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Jo exposes everyone's secrets after being extremely mad with all of them.

Jo has a personality that demands to win no matter the cost. She bears no hesitation or remorse in bossing around her teammates, betraying alliances, or risking the life of another, "expendable" player. Jo doesn't respect anyone even enough to call them by their name; she more often then not uses insults that either describe the subject or plays on their name. She also conflicts with other tough contestants, such as Eva and Lightning, for leadership of her team.


In Fun Zone 3.0, Jo says in her confessional that with Alejandro joining their team, he's an unstoppable force with Lightning. In The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw, Jo tells Beth that Alejandro and Lightning voted for her. After Alejandro is deemed eliminated, Jo says that another big threat is gone. In In Chris We Trust, Alejandro tells Amy that he heard Brick say in his confessional he loves Jo. Brick tells him he doesn't love her, but Alejandro asks if he did before. In Monster Falls, Lightning hopes for Jo to throw a tantrum, but Jo tells him he's the one who whined about Anne Maria betraying Alejandro in the previous season.


In Australian Rivals, Jo encourages her to beat up Anne Maria in the challenge. 

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Jo tells Brick she is dissapointed in his taste of girls, and asks why he went with Amy. In her confessional, she states that she wants Brick on her side so she can get rid of "Ms. Mole", referring to Amy.At the elimination ceremony, Jo whispers to Brick that she overheard Lightning talking about voting off Amy. Brick tries to make a deal with her to keep Amy safe, which Jo agrees to. In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Jo pats Brick on the back after he gets a marshmallow, which makes Amy tell her that he is her boyfriend. Jo laughs at what Amy says and asks her if

Amy is mad at Jo for patting Brick on the back.

she really thinks she wants Brick. Amy scoffs at her that Brick is her boyfriend and that she doesn't want her touching him. In En-Toxicating, Jo sits between Amy and Brick, while pushing Amy off to the side. Amy then pushes Jo off, telling her that Brick was talking to her. Jo tells her that she has been faking her kindness, and calls her Samey. Later, she says that it is so hard to deal with her team. She says Brick is fine, but Amy is on her last nerve. After overhearing Amy and Brick's conversation, Jo tells them a way to solve Amy and Samey's conflict is to vote one of them out.

In the morning of Mutant Kingdom, Jo smirks at both Amy and Samey and says that one of them is a homewrecker. She then says that she can't tell either apart. At the elimination ceremony, Jo glares at Amy when she receives a marshmallow. Amy smirks and giggles at Jo when she tells her to not have her face freeze. Jo tells her not to mess with her, calling her "Bottle Blonde". In Down, Down In My Awful Mine, Jo is glad that Amy is eliminated and tells her she shouldn't have messed with her. During the trivia challenge in Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Jo whispers to Brick that she knows who voted off Amy. After Brick gets a point for his team, Jo pats him on the back and tells him his "girl" would be proud, referring to Amy. Later, Jo tells Brick that it was a collaboration between Lightning and Samey to vote off Amy. In Fun Zone 3.0, Eva asks why Brick has been annoying, and Jo tells her she told him who got out Amy. In 2014: A Toxic Owen, Jo is disgusted in her confessional that she kissed "Mole Lover", referring to Brick loving Amy. After Brick keeps overreacting about their kiss, she tells Brick that he must not care about Amy anymore, but Brick tells her he cares about Amy a lot. In The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Jo tries to distract Brick by telling him Amy hates his unibrow. Jo tells everyone, after her trying to expose everyone, that Amy would be dissapointed. 

