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Geoff encourages his team at the challenge, causing many strong bonds between them all.

Geoff's very carefree and party-obsessed attitude has led him to have many friends over the course of his time on Total Drama Around the World. He's generally one of the most kindest and open contestants there are, although is still targeted by the more antagonistic contestants. This hasn't stopped him from making his fair share of friends however. But if he's pushed to the edge, he is capable of getting revenge right back. However, thanks to Alejandro, most of Geoff's fellow contestants go through a brief phase of not trusting him at all. Thankfully for him, this is soon ended when these lies are exploited, making Geoff still be a very well-liked and respected contestant.



Alejandro plays Bridgette, creating a huge conflict between Alejandro and Geoff.

Geoff is one of the most vocal people who don't like Alejandro. In Total Drama World Tour, Alejandro manipulated Bridgette into cheating on Geoff with him. Although Geoff has forgiven her for this, he hasn't stopped holding a grudge against Alejandro. Alejandro sees Geoff as a difficult target to take out, while also considering him immature and annoying. Although they're on different teams, in Total Drama Around the World, they have both had unfriendly run-ins with each other. By the time the teams merge, Alejandro is determined to win immunity at all costs so that Geoff doesn't eliminate him, until he fails against Geoff in London the Ripper



Amy and Geoff are seen being great friends, after he helps Amy with her depression.

Amy is mostly an outcast amongst her fellow contestants after her previous actions. Geoff's open and friendly attitude causes him to quickly try to bring out the best in Amy. He is regularly seen trying to cheer her up when she breaks down, is always supportive of her, and knows there's some hidden good-natured personality inside her. Amy is hesitant to befriend Geoff at first as she believes that he's just as dismissive as everyone else, but through both working alongside each other due to being on the same team, she slowly starts to trust him and get along with him. After a long time of competing, Geoff manages to brighten Amy's mood to make her as bright as most others. He's also a major supporter of her in the finale, cheering for her every step of the way.

Anne MariaEdit


Anne Maria glares at Geoff, after Alejandro told her lies about him.

In Australian Rivals when Amy and Anne Maria face off with each other, Geoff motivates Amy into punching Anne Maria by asking her to pretend its Chris, encouraging Amy on how to do proper violence to Anne Maria. In London the Ripper, Anne Maria, along with Beth, Eva, and Lightning glare at Geoff thanks to the lies Alejandro made up about Geoff. Despite not trusting him, and unlike the others, Anne Maria consoles Geoff over Bridgette being eliminated, saying that if it makes him feel any better, she didn't vote for him, cheering him up a little, but is still shown to show anger towards him. Before the elimination, Geoff attempts to tell Anne Maria, Beth, and Lightning that Alejandro is messing with all of them but she does not listen to him.

In The Big Apple after Anne Maria mentions how she misses Lightning, while also thinking that his mother did the right thing, Geoff friendly agrees with her but she ignores him. When Anne Maria and Beth discuss possibly eliminating Geoff, he asks them what they're talking about to which they respond by lying that it's nothing. Geoff wishes luck to everyone in the challenge, including Anne Maria. Geoff congratulates Anne Maria when she wins immunity, and she decides to eliminate Geoff, but purely as a strategical move, implying that she learned of Alejandro's lies off-screen. Anne Maria apologizes for eliminating him, and Geoff doesn't seem to mind, as he sings about it in his elimination song, wishing her and the others luck.



Beth and Geoff are paired up for the challenge, in which they start to bond.

In Aloha, Merge! Geoff doesn't seem to mind when he is put in a group with Beth. Geoff notes to Beth how much he likes the dummy that she's made of Staci. Both Geoff and Beth assist each other as they carry the dummy up the volcano. Beth is tackled by Alejandro, and Geoff helps her out and saves her by tackling Alejandro and pinning him down so that Beth can throw in her volcano. In London the Ripper, Beth, along with Anne Maria, Eva, and Lightning are all glaring at Geoff, believing the lies that Alejandro has made up about Geoff. Beth says in the confessional about how she usually likes how nice and upbeat Geoff is, but is now not so sure. When Beth says that she hates jumping out the plane, Geoff smiles and agrees with her, but she ignores him. Geoff later attempts to tell Beth, Anne Maria, and Lightning that Alejandro is messing with them, but she doesn't seem to pay attention.

