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Everyone gets annoyed by Lightning's arrogance.

Over the course of Total Drama Around the World, Lightning has interacted with many of his fellow competitors, and his arrogance, stupidity, aggressiveness, and selfishness has caused him to make many enemies amongst the cast, though there are a few people who see his softer side, and finds him likable. As the season goes on, he gets more and more cocky and aggressive, which makes many officially loathe and hate him. His aggressiveness and arrogance is toned down in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, but his anger issues are still there, and can be pushed over the edge, though he is a tiny bit friendlier. In Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare, he is very friendlier and more self aware, thinking strategically and making friends.



Alejandro and Lightning defeat Geoff in Australian Rivals.

For the first few episodes of Total Drama Around the World, these two do not speak to one another, as they are on separate teams, but both of their egos, and their obsessions with their fit bodies eventually have them form a friendly competition throughout the first half of the season. Soon enough, they trust one another to consider being an alliance (which does not come true until Aloha, Merge!), where they get rid of many threats, and strategize with one another through the second half of the season. Lightning is extremely annoyed and angered when Alejandro is eliminated, and swears to make everyone miserable for making that mistake. They end off the season having some respect for one another, and on friendly terms. They are on separate teams in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, but there is no sign of conflict or issues between the two.


Lightning All Stars 3

Lightning talks about how he is going to make everyone's life miserable, including Amy's.

In Let's Have a World Tour!, Lightning falls on Amy by accident when they're pushed out of the plane. When Amy is fighting Anne Maria in Australian Rivals, Lightning wishes that his partner beats the crap out of "dem hoes", referring to Amy. When Lightning and Alejandro form an alliance in the beginning of Aloha, Merge!, Amy interrupts them and tries to steal Alejandro, which pisses Lightning off. Amy tries to enter into Lightning and Alejandro's conversation in London the Ripper, and tries to speak about game-play with him, but he completely ignores her, since she is not in their alliance. Later in the episode, he is completely shocked that Alejandro is gone over her, and yells at everyone for not voting her out.

Lightning goes on a complete rampage in Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul, and You're Out. When Geoff enters economy class, he sees Amy crying from Lightning's harsh insults. Lightning promises to make everyone's, including Amy's, life miserable for as long as he is in the game. In the finale, Lightning does not support Amy to win the competition.

In A Radioactive Beginning, they are put not the same team together, and he apologizes to her for his treatment towards her in the previous season, which she forgives him for.

Anne MariaEdit


Anne Maria and Lightning in First Class after winning a challenge.

Both of them end up on the same team in Let's Start a World Tour!, and Anne Maria soon uses her flirtation to get him to vote off Mike. She likes the idea of having a strong man by her side, and he quickly grows attracted to her, which ends up being mutual. They constantly flirt with one another, and easily hold most of the power on the Underdog Unicorns (especially when the team is down to them and Beth). Anne Maria starts to have worries in Jamaica Man! about where her relationship with Lightning is going (if it is an actual relationship or just friends with benefits), but their issues are forgotten as they form an official alliance when both of them merge. Things take a turn for the worst when Anne Maria votes for him and Alejandro to leave the competition, and he breaks up with her after finding out that she betrayed him, and lashing out at her. Things seen to be a bit better between them by the end of the season, but they are still not together. Anne Maria still has an attraction for him in the Season 3 special, but there is no sign that he is interested in her.



Lightning tells Beth that he has noticed that she has lost weight.

Lightning is an arrogant jock who strives to be the best there is. These egotistic tendencies from Lightning have made him a very unpopular contestant amongst his peers. Unlike most other contestants though, Beth is very patient towards Lightning. Beth is usually civil towards most people, unless they personally anger her. She considers Lightning harmless, although does show confusion whenever Lightning commits odd actions. Despite this, there have been times where Lightning has insulted Beth's looks, which she does not appreciate, but holds in this frustration. They are both placed on the same team in Total Drama Around the World and once they and Anne Maria are the last remaining members, the three have a friendly bond with each other, and form an alliance in Aloha, Merge! However, after Lightning's friend Alejandro is eliminated, one of the people he blames for this is Beth, thinking that she is a betrayer. However, Lightning soon learns that Beth wasn't exactly to blame and quickly forgives her.