In Broken Barrels, Broken Bonds, Jo threatens Brick to tell Amy about his sorry excuse if he doesn't win the challenge. In In Chris We Trust, Amy yells at Brick for kissing Jo when they were dating and

Amy and Jo argue at Playa Des Losers because of Brick and Jo accidentally kissing.

walks off. Chris asks what everyone thinks of Jo, especially Amy, which makes her glare at Brick for kissing Jo. After Alejandro tells Amy that Brick said he liked Jo, Amy is shocked. After Chris says the next trivia question is about Jo, Amy angrily repeats "Jo". In Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Amy confronts Jo and tells her that she kissed Brick. Jo tells her that she forgot who she was since she had been voted out so long ago, and tells her that Brick kissed her. Amy tells Jo that she isn't happy with him either. In Amy's confessional, she says she isn't mad at Brick, but says that Brick and Jo seemed to have sparks in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and sighs. After Brick tries to make up with Amy, she lashes out at him that he and Jo had sparks in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but she soon forgives him. Jo tries to lie to Amy by telling her that Brick wanted Amy out, Amy doesn't believe her. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Jo glares at Amy and Brick, and tells Brick that she could've stolen him from Amy if she wanted. Jo then glares at Amy and Brick, and yells out that she got nothing from the season. After she sees Amy and Brick make out, she tackles Amy. 

Anne MariaEdit

In Australian Rivals, Jo encourages Amy to beat up Anne Maria in the challenge.

In Samey-Bot's Revenge, Jo looks in the mirrior and says she'll look like Anne Maria for looking feminine, which freaks her out. In The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Jo asks Lightning how it feels to have Anne Maria break up with her. Jo lies to him and tells him that Anne Maria has a hotter man. In Monster Falls, after Lightning tells Jo to throw a tantrum, Jo tells him he's the one who whined about Anne Maria voting out Alejandro. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Jo tells Lightning that Anne Maria won't dig for his money again. 


In A Radioactive Beginning, Jo votes off Beardo. At the elimination ceremony, Beardo and Jo are in the bottom two at the elimination ceremony. In In Chris We Trust, Beardo defends Brick and tells Alejandro that Brick and Jo were just friends. 


In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Jo tells Brick to not trust Beth after telling him that Beth and Lighting want Amy gone. In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Jo considers Beth for her alliance with Eva. When Eva and Jo discuss that Beth would be a candidate for their alliance, Jo says that she'll try to get Beth on her side. In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate , Jo yells out at elimination that it makes no sense for Beth to get 5 votes. In The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw, Jo tells Beth who voted her off. In The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Jo tries to distract Beth by asking her how it felt to have Justin break up with her. Beth tells her it wasn't good, but doesn't trip over a hurdle. She tries to expose Beth later on, by telling everyone that her lisp and other conditions are fake, as she found Beth's doctor file, and asks her if it's for sympathy. Beth, however, has no comment to what Jo says about her. In Broken Barrels, Broken Bonds, Jo states in her confessional that she can't believe she is stuck with Beth, along with everyone else. In Monster Falls, Jo says she'll get Beth or Scarlett out after Lightning.


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Brick and Jo were both placed on the Mutant Laser Squirrels. In the beginning, they didn't interact much, until during an elimination ceremony, where Jo convinced Brick to trust him, in which he does. Throughout the season, he completely trusts her, but is caught trying to break up fights with Jo or someone else. Things change completely when Brick and Jo accidentally kiss, and they struggle with

Brick and Jo accidentally kiss after Jo trips on him.

ignoring the kiss, making their interactions completely awkward. Jo decides to go for the jugular, and constantly makes fun of his relationship with Amy, and uses her to provoke him. When Brick is reunited with his girlfriend Amy, Jo is extremely jealous and angry with him.

Chef HatchetEdit

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Jo tells Chef that she likes his style of hosting.

Chris McLeanEdit

In Australian Rivals, Heather and Jo angrily asks Chris if she can leave the "crap-fest". Chris says they can't, while laughing. 

In A Radioactive Beginning, Jo calls Chris "Botox McLean", and tells him to hurry up with the pathetic elimination ceremony. When she and Beardo are in the bottom two, she yells at Chris to give her the marshmallow. In Toxic Battle of...Doom! , Chris asks if there are 21 people left, and Jo tells him "No **** sherlock". In the trivia challenge in Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Jo yells at Chris to hurry

Jo complains to Chris to hurry up the challenge.

