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Upon Heather's arrival in Total Drama Returns to the Island, contestants are mad and shocked that she is competing again.

Heather was the first main antagonist of the series, and entered the game in order to be famous instead of making friends. Heather has used many methods in order to get ahead in the game including manipulation, deception, lies, betrayal, and fake friendships. This leads to her being hated by almost all of the contestants. In Total Drama Returns to the Island, she attempts to lay low so that she can eventually surprise everyone and advance herself in the competition. She joins in the The Screaming Ducks Alliance if for no other reason than to make it far, not holding much respect or communication towards the other members. Glimpses of her meaner side are seen in Trials and Triva-lations where she keeps her distance from Dave at all times and snaps at him. She, unlike everyone else, loves Dawn's terrifying insults towards other contestants. Due to her being a threat thanks to her past strategic moments, she is eliminated in The Super Wi-Fi Spies.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, Heather successfully manipulates contestants into believing she is a nicer person, and even gains them into an alliance.

In Total Drama Wild West, Heather tries a different angle at the competition, forming a few alliances with people that she tries to communicate with much more. She forms an alliance with Scott and Sugar separately and even holds in her absolute irritance and hatred towards Sugar when she eliminates an unofficial member like Courtney. Thanks to this three-way alliance on Heather's team, she expects to win much more this time. After a shockingly heart-wrenching performance with Katie in Red Dead Mergiton, she forms a short-lived alliance with her. However, in the end, Heather gets too arrogant for her own good in This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, reading Sky's diary aloud to get her mad, making her much more hated. In a 5-4 vote, Heather is eliminated, even being betrayed by former alliance member Katie. Heather is determined to win more than ever next time she competes, as seen in Aftermath: The Unlimited.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 Heather has a rough start in terms of popularity, fighting with Katie in the air. Once she sees everyone, she covers herself by pretending to be sorry, noting in the confessional that this is her game plan and everyone won't know what hit them. Her plans don't work too well, as only Lindsay, Sadie and Tyler believe Heather's nice act. However, Heather's contribution to her team means they don't vote her off as soon as she expects. She keeps to her antagonistic ways however, teaming up with Scarlett in eliminating people such as Noah and Beth. Heather can't keep her lies believable, reaching a breaking point when Alejandro, Katie, or Sky get her mad.



Over the course of the series, both Alejandro and Heather are constantly bickering, which leads to there break up in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2.

Alejandro and Heather have been in a relationship for a long period of time since Total Drama All-Stars. At the end of that season, they had resolved their differences with each other as they were previously in an intense rivalry with one another. However, in The Big Apple, because one of Heather's worst enemies is attracted to Alejandro, it gives Heather paranoia that Alejandro reciprocates these feelings to Sky. Furious at him, Heather breaks up with Alejandro in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, mad at him for still being flirtatious with Sky, and also mad at him lying previously that she is his true love. Although they're not on the same team throughout this season, they are at extreme odds with each other in rivalry. Conflict only worsens once Alejandro witnesses Heather kiss Cody as part of a movie performance, and takes revenge by kissing Sky in front of Heather, leading to both using Cody and Sky as a means of making the other jealous respectively.


In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty at the cliff, as Anne Maria asks if the twins can do anything other than homewreck, Heather agrees with her.

In The Returning Record Holders, Amy, being naive and unaware of anything, yells at Heather that Alejandro did nothing wrong when she throws a pebble at Alejandro, with Amy not being aware of what's been going on, but Heather ignores Amy, not caring what she has to say. Heather listens intently to Anne Maria say how Amy is a homewrecker and will take Alejandro.

In Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs, Heather hopes Lindsay remains in the competition instead of Amy.

Anne MariaEdit


In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, Anne Maria and Heather do not get along, which Anne Maria usually stand up for others against Heather.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, when Anne Maria asks Amy and Samey if they can do anything other than homewreck, Heather agrees with her, but calls her a "French Faker", referring to Anne Maria's actions in French Talent Contest.

In The Returning Record Holders, Heather listens intently to Anne Maria say how Amy is a homewrecker and will take Alejandro.

In Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs, after finding out Anne Maria was out of the challenge, Heather feels worried, as she noticed that bugs were on "Tanface". Anne Maria criticizes Heather's usage of the word "Yahoo" when she earns a point, saying nobody's used it since Google was created, but Heather sarcastically excuses herself for being happy, while calling Anne Maria "fake tan".

In Blood's Downpour, Anne Maria shoves Heather aside for beating up Katie, and dumbly says that Katie did nothing to Heather despite her revealing her wig. She calls Heather a wannabe fully white trick and her man even hates her, referring to Alejandro. She asks Heather just how pathetic she is, and promises her that she will be going home soon. At the elimination ceremony, Heather is still twitching one eye from Anne Maria's words. Heather is happy to see Anne Maria eliminated, saying "Good riddance". Heather rolls her eyes at Anne Maria's goodbye, asking her to flush herself already, adding that she's not pathetic and is popular, disagreeing with Anne Maria's statement that she is anything otherwise.



Beth and Heather still do not get along, and when Beth is placed on the same team as Heather, Heather is mad at her.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, Heather cheers when she's on the Brain team, but is disappointed that Beth is on her team, adding that "coolness just got lowered". This confuses and saddens Beth, calling it harsh. Heather worries about her chances in the game and thus says that she was just joking as she stutters with the words. She puts her arm around Beth and asks if they're friends with an awkward look on her face, while telling Tyler she is nice, but stutters with the words again. Beth gives a deadpan look back to Heather, not falling for her nice act.

