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The Eliminated Contestants rooting for Sky in the Finale!

Sky is one of the main protagonists in the season and has many friends and interactions. People are particularly fond of Sky because of her emotional support and good spirit. Sky doesn't want to get into any relationships because she fears that it will distract her. Sky also has made many small alliances, so she can have some security with voting. However, she has made a few enemies because she betrayed a few people. Sky does her best to make up with these people and restore their former friendship. Even though Sky has many friends she doesn't let any of them stop her from her ultimate goal winning the money.



Sky kindly rejects Alejandro.

In The Big Apple, Alejandro remarks that it will be his pleasure to push around someone as beautiful as Sky around New York. Sky is flattered but kindly tells him she has a boyfriend. In her confessional she states that Alejandro is cute, but she is dating Duncan and is not interested. When the challenge begins Alejandro says that is very easy pushing the stroller, and if she were any lighter he would be pushing a feather. Sky appreciates the compliment but does not respond. After Sky apologizes to Geoff about losing the point for their team, he tells her that it is fine and to not worry about it. Alejandro says that watching Geoff go home was the second best thing that happened to him today, Sky asks him what his first was. He responds romantically meeting her, she blushes, but reminds him that she is not single.

In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Alejandro overhears the conversation with Duncan, Samey, and Tyler, and when Sky's name is brough up, he states that it sounds familiar.

In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, During the trivia challenge, Alejandro is eliminated because he is the last to say Sky. After he is eliminated from the challenge, he states that Sky sounds familiar. Scott asks Alejandro why Sky would sound familiar. Alejandro tells Scott that he may remember her from last season. Tyler tells Alejandro that she is the girl he pushed in the baby carriage in New York.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, after Heather insults Sky, Alejandro tells her to calm down, and that Sky did nothing to her. Sky, along with everyone else fare-wells Alejandro when he leaves to Boney Island.

In The Returning Record Holders, When Alejandro arrives back from Boney Island, he notices that Sky sighs, and asks her if anything is wrong. Sky then tells him that her boyfriend cheated on her. Alejandro starts to flirt with her, and tells her that if he was her boyfriend, he would never cheat on her, and smiles. In his confessional, he states that he will manipulate Sky into voting with him at merge. In Sky's confessional, she states that Alejandro is cute, but she is not falling for another boy again. Sky agrees with Katie that they hope the Brains' performance is worse, but Alejandro tells her to cheer up so they can maybe win and vote out Duncan. Sky thanks him for the advice but tells him that he should be with his team. Alejandro then tells her that it is his duty to help a "Senorita" in distress, and she tells him that is so sweet of him and smiles. After Sky's team loses, Alejandro holds her hands, and tells her to accomplish her mission of voting out Duncan, then kisses her. Sky ends up widening her eyes open, blushes, and questionably thanks him. Alejandro then tells her good luck and walks away.

Anne MariaEdit

In You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!, Anne Maria storms out of the cabin, ans says that the trick Sadie better go home soon, and when they are all in the mess hall, telling her teammates that it amkes absolutely no sens to get rid of her and Katie right now, knowing they are the outsiders of the team. Katie says that Sky, Sadie, and Tyler have been really mean to them, which Anne Maria agrees with, and it says that it is not right to treat someone you have known sine being in diapers treat you that way.

In Blood's Downpour, Sky was about to do her makeup, but stops when Anne Maria shows up, only for her to tell her to continue. With Sky being in the area with Katie and her, she tells them that Sadie needs to go in this episode, which Sky is extremely reluctant to do so, since they are close, but Anne Maria says that she is doing anything to attempt to be memorable, also warning them that if Sadie is taken to the end, she will win. Sky ends up voting for Anne Maria at the elimination ceremony.


In Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions Blainley interviews Sky in her fitness gym. When she asks her about Duncan she blushes and admits she hasn't talked to him for some time.



Sky cheers on Cameron.

Cameron and Sky have one of the biggest friendships in Total Drama history. They are both very supportive of one another which strengthens their bond. They interact with one another quite often between challenges. Cameron has introduced Sky to new friends such as Cody and Courtney, and Sky has also introduced Cameron to Duncan. The two never seem to disagree, and are thought to be good team players. The two form an alliance to ensure that the two merge. This alliance includes them and many other teammates of the Killer Beavers. They also both ended up being Total Drama Returns to the Island finalists. When Sky wins the season Cameron is a good sport and congratulates Sky.



Chef declares the Killer Beavers victorious.

In Trials and Triva-lations Chef introduces Sky and Scott to the island. Sky asks Chef where is Chris? Chef responds by telling her that Chris will not be able to host for the season. Sky is excited when Chef tells the contestants the challenge is Total Drama trivia. Sky asks Chef how many rounds? He responds to her question by stating there is 5 rounds. Chef tells Sky and the others to cast their votes, Chef announces to the Beavers that Dave is eliminated. In Volleybrawl Chef makes the contestants run to the challenge area. He explains to the contestants how to complete the challenge, and after the Beavers win the challenge, Chef tells the team to go to the peanut gallery.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Chef Hatchet calls the contestants over and explains the challenge to everyone. He tells Sky that she is first up, but Duncan volunteers to go first. Chef Hatchet allows Duncan to take Sky's place. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Sky notices that Chef has gone missing. When Sky and the others arrive at the challenge site they see that instead of Chef, Chris is standing in front of the train. Sky states in her confessional that she liked it much better when Chef hosted.



