Fab 3
Season Total Drama Back in Action
Founder Blaineley
Members Remained Loyal:
Blaineley (Ep.3) - (Ep.16)
Justin (Ep.3) - (Ep.13)
Harold (Ep.3) - (Ep.13)
Gwen (Ep.9) - (Ep.13)
Leshawna (on and off) (Ep.4) - (Ep.12)
Sam (Ep.4) - (Ep.10)
DJ (Ep.4) - (Ep.10)
Enemies Beardo
Directors Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Justin (6/18)
Highest Placing Member Blaineley (3/18)

Fab 3 (also known as the Castmates Alliance or the Power 3) is an alliance formed on Total Drama Back in Action.

Remembered for being comprised of members of the infamously dysfunctional Cutthroat Castmates and then at the merge successfully convincing their ex-teammates to join them in eliminating the original Discordful Directors.


The alliance was initially formed between Blaineley, Harold, and Justin pre merge but eventually gained votes from their ex team mates at the merge to oust the opposing alliance.

The alliance was formed at the end of episode three's award ceremony. During the next episode, the alliance agreed to throw the challenge to eliminate the liability of the team, Beardo. The plan worked out and Beardo was eliminated in an unanimous 8-1 vote. Jasmine and Owen would then join their team during episode five and after the loses in the episode and episode seven, the two were collectively eliminated for being the outsiders. By now, Justin had begun targeting Sam and tried to convince the alliance to vote him out next but failed as Blaineley and Harold were able to convince him to eliminate Courtney for being annoying and disliked.

Knowing they needed their old teammates votes to have the majority at the merge, the alliance had effectively convinced them to join to eliminate the remaining Discordful Directors. Dawn was voted out first in a 6-3-1 vote and Max soon followed in a 7-1-1 vote. Rodney was set to go next but Leshawna was able to manipulate the alliance into targeting DJ because of his strong friendship with Sam. DJ was later blindsided in a 5-3 vote. Rodney was then eliminated next in a 4-3 vote for being too much of a threat.

With no where to hide due to the Directors being gone, the alliance turned on each other. Blaineley and Justin were threatened by Harold's closeness with Leshawna and agreed to blindside him next. They were able to garner Gwen and Sam's vote but at the award ceremony, Justin was blindsided instead in a 2-0 vote because of Leshawna giving Harold her idol, negating his votes. Blaineley, now by herself, managed to survive to the final five by eliminating Sam, the biggest threat left, with Leshawna. Harold was then eliminated next for being the last guy and biggest threat. Blaineley was then finally eliminated during the final three for not receiving any votes to proceed to the final two. Justin voted for Gwen to win over Leshawna for being closer to her, meanwhile Blaineley voted for Leshawna after her reveal and due to deeming her a best strategic player, and Harold voted for Leshawna due to their relationship.


  • Justin is the only member of the alliance to not make the final four.


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