In The Returning Record Holders Heather converses with Beth and Scarlett about their uncomfortable beds, and calls Chris a cheapskate, before showing both of them a worm under her sleeping bag, saying the "stupid Al-lookin' things" are messing up her bed. Beth could care less about what Heather is saying, correcting herby saying what Heather's shown them is just worms. Heather almost has a heated argument with Beth by saying she knows what she meant and is about to call Beth four eyes, but then corrects herself in time to call her Beth. At the challenge, Beth worries about Heather's movie suggestion as it'll be hard to make someone like Chris sad, but Heather reminds her that it's worked with Duncan, so it can work with them. At the teams' performance, before Heather and Cody get married, Beth runs in with a cardboard cut out fake gun. Heather asks "Who is this bi***?!" which wasn't a planned line by her team.


After some time, Heather gets extremely annoyed by Beth, and ultimately eliminates her The Rake-age.

In The Rake-age when Heather tries to make Alejandro jealous by flirting with Cody, she tells Cody that she wasn't completely acting in her role of being married to him, but Beth enters the conversation, and because she can see right through Heather's lies, she informs Cody that Heather was acting. Heather yells at Beth to shut up, and stay away from the conversation and her man, making Beth nonchalantly reply with an "Okay", as she doesn't want to spend much time talking to Heather. Heather blames Beth for the team coming last later in the challenge as she did not lead them at all, and is frustrated with her. She subtly convinces her team to blame Beth, saying that thanks to her they're coming last. Beth is incredibly confused but Heather tells her to "Zip" and shuts Beth's mouth. In the confessional, Heather rants about Beth, noting how she thinks she's so great. Heather calls Beth nice, likable, and makes it far all the time, vowing that she is going down big time. Heather jumps in a cart and orders Beth to push them with her weak arms while calling her dork. When Heather asks Scarlett to push the cart, it's because she thinks of Beth as too lazy, blaming her once again. But after Cody tells Heather to be nicer to Beth, she suddenly agrees and says to Beth how much she loves her, making Beth give a blank, yet angry face at Heather. After the team lose, Heather calls Beth the team's most useless member in the confessional. After Cameron blames Heather for the challenge loss as she slapped people, Beth agrees with him. Beth and Heather both vote for each other at the elimination ceremony. Heather growls at Beth when she is in the Bottom 2 with her. When Tyler is confused about Beth being in the Bottom 2, Heather tells him that Beth deserved it. Heather laughs when Beth is eliminated. Heather has an idea about who voted for her in the 3-2 vote, grinning evilly at Beth and Cameron. Heather pushes Chris out of the way after he asks who is taking exile, taking the time to laugh at Beth's misfortune. After calling Beth a loser, she asks that she prepares for toilet duties, laughing sinisterly once again while swallowing a fly again. After Beth says a final word, Heather takes the opportunity to flush the toilet, sniggering at Beth.

In Brawn Within a Beauty, Heather mentions in the confessional how glad she is that Beth is gone, and calls her dork, adding that she was ruining her chances.



Cameron, although terrified of Heather, has been capable of fighting back against harsh insults by her.

Cameron and Heather don't interact much in Total Drama Returns to the Island, due to being on opposing teams, along with Heather's early merged elimination, although Cameron is one of the many votes for her. Heather seems to show subtle signs of scathing hatred for Cameron, such as only rooting for Tyler to win the challenge in Final Four Face Off! and voting for Sky to win instead of Cameron in Totally Dramatic Finale!

They are both placed on the same team in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, and have conflicting differences with each other. Cameron, although terrified of Heather, has been capable of fighting back against harsh insults by her. He also does not approve of his team, including Heather, arguing on many occasions. Heather underestimates Cameron completely, and considers him a weak contestant, liking to toy with his emotions, such as when she eliminates Beth to make Cameron upset.

Chef Hatchet Edit

In The Returning Record Holders, when Heather's team try to come up with a performance, Heather suggests a sad skit as the "crybaby hosts" eat up stuff like that, referring to Chris and Chef. Heather gives a movie idea of someone finding a a young, athletic, yet misfortunate chef, attempting to compliment Chef. She corrects herself in saying that none of this is true about Chef, but they definitely like being flattered. Chef likes the performance at first, calling it both disgusting and beautiful, but once the sucking up happens, he calls all of the team dweebs and gives them a zero.

In You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat! from eating squid eyes and pig intestine for a part of the challenge, Heather barfs on Chef, to which he glares at her. Realizing that she must eat all of her food, Heather licks vomit off of Chef's apron, and then finally slurps up the vomit, much to his disgust.

In Greet It and Weep, Heather punches the paper, and yells "F*** you Lightning" before she is grabbed by Chef, but reaches her hand out to stamp on photo before leaving.

In They're Jumping Around Like Kangaroos, after Chef gives the idea of starving the contestants, Heather glares at him. Chef later whacks Heather in the face with a frying pan for the challenge, leaving her face red. Heather is determined not give up, and also asks "Master Chef" if that's the best he's got. Chef throws a baby kangaroo at Sky, and once Heather sees it after Sky has caught it, she yells that that was her one, and screams at Chef to not lay a finger on it, calling Chef a rejected general. Chef doesn't care that it was Heather's beloved kangaroo, and throws a hardcover book at Heather and hits her leg. Heather tells Samey a joke that Chef has pig crap for brains. Heather then chants "Pig crap. Pig crap. Chef has pig crap".