Sky wins the million.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Sky is disappointed to hear that Chris will be hosting again. In the confessional Sky states that it is a big disappointment that Chris will be hosting again. Later in the train Sky tells Chris that she will be the first teams murderer. When the Beavers win 3 consecutive points Chris announces the team victorious.

In Totally Dramatic Finale! Chris presents the two finalists to the eliminated contestants. Chris tells the contestants to vote their winner of Total Drama. When Chris counts the votes, he purposely goes slowly to create tension for Cameron and Sky. Chris declares Sky the winner of Total Drama after the nail biting tension Chris deliberately created. He also admitted to Sky that he intentionally rigged the votes.


Sky is eliminated from the competition.

In A Wild Western Introduction Chris announces to Sky and the contestants that Sky and Scott will be choosing the teams for the season. Chris explains the challenge to the contestants, and Sky is still confused with the object of the challenge, but ignores it and allows Duncan to take over as team leader for the challenge. The Vipers lose and Chris announces to the Vipers that Dave has been eliminated.

In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys Chris says the bottom two are Sky and Scott. Sky is shocked when Chris reveals the news. She is even more surprised when Scott is eliminated. In a unexpected twist Sky quits the competition which leaves the whole cast including Chris in shock. Chris directs Sky to the Horse of Shame, and Sky is eliminated.



Cody and Sky talking.

Sky and Cody are good friends and formed an alliance to help each other in the game. When the two reach their ultimate goal of merging they continue their alliance. Cody is also shown to be attracted to Sky later in Season 1. Sky is flattered by his compliments, but does not take too much interest in Cody. Cody is eliminate in a shocking twist in Supreme Chef Auto. The twos strong friendship continues throughout all of Season 1. Cody votes for Sky to win Total Drama Returns to the Island in Totally Dramatic Finale!

In Total Drama Wild West Sky and Cody decide to continue their alliance. However, the two talk much less than in Season 1. This is due to Sky's constant involvement in Duncan. Cody is indirectly responsible for Sky's elimination, and Sky eliminates Cody in the aftermath episode.



Courtney and Sky interacting.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Courtney and Sky both cheer each other on after scoring points. Sky convinces Courtney to vote off Dave at elimination due to Dave's constant annoyance and attempts to get Cameron out. In Volleybrawl, Courtney scores a point in the challenge, causing her team to congratulate her, including Sky. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Sky wins her portion of the challenge against Noah, causing Courtney and the others to cheer her on while in awe at her speed. However, Courtney loses her section of the challenge. Courtney is very disappointed, but Sky secretly tells her that she won't be going home if the Beavers lose. Courtney and Sky agree with each other to eliminate Leshawna. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Courtney and Sky are both ready to win the upcoming challenge. They both realize that they are at a number disadvantage, so they know they have to step up their game. Sky scores a point for the Beavers. This is met by cheering from Courtney and the others.

In Topple on the Luck Players, Courtney and Sky wake up and talk about who should be eliminated next. Courtney suggests Cameron, but Sky doesn't think too much about it because she knows Courtney is unaware of her alliance with Cameron. Chris asks the elimination order so far, and Sky immediately responds with the correct answer. However the point is taken back due to the wording of the question. Courtney is very angry and threatens to sue the show. Sky is also upset that she could have had a point, but it is taken away. When they lose, Sky reluctantly wants to eliminate Courtney at first, telling Scott this, but when he refuses to do so and suggests Cody, Sky manages to convince Courtney to vote him off. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, After Scott's departure Sky feels very guilty, especially because they were in an alliance. Courtney tries to cheer her up, but Sky is still disappointed in herself.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Courtney and Sky are excited that they reach their goal of merging. Although they agreed on a merge alliance the two still decide to continue the alliance and vote the same. Later the two are up for elimination, Courtney suggests to vote out Heather and Sky agrees. In Puzzle Riot, Sky wakes up to hear Courtney and Gwen arguing, irritating her and not liking sharing a cabin with them. Courtney scores 1 point in the challenge and Sky congratulates her on the point and laughs at the caption. In Korean Teaching or Learning, when Courtney complains about the challenge, Sky lets her know that they are too far in to the game to change the challenge. Courtney continues to whine about the challenge being unfair due to no knowledge on Korea, slightly annoying Sky Courtney and Sky decide to vote out Gwen first, but Duncan approaches Sky and convinces her to vote out Courtney. The alliance decides to vote out Courtney, before Courtney leaves Sky reveals that it wasn't her idea to eliminate her. Courtney leaves the island, and is very angry at Sky for betraying the alliance and voting her out.