In The Big Apple, Beth and Anne Maria discuss possibly eliminating Geoff. When he asks them what it is that they're talking about, Beth nervously says that they're talking about nothing. Geoff wishes luck to everyone in the challenge, including Beth. In Geoff's elimination song, Beth seems to be sad about him being eliminated, also clarifying that it was purely a strategical move, implying she learned about Alejandro's lies off-screen.

In Gladiatorial Finale!, thanks to a plan by Geoff, he sacrifices himself to aid Brick, causing him to be shot by all of Team Beth, including Beth. When it's between Beth and Amy in a final showdown, Geoff cheers for Amy over Beth, although this may just be because of Geoff's stronger friendship with Amy. When Beth is horribly injured by Amy, Geoff seems slightly concerned for Beth's well-being.



Brick and Geoff in first class after winning the first challenge.

In The Great Chinese Race, Geoff salutes Brick when he gives his team orders to get moving. When Brick curiously asks what singing is, Geoff says that it's sort of like a cadet call. In Korean Pop Quizzing, Geoff greets all of his team in the morning, calling all of them awesome, including Brick. Geoff curiously asks Brick what the team plan is this time. Brick thinks that they should climb different sides, and Geoff believes him as he's led them to victory before. Brick then tells Geoff to try his best when told they don't need to climb. Geoff high-fives his team when he scores a point, and Brick also congratulates him. When the Dragons win again, Geoff cheers for all of them, including Brick.

In Icey Antarctica, Geoff calls all of his safe team awesome, including Brick. After Geoff curiously asks Brick what the team plan is, Brick ends up leading them in the right direction, satisfying Geoff. However, when the Dragons end up losing, Geoff says in the confessional that he really doesn't know who to vote off as he likes everyone on the team, including Brick, but reluctantly votes Brick off due to his leadership unfortunately leading the team to a loss. When Brick is eliminated, Geoff apologizes for voting him off, and when Amy is seen to be distraught, Geoff then feels even more guilty for voting off Brick. In Jamaica Man! Geoff briefly mentions that he still feels bad about voting Brick off, as he was a good team captain.

In The Big Apple, Geoff greets Brick when he shows up to the challenge. Brick congratulates the people who made it to the Final 4, including Geoff. Brick glares at Alejandro, asking why he got rid of him, to which Geoff replies by telling Brick that Alejandro is a lying jaguar. Geoff thanks Brick when he mentions that he's happy that Amy and Geoff are still competing, implying that Brick holds no hard feelings towards Geoff for voting him off. Geoff wishes luck to everyone in the challenge, including Brick. Geoff says happy goodbye to everyone in his elimination song, including Brick.


Geoff tells Brick to sacrifice himself, in which Brick doesn't agree, due to his leave no solider behind code

In Gladiatorial Finale!, when Geoff makes out with Bridgette endlessly in front of others, Brick is seen to be shocked and almost speechless. Geoff cheers for Team Amy to try and win, including Brick. When Geoff is attacked by Sadie, he calls all of his team over, and everyone, including Brick, are very concerned about Geoff's well-being. Since Geoff's leg is sprained, Brick carries him away to a safe location. Geoff suggests to Brick that he could shoot from inside the other team's cave, but Brick doesn't like this idea as it looks like the other team's cave. Geoff tells Brick an idea he has that he will sacrifice himself to help Brick out. Brick doesn't like this idea at first as he'd hate to leave a soldier behind, but once Geoff discusses that this is purely a strategical move, Brick reluctantly agrees, and admires Geoff's nobleness, saying that Geoff is a great soldier. When Geoff sacrifices himself, Brick notes in the confessional that Geoff was a good soldier, and should be rewarded for his bravery.



Bridgette and Geoff reuniting, after both being eliminated.

Geoff has been in a long lasting relationship with Bridgette, and they are the most intimate couple in the show; both physically and emotionally. Although they're not on the same team at first, Geoff begs that he be working alongside her and Chris reluctantly allows this. Since then they have often teamed up with each other and support each other on numerous occasions. However, through lies made about Geoff supposedly flirting with other girls, their relationship is tested when Bridgette votes for Geoff when she's eliminated. However, he quickly forgives her when she finds out that she's been tricked by Alejandro. When they're reunited in Gladiatorial Finale! they're seen making out on a few occasions, being very close with each other throughout the episode, with their relationship still staying strong no matter what happens to it.