They are once again placed on the same team in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, and form another alliance after putting aside their differences. Lightning seems to have learned to act more civil towards Beth, even complimenting her now and again. However, in Monster Falls when Lightning wins the trivia challenge and Beth comes last and is eliminated, he reverts back to his arrogant self and rubs this victory in Beth's face. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Beth chooses to root for Staci over Lightning, although adds that she doesn't mind who wins. It is unknown what both think of each other. In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 they have limited interaction due to being placed on opposing teams and because of Beth's early elimination. However, when Beth is eliminated in The Rake-age Lightning is surprisingly disappointed, as he may have tried to ally with Beth a third time.

Brick Edit

The two interact a lot, because they are in the same team on Total Drama Toxic Brawl. In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Brick continuously supports and cheers Lightning on, as he eats through the many rounds of food. Brick got annoyed when Lightning started to play with his food and juggling the tuna eyes. For the final round, Lightning has Brick throw him the food, and he will catch it like an animal, which causes them to win the challenge. Lightning offers to switch onto the Toxic Sharks in the elimination ceremony (after he argues with half of that team), Brick begs him not to switch to the other team, since he will go (and since Lightning is one of the better teammates on the team), which Lightning listens to.

In Mutant Kingdom, the two work together through the challenge (with Scott), and after they hide in a bush, they agree to form an alliance of Team Men (a homage to their previous team in Total Drama Revenge of the Island), with Lightning (and Scott) trying to convince Brick to forget about Amy. Things between the two start to get a bit tense, as Brick feels left out by Lightning and Scott, and Lightning is annoyed with everyone on the team in Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste. The two lose contact, when Brick starts to ally with Jo at the end of the teams, and Lightning reunites with Alejandro (who switched with Scott).

During the first episode of the merge, he tries to Brick (along with Scott), and as they are about to team up with one another, Jo forces Brick away from him. Lightning warns him not to beware of Jo. In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate, he goes up to Brick to warn him about Jo (and her wrath) again, but Brick misinterprets it, thinking that Lightning thinks that they are in a relationship. During the elimination ceremony, he overheard Brick's conversation with Jo, and told him that he needs to protect himself from "crazy". After a final attempt to get back in Brick's good graces in The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw, Brick finally decides to choose to ally with Jo over Lightning, as they were discussing their ally Scott's elimination, not telling Lightning that he was behind their ally's elimination.


In Icey Antarctica, Bridgette rudely calls Lightning "Brightning", causing him to tell her to shut up, and calls her a ho, which completely shocks her. Lightning is paired up with Bridgette in Aloha, Merge!, where they have to make a doll of Sadie, and they surprisingly work off really well together, and manage to finish the challenge second. Lightning, with the help of Alejandro, tells Bridgette about a rumor they created about Amy and Geoff having an affair in African Safari, telling her that he sees them sneak off to the confessional constantly, which she refuses to believe, but still has her doubts. His alliance sticks together to successfully vote off Bridgette. In London the Ripper, Lightning angrily tells Geoff that no-one cares about that "tramp" leaving, referring to Bridgette.

Cameron Edit


Lightning about to attack Cameron in the underground passage way.

When Lightning arrives in Let's Have a World Tour!, he looks around and cheers when he realizes that Cameron is not in the season, as he ruined things for him. In Icey Antarctica, Chris tells Lightning that Cameron will be cameoing in the episode, which causes Lightning to tick, and fight the air, yelling and lashing out at how Cameron ruined things with his father. He punches the door excessively where Cameron is trapped in (which he used to motivate him for the entire challenge), but gives up when he is told it does not work. As soon as Cameron leaves the door, Lightning brutally attacks him for everyone to see, and yelling at him for ruining his life.

Chris McLeanEdit

Lightning ends up fighting and strangling the air in Icey Antarctica when Chis mentions that Cameron is cameoing, and the host tells him to stop fighting with the air in a sad, almost embarrassed manner. Chris instantly eliminates Lightning from the competition in Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul, and You're Out when his mother gives the host millions of dollars to remove Lightning from the competition, pissing off the athlete.