Chris McLeanEdit

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The relationship between Chris and Heather is one of the more heated conflicts between the host and one of the contestants; some of it is a result of their clashing egos. On several occasions, Chris seems to show disapproval towards some of Heather's measures for victory and for taking control of the show, yet at the same time seems to help her out in slight ways in order to keep her in the competition because of her strength as an antagonist. Likewise, Heather shows her hate of Chris' bossy and controlling attitude on the show and particularly dislikes the fact that she is singled out by him. As the series progressed, the conflict has fluctuated, with many moments where the two get on each other's nerves. They have no interaction in Total Drama Returns to the Island due to Heather trying to stay out of sight from the competition. They also don't interact much in Total Drama Wild West, most likely due to them not wanting to speak to each other. Chris barely listens to Heather's constant insults towards him in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, although does take pleasure in mocking her and her team a couple of times. Because of Heather trying an antagonistic approach once again, she always criticizes Chris on his sadism and his looks.


Cody and Heather have in the past been good friends with each other ever since Total Drama World Tour. However, they don't have much interaction in Total Drama Returns to the Island despite this because of them being on different teams, and the same can be said for Total Drama Wild West. However, they are both placed on Team Brains in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 and still have a budding friendship. But because Alejandro messes with Heather's emotions by kissing Sky, she attempts to retaliate by pretending to be attracted to Cody. But because Heather is prone to getting to used to habits, she comes across as being genuinely attracted to Cody even when Alejandro isn't around. Cody is confused about her attractions at first and eventually becomes creeped out by her, but still seems to be on good terms with her, albeit not as much. Following Cody's elimination in Brawn Within a Beauty, Heather seems to have stopped being attracted to him, although clearly misses him.


After Heather forms her alliance with Scott and Sugar in Dancing With Cowboys, they all initially agree not to vote off Courtney as she can be a useful asset to them in the future. In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers Heather is mad about Courtney being eliminated, but only for strategic purposes.

In You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!, when Scarlett asks Heather if she wants to help her cost the challenge so they can eliminate Lightning, Heather doesn't agree, believing that they shouldn't miss out on their luxury, and also adds she hates people who cost challenges such as "that idiot Courtney".


In Red Dead Mergiton, Heather votes off Dakota along with everyone else for her choosing to align herself with Noah. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, Dakota does not like Heather's cruel performance towards Sky, calling it mean, giving it a 3\10.



Heather gets mad and is disgusted to see Dave stalking her in the interview.

Because of Dave's brain damage after the events of Total Drama Pahkitew Island, he is immediately attracted to Heather due to believing that her cruelty towards him is playing hard to get, trying his hardest to get her to reciprocate his feelings. Heather however detests Dave for doing creepy actions and never giving her personal space. Heather eventually becomes so sick of Dave that she files a restraining order against him, even punching him. He breaks this restraining order in Go Big or Go Home, hunting down Heather to be affectionate towards her. Terrified, Heather hurts Dave. Feeling rejected, he turns aggressive against Heather while she is captured by Larry. Knowing how to manipulate, Heather promises Dave that she will kiss him if he frees her, before beating him up again and running away in fear, bringing the two back to square one.

Dawn Edit

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Heather loves Dawn's insults towards Scott, finding them entertaining. Despite this, Heather votes off Dawn for being a nuisance to the contribution of the Screaming Ducks.



Although, many fall for Heather's manipulation, Duncan believes Heather is a "fake", and does not fall for her act.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Duncan is sad after Heather beats him in their round of number guessing. She, however, laughs at his misfortune.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Duncan votes off Heather for being a threat and being strategic, something he is one of the most aware about, while she voted for him due to disliking him, much to his annoyance.

In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous when Sky feels sad about Tyler being eliminated, Duncan puts his arm around her in a flirtatious manner, saying she'll be okay, but Heather sees them and teases them, saying they should just kiss already.

In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, Duncan is mad at Heather for reading out Sky's diary and defends Sky from Heather's insults. He later votes Heather off.  In Aftermath: The Unlimited, Heather hates the Final 4, including Duncan, believing he did not deserve to make it this far. In The Final Finalé, Heather roots for Scott to win over Duncan.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, after Heather fakes an apology for her fight with Katie and asks if she can befriend everyone, Duncan calls her more fake than a lot of things. When Cameron comforts Sky from her outburst at Duncan, saying she used to be great friends with him, Heather is confused with his words as she'd never be friends with that thing, referring to Duncan. Cody later says that Duncan is still more stronger than him, Heather asks Cody not to feel so down, bringing up how Duncan's torso is the size of a miniature table, insulting Duncan's strength.

In The Returning Record Holders, when Beth gets worried about getting Chris emotional, Heather reminds her that it's worked with Duncan, and if it worked with "skinny arms" it can work with them.


In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Heather gets annoyed by Ella's singing that wakes her up, angry at her being annoying and not contributing much to the team. In The Wild Bunch of Losers, Heather agrees with Scott's plan to eliminate Ella and later votes Ella off.