In Final Four Face Off!, Upon meeting Courtney again, Sky tries to apologize to Courtney, but she is still mad at Sky for betraying her in Korean Teaching or Learning. Sky starts off great in the challenge, but places 3rd in the challenge. Throughout the challenge Courtney does not cheer for anyone, including Sky. Courtney is a bit disappointed by Cameron's decision but does not say anything. Sky tries to apologize again, but Courtney ignores her. In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Sky immediately realizes that Courtney might not vote for her to win. Sky talks to Courtney, and tries to apologize. Courtney says that she will think about it. She later reveals that she will vote for Sky despite the fact that she betrayed her, but votes for her because of her bigger conflict with Cameron.

In A Wild Western Introduction, In the confessional Sky states that she would have picked Courtney, but due to last season's conflict she could become a threat. Chris explains the challenge to the contestants, and then the first challenge of the season begins. Courtney comments on how helplessly in love Duncan and Sky are. Sky is irritated by her comment, but ignores it reluctantly. In Dancing With Cowboys, When the challenge ends and Sky accidentally trips and falls onto Duncan. Courtney tells them to just make out already. Sky tells her that she does not like Duncan like that, and Courtney finds it funny how she is lying, slightly irritating Sky. The Vipers overthrow the Pythons, and emerge victorious. In a surprise elimination Courtney is the one going home. Sky and the other contestants are in shock when Courtney is chosen to take the Horse of Shame. Sky waves goodbye to Courtney, but is rudely ignored by Courtney.


In A Wild Western Introduction the two meet for the first time. Sky chooses Dakota on her team because she thinks she can be helpful. Sky tells Dakota and the others it is okay that they lost the first challenge, and that they will win many more. During the elimination Sky notices Dakota votes Samey instead of Dave.

In Western Tough for the Polocrossie when the two are at the elimination ceremony Sky is shocked to hear that Tyler is eliminated. She realized the only few people who could have voted him was only Noah and Dakota.


Dakota and Noah are eliminated.

In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous Sky finds out that Dakota is partially responsible for Tyler's elimination. Sky greets Dakota in the morning before the challenge, and the two head to the challenge area.

In Red Dead Mergiton Sky realizes this is her first chance to eliminate Noah, but when Chris informs the contestants that the challenge is double elimination, Sky knows she has to vote off Dakota. During Dakota and Noah's skit Sky comments openly on how boring it is. Noah and Dakota show their anger when the rest of the contestants dislike th play. Sky convinces the others to vote out Noah and Dakota.



Sky gets mad when Dave suggests voting out Cameron.

In Trials and Triva-lations Dave annoys practically the whole cast with his constant need to form an alliance. He asks Sky to form an alliance, she doesn't respond but later asks Dave who he is voting. Dave tells her he is voting Cameron which gets Sky mad, and then she tells the alliance to vote out Dave. Dave is eliminated in this episode, so the interactions between these two end in episode one. Sky also finds Dave a bit annoying because he constantly suggested an alliance. Although Sky doesn't like Dave very much she waves goodbye to him as he takes the Arrow of Shame. Sky feels bad about voting out her former crush, but quickly realizes that it was for the best.

In Final Four Face Off! Dave is cheering for Sky to win the challenge. Throughout the challenge Dave is constantly showing his support for the final four. When Sky is pronounced a finalist Dave cheers excitedly. In the confessional Sky states that Dave must have put the past behind him, and is lead to believe the two have a fresh start as friends. In Totally Dramatic Finale! Chris unveils the eliminated contestants who cheer

Sky chooses Dave to be on her team.

on the two finalists. The eliminated contestants would vote on the winner of Total Drama. Dave submits his vote for Sky to win the season. Chris announces the winner is Sky, and Dave is happy that she won the season. Sky also states that she will share the money with the eliminated contestants.

In A Wild Western Introduction, Sky picks Dave to be on the Venomous Vipers. Dave continues to annoy his teammates similarly to Season 1. Sky tries to ignore his desperate attempts at forming alliances, but in the end he is just too much. When her team ends up losing the first challenge, Sky votes Dave off first once again.


In Trials and Triva-lations Sky introduces herself to Dawn. Dawn is sort of surprised that she does and asks Sky what she wants. Sky says she wants nothing, and only wanted to introduce herself to Dawn. Sky feels that Dawn is a bit socially awkward but later forgets about it. In Volleybrawl Dawn talks to Sky about forming an alliance. Sky kindly rejects Dawn offer. During the challenge Sky feels bad about rejecting Dawn's offer, but doesn't let her bother her too much. The Beavers would top the Ducks and Sky would not have to face elimination. Dawn would vote out Samey, which pleased Sky because Samey did not participate in the challenge. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Sky says hi to Dawn, and compliments her on how unique she is. Dawn is confused at Sky's sudden approach to Dawn but thanks her. Sky wants to be more friendly to Dawn, but she doesn't want to annoy her. Later before the challenge she starts to get to know more about Dawn.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Sky "kills" Dawn in the challenge, and gets a point for the Beavers. Tyler tells Sky that he will vote out Dawn, viewing her as a threat. When Dawn is eliminated Sky is shown to be disappointed. Before Dawn leaves Sky displays her affection for the new relationship between Dawn and Noah.