Chris McLeanEdit

In Let's Have a World Tour! when Geoff returns to Chris with his passport, it turns out he's not on a team with Bridgette. Chris is reluctant at first to moving Geoff over to the other team, but after Geoff begs him repeatedly, Chris angrily allows it. In Korean Pop Quizzing when Chris talks to the contestants about where they're going, he laughs menacingly, but Geoff misunderstands Chris, believing that he's in a good mood. When Chris tells the contestants that the challenge is two parts, Geoff thinks that Chris means double the fun.

In Indian Dance Geoff asks Chris if his team perform together or one by one, but Chris obnoxiously ignores Geoff. When the teams are told to tell Chris why they should win, Geoff tries a ploy to Chris by sucking up to him. He calls Chris cool, that he's amazing, and that he loves him. He whispers to Amy, Bridgette, and Trent that they need to play along, telling them that he believes Chris will fall for it easily. Even after Lightning punches Geoff, he continues to suck up to Chris' ego, calling his hair bodacious. At elimination, not wanting to vote for any of his three teammates, Geoff wastes his vote on Chris, irritating Chris. In Australian Rivals Geoff seems to be excited that there will be a boxing challenge, and asks Chris if they'll be watching it.

In African Safari when Chris says that he has a surprise for the contestants and follows this off with an evil laugh, Geoff believes that Chris is in a good mood. When given a lion as a partner, Geoff asks Chris how he can even tame a lion, but Chris says that they just need to come up with some good tricks. Geoff asks Chris how he can tame the lion but is ignored by Chris. Geoff tells Chris that if he doesn't go first, Chris will have a death lawsuit on his hands before running away screaming. When Geoff finally returns, he has the lion in loose strings. He attempts to tell a story about one of his most radical and memorable moments, but Chris barely listens as his phone starts ringing. With the lion startled, he escapes out of the loose strings, and chases Geoff a second time. Chris scores Geoff's performance a 5\10, terrified of lawsuits and that Geoff almost gave him a heart attack. In The Big Apple Geoff immediately wants to push Scott in the challenge after their last encounter, but a winking Chris declines.


In The Big Apple, Geoff wishes luck to everyone who is competing in the challenge, including Cody.


In Let's Have a World Tour!, after Dave friendly gives the contestants their passports, Geoff says in the confessional that he doesn't trust Dave's nice act, also saying that no matter how obsessed he is with a girl like Bridgette, he wouldn't go as far as to murder a girl, showing how ashamed he is of Dave's past actions. When Chris violently pushes Dave out of the plane while Dave simply smiles and waves at everyone in a friendly manner while not showing much reaction to Chris' push at all, Geoff wonders in the confessional if the bear that mauled Dave may have hurt his brain a little.


In Jamaica Man!, when told that he'll be arriving in Jamaica, Geoff excitedly hopes that he might see DJ there, and when accused of being a racist by Alejandro, Geoff yells at him by saying that he only hopes DJ is in Jamaica when they get there. Geoff is shown to be disappointing when this is not the case.


In Indian Dance, Geoff happily greets Duncan when he arrives to judge all of the teams. However, Duncan awards Geoff's team dances a low score, saying how bored he was of them.


In Korean Pop Quizzing, Geoff appears to be slightly terrified of Eva when Ezekiel accidentally insults her looks, saying that Eva will probably tear Ezekiel. In African Lying Safari, when Eva returns, Geoff is amused when she tell Alejandro to shut up, and also laughs at her other rude comments. Due to lies made up by Alejandro, Geoff is ignored by Eva in London the Ripper. When it comes to a double vote, Eva is one of the people Geoff votes off, as he's slightly terrified of her.


In Korean Pop Quizzing, Geoff worries about Ezekiel when Eva insults his looks, worrying that Ezekiel could get beaten up. When Geoff manages to score a point for his team, Ezekiel says that it's a point for the stupid party guy's team, referring to Geoff. Geoff doesn't seem to hold bad feelings towards Ezekiel from this though.


In The Big Apple, Geoff wishes good luck to everyone in the challenge, including Gwen.