In Dancing With Cowboys, Heather gets mad at Ezekiel being the main reason for the loss of the challenge, and later votes him off, and is angry when he's safe. In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, Heather gets irritated by Ezekiel constantly attempting to quit, and agrees with Scott's plan of eliminating Ezekiel, voting him off and happy that he is eliminated. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Heather doesn't like the fact that Ezekiel has returned.



Heather and Gwen bump into each other.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Heather and Gwen are seen bumping into each other when they walk into their Cabin. Heather then starts to complain saying that she hates Gwen. Gwen then replies saying that she never wanted to be put on a Team with her on it. Gwen is seen in the Confessional complaining about how Heather is the worst person to have on a team, and in a Cabin. Before the Ceremony, Tyler is seen talking to Gwen and Lindsay about being in an alliance with him and Noah. Lindsay agrees, and Gwen nods. Tyler then tells Gwen that they are getting Heather on their alliance as well. In which Gwen looked mad, she asked why. Tyler explained that, they need more people, and that if we lose and its just them with Heather and Scarlett left. They can easily eliminate Heather and Scarlett off. Gwen then agrees to this.

In Volleybrawl, Heather asked who else is in the alliance in an new alliance that Tyler was making, which Tyler answered the question by saying that Gwen, Lindsay, Noah, and Scarlett is in the alliance. Heather then stated that he chooses stupid people like Gwen and Lindsay in their alliance, but she will still join as she knows she has a huge target on her back, cause of her past seasons

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Heather and Gwen, and the alliance agree on voting off Dawn for being annoying and a threat if she was to merge with Noah.


Gwen is seen extremely happy over Heather's elimination.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Gwen is seen annoyed at Heather in the challenge as she keeps complimented on how awesome she is and how she will win the season. Later, Tyler approaches Gwen, and informs her that everyone is voting off Heather, which makes Gwen extremely happy. Gwen ends up voting off Heather, and she waves bye at Heather, smiling.

In Puzzle Riot, Gwen is seen in the confessional celebrating that Heather is finally been eliminated, and that she doesn't have to see her sorry face ever again, unless they have to compete again, which she then says that that would be a nightmare.

In Lights, Camera, Action, Gwen then changes the topic and asks Leshawna how she has been as they haven't talked in forever. She further asks how she feels that Heather had made the finale in the previous season again. Leshawna says that she is great, and that she is pissed that Heather made the finale, but it was epic that Samey won the season. Gwen then tries to finish their conversation, she tells Leshawna that Samey is cool, and that she definitely deserved to win the season. She further says that if Heather made the finale, that means anyone could win.

In School of Hard Rocks, to help Blaineley, DJ and Leshawna's performance, Gwen starts to create an image of all three judges (Chris, Heather and Scarlett) to impress them and make them give higher scores. This causes all the judges to give high scores.


In Blood's Downpour, the contestants must swim through a flood of water in the mess hall and Heather worries, wishing that Harold was there to rescue them, believing that the "loser" would do an "awesome" job.


In Contestants Meet Insanity, after Cameron shivers at the thought of the contestants having to track down Izzy, Heather tells him to quit being a coward, noting that that maniac is all the way in the forest and they have trivia. She assures everyone that Izzy probably won't be in any future challenges, but laughs nervously, just as afraid as everyone else is. When a question is what number is Izzy on the RCMP's most wanted list, Heather guesses #3, but notes how she couldn't care less, asking why she would care about Izzy's personal life. In Greet It and Weep, a shadow pulls Heather through the floorboards. Heather scratches these floorboards, attempting her hardest to hold on. Heather turns her head around to see who is grabbing her, screaming that it's her, wishing it could be anyone but them, screaming as her voice is heard all over the mansion.


In Serpent Showdown Heather breaks up a fight Jo has with Scott. When her team lose, Heather agrees with Scott's reasoning for eliminating Jo, knowing that she will try to ally with members of the Venomous Vipers if she lasts to any kind of merge.

Heather engages in a fight with Jo in Australian Rivals when Jo brings up Heather's baldness from last season. In Go Big or Go Home, after Cameron saves Heather and shoots Dave. Heather tells Cameron that that is nice going, and he may not be as expendable as Jo thought.



After Katie's betrayal in Total Drama Wild West, both Katie and Heather have had an extreme dislike with each other ever since.

Despite Heather and Katie being on the same team in Total Drama Wild West, they have no interaction while on the same team due to Katie's wariness of Heather, causing her to isolate Heather due to being presumably afraid of her. Heather has little care for Katie and barely notices her too much. However, in Red Dead Mergiton, when the two are randomly selected to team up and Heather does a performance that earns her and Katie the win, she is under the belief that Katie could be useful to helping her chances in the game. She asks Katie for an alliance, to which Katie happily accepts, believing her and Heather could be the best of friends. However, once Katie watches as Heather read out Sky's diary, she sees the antagonistic side of Heather show itself once again and reluctantly betrays Heather and votes her off along with everyone else. Heather has held a grudge against Katie ever since, evidenced by her fighting with Katie in Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions.

When they both compete in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, even though they are on different teams throughout the game, Heather still shows her grudge towards Katie, while Katie isn't afraid of Heather, defending herself against Heather's insults and delivering strong ones back. Due to their huge rivalry and compulsive behaviors, both have been prone to acts of violence against each other on occasion. Heather has a much higher dislike for Katie once Katie pulls off Heather's hair to reveal a wig, proving to everyone that Heather is still bald, making Heather lash out at Katie angrily.