Courtney Edit


Courtney and Lightning join in an alliance together.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Courtney glares at Lightning irritatingly when he kisses his muscles. Lightning and Courtney are at the elimination ceremony, and Lightning asks her if she has any alliances, and she replies with a no. She asks him the same thing, and he replies the same. He asks her for an alliance, which she agrees to, though she calls him a sucker in her confessional, insulting his intelligence and merely wanting to use him.

He is told in the next episode that Courtney is not one to be trusted, and that she will stab him in his back, causing his trust for her to decline. He still nonetheless goes to her to ask her who to vote off. She is his personal cheerleader as he progresses through the challenge in Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder. She is voted off in Toxic Battle of...Doom!, and gets upset at him, since she thinks he voted her off, and reveals that she voted him off, but he is still a bit saddened that she left, and regrets that their alliance was not big enough to keep her. In the beginning of En-Toxicating, he rants about her lashing out at him for no reason, when he was one of the only few to not vote her out.

Eva Edit

In Egyptian Torture, Eva lashes out, and Lightning tells her to calm down, referring to her as "Jo-Wannabe", which pisses Eva off and puts him on her bad side, with her replying that Jo is a rip-off of her.

In African Safari, Lightning and his alliance decide to vote Eva back into the competition, but she starts to resort to her old ways. He tries to get her on his side, revealing that she is only back so she can join the alliance, but she refuses, and insults him by calling him Tyler (because he continuously called her Jo, which irritated her). He reveals that bringing her back was a mistake, and him and Alejandro happily vote her out in London the Ripper.



Lightning is very annoyed by Geoff, and then punches him.

In Icey Antarctica, Lightning swings a hammer at fellow teams, including Geoff, yelling that no-ones getting Cameron but his team. Frightened, Geoff politely asks Lightning to stop. In Indian Dance, to convince Chris to let his team win, Geoff convinces all of them to suck up to Chris' ego. Not wanting to lose while also being extremely annoyed by Geoff, Lightning punches both him and Trent. Geoff immediately gets up however, and doesn't seem to mind this violence as he continues to suck up to Chris.

In Australian Rivals, Geoff faces off against Lightning and Alejandro in a boxing challenge. Geoff attempts to punch Lightning, but doesn't hurt him hard enough and is throttled by him. After repeatedly punching Geoff, Lightning mocks him by saying he should just let the "real men" fight. Geoff tries to get up and punch Lightning but is ganged up on once again, with Lightning even insulting him by calling him a stoner. Despite this, Geoff is shown to be proud of Lightning when he eliminates Sadie, saying that Lightning is very smart, not showing any bad feelings towards the violent jock.


Lightning glares at Geoff, before the challenge begins.

In African Safari, when Alejandro and Lightning team up with each other to plot against Bridgette and Geoff, as Alejandro says lies to Bridgette, Lightning glares at Geoff, hoping that he's gone, and saying that he "better watch them eyes", referring to Alejandro. The challenge is announced to be working with an animal and that your relationship with it will be judged. This gives Lightning the opportunity to ridicule Geoff by saying that Geoff is already with an animal (referring to Amy) and he's automatically the winner, but Geoff does not hear him. When Geoff leaves the area after being chased by a lion, Lightning mistakes thin air for Geoff and is about to say what Alejandro said about Geoff and Bridgette. In the confessional, Geoff says how happy he is that Lightning and Amy got immunity, calling them cool.

Geoff accidentally offends Lightning, causing Lightning to insult Bridgette.