In Final Four Face Off! Dawn and all the eliminated contestants cheer on the final four. Dawn would watch as Sky scored many points in the game. When Sky was chosen to be a finalist, Dawn seemed to be happy. In Totally Dramatic Finale! Dawn makes another appearance as well as the other eliminated contestants. The contestants must vote their winner out of Cameron and Sky. Dawn votes Sky for the win, and is shown to be happy when Sky is victorious. Later Sky asks Dawn if she will be competing next season, and she tells Sky that she will not be.



Sky accidentally falls on top of Duncan.

Duncan and Sky are both on the Killer Beavers, which causes them to become very close friends. They both orchestrate an alliance with Tyler, Cody, and Cameron to make it to the final 5. They both become great friends with Tyler as well, and they work together on challenges very well. Later on it the season, the cast mates are led to believe that Duncan likes Sky, and she likes Duncan, but the two confront the cast stating this to not be true, and that they are only good friends. In Season 2 Sky chooses Duncan on her team. Throughout the season Sky and Duncan are rumored to like each other. Sky falls on top of Duncan multiple times, which leads the contestants to believe the two are a couple.


In A Wild Western Introduction Sky finds out that Ella will be competing in this season. When choosing her team, Tyler suggests to choose her, but Sky does not. Sky greets Ella before the challenge and wishes her luck. In The Wild Bunch of Losers Ella notices that Sky burped on Duncan, and feels bad for Sky. When elimination time comes, Ella is in the bottom 2 and is eliminated. Sky waves goodbye to Ella, and wishes she had more time to talk with her.


In A Wild Western Introduction Sky chooses her teammates for the season. She looks at Ezekiel picking his nose, and decides to not choose him. In the confessional Sky states that she wants someone on her team that could help win challenges, not pick their nose. In Dancing With Cowboys the contestants must create a country song. Ezekiel states that he is amazing at creating rap songs. This causes Sky to laugh uncontrollably. Sky would stick around for the elimination ceremony, and expected Ezekiel to be eliminated, but in a surprise Courtney would take the Horse of Shame.

In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers Sky notices that Scott is being too rude to Ezekiel. She tells Scott to lay off, and make an effort to be nicer. Ezekiel thanks Sky for sticking up for him. In the confessional Sky says that, it's not right for Scott to take out his anger on Ezekiel just because he stayed instead of Courtney. The challenge was hide and go seek, and Sky defeated Jo to score a point for the Vipers. Despite being on different teams Ezekiel cheered on Sky when she scored the point for her team. The Vipers defeat the Pythons, and Sky would head over to watch Ezekiel and the Pythons elimination ceremony. Sadly, Ezekiel would be voted off by his fellow teammates. Sky would wave goodbye to Ezekiel as he left via Horse of Shame.


In The Big Apple Sky is paired up with Geoff for the challenge. When Geoff overhears Alejandro flirting with Sky, Geoff warns Sky that Alejandro is trouble. Sky apologizes to Geoff for losing the challenge for him. Geoff tells Sky that it is fine and tells her to not worry about it. When Geoff is eliminated that same episode, she says goodbye to him, and he waves goodbye to her and the others.



The contestants after Chris drugged them.

In Trials and Triva-lations Sky introduces herself to Gwen, and Gwen does the same. Sky is happy for Gwen when her team won the first challenge. In the confessional Sky says that she has a good feeling about Gwen, and she feels that Gwen is very shy because she didn't talk much during the first challenge. The two head back to the girls cabin, and talk about how great it would be if both merged. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies both are excited to merge, but are less excited when Chris throws a mysterious can in the room. Sky and Gwen are angered when they find out that Chris drugged them, as part of the challenge. Sky decides to vote for Heather, and asks Gwen to do the same. Heather would be eliminated thanks to their votes.


The girls cabin in Puzzle Riot.

In Puzzle Riot Gwen and Sky discuss how great it is to be in the final 8. Chris reveals a bunch of funny images that makes Gwen and Sky both break into laughter at the sight of the photos. Gwen does not participate in the challenge which gets on Sky's nerves. Sky states in the confessional that no one deserves to just float to the finale without participating. Both would be up for elimination again, and this time Sky decides to vote out Gwen. In the confessional she states that she feels bad about voting her out, but it is better to eliminate a friend sooner than later. But Gwen is still in the competition, and can tell that Sky voted for her.


Sky votes out Gwen.

In Korean Teaching or Learning Gwen glares at Sky when she wakes up, but does not say anything. Sky is confused, but Sky decides to let it go. In the confessional Gwen reveals that she knows that Sky voted for her to be eliminated. Gwen would have little participation in the challenge, as predicted by Sky. Gwen votes out Sky, and the second time around Gwen and Sky would vote each other out. This would lead to both of them being in the bottom 2. Gwen is eliminated, and Sky is safe in a nail biter.


