Girl Power Alliance
Season Total Drama Wild West
Founder Samey
Members Remained Loyal:
Lindsay (Ep.11) - (Ep.15)
Katie (Ep.11) - (Ep.12)
Samey (Ep.11)
Enemies Beaver Boys
Lowest Placing Member Samey (6/18)
Highest Placing Member Lindsay (3/18)

Girl Power Alliance is an alliance formed during Total Drama Wild West.

This alliance is notable for being the first all-female alliance.


During the final seven, Samey noticed that remaining girls had a 4-3 advantage over the remaining guys. While talking in the cabin, she asked Katie and Lindsay to join and they happily agreed. Samey thought about adding Sugar to alliance but knew she was too close to Scott so she tried to convinced Cody to join her. At the immunity challenge, Chris revealed that someone would be automatically eliminated during the challenge and voted out at the next elimination ceremony. Stunned by this, Samey told her alliance to do their best. Sugar was eventually eliminated because Cody narrowly beat her. Before the elimination ceremony, Samey told the alliance that they would be targeting Scott since she figured he probably had an alliance with Duncan. Again she tried convincing Cody to join her, but failed. The alliance stayed true and voted together against Scott, however, they were shocked when Scott did in fact formed an alliance but also targeted Samey. Because of the tie in votes, both leaders of their respective alliances competed in a tiebreaker where Samey lost. Katie and Lindsay told their ally, and friend bye and continued to ally with each other.

With the alliance now being at a disadvantage with only two members to the guys' three, the two girls tried their hardest to win immunity. They both failed and Katie was quickly voted out with two votes from Duncan and Scott for being a physical threat. At the final four, Lindsay was saved when her previous ally, Sky, won the aftermath challenge and eliminated Cody. Lindsay tried her best to win the reward challenge in the final three and gain a spot in the finale but failed with Duncan won. When the tiebreaker challenge was announced, Lindsay knew she was finished when Scott was revealed to be amazing at said challenge. Scott beat Lindsay by a long shot and eliminated her, officially disbanding the alliance.


  • This was the first ever all girls' alliance in the role play.
  • Lindsay was the only member to reach the finale.
  • They all made it to Total Drama All-Stars Take 2.
  • Katie and Lindsay were also members in another all girls' alliance with Sky before she quit the game.


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