In London the Ripper, Lightning, along with Anne Maria and Beth, glare at Geoff. Later, Geoff attempts to have a friendly conversation with Lightning, but inadvertently insults him by using the sha phrase, prompting Lightning to puff his chest and insults Bridgette, referring to her as a tramp and that nobody else cares about her. This shocks Geoff, although blames this behavior from Lightning more on Alejandro than he does on Lightning. When Lightning is gone from the challenge first, Geoff attempts to friendly say goodbye to him but is rudely ignored. Geoff later asks everyone why he's being ignored, to which Lightning replies by lashing out at Geoff, yelling that nobody cares about him, causing Geoff to back away slowly with a frightened look. Geoff attempts to tell Lightning, along with Anne Maria and Beth, that Alejandro is messing with them, but Lightning does not believe Geoff and ignores him. When Lightning is safe with one vote, he immediately assumes it's from Geoff and glares at him, but Geoff swears that it wasn't him nervously. When Geoff is called safe, he tells the others how safe it is but most people including Lightning ignore Geoff. Afterwards, Lightning is still seen glaring at Geoff. Although Geoff is happy when Alejandro is eliminated, he's slightly terrified when Lightning yells at everyone for eliminating Alejandro, including Geoff.

In Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're Out, Lightning yells at everyone about how angry he is that they eliminated Alejandro. Geoff enters economy class to see what all the fuss is about and sees Lightning harshly insulting Amy causing her to cry. Geoff politely asks Lightning to stop, but Lightning just yells right back at Geoff. In Fallout of the Alejandro Extermination, Lightning's solo consists of him criticizing the other contestants for voting out Alejandro, including Geoff. After this, Lightning warns Geoff that he's next, frightening Geoff. Lightning votes off Geoff due to his dislike of him.

In The Big Apple when Anne Maria says that she sort of misses Lightning but his mother did the right thing, Geoff shows that he agrees with her, implying that he wanted to befriend Lightning in some way. When Amy tells Geoff that she's become shy ever since Lightning insulted her, Geoff cheers her up by saying that Lightning probably didn't mean to be too harsh while also saying that Lightning is "a bit too much party", inadvertedly insulting Lightning's intelligence and attention span. Lightning also encourages Alejandro to throw the challenge to not have Geoff win immunity.

Jo Edit


Lightning's plan to eliminate Jo fails.

Jo and Lightning are both proud jocks, who often clash because they each feel they are the best contestant. The latter also used to mistake the former for a male, something Jo does not take lightly, confronting him at her every opportunity. Both have a rough history together, with the latter eliminating the former in Total Drama Revenge of the Island, and vice-versa in Total Drama All-Stars. In Total Drama Around the World hints of their history are shown, such as Lightning's relief with Jo not competing in the season, and their tension when Jo is a helper for an episode.

In Total Drama Toxic Brawl both are on the Mutant Laser Squirrels and as a result of this, are determined to eliminate each other. Jo thinks of Lightning as too selfish and competitive, whereas Lightning thinks Jo is manipulative, bossy, and over-strategic. Because of past history of alliances they form not going so well, they usually keep their distance from each other during most challenges despite being on the same team as each other. Their eliminating attempts don't seem to work in either's favor for a long time. Things become more heated between the two as the game draws closer to a close in Monster Falls. However, in Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Jo is brutally injured by Dave, and Lightning, despite his conflict with Jo, attempts to save her life, but she is ungrateful of his help, bringing them back to their conflict.


Lightning is convinced by Anne Maria to vote Mike off in Let's Have a World Tour! Mike makes a cameo in Aloha, Merge!, and immediately kisses Anne Maria, which pisses her off. As soon as Lightning sees this, he reaches for Mike and brutally attacks him, telling him to never touch Anne Maria again, threatening him.



Sadie is shocked to have been eliminated, in which Lightning caused.

Lightning and Sadie do not interact much during the first few episodes, but things quickly escalate when both of them make a derogatory comment about the other, with Lightning usually making fun of Sadie's weight, and Sadie usually making fun of Lightning's idiocy. Things only get worse when Lightning starts to befriend Alejandro, and warns him about Sadie, as well as things getting almost physical between the two of them. Both become determined to get the other out, but Lightning gets the first strike, and eliminates Sadie, with her trying to stir trouble with Anne Maria and Lightning before she leaves. Even after she is eliminated, it is shown that their conflict is still very heated.