In Let's Have a World Tour!, Geoff puts his thumb up to Harold as a sign of greetings. He later teams up with Harold, along with Bridgette and Mike, to find their passports. In African Lying Safari, Geoff waves goodbye to Harold and the other eliminated contestants when they're pushed out of the plane by Chris.


When it's up to the Dragons to choose to eliminate someone in The Great Chinese Race, Geoff decides that they should eliminate Izzy for not contributing much to challenges. In African Lying Safari, Geoff waves at the eliminated contestants who didn't get to return when they're dropped out of the plane, including Izzy.


In Indian Dance, Geoff nonchalantly greets Leshawna when she arrives to the challenge to judge the contestants, as does she. However, she scores the Dragons a bad score, unimpressed by how dragged out it was.



Lightning is very annoyed by Geoff, and then punches him.

In Icey Antarctica, Lightning swings a hammer at fellow teams, including Geoff, yelling that no-ones getting Cameron but his team. Frightened, Geoff politely asks Lightning to stop. In Indian Dance, to convince Chris to let his team win, Geoff convinces all of them to suck up to Chris' ego. Not wanting to lose while also being extremely annoyed by Geoff, Lightning punches both him and Trent. Geoff immediately gets up however, and doesn't seem to mind this violence as he continues to suck up to Chris.

In Australian Rivals, Geoff faces off against Lightning and Alejandro in a boxing challenge. Geoff attempts to punch Lightning, but doesn't hurt him hard enough and is throttled by him. After repeatedly punching Geoff, Lightning mocks him by saying he should just let the "real men" fight. Geoff tries to get up and punch Lightning but is ganged up on once again, with Lightning even insulting him by calling him a stoner. Despite this, Geoff is shown to be proud of Lightning when he eliminates Sadie, saying that Lightning is very smart, not showing any bad feelings towards the violent jock.


Lightning glares at Geoff, before the challenge begins.

In African Safari, when Alejandro and Lightning team up with each other to plot against Bridgette and Geoff, as Alejandro says lies to Bridgette, Lightning glares at Geoff, hoping that he's gone, and saying that he "better watch them eyes", referring to Alejandro. The challenge is announced to be working with an animal and that your relationship with it will be judged. This gives Lightning the opportunity to ridicule Geoff by saying that Geoff is already with an animal (referring to Amy) and he's automatically the winner, but Geoff does not hear him. When Geoff leaves the area after being chased by a lion, Lightning mistakes thin air for Geoff and is about to say what Alejandro said about Geoff and Bridgette. In the confessional, Geoff says how happy he is that Lightning and Amy got immunity, calling them cool.

Geoff accidentally offends Lightning, causing Lightning to insult Bridgette.

In London the Ripper, Lightning, along with Anne Maria and Beth, glare at Geoff. Later, Geoff attempts to have a friendly conversation with Lightning, but inadvertently insults him by using the sha phrase, prompting Lightning to puff his chest and insults Bridgette, referring to her as a tramp and that nobody else cares about her. This shocks Geoff, although blames this behavior from Lightning more on Alejandro than he does on Lightning. When Lightning is gone from the challenge first, Geoff attempts to friendly say goodbye to him but is rudely ignored. Geoff later asks everyone why he's being ignored, to which Lightning replies by lashing out at Geoff, yelling that nobody cares about him, causing Geoff to back away slowly with a frightened look. Geoff attempts to tell Lightning, along with Anne Maria and Beth, that Alejandro is messing with them, but Lightning does not believe Geoff and ignores him. When Lightning is safe with one vote, he immediately assumes it's from Geoff and glares at him, but Geoff swears that it wasn't him nervously. When Geoff is called safe, he tells the others how safe it is but most people including Lightning ignore Geoff. Afterwards, Lightning is still seen glaring at Geoff. Although Geoff is happy when Alejandro is eliminated, he's slightly terrified when Lightning yells at everyone for eliminating Alejandro, including Geoff.

In Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're Out, Lightning yells at everyone about how angry he is that they eliminated Alejandro. Geoff enters economy class to see what all the fuss is about and sees Lightning harshly insulting Amy causing her to cry. Geoff politely asks Lightning to stop, but Lightning just yells right back at Geoff. In Fallout of the Alejandro Extermination, Lightning's solo consists of him criticizing the other contestants for voting out Alejandro, including Geoff. After this, Lightning warns Geoff that he's next, frightening Geoff. Lightning votes off Geoff due to his dislike of him.