Sky wins the million dollars.

In Final Four Face Off! Sky is cheered on by many but not Gwen and a few others. Gwen would be excited after Duncan's elimination, but still did not cheer for Sky. Sky tries to apologize for voting her out, but is ignored by Gwen. Sky tries to come into contact with Gwen, but Chris gets rid of the eliminated contestants. In Totally Dramatic Finale! Sky tells all of the contestants who she may have gotten on the wrong foot with that she is sorry for eliminating them. She specifically talks to Gwen, and apologizes for eliminating her. Gwen initially ignores Sky, but then agrees to put the past behind them. Gwen tells Sky that she voted her to win the season. Gwen and Sky celebrate when Sky is announced the winner.



The Vipers lose the first challenge.

In A Wild Western Introduction Sky decides to not choose Heather on her team because of her constant insults towards Sky. Sky retaliate with some insults of her own, but later admits she is very bad at insulting people. When Sky offers for Duncan to be temporary team leader, she tells the two to just make out already. Heather rubs her teams victory in Sky's face after the challenge.

In Red Dead Mergiton Heather asks Sky to be in her alliance with Sugar, Duncan, and Scott. Sky agrees only because her crush is in their alliance.


Sky dunks for the talent show.

In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! Heather reveals that her talent is reading Sky's diary. Sky is speechless and shocked, and even more infuriated when Heather reads the Duncan section. Sky is pleased when the judges give her very low score for her talent. In her confessional she states that her alliance with Heather is over. She convinces some of her allies in the game to eliminate Heather. When Heather is eliminated Sky is pleased, and she tells Heather that is what she gets for reading her diary.

In Aftermath: The Unlimited Heather calls Sky an Olympic wannabe. Sky is angered by her comment, but ignores it and listens to Blaineley for the challenge. Sky and Heather are the only two contestants to score many points for the challenge. Sky is relieved when Heather forfeits the challenge, and when Sky wins the challenge she notices that Heather is disappointed. Heather and the others are also shocked when Sky chooses to eliminate Cody, one of her close friends.



Jo is eliminated.

In A Wild Western Introduction Sky chooses her team for Season 2. Jo begs for Sky to choose her, but Sky chooses all of her Season 1 friends first. When she is about to choose Jo, Scott decides to choose Jo. Jo is angry at Sky for not choosing her, and calls Scott's team the losers team. In Serpent Showdown Sky approaches Jo and says hi. Jo called her a wannabe Olympian and moves on with the challenge. Sky wins the first portion of the challenge and tells Jo that her and the Pythons will win the second portion of the challenge. When Jo is eliminated Sky says goodbye to her, and hopes to see her in a future season.

In Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions Sky reveals that Jo is a personal trainer for her fitness gym. Jo also tells Sky that boys are distractions, and Sky tells her that Duncan hasn't distracted her from her goal of becoming an Olympian.



Sky dunks for talent show.

In Red Dead Mergiton Sky talks to Katie in the girls cabin. Sky informs Katie that she is aware that Katie does not have any allies, and she decides to form an alliance with her. During her performance in the challenge Sky was not impressed, but the judges were and give her the best score. Sky tells Katie to eliminate Noah and Dakota during the elimination ceremony.

In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! in the girls cabin, Sky and Katie ask Lindsay if she wants to join the girls alliance. Lindsay accepts which makes the two girls happy. When Heather reads Sky's diary, Katie and the other contestants are shocked at how hurtful that was of Heather. Sky wins immunity for her amazing dunk, and she tells Katie to eliminate Heather for reading her diary.


Sky and Katie talking.

In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys Sky greets Katie in the morning and the two head to the challenge area. After they complete their challenge, Sky tells Katie to vote out Sugar. Katie does not follow Sky's order and decides to vote out Scott. Sky quits to make up for betraying Scott in Season 1; Katie and the others are shocked and hug Sky goodbye. In her last confessional as a competitor she says it was great to meet everyone and she met many new friends such as Katie. Katie waves goodbye to Sky as she takes the Horse of Shame.


In Trials and Triva-lations the two meet due to being placed on the same team. Sky notices that Leshawna is particularly quite compared to previous seasons. She also gives Leshawna suggestions who to vote. In this episode Sky tells her to vote for Dave because he constantly tried to form alliances with people. In Volleybrawl Sky is pumped for the challenge but notices that Leshawna is not present during the challenge. Even when the challenge begins Leshawna is not there. This surprises Sky, but instead of dwelling on it she focuses on the challenge. The Killer Beavers win the challenge, but Sky has doubts about Leshawna as a team player.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Sky again notices Leshawna is not participating in the race. The Beavers put up a close game, but eventually are beaten by the Ducks. Sky is upset that not all of her teammates were competing. She suggests to the alliance to eliminate Leshawna. Everyone agrees and in a 6-1 vote Leshawna takes the Arrow of Shame.

In Final Four Face Off! LeShawna and the other contestants are revealed, and cheer on the final four. Leshawna shows excitement when Cameron wins the game. She also shows enjoyment when Sky is picked as the other finalist.

