tells Samey that she was very insecure the whole season, and that she did very little in the beginning, before the switch occured, where she blindsided Scarlett with Cameron. Tyler then says after that, she was wrapped around Heather's finger, and says that she was so blind to not know that Heather was a villain and that she was playing her the whole time. Tyler then asks what was the purpose of her betraying almost everyone who was always behind her no matter what. Samey answers that she was thinking what would happen if she didn't do what she did. She says that Heather had an army behind her, and even if she did try to eliminate Heather, it wouldn't have been successful. Tyler then asks Heather why she deserves his vote for a million dollars.  Heather replies saying that she played the game very well, and thats why she deserves Tyler's vote to win.

It Is My TimeEdit

Tyler ends up regrettly voting for Heather to win, as he states she had the better gameplay. He looks into the camera and says sorry to Samey as he shows a picture of Heather. However, Tyler is seen extremely happy when Samey wins the challenge, as he hugs her extremely tightly when she won.


  • Both contestants have placed 10th in a season; Heather in Total Drama Returns to the Island and Total Drama All Stars, Tyler in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Both have placed third in a season.
    • Heather placed 3rd in Total Drama Island.
    • Tyler placed 3rd in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
      • Both seasons, Heather and Tyler placed 3rd, they were the main antagonist of that season.
  • Both contestants have been a main antagonist of a season
    • Heather in Total Drama Island.
    • Tyler in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
      • Coincidentally, both seasons have island in the title.
  • Both contestants have been eliminated on the fifthteenth episode of a season; Heather was eliminated in Million Dollar Babies, and Tyler was eliminated in The EX-Files.
  • Both contestants have been betrayed by their closest ally in the game, and was voted off;

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