up, and she gives him the nickname, "Gray-light McLean". In Samey-Bot's Revenge, Jo looks at the hair gel, and picks it up, saying it's what "Mr. Botox" wants.  In The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw, Jo makes a joke that Chris' vacation was to the plastic surgeon, also saying that nothing can make him attractive. In 2014: A Toxic Owen, after Jo complains to Chris to hurry up the ceremony, Chris tells Jo to shut up. Jo yells at him that she is just in an impatient mood and wants him to hurry up. In Chris & Stitch, Jo yells at Chris if he's going to let Dawn give her a -100, but gets no response. In The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Jo yells at Chris if he'll allow Scarlett to push her off the climbing wall, calling him "GrayClean", but gets no response. Jo accuses Chris of rigging the challenge, since he told her she's out of the challenge. Jo tells him she is sick of his "crap" and calls him "old man". Jo then cackles at Chris and walks away. At the elimination ceremony, Jo tells Chris she has information about him too, and asks if she can say it all. Chris ignores her and continues giving everyone marshmallows.  In Broken Barrels, Broken Bonds, Chris tries to bribe everyone to drop out for a $100. Jo asks if he's serious and tells him that nobody would fall for it. In In Chris We Trust, Chris tries to taunt Amy and

Jo tells Chris she shouldn't be disqualified for punching Lightning, but Chris tells her he makes up the rules as he goes.

Brick when asking what everyone thinks of Jo. He taunts Brick more about her and him kissing. Chris tells Brick that he enjoyed kissing Jo, just to cause more drama. In Monster Falls, after Jo calls the challenge rigged and punches Lightning, Chris threatens to disqualify her if she uses violence again. Jo tells him that many people have people fought before and nobody was disqualified. Chris replies by telling her that he makes up his own rules. Chris laughs at Scarlett when she questions if Jo won immunity, which he tells her she did. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, after Chris makes it suspenseful on who will win, Jo tells him it better be Staci who wins. Chris then tells Jo, Scarlett, and Staci that they are in the next season, but Jo yells and tells him that she refuses to compete in next season.


In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Jo grabs Cody and asks him who he is voting for. At the elimination ceremony, Jo is shocked that Cody is deemed eliminated.


In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Courtney's eyes widen after she sees Jo kiss Scott, and tells her to get off of him. They then get in a fight, and Courtney calls her a "mangirl". They continue fighting, calling each other names. 


Dawn tells Jo that there is no need to badmouth others, after Jo calls everyone idiots for making Lightning get 5th in Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions. In En-Toxicating, Scarlett tells Jo that either Noah or Dawn will most likely go home, and Jo agrees with her. In Chris & Stitch, Dawn gives Jo a 0/10 for her performance. Jo gets really angry and punches Dawn for giving her a low score. Dawn decides to give her a -100 for Jo. Jo yells at Chris if he's going to let Dawn give her a -100, but gets no response. Dawn tells her resorting to violence is despicable. Jo yells in her face that she will resort to violence if she needs to, but Dawn tells her no thanks.


In A Wild Western Introduction, after the Pythons win the challenge, and Dave whines about it, Jo tells him to shut up, leading to a fight between the two. Dave punches Jo but she responds by breaking some of his bones. Dave responds by randomly throwing a knife that breaks one of Jo's legs, causing her to lunge at him and punch him even more, including his brain, making him even dumber than

Jo lunges at Dave after he throws a knife at her.


In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Jo sarcastically says that Dave being out of the challenge is a shocker. In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, when Dave instantly eats Alejandro's gross food, Jo along with the whole cast are disgusted by Dave. In Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, despite being out of the game, Dave asks Jo for an alliance, but is ignored. When Dave tries to attack everyone, Jo says that he can't do anything, since he threw a plastic butterknife at her in Total Drama Wild West. Dave then tells Jo that it's a sharper knife. Jo then gets stabbed by him, and screams in pain. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Jo attacks Dave and tells her that's what he gets for making her lose the show. 


After Jo notices what Duncan is doing in Mutant Kingdom, she says that she would've thought he learned from Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars. At the elimination ceremony, Jo fare-wells Duncan when he is deemed eliminated. 


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Eva and Jo argue before the challenge starts.

In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Eva is switched and sees Jo as competition, and one person she can insult without seeming mean, or have competitions and yell at her without seeming mean. So, Eva decides to stick with Jo and ally with her. Jo meanwhile, likes how Eva used to go about things, but will be brash to even the likes of her, though due to her liking Eva's style, the two have mutual respect and sometimes can clash for the fight to be a leader.