In The Big Apple, when Anne Maria says that she sort of misses Lightning but his mother did the right thing, Geoff shows that he agrees with her, implying that he wanted to befriend Lightning in some way. When Amy tells Geoff that she's become shy ever since Lightning insulted her, Geoff cheers her up by saying that Lightning probably didn't mean to be too harsh while also saying that Lightning is "a bit too much party", inadvertently insulting Lightning's intelligence and attention span.



Mike and Geoff team up in Let's Have a World Tour!

In Let's Have a World Tour! Geoff and Mike both put their thumbs up to each other when they greet. After Geoff teams up with Bridgette and Harold to look for their passports, Mike asks if he can join them. Geoff happily allows Mike. When Mike decides to join the losing team for elimination, Geoff mentions in the confessional his confusion, believing that the rock that crushed Mike's head in Total Drama All-Stars hurt his brain a little. In African Lying Safari, after Mike misses out on his chance to return and is pushed out of the plane along with everyone else, Geoff waves at everyone including Mike.


In London the Ripper, Geoff gives a friendly greeting to Noah when he arrives to the challenge, but Noah is too fixated on Tyler to reply to Geoff.



Sadie happily switches teams with Geoff, to let Bridgette and Geoff be on the same team.

In Let's Have a World Tour!, after Geoff whines about not being on a team with Bridgette, Sadie offers to switch with Geoff so that she can gain his trust in the long run. He thanks her genuinely, to which she responds by saying that it's no problem. In Jamaica Man!, Sadie goes over to Geoff and Amy, conversing with them about who they'll eliminate if they lose, suggesting Trent, but Geoff replies that he is unsure.

In Indian Dance, Sadie asks Geoff why he's always so happy, but he asks her why he shouldn't be while smiling at her. Sadie notes in the confessional that she really needs to get rid of Geoff. Sadie later whispers in Zoey's ear that she wants to eliminate Geoff. While Geoff's team dance, Sadie uses a shiny object to blind all of them. However, when Trent accuses Sadie of rigging the challenge so that their team would lose, Geoff doesn't believe Trent at all, thinking that a person like Sadie would never do something bad like that. In Australian Rivals, Geoff seems to be proud when Lightning eliminates Sadie, as although Geoff somewhat respects Sadie, he finds Lightning to be a little smart. In African Safari, Geoff waves at Sadie and the other eliminated contestants when they're pushed out of the plane.

In Gladiatorial Finale!, Sadie is asked by Alejandro to shoot Geoff, to which she happily agrees. Sadie later does so. While on the ground with his team guarding him, Geoff grabs a fallen branch that he had in his possession and fires it at Sadie as revenge, implying that the conflict is no longer one-sided on Sadie's side, while also suggesting that Geoff discovered on TV all of the horrible things that Sadie did.


In The Big Apple, Scott is seen in a baby carriage, and Geoff laughs when Scott farts in it, which gives Geoff the idea to let out a burp, noting that it's better out than in, entertaining Scott. When the contestants are told that they'll be pushing one of the past contestants, Geoff immediately wants to push Scott as he's already been entertained by him. Geoff wishes luck to everyone in the challenge, including Scott. In Geoff's elimination song, Scott accompanies Geoff's solo by burping in the style of Beethoven.


In The Big Apple, Geoff doesn't seem to mind when told that him and Alejandro will be pushing Sky. Geoff then warns Sky that she doesn't fall for any evil tricks by Alejandro. Geoff wishes luck to everyone in the challenge, including Sky. As Geoff pushes Sky, he cheers for his team. Geoff cheers Sky up when she doesn't get a point in the challenge.



After Staci cries out for help, Geoff feels bad, and asks if someone should go help her.

In The Great Chinese Race, Staci calls up for help for someone to help her up, and Geoff semms to want to help out in some way, asking if someone should help her out. In Egyptian Torture, Geoff is shocked when Staci is eliminated, and a little disappointing about it, even waving at her when she jumps out of the plane. In Aloha, Merge!, when Geoff and Beth make a Staci dummy, Geoff likes the decision, complimenting Staci and saying that she's an open contestant who just says how she feels, showing that he feels somewhat bad for her. In African Safari, when the contestants are told that they can vote for someone to return, Geoff chooses to vote for Staci, as he is somewhat friendly towards her. When she is pushed out of the plane by Chris along with everybody else, Geoff waves at her. In Gladiatorial Finale!, Geoff sacrifices himself so that Brick can get a good shot on Team Beth. Staci is one of the shooters on Geoff, but not for any mean-spirited reasons towards him.