When Lightning is moved to Heather's team, both have shown to have a dislike of each other.

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Heather and Lightning don't interact much at first in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 due to being on different teams. However, once Lightning changes team in Brawn Within a Beauty, he and Heather interact more. Because Lightning considers himself the best competitor there is, his arrogance can often cause the frustration of others. This includes Heather, and due to her having a low temper and an impatient attitude, she has never been able to tolerate Lightning to any extent, and finds him extremely annoying to her to no end. She shares Scarlett's adamance about eliminating Lightning as soon as possible, yet when approached by Scarlett to cost a challenge so that they may eliminate Lightning, Heather finds the opportunity tempting, but not worth it. Ever since Scarlett's elimination, Heather has been trying to finish Scarlett's plan of eliminating Lightning and plots against him. She finally succeeds in Greet It and Weep when she convinces most competitors about how much of a threat Lightning is, resulting in his elimination. Instead of getting mad at Heather however, Lightning thinks of her as an idiot, as if she makes the finale, he would never vote her.


Heroes vs Villains (6)

With Lindsay's enthusiasm and cheerfulness, Heather gets quite easily annoyed by her.

Heather and Lindsay don't have too much interactions in Season 1, despite being on the same team. Although it is implied that Lindsay still has her conflict with Heather. They are both placed on different teams in Season 2, minimizing their interactions even further.

In Trials and Triva-lations, both Heather and Lindsay are placed on the same team, the Screaming Ducks. Both aren't very happy that they were on the same team again. In Volleybrawl, with knowing that Lindsay's alliance wants her out, Heather teams up with several others and votes out Samey to weaken Lindsay's alliance.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Lindsay is shocked to find out that everyone, including Heather, voted off Dawn, one of her only allies.

When Tyler approaches Heather about voting off Lindsay in Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Heather was super happy, and agreed to voting her off straight away. When Lindsay won the tie-breaker against Scarlett, Heather was kinda upset, but was happy that someone else she dislikes was eliminated. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, after Lindsay won the challenge, Heather was mad at her. After Heather was eliminated, Lindsay was quite happy, and fare-welled her.

In Red Dead Mergiton, while Katie and Heather are preforming their skit, everyone starts to get emotional, including Lindsay. Lindsay was happy when Katie and Heather won the challenge, saying that they deserved the win.

In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, after Heather read out Sky's diary, Lindsay is seen mad at Heather, and votes her off at the elimination ceremony. Lindsay is seen happy when Heather was deemed eliminated.In The Final Finale, Heather is seen upset that Lindsay is in the final three, and not her. Heather is seen happy when Lindsay lost the tie-breaker against Scott.

Heather-Lindsay TDI Rank

With Heather's new strategy of manipulating contestants by being nice, it successfully works with Lindsay.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, after Heather apologizes for fighting Katie, and that she's become much nicer and hopes to befriend all of them, Lindsay happily greets Heather. Lindsay wishes luck to Heather's team when they lose, and Heather thanks her, and is about to call her Linds-iot, but corrects herself in time to call her Lindsay. Lindsay falls for Heather's ploy once again. Heather sniggers in the confessional that it's the same old Lindsay and calls her gullible, but sighs that she's the only one believing her nice act. In The Rake-age, Lindsay naively believes Heather is attracted to Cody, falling for the nice act once again.

In Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs, when Lindsay ends up in the Bottom 2, Heather hopes she isn't eliminated, believing she can use her stupidness to her advantage. Heather is shocked when Lindsay wins the trivia tiebreaker against Amy, thinking that maybe calling Lindsay Einstein shouldn't be sarcasm, staring with a mouth agape.

In Contestants Meet Insanity, when Lindsay ends up in the Bottom 2 once again, Chris says that because she's a dumb blonde, she sucked at the challenge, but Heather slightly defends Lindsay and insults Chris, saying that she is still smarter than his "greedy old ass". Heather is annoyed when Lindsay is eliminated, and sarcastically calls it great, and then asks who she can now use. She realizes that she has said this out loud, and stutters nervously, but bids Lindsay farewell.


In Red Dead Mergiton, Heather is bored by Noah and Dakota's performance, and boos them. She later votes off Noah for her dislike of him and for him being a threat from the past season.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, when Heather's team are deciding who should push the carriage, Scarlett volunteers Noah. This confuses Heather, saying that his arms are puny, but once she sees Scarlett wink, she realizes the plan of eliminating Noah. Heather yells at Noah to get to pushing as she pushes him into the carriage and calls him a chump. When Cody encourages Noah to push the carriage, Heather asks him not to bother, calling Noah too weak. While Noah struggles with the carriage, Heather yells at him to speed it up, while calling him a weakling. As Heather runs to the mess hall, she pushes Noah on her way, calling him slow-poke. She corrects herself with a fake apology, lying that it was an accident. Heather is annoyed when her team lose. She kicks Noah's leg in anger, calling it all his fault, while calling him a slow weakling. Heather follows this off by saying she knows who's to blame, glaring at Noah, and later votes him off. When he is eliminated, Heather waves at him with a devillish smile, as she teamed up in taking him down.



Even though Sadie believes that Heather is nicer, both still have a dislike for each other.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, Sadie falls for Heather's nice act when she apologizes for hurting Katie, happily greeting her.

In Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater, hearing that she and Scarlett must fight Katie and Sadie, Heather prepares her boxing gloves in anticipation, saying that this is going to be sweet. Heather believes that this will be an easy win, calling Katie and Sadie two idiots for the price of one, thinking that this is rich. Although Heather calls it tempting to get rid of Lightning after Scarlett asks her to cost the challenge, she's encouraged to take down Katie and Sadie. After Heather knocks out Katie, it's between her and Sadie in the fight, and Heather laughs at Sadie, calling her a dummy, and that she can't fight for sh**, asking Sadie if she should just make out with that weirdo Dave already. Her insult angers Sadie enough for Sadie to lunge at Heather, making Heather scream. Sadie pushes Heather out of the ring and repeatedly slaps her face, causing another baby tooth belonging to Heather to fall out. Heather gets so mad that she's lost once again that she throws her fallen tooth at an unconscious Katie's face. Heather adds that she can't win because she's too weakened, admitting that "fattie" wins. She surrenders, and yells at Sadie that she wins, saying "Uncle" or whatever "dork-os" like Sadie call it.

In You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!, Sadie goes over to Heather to converse with her about both of them being the last girls remaining but Heather ignores her and barely notices her, focusing her time on criticizing Cameron and Tyler. Watching the kindness between Cameron and Tyler, Heather barfs on Sadie instead of talking to her. Heather both laughs at Sadie being covered in barf but also feels disgusted. This causes Sadie to scream out an "Ew!"

In Blood's Downpour, after Katie says that her and Sadie have been best friends ever since she was 3, Heather confusedly asks why they became best friends 3 years into life, and angrily asks what the "frick" those two "losers" were doing for the first three years beforehand.

In Greet It and Weep, Sadie knocks on the window of the spa hotel to ask Heather if she wants to join her in an alliance. Talking to her from the window, Heather says "In your dreams, Tweedle Idiot" and notes in the confessional how she does not need Sadie. Seeing Sadie nearby later, Heather grabs her and whispers to her, telling her that if she really wants Heather to be with her, she has to vote out Lightning, noting that he is getting too strong for his own good and could successfully overpower everyone. Hearing Cameron, Tyler, Sadie and Katie panic about Sky being missing, Heather asks them to calm down. Heather turns down Lightning's later offer to vote off Sadie, although this may have just been due to her determination in getting rid of Lightning. Lightning fights Sadie, calling Heather to roll on the floor laughing at their feud.

In They're Jumping Around Like Kangaroos, Heather gets up sharing a room with Katie and Sadie. She grabs a wig from her pillow, and it is her long ponytail wig. She looks at Katie and Sadie holding in laughter, and threatens them that they never saw this. In the confessional, she complains that she went from a mansion to a cabin with both of them, whining that she has standards. Katie offers Heather an alliance with her and Sadie, to which Heather says "Suuure", and although she stutters, she smiles. In the confessional, Heather calls Katie deluded, wondering why her sister wants her to stay, adding that she can tell by fattie's tubby grin. After hearing that Sadie, Katie, Cameron, and Alejandro can eat, Heather gets mad and confused, saying that they were the ones who won the section of the challenge, not believing that those four deserve to eat. As Heather reveals that Katie tried forming an alliance with her, she excludes Sadie from this confession. Heather whispers to Sadie that she's spared her from any votes, seeing potential in Sadie. After Sadie wishes everyone luck at elimination, Heather thanks Sadie and high-fives her, before whispering to Sadie that she should know that she got off lucky. Sadie tells Heather that she wouldn't have voted for her even if she didn't win today, adding that the same goes for tomorrow, to which Heather thanks her and calls Sadie sane. Heather calls Sadie truly sick for voting off family members after Katie is eliminated, and shockingly gives Sadie a high-five for her disgusting actions.

In Go Big or Go Home, Heather notes that Sadie's surprised gasp at seeing her and Cameron preparing guns is very loud and annoying, making Sadie very noticeable. Heather mutters to herself that Sadie should come out of that hedge, calling Sadie a coward. Seeing Sadie get out of her hiding spot, Heather shoots Sadie and gets her out of the challenge. Sadie attempts to shoot Heather but Cameron protects her. Heather is happy Sadie is out, and high-fives Cameron. In the confessional, Sadie has trouble deciding who to vote between Cameron and Heather, and votes neither.



Samey along with many others are sick and tired of Heather, and she finally stands up to her.

In The Rake-age, when Heather reaches the bottom, she falls on Samey. Heather unsincerely apologizes and calls her "Lamey." Samey glares at Heather but says "Whatever, Old-Heather", not caring about listening to her. Heather is confused about the "Old" part of the sentence, telling "Lamey" that she looks like a hag and is not young and beautiful like Cody. Samey yells at Heather, saying if she wasn't such a b**** she wouldn't have as many wrinkles. Scarlett defends Heather from Samey, saying Heather is not a b****, asking Samey not to be bitter that she's less attractive than her and less intelligent than Scarlett, to which Heather agrees with Scarlett.

In Brawn Within a Beauty, Samey corrects Cameron after he hopes Heather switched team, and Samey says that no-one would want Heather, to which Alejandro agrees, but Heather is too pre-occupied on Cody switching to listen. As Heather drives her ship, she sees Samey trying to swim to the shore, causing Heather to run over her with her ship, and laughs at her pain, sarcastically wishing Samey good luck at getting to shore.

In Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater, Heather hears that Alejandro and Samey are joining her team, making Heather scream a "No!" She isn't too pleased with having Samey either, saying it's bad that she has to share a room with "blondie" now. Samey glares at Heather after she pushes him into a mud puddle, asking her what was that for. As Samey goes to fight Sky, Heather says to herself that she normally doesn't like nice-os, but Samey is fighting Sky, and so cheers for Samey to beat Sky, but mostly for her dislike of Sky. After Sky punches Samey, Heather covers her eyes in horror. Heather encourages Samey to fight back, asking her to pretend Sky is Chris.

In You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!, Heather high-fives Samey as she is joyful about their win. Samey nervously thanks Heather for the high-five, considering it odd that Heather is acting nice to her. After Samey volunteers to open a tray that possibly contains a reward, Heather pats her on the back, hoping it's a reward.

In Blood's Downpour, in the early morning, Heather looks outside at Cameron and Samey, giving dirty looks and calling them "mongrels" to herself. In the confessional, Heather insults all of her team, including Samey, calling her a "Homewrecker". Samey angrily asks Heather why she is being mean when she has backstabbed millions of people, to which Heather replies that it's because she's mad at Scarlett's elimination. She admittedly says that Samey is actually bearable however. Samey nervously congratulates Heather on the win when Heather wins for their team, noting in the confessional that it's easier to be nice to Heather, showing a slight sign of fearfulness towards Heather.

In Greet It and Weep, Heather laughs at Cameron, Samey, and Tyler when they all fall over. Heather later puts her arm on Samey and grins, walking her upstairs and whispering that Lightning is getting on everyone's nerves, telling her that he has to go because he is annoyingly threatening. Samey agrees with Heather, calling Lightning's vulgarity unneeded, to which Heather agrees and sucks up to Samey, calling it an amazing point. In the confessional, Heather calls Samey a nice girl, and Heather will play nice to her, treat her like a friend, and "all that other crap".

In They're Jumping Around Like Kangaroos, Samey is concerned for Heather as Heather hops on one knee, and asks her if she's alright, to which Heather replies with an "Ugh, no", telling Samey a joke that Chef has pig crap for brains. Samey tells Katie that she doesn't really deserve to be here, making Heather say "That's my girl!" to Samey's insult. She pats Samey on the back and doesn't notice her uncomfortable face.

In Go Big or Go Home, Heather grabs Samey and tells her that she knows the two of them are friends, but friends jeopardize winning. Samey does not follow Heather's instructions however, and votes her over Cameron.


In Volleybrawl, Heather votes off Samey-Bot for being annoying and not contributing to the team. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Heather is shocked and confused that this Samey is an imposter.



With being two of the biggest antagonists on the show, Heather and Scarlett form an alliance.

Heather and Scarlett, while on the same team in Total Drama Returns to the Island, don't interact much due to trying strategically silent endurance in the game, although Scarlett, because of her not holding much regard for anyone, views her entire team as people who lack intelligence, while Heather tries her best to hold in her frustration towards Scarlett and her impatience.

They are both placed on the same team in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, and quickly form a quiet alliance due to their antagonistic natures working well together, as they have helped each other eliminate people on their team, such as Noah and Beth. Despite this, they do hold a level of dislike for each other, although keep this bottled so as not to hurt their chances against the other in the game, knowing full well of each other's strategic motivations. Similar to the rest of the team, Scarlett views Heather as "vermin", but despite that, Heather is possibly the only team member who Scarlett thinks of as intelligent and good at contributions. While Heather dislikes half of her team, she finds Scarlett formidable and easy to work with, although has admitted that Scarlett is a little too formidable, worrying about her odds against Scarlett. Even though they have held in dislike for each other, Heather and Scarlett have both defended each other against those who dislike them, although this may be just to make each other believe they have respect and like each other, but this is far from the truth, something which they are aware of. However, these mixed messages both hold between each other turn out to be sincere positive compliments, as once Scarlett is eliminated, Heather lashes out at the team for this decision, and tries to finish the antagonistic work Scarlett started, promising to win for her.


Heather and Scott, despite not having the highest regard for each other, do respect each other's playing styles. Heather is a silent competitor in Season 1, having little to no interaction with Scott in the first season. Although she is seen telling Dawn how proud she is of her cruel insults towards Scott in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, suggesting that Heather probably shares Dawn's distaste towards him.

They have more interaction in Season 2, as Scott picks Heather to be on his team in A Wild Western Introduction, claiming that she is a powerful competitor. However, in response, she ungratefully makes fun of Scott's body odor, not really caring about his compliment. This would be the start of their conflict. However, because of Scott picking her in Season 2, Scott and Heather have more interactions in their second season. Heather hates being on a team with Scott and Sugar, thinking of them as disgusting. She almost pukes when she witnesses Scott eat dirt off the ground.


Heather, Scott and Sugar form an alliance in Total Drama Wild West, to further themselves in the game.

However, in Dancing With Cowboys, Heather realizes that she isn't the most well-liked competitor and needs an ally. She considers Scott to be the easiest to form an alliance with and asks him to join. He's unsure at first due to her past betrayal of players, but agrees once she mentions that she'll vote out Ezekiel with him the next time they lose. Heather tries to cheer Scott up when Courtney is eliminated, although this may have just been to fool him into trusting her more.

In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, Heather glares alongside Scott at Sugar, as the three of them, along with Courtney, were in seperate alliances with each other. Scott stops himself from glaring though, as he tries his hardest to forgive Sugar. Heather doesn't understand how Scott can even trust her.