In the promo picture for Total Drama Wild West, Jo is seen showing her anger at Ezekiel.


In Serpent Showdown Heather breaks up a fight Jo has with Scott. When her team lose, Heather agrees with Scott's reasoning for eliminating Jo, knowing that she will try to ally with members of the Venomous Vipers if she lasts to any kind of merge. Heather engages in a fight with Jo in Australian Rivals when Jo brings up Heather's baldness from last season. In Go Big or Go Home, after Cameron saves Heather and shoots Dave. Heather tells Cameron that that is nice going, and he may not be as expendable as Jo thought.


In Fun Zone 3.0, Jo tries to remember what Izzy did to make a fire. Scarlett asks who she is talking about, but soon remembers. Jo tells her that Izzy taught Eva how to make a fire. 


In En-Toxicating, Jo notices all the drama between Dawn, Noah, and Shawn, and tells them they are lucky that Jasmine left two episodes ago. In In Chris We Trust, Jasmine calls Jo a "viper" and hopes she gets 5th. She decides to give immunity to Staci, and not the villains, referring to one of them as Jo.


In The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Jo tries to distract Beth by asking her how it was when Justin broke up with her. 


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Jo and Lightning are both proud jocks, who often clash because they each feel they are the best contestant. The latter also used to mistake the former for a male, something Jo does not take lightly, confronting him at her every opportunity. Both have a rough history together, with the latter eliminating the former in Total Drama Revenge of the Island, and vice-versa in Total Drama All-Stars. In Total Drama Around the World hints of their history are shown, such as Lightning's relief with Jo not competing in the season, and their tension when Jo is a helper for an episode.

In Total Drama Toxic Brawl both are on the Mutant Laser Squirrels and as a result of this, are determined to eliminate each other. Jo thinks of Lightning as too selfish and competitive, whereas Lightning thinks Jo is manipulative, bossy, and over-strategic. Because of past history of alliances they form not going so well, they usually keep their distance from each other during most challenges despite being

Lightning is shocked and upset when his rival, Jo, wins immunity, and not him.

on the same team as each other. Their eliminating attempts don't seem to work in either's favor for a long time. Things become more heated between the two as the game draws closer to a close in Monster Falls. However, in Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Jo is brutally injured by Dave, and Lightning, despite his conflict with Jo, attempts to save her life, but she is ungrateful of his help, bringing them back to their conflict.


In Samey-Bot's Revenge, Jo tells Lightning he makes "Bottle Blonde" Lindsay look like Scarlett. In Chris & Stitch, Lindsay is excited to see Jo and her gopher juggle balls. Lindsay then gives her performance a 7/10. She tells Jo she did the math which added up to -87.4, which was way off. In In Chris We Trust, Lindsay hopes for Jo to get 5th place. In Monster Falls, Jo asks Staci if Lightning and how his thoughts make Lindsay look like Einstein is credible. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, she says that she remembers everyone from her experience, but calls everyone a different name, including Jo, calling her "Joanna". 


Noah and Jo have opposites way of life, as Jo has a reckless combative spirit while Noah has a laid back attitude to everything, not to mention she lives for sports unlike him, but Noah supports Jo for
Noah Jo paintwar

Noah is about to shoot Jo in the paintball challenge.

unknown reasons during the 2nd elimination of the Poisonous Pythons where she was at risk of going home. Since they are always placed in opposite teams, the interactions are only in challenges, especially in Total Drama Toxic Brawl. Noah hits Jo at her back in the paintball challenge of Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens. In En-Toxicating, Jo punches Noah and Lindsay while running with the flower. She also agrees with Scarlett when she says that Noah or Dawn will most likely go home. Noah blocks Jo and causes her elimination in the water gun war taken in the episode Mutant See, Mutant Do. In Samey-Bot's Revenge, Noah and Jo are in a group along with Brick and Scarlett. When Jo doesn't notice Noah, she says they lost "Windblown Haired Nerd". In the cave. Noah asks if Brick and Jo are following him, but gets no reply from Jo. In 2014: A Toxic Owen, Noah asks Brick if he kissed Jo, but Brick tells him it was an accident. In Chris & Stitch, Noah says in his confessional that Jo is doomed in the challenge since Dawn is judging. InThe Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Noah asks Brick and Jo for help on the climbing wall, but Jo just ignores him. Jo tries to expose Noah to everyone, but can't since he has no good items and no allies. Noah is glad when Jo finds nothing to blackmail him with. In In Chris We Trust, Noah wonders if the accident between Brick and Jo was planned.