In The Great Chinese Race, Geoff happily agrees with Trent when he says that it's good to be in first class. When Alejandro drops Bridgette from the great wall of China, Trent helps Geoff in hoisting Bridgette up. After being told that they've won again, Trent excitedly mentions how happy he is to get to first class, to which Geoff agrees. Geoff also cheers for his team for winning.

In Korean Pop Quizzing, Geoff greets all of his team in the morning, calling all of them awesome, including Trent. Trent worries that they won't win the upcoming challenge, but Geoff assures him that they will. As their team progresses in the challenge, Geoff and Trent greet each other when they bump into each other. When Trent does his section of the challenge, Geoff cheers for him. Geoff agrees with Trent when he says that their team is demolishing everybody else. Geoff cheers for all of his team when they win again, including Trent. As Alejandro charms Bridgette, Trent elbows Geoff to alert him and wake him up so that he can prevent this.


Geoff helps Trent out of the water, listening to Brick's commands.

In Icey Antarctica, Geoff calls all of his safe team awesome, including Trent. From Brick's orders, Geoff helps Trent up when he's stuck in the challenge. Geoff supports all of his team to win the challenge, including Trent. When his team lose, Geoff says in the confessional that he doesn't know who to vote for, as he likes everyone on his team, including Trent.

In Jamaica Man!, Geoff asks his team who should be their new captain. Trent, along with Amy, suggests that it should be Geoff, flattering Geoff. Trent cheers for Geoff when he announces himself as the new team captain. Geoff cheers for Trent and Bridgette when they work together in the challenge. Sadie goes over to Geoff and Amy during the challenge, and asks if they're voting off Trent if they lose. Geoff replies that he's unsure of that because of him being friends with Trent. Geoff is proud of his team for avoiding elimination, as he doesn't have to vote any of them off, including Trent.


Geoff is annoyed that Trent cost their team the victory, leading to Trent's elimination in the end.

In Indian Dance, when Trent dances for his team, Geoff says that they'll follow his lead, and suggests that he do the dance he did in Beach Blanket Bogus in Total Drama Action. After Sadie rigs the challenge, Trent accuses her of this, but Geoff chooses not to believe Trent. When told that each team have to convince Chris as to why they should win, Geoff sucks up to him, and convinces Trent, Amy, and Bridgette to also play along. However, through Trent disturbing Chris, Geoff is slightly annoyed at him for costing the challenge so easily, despite their friendship. When Trent goes on much to the dismay of others, Geoff asks that he stop as they've already lost. In the confessional, Geoff says that he does not know who to vote for, saying that even though Trent single-handedly cost the challenge, he was only trying to be enthusiastic. However, when votes are called out, it's revealed that Trent voted for Bridgette, and even after apologizing to Geoff, Geoff feels betrayed. Not wanting to vote for any of his teammates, Geoff does not vote off Trent and votes Chris. When Trent jumps out the plane, Geoff waves at him, but has a concerned look on his face when Trent injures himself on the mountain, noting that that's gonna leave a mark.


In London the Ripper, Geoff friendly greets Tyler when he, along with Noah, arrive to the contestants. Tyler is too busy arguing with Noah to reply.


In Indian Dance, when she becomes annoyed by his positive attitude, Sadie whispers in Zoey's ear that she wants Geoff gone, to which she agrees. In Australian Rivals, Commando Zoey randomly shows up and punches Bridgette for voting off Trent. In a rare instance, Geoff lashes out at someone, yelling that Zoey shouldn't hurt his Bridgette. Zoey randomly becomes paranoid into thinking that Geoff says that she was under mind control, causing him to angrily deny this. When Amy insults Zoey in the boxing challenge, Geoff cheers due to him disliking Zoey and being slightly afraid of her. In Aloha, Merge!, Geoff votes off Zoey due to being terrified and slightly annoyed by her, while also noting that she's scarier than hail.

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