Finn's Gift
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Eliminated TRDS7: TBA
Place TRDS7: TBA
Friends Lacey,Teresa,Tabby
Relationship Teresa
Enemies TBA
Voiced by Drake Bell
Roleplayer Finnmcmissilecar

Finn Mach Wheeler labeled "The Video Game Lover" is the male contestant who's going to compete in Season 7 of the RP

Personality Edit

Teresa x Finn

Teresa admiring Finn's hair at school.

He is the famous gamer of the year he dates all the ladies for the top score and his fame and fortune would badly gets to beat all players in the video games and bosses his crush is Teresa he has his favorite game called Mega Man he fights Quickman.

Trivia Edit

Total Drama Roleplay Season 7 Edit

Appearances Edit

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