In En-Toxicating, Owen says in his confessional that Jo is aggressive. 


In 2014: A Toxic Owen, after Lightning wants Sadie gone, Jo tells him that she is already safe from elimination. In Chris & Stitch, Sadie calls Jo, along with everyone else, idiots. She also yells at Jo, along with everyone, to have good luck getting Femme Fatale out, which is Jo's alliance. 


After Tyler comments that Samey shoots like a girl in Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Jo tells him that she is a girl. In En-Toxicating , Jo tells Amy and Brick that a way to solve Amy and Samey's conflict is to vote one of them out. In the morning of Mutant Kingdom, Jo smirks at both Amy and Samey and says that one of them is a homewrecker. She then says that she can't tell either apart. In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Jo considers Samey to join her alliance with Eva. Later, Jo tells Brick that Lightning and Samey both had the idea of voting off Amy. In The Toxic Treasure of

Jo asks Samey who talks with acronyms, after being confused by them.

Awkanawaw, Scarlett says how unoriginal the challenge is, and Jo tells her that since a cheerleader is hosting the challenge, it's obvious she'd make a challenge like this. After another round, Jo asks Samey who talks with acronyms. In In Chris We Trust, Samey is surprised when Brick kissed Jo while dating Amy. At Playa Des Losers in Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Samey tells the final four they have done a good job, but says "aside from Jo and Scarlett". Jo then calls her a "ho-bag" after hearing this. 


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Scarlett creates an alliance with Eva and Jo together, making Femme Fatale.

In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, both were initially silent. However, in En-Toxicating, Scarlett and Jo begin a mutual friendship and an alliance that quickly grew to dominate their team. Both strive to be leaders and are strategic, but rather than hate each other, they respect the other for it. They work together as allies for a majority of the season, but as the season goes on, their conflicting personalities strain their friendship, and as of The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, the two are enemies. Scarlett eventually eliminates Jo in Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, cementing their conflict.


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Scott chooses Jo to be on his team "The Poisonous Pythons" in A Wild Western Introduction. While he considers her to be a strong asset to his team, she hates being on a team with someone like him, much preferring to dominate a team of pushover nice people. Ever since then, the two have clashed on a number of occasions when it comes to things such as leadership, ideas, and challenge skills, before Scott has enough of her temper and votes her off. They are initially placed on the same team in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, and tend to clash on a number of occasions once again, before their interactions become limited when Scott joins the Toxic Sharks. Both of them continue to gun after the one another (especially once the merge starts), but Scott ends up being blindsided a few episodes in

Jo kisses Scott to make Brick jealous, but both end up disgusted after.

the merge, somewhat being karma for eliminating her. In the finale, Jo grabs Scott to kiss him to get Brick's attention, and both end up getting repulsed by this.


In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Jo spots Shawn above her in the challenge, and shoots him out of the challenge. After he's out, he tells her "well played".


In A Wild Western Introduction, Jo begs for Sky to put her on her team, but she takes too long, and doesn't get picked by her. In Serpent Showdown Sky approaches Jo and says hi. Jo called her a wannabe Olympian and moves on with the challenge. Sky wins the first portion of the challenge and tells Jo that her and the Pythons will win the second portion of the challenge. When Jo is eliminated Sky says goodbye to her, and hopes to see her in a future season.

In Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions, Sky, Jo, and Tyler are all shown at their gym. Sky explains that Jo and Tyler are both personal trainers. Sky soon blushes when talking about Duncan, but Jo tells her that couples are a distraction. Sky tells her that Duncan doesn't get in the way of her becoming an olympian.