In Totally Dramatic Finale! Sky and Cameron prepare for the final challenge. Chris reveals that the eliminated contestants will vote their winner of Total Drama. Sky apologizes to all of the contestants she voted out, including Leshawna. The contestants cast their votes, and Leshawna votes Sky to win. When Sky wins she is excited, especially when she announces she will share a portion of the money. After the season ends, Leshawna tells Sky she will not compete on season 2 which disappoints Sky.


In Trials and Trivia-lations, Lindsay and Sky cheer each other on despite being on opposing teams, and even form an alliance despite this. Lindsay is shown to be worried for Sky when the Beavers are at the elimination ceremony. In Volleybrawl, Lindsay and Sky say hello to each other and begin the challenge. Sky suggests to Lindsay to vote out Samey because of her lack of participation. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Sky wishes Lindsay good luck and Lindsay returns the wish. In Topple on the Luck Players, Sky scores the 2nd point for the Beavers, but the point is revoked because the wording of the question. Lindsay tells Chris that Sky won the point fair and square, but Chris would not budge.

In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, when Lindsay is deemed eliminated Sky stands up for her. This results in Chris recounting the votes and declaring a tiebreaker for the elimination. Lindsay later thanks Sky for saving her from elimination. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, when Chris declares that the contestants have officially merged, both Lindsay and Sky hug each other in excitement. Sky congratulates Lindsay on winning the challenge. In Puzzle Riot, a few contestants tell Sky to vote off Lindsay. Sky disagrees with them and decides to vote Gwen instead. Lindsay is pronounced eliminated and waves goodbye to Sky and the others. In Supreme Chef Auto, Chris brings back Lindsay as an intern, which makes Sky and most of the contestants happy to see her again. Sky greets Lindsay when she arrives, to which Lindsay then wishes luck to Sky in the challenge. In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Lindsay informs Sky that she will vote for her because the two were good friends during the season. Lindsay cheers on Sky when she is announced the winner of the season.

In A Wild Western Introduction, Sky chooses Lindsay because of her strength in challenges, their friendship in the prior season, and because Tyler told her to. Sky tells Lindsay to vote out Dave. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, at the cabins, Sky is seen comforting Lindsay about Tyler's elimination. In Red Dead Mergiton, Lindsay and Sky to form an alliance along with Katie. The three girls also decide to eliminate whoever does the worst in the challenge. Lindsay, Sky, and the other contestants are both not amused with Noah and Dakota's performance. Sky tells Lindsay and Katie to eliminate the two. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, Lindsay and Sky talk about how great it is to be in the final 9. When Heather reads Sky's diary for the talent show challenge, Lindsay is shocked and feels bad for Sky. Lindsay's sadness soon changes to happiness when she sees that Duncan kisses Sky. After the challenge Lindsay and Sky agree to eliminate Heather. In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys, Sky greets Lindsay when she wakes up. The two are in the last 4 in the challenge, and aggressively compete with each other to capture Fang. During the elimination ceremony Sky tells Lindsay to vote off Sugar. Instead Lindsay votes off Scott. After Sky quits, she hugs Lindsay and Katie goodbye, and takes the Horse of Shame.


Sky knows Noah through Tyler, and they both are very kind to each other in season 1. Due to being on different teams their interactions have been limited. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Sky is shown to support the relationship between Noah and Dawn. After merge Sky notices that Noah is amazing at individual challenges, and congratulates him after every challenge. Sky also gets very competitive with Noah especially during the speed trivia challenges.


Sky and Noah during the challenge.

In Trials and Triva-lations Tyler introduces Noah to Sky. The two briefly chat before being placed on opposite teams. Sky is happy for Noah and Tyler when they win, but quickly realizes she must vote a contestant out. Noah approaches Sky and the others and tells them he is glad they got rid of the annoying Dave.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Sky is happy for Noah when he shares his first kiss with Dawn.


Sky votes out Noah.

In Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze Sky notices that for one of the few times in the post merge competition Noah is not in the lead. Duncan wins immunity, and Sky tries to convince Tyler to eliminate Noah. He declines because Noah is one of Tyler's good friends, but Sky convinces the others to eliminate Noah. She waves goodbye to Noah as he gets on the Boat of Losers.

In Totally Dramatic Finale! Chris reveals Noah and the other eliminated contestants to the finalists, Sky and Cameron. Noah informs Sky that he knows that she is the reason he is eliminated. Sky apologizes to Noah and states that she is sorry for voting him out, Noah tells Sky that he will vote her to win the season. When Sky is announced victorious, Noah and the others cheer for her.


The Vipers lose the challenge.

In A Wild Western Introduction Sky chooses Noah to be on her team due to his dominance in individual challenges. When Sky steps down as team leader for the challenge and allows Duncan to be team Leader Noah finds this as a sign of weakness on Sky's part. He is also constantly questioning Duncan's leadership skills which irritates Sky. The Vipers lose the challenge, and when Sky asks who Tyler voted for, he responds Duncan because Noah told him to. In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers Sky asks Noah if he thinks that she is attracted, and if she is getting weaker in the game. Noah tells Sky that she thinks Duncan is distracting her and that he believes she has a crush on him. This leads to Sky trying to deny and cover up for the fact that she likes him.


