Fortaleza Alliance
Season Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare
Founder Jo
Members Remained Loyal:
Dakota (Ep.1) - (Ep.7); (Ep.10) - (Ep.13)
Jo (Ep.1) - (Ep.12)
Rodney (Ep.1) - (Ep.9)
Amy (Ep.3) - (Ep.9)
Lightning (Ep.1) - (Ep.7)
Brick (Ep.1) - (Ep.2)
Enemies Mean Girls
Lowest Placing Member Jo (11/21)
Highest Placing Member Rodney (5/21)

The Fortaleza Alliance is the majority alliance of the Fortaleza tribe during Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare.


While at Fortaleza's camp in episode one, Jo formed an alliance with the perceived least intelligent Dakota and Fortaleza's strongest male Rodney.

Due to not losing the first two challenges, the alliance didn't have to vote anyone off up until episode three where the other members of Fortaleza joined them in splitting the vote and blindsiding Brick.

Fortaleza then went on three challenge winning streak, decreasing Unidade's and Vontade's numbers. Finally in episode seven, they lost and were forced to vote someone out due to both Unidade and Fortaleza having to go to the Elimination Ceremony. Jo ruthless blindsided Dakota when she found out Dakota was scheming against her. Shawn was voted out next for being the outsider of Fortaleza, however, conflict arose between Amy and Courtney with Jo causing her to target Amy. Because of this, Rodney backed out of the alliance leaving Jo as the sole member.

When Dakota and Beardo both won the chance of returning, Dakota quickly rejoined the alliance even after Jo eliminated her. The alliance stayed intact when voting against previous ally Lightning and outsider Harold.

Jo was then voted out in the Final Eleven by a majority, shocking both members. Dakota was then eliminated by a twist in the next episode, ending the alliance.


  • Courtney is the only original Fortaleza member to not be part or affiliated with the alliance.

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