In Red Dead Mergiton, when the contestants have to work in pairs in a performance, after a misunderstanding with Sugar, Scott gets punched by her. Heather, unlike most other people who are concerned, can't help but laugh at his pain.

In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, as her talent, Heather reads Sky's diary. Scott calls this low even by his standards. When Heather is done performing, Scott decides to try and defend her by saying that she was at least creative. And despite her embarassing Sky, he chooses not to vote for Heather. He's also seen to be dissapointed when she is eliminated.

In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys, Scott wakes up, dissapointed that Heather is eliminated, as he has now practically run out of allies. Heather's elimination is what guided Scott to make his guys alliance.

In Aftermath: The Unlimited, when asked what she thinks of the Final 4, Heather vents her anger out on the viewing public about how she hates the Final 4 result. She states that the only person worth rooting for is Scott, but arrogantly says that he wouldn't have gotten where he has without her. In The Final Finale, Heather roots for Scott to win in the tiebreaker against Lindsay, and also roots for him over Duncan to win.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, Heather laughs at Scott when he makes hog noises, calling him dumb. She later tries to make him believe her nice act by sucking up to him and nervously telling him he has nice pants. He confusedly thanks her but mutters under his breath that she is a weirdo.

In Contestants Meet Insanity, Scott and Tyler hold Heather back after she attempts to attack Sky for her calling Heather a hag, yelling at them to let her at Sky.

In Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater, Scott snickers at Heather's drowsiness when she wakes up tired, asking who would've thunk she looks more sh**ty. Heather angrily yells at him to shut it, while calling him dirt breath. Heather appreciates Scott kicking Lightning in the crotch, holding in a giggle. After Lightning loses to Scott, Heather points out how he lost against Scott, thinking that losing against someone like Scott must really suck.

In You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!, Heather receives a massage in the spa hotel, sighing with relief, saying that "pit boy" may have his flaws, but she's glad he cheated like the doofus he is, referring to Scott.


In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous, Heather agrees with Scott's plan to eliminate Sierra, and votes her off. Heather is shocked and angry to learn that Sierra voted her too.



Heather fights with Sky after she reads Sky's diary.

Heather and Sky are both competitive contestants who care a great deal about the game. Despite their similarity in that regard, Sky dislikes Heather almost immediately upon meeting her due to not appreciating cheating tactics. Heather hates Sky for her defiance against Heather's strategic tactics. They don't interact much in Total Drama Returns to the Island due to being on different teams, however in the finale, Sky inadvertently causes Scuba-Bear to make Heather bald, making Heather hold a grudge against Sky ever since despite Sky being visibly apologetic.

In Total Drama Wild West, Heather and Sky, despite being on different teams, have tension between one another due to Sky causing Heather to be bald. Sky's temper rises thanks to Heather's insults and fights back against Heather verbally. As revenge for making her bald, Heather reads out Sky's diary in This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, causing dislike between the two to grow massively, as this even results in Heather being eliminated. In The Big Apple, Sky meets Heather's boyfriend Alejandro for the first time and his looks make Sky immediately be attracted to him, and can't help but show this attraction. This results in Heather disliking Sky much more, falsely believing that Sky is actually trying to steal Alejandro from her.

Although Heather and Sky are on different teams throughout Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, they have a much more intense conflict with each other, with both constantly ridiculing each other. Heather's constant insults towards Sky have even resulted in Sky's insults improving.


In A Wild Western Introduction, Heather is disgusted bySugar and Scott eating desert sand and worms. Heather notes that if her team lose, she's voting off Sugar.

In Dancing With Cowboys, she joins an alliance with Sugar and Scott, and they all agree not to vote off Courtney.

After Heather realizes that Sugar broke this promise, she glares at her in 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, but from influence from Scott, Heather reluctantly decides not to eliminate Sugar. In They're Jumping Around Like Kangaroos, Heather attempts to give the water to a baby kangaroo, noting that even though he had "Sugar fattiness" he deserves something.


In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, Heather finds a cue ball with the Number 9, and she says it reminds her of Trent, calling him a weirdo. When she gives the number to Chris, she calls it the number of craziness.



Heather talking strategy with Tyler.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, both Heather and Tyler are placed on the Screaming Ducks However, unlike most contestants, Tyler later gains Heather into an alliance with several other contestants on their team. Heather has little respect for Tyler and intends to use him to her own advance in the game, whereas Tyler seems to have no longer been as mad at Heather as he has been in the past, despite previous conflicting moments. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Tyler is approached by many other contestants, stating that Heather needs to be eliminated, and Tyler votes her off. Heather tries not to show hard feelings towards Tyler after that, still coming across as being friends with him, but is visibly incredibly angry at him due to her dislike of him.

In Total Drama Wild West, Heather and Tyler are on opposing teams, along with the fact that Tyler is eliminated early, meaning they have less interaction with each other, although seem to have more of a rivalry with each other. Despite that, Heather is dissapointed when Tyler is eliminated, although this may have just been becausse she planned to use him for her own benefit. She's happy when he returns as an intern, but it clearly isn't genuine.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, they have less interaction due to being on opposing teams, and because Heather takes up a more antagonistic approach, she doesn't seem to like paying attention to people she dislikes such as Tyler. She doesn't seem to care when Tyler is eliminated.

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