Sky tells Noah that she has a crush on Duncan

In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Sky reveals an important piece of information to Noah. Everyone except for Noah is away, so Sky decides to clear her conscience, and reveals her feelings for Duncan, but she is scared that she may be weakened by her feelings towards him. When Tyler is eliminated, Sky suspects Noah because she knows all of the others she is aligned with would not vote out Tyler. In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous Sky finds out Noah is the reason for Tyler's elimination. She confronts Noah about it, but he dodges all her questions about it. In her confessional she states that if the Vipers lose again Noah is next to go. In Red Dead Mergiton Sky tells Noah to hurry up his play, he immediately takes offense and states the other contestants do not know the meaning of art. Sky convinces the others to eliminate Noah and Dakota, and when his name is not called Sky says goodbye in a mocking tone. She also says that it is payback for eliminating Tyler.



Sky and Samey talking about Duncan.

Samey and Sky first meet in Western Tough for the Polocrossie. Sky is shocked when she finds out that Samey from Total Drama Returns to the Island was a robot. Samey and Sky immediately hit it off, and eventually it leads to Samey telling Sky that she has a crush on Duncan. Since Sky doesn't want anyone to know her feelings for Duncan, she tells Samey that she thinks she has a good shot with Duncan. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! Samey is shocked when Sky betrays her trust and kisses Duncan. In the following episodes Sky tries to get back on Samey's good side, however in Season 2 their friendship was never repaired.


In Trials and Triva-lations Sky and Samey wave to each other. The two are placed on different teams, and they don't talk much. In one instance Sky says hey to Samey, but it seems like she didn't hear Sky. When the Screaming Ducks win the challenge Sky cheers on Samey and the team despite losing. In Volleybrawl Sky is one of the first contestants to realize that Samey is missing. Samey skips out on the challenge and just leaves. After the challenge ends Sky tries to ask Samey what happened, but she completely ignores her. Instead of replying Samey just greets Lindsay. Sky is irritated by this and tells Tyler to eliminate her due to her in unfriendly nature and her lack of participation in the challenges.

In Final Four Face Off! Samey's only line is "hi Lindsay." Aside from that she cheered on Sky and the final four contestants. Sky talks in the confessional about Samey only saying one thing, and wonders if she needs doctors help.

In Totally Dramatic Finale! Samey is cheering on the finalists. The eliminated contestants are permitted vote on a winner. Chris announces the votes, and when he comes to Samey's vote it reads "hi lindsay." All of the contestants including Sky laugh at her vote. At the end of the episode Sky notices that Samey is on the list of competitors for Season 2

In Total Drama Wild West Sky chooses Samey to be on her team. In A Wild Western Introduction the two compete in their first challenge together as a team. Like Sky predicted Samey would not do much. In fact the only thing she did was compliment Lindsay on her outfit. This aggravates Sky and the other contestants. Fortunately for Samey she went unnoticed due to Dave's annoying behavior. The Vipers would lose the first challenge, and would have to eliminate one of their own. Samey would end up on the bottom 2, but would be pronounced safe thanks to Dave irritating his fellow teammates.

In Dancing With Cowboys the contestants must make a song. Sky encourages Samey to make a song, but once again she decides to opt out of the challenge. She repeats that Lindsay has a cute outfit, and then walks out of the challenge. In the confessional Sky says that if the Vipers lose, she knows who she will be eliminating. The Vipers surprisingly won, and would not have to eliminate Samey.

In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers Chris tells the contestants they are playing a hide and go seek game. In the confessional Sky states that Samey is already playing the game. During the challenge Sky tries to talk to Samey, but is ignored and instead she talks to Lindsay. The Vipers win the challenge again, and Sky doesn't have the chance to vote off Samey. In the confessional Sky talks about how useless Samey has been, but later says that perhaps she was being to harsh on her.


Sky votes off Samey-Bot.

In Western Tough for the Polocrossie Sky is fed up with Samey doing nothing. She convinces her teammates to vote her out if they lose. When the Vipers lose, Sky votes out Samey in the confessional. Two other contestants vote out Samey as well. The bottom two are Samey and Tyler. Before Chris announces who is eliminated another Samey comes out of the bushes. Sky and the other contestants are puzzled by what's going on. The second Samey destroys the first one and reveals that the other one was a Samey imposter. Sky then recalls all of the interactions she had with the Samey-Bot, and realizes it only said two lines.