In 2014: A Toxic Owen, Jo tags Staci, and reminds her that she is out of the challenge. She then tells Staci and Eva to go in the mine to look for people. In The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Jo tries to expose Staci by asking her if she has been losing weight to fit in. Staci yells at Jo that she is not, and calls Jo an idiot, a backstabber, and a liar. Staci even curses at Jo, which is all bleeped out. Staci then cries and hugs Beth and Scarlett, asking why Jo has to be so mean. At the elimination ceremony, Staci shows her middle finger at Jo and guesses that she'll go home. In [[Monster Falls|Monster

Jo angrily calls Staci a floater.

Falls]], Staci says "Screw you" to Jo, but Jo yells at her that she did nothing to her. Jo calls the show "The Scarlett and Staci show" after she notices everyone is keeping Lightning around. Later, Jo tells Staci to throw up just to lose weight and calls her a floater. Staci then tells Jo that she was feminity issues, which is the reason why Lightning thinks she is a girl. Staci also tells Jo that she probably wants to be a girl. Jo then asks her if Lightning and how his thoughts make Lindsay look like Einstein is credible. She then tells her to choke on her own vomit. In the morning of Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Jo glares at Staci in the cabin. Staci then tells Jo and Scarlett about her Aunt Lillian inventing feasts, which Jo ignores. Staci sees Jo screaming and screams herself, asking what to do. Staci then asks Jo why Scarlett is so heartless, but gets no response since Jo is screaming in pain. Jo tells her that Scarlett is a sociopath. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Jo roots for Staci over Lightning, and tells her to make sure Lightning doesn't win. Staci thanks Jo when she cuts Lightning's rope instead of Staci's. After Chris makes it suspenseful on who will win, Jo tells him it better be Staci who wins. Jo congratulates Staci when she wins the season.


In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, Tyler's team won the challenge for the second time, which Jo got mad at Tyler's team. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler is seen rooting for Heather, and Scott. Jo instantly asked what about her. Tyler then also rooted for her to stay in the game. Jo smiled and then received a marshmallow. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, when Tyler was deemed to be eliminated. Jo is seen very shocked to the news. She also states that even though he was a threat, she can't help but feel bad for him. As he was betrayed by Noah.

In Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions, when Celebrity Manhunt is interviewing contestants, they visit Jo, Sky and Tyler, who are all at Sky's gym, working out. Tyler starts to punch a punching bag, saying that he will find Noah, and take him down, for betraying him in Total Drama Wild West. Jo says that she likes Tyler's new energy, and that he should keep punching the punching bag, until it goes down. Tyler thanked Jo, and stated that Noah should of never had betrayed him, which Tyler gets angrier, which he started to punch harder, causing the punching bag to break.

In A Radioactive Beginning, when Jo and Beardo landed in the Bottom 2, Tyler said that their team is very bad for putting their strongest member in the Bottom 2. In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Tyler shoots at Samey when he see's her, but she dodges it, then she tries shooting at Tyler, but he also dodges it. Tyler then tells Samey that she shoots like a girl, which Eva, Jo and Samey all tell Tyler that she is a girl. Jo says that she is sick and tired of the guys always trying to downplay them. In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Brick believes what Lightning is saying about Tyler and Lindsay's relationship, and Jo mocks him for actually believing it and tells Tyler to ignore Lightning. When Jo pats Brick on the back, Amy starts to overreact, which Tyler says that there is now gonna be drama

Jo tackles for the purple flower.

between Amy and Jo. In En-Toxicating, Jo tackles Tyler when he has the flower, and yells at her team that she has got him.

In Samey-Bot's Revenge, Jo votes out Tyler. When Tyler is eliminated, before being hurled Tyler thanks everyone for making this season so fun. Everyone is seen waving bye to Tyler, and fare-welling him. In Chris & Stitch, Tyler asks if Jo and her gopher juggling is a sport while judging it. Tyler then scores her performance a 5.6/10. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, after Jo and Scarlett complain that they should be in the finale, and not Staci and Lightning. Tyler tells them that they were eliminated, and they need to get over it. After Jo and Scott kiss, everyone including Tyler is seen in disgust.

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