Scott Edit

While they haven't exactly hated each others presence, Lightning and Scott have a mixed view on each other. Even though they don't have the highest regard for each other, Lightning and Scott have had occasional budding moments with each other, such as their alliance together including Brick, while there also being moments of Scott laughing at Lightning's actions, either in a complimentary way or a mocking way. Even while conflicting moments occur between the two, they care about looking out for each others safety, such as Scott warning Lightning about Courtney, and Lightning helping Scott up when he's throttled by Jo. Despite this occasional friendship between the two, they have been known to get on each others nerves. Lightning is not fond of Scott's bossy and demeaning attitude and often clashes with him in challenges when it comes to important decisions that they're team must make. Scott meanwhile is irritated by Lightning's idiocy and annoyance, while also not having much hope that he can even do successful in challenges. When Scott changes to a different team, he is shown to both miss Lightning's presence while at the same time is also thankful that Lightning is not on his team, even though it's evident that their alliance is still present.

Staci Edit

In The Great Chinese Race, as Chris announces that their next destination is China, Staci informs her team that her relative had created China. This leads to her team including Lightning to glare at her. As the challenge is underway, Staci is struggling and asks her team for help, where Lightning and the rest of the team ignore her. Staci once again teams up with Anne Maria, Beth and Lightning in the vote, and eliminates Izzy.

In Egyptian Torture, when Staci gained the first point of the challenge, she tells her team mates, including Lightning that she believes they can finally win a challenge.

In African Safari, when the remaining seven contestants decided who to return back in the game, Staci is devastated and upset that no one voted for her, including Lightning Staci feels the need to defend Tyler in Toxic Battle of...Doom!, as he is arguing with Tyler, so she speaks to him and says that he is a mean idiot, who needs to leave her friends alone, and pushes him into the water, which he is not pleased by. Lightning notes that Staci made a grammatically incorrect statement, and told her that while he is not the smartest person, he knows that what she said makes no sense. She is astounded, and laughs, telling him that he is an idiot again, and made fun of him for losing in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. When his team loses, he dares Chris to put Staci and 2 others on his team for the team switch, so they can go home almost immediately, which causes her to panic. Despite everything, he states that he does not dislike her. He apologizes to her in En-Toxicating for his behavior, and she forgives him, wiping the slate clean.

Trent Edit

In Indian Dance, Trent looks at Lightning and Anne Maria in disgust, and says that twerking and grinding is disgusting, to which Lightning replies that Trent would get a girl if he danced like that. When Trent kisses up to Chris to prevent his team from getting last place, Lightning punches him, only to give a half apology afterwards.

Tyler Edit


With both Lightning and Tyler having big ego's, both have shown to have an extreme hatred towards each other.

Although not on the same team in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Lightning and Tyler have an intense rivalry with each other when it comes to competitiveness. Coupled with the fact that they take any opportunity to deliver harsh insults to each other, and the two hate each other's presence. Both get amused whenever they see the other's misfortune. When Tyler gets into an argument sometimes, Lightning encourages him to keep going. Tyler is one of the only people to notice a secret alliance established by Lightning. Thanks to Tyler being a friendly athlete while Lightning is not a friendly athlete, Lightning thinks of Tyler as a weak competitor. Lightning also calls Tyler out on betrayals he's made, such as when he criticizes Tyler for eliminating Lindsay. When Tyler is eliminated in Samey-Bot's Revenge, Lightning feels the need to rub this in Tyler's face. They have more interaction in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 where they are placed on the same team as each other.


In Icey Antarctica, Lightning hears Zoey say aloud something about an alliance on her team which he is confused by, and asks her what she means When Zoey turns into Commando Zoey in Australian Rivals, Lightning is completely creep-ed out by her actions, and continues to say how crazy, loony, and out of balance she is, and that Anne Maria was right about her. He states countless times that he hopes Anne Maria beats her up. Zoey is extremely hostile and angry towards Lightning in Aloha, Merge!, as they are all dealing with the aftermath of Sadie's elimination. Zoey calls him an idiot and a bad person for getting rid of her friend, while he brags about it and tells her that Sadie was never a friend to him, and that she was used by Sadie. Zoey makes it known throughout the entire episode that she wants Lightning eliminated.

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