In Trials and Triva-lations Sky glares at Scarlett for trying to kill her in the previous season. The two were placed on different teams, so their interactions would be limited. After the challenge Sky's team the Killer Beavers would lose, and Scarlett would rub the victory in their face. Scarlett watches the elimination ceremony, and is excited when Dave leaves the island. In Volleybrawl Scarlett would be incredibly rude to her fellow teammates. Sky notices this, and uses the opposite technique to lead her team to victory. Sky tells Scarlett how does losing feel, but is ignored by her. In the confessional Sky says that she doesn't usually trash talk, but when it's someone like Scarlett there are exceptions. Sky watches to see if Scarlett is eliminated, but instead Samey is eliminated from the competition.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Sky notices that Scarlett and Leshawna have walked out on the challenge. This immensely irritates Sky, and she tells her teammates to vote out Leshawna because of her lack of participation. Sky also suggests for Tyler to vote out Scarlett if they lose. However, the Killer Beavers lose and Sky would eliminate Leshawna for walking out on the challenge like Scarlett. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Chris would inform the contestants that Cameron was sick, and could not compete in the challenge. Scarlett would laugh at the news, and Sky would glare at Scarlett for laughing at her friend. Sky would celebrate with her teammates and would be glad that Scarlett lost the challenge.

In Topple on the Luck Players Sky confesses that she still has a grudge on Scarlett, and tries to fix it throughout the episode. However, she is ignored by Scarlett. Sky is disappointed when her team loses, and feels she could have played more of a role to help them win.

In Relay Feelings Speed Fast Sky is disappointed in herself for losing the challenge and betraying Scott. The challenge begins and Cameron dominates. Both Sky and Scarlett are in aw at how well Cameron is performing. Thanks to this the Beavers would win, and the Ducks would have to eliminate someone. Sky suggests to Tyler to vote out Scarlett. He agrees and convinces other members of his team to eliminate her. The bottom two would be Lindsay and Scarlett. However the votes were split 3-3. The two would have to decide who was eliminated with a tiebreaker. Lindsay defeats Scarlett in the tiebreaker, and Scarlett would take the Arrow of Shame. Sky would be relieved that Scarlett would be eliminated from the competition.

In Final Four Face Off! Scarlett and the eliminated contestants cheer on the final four contestants. Sky apologizes to all of the eliminated contestants she may have made enemies with including Scarlett. Surprisingly Scarlett forgives her and roots for her in the final four. In Totally Dramatic Finale! Chris unveils the eliminated contestants. There is no challenge for the finale, Chris tells the finalist that the eliminated contestants will vote on the winner of Season 1. Sky talks in the confessional about how she is unsure that she will win because of some people she may have made enemies with this. Despite Scarlett and Sky's strained relationship, Scarlett still votes Sky to win. When Sky is announced the winner Scarlett and the others celebrate.


Its Sky and Scott

Sky and Scott arrive to the island.

Scott and Sky previously formed an alliance in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, and Scott seems to trust Sky in being an ally. However, in Topple on the Luck Players, Sky has no choice but to betray Scott and vote him off. This would be the start of a one-sided conflict. Scott is especially angry at Sky for her betrayal. Scott has kept this hatred towards Sky, and he is thankful in knowing that him and Sky are two different captains, as now he can't be betrayed by her again. His rivalry with Sky becomes more intense in Season 2. Sky tries her best to make Scott forgive her, but this ultimately always backfires on her.


In A Wild Western Introduction Sugar is confirmed in the season two cast. Sky sees her when she is choosing the cast, and decides not to choose her. She tells Duncan it's because of her breaking her former alliance in another season. When Sugars team wins the challenge, Sugar rubs the victory in Sky's face. In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys Sky convinces the other contestants to eliminate Sugar. However, Sugar finds this out and votes out Sky. Sugar and Sky are in the bottom 3, but Sky is eliminated in the episode due to her quiting to save Scott. Sugar is happy to see Scott eliminated, but is angry when Sky takes her place. Sky waves goodbye to all of the eliminated contestants.



Sky and Tyler are deemed safe.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Despite being on opposite teams, Sky and Tyler are very close friends and are very nice to each other. Sky and Tyler hit off straight away! Sky admires Tyler's great sportsmanship and his overall personality. Tyler also admires Sky, as she has great leadership skills and a nice attitude to everything. The two begin their friendship in Trials and Triva-lations, and continue it to present day. Both of them have also formed an alliance to help further themselves in the game. Sky and Tyler are both competitive, but also both of them are great sports even when they lose. They both cheer for each other even if the other loses. They both make the Final 4 together along with Cameron and Duncan. Cameron ends up choosing Sky for the Finale over Tyler. In which Tyler votes for Sky to win in Totally Dramatic Finale!

In Total Drama Wild West, Sky is chosen to be the Leader of one Team, with Scott being the other Leader. Sky ends up choosing Tyler first for her team, which was dubbed the Venomous Vipers by Chris McLean. Both Sky and Tyler, are usually the reasons to why their team won the first few challenges. Once again Sky and Tyler form an alliance, along with Cody and Duncan again. But their alliance is short lived when Tyler's best friend eliminates Tyler in Western Tough for the Polocrossie. Sky is devastated when she finds out that Noah did that, and when Tyler was deemed to be eliminated.


  • Sky is friends with most of the contestants, but she has betrayed a few causing her to create a few enemies.

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