This article focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Cameron.


Cameron has been a generally friendly person throughout his time on Total Drama Returns to the Island. Always being optimistic about those he trusts, Cameron's likable personality factored into him managing to be a finalist in the first place. His level of patience is tested when he is confronted by more antagonistic contestants who don't appreciate him as much as others.


In Icey Antarctica, Alejandro answers the first code, and tells Cameron to give him his first point for his team. After Alejandro once again gets a point, he demands Cameron to give him a point, which Cameron does. After Cameron tricks out the next set of codes, Alejandro tells him that it was a nice trick.

Anne MariaEdit

In Icey Antarctica, as Lightning loses it when Cameron is mentioned, Anne Maria pulls him away from punching and strangling the air in embarrassment.

In Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs, after Cameron tells lightning to stick with his team, she tells him to shut up, as she is making up with Lightning, spologizing for her actions, since she missed him since Around the World and that Alejandro is not a bad guy, after the previous episode.

Chris McLeanEdit

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Cameron and the rest of the cast is rudely awaken by Chris. Cameron soon gets sick, and Chris makes him not compete in the challenge. In Topple on the Luck Players, Cameron along with other contestants gets annoyed about Chris' sadism and violence, and also does not like Chris' laziness. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Chris is absolutely stunned by Cameron's quickness in the challenge, and gives a surprising cheer when he announces that the Killer Beavers have won. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Chris puts all of the contestants to sleep, startling Cameron.

In Puzzle Riot Chris laughs at Cameron's misfortune when his mother is made fun of. When Cameron is called safe from elimination, he thanks Chris for the marshmallow. In Korean Teaching or Learning Cameron points out the racial mistakes Chris makes with his costume and laughs at him along with other contestants. In Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze Cameron is worried when Chris locks everyone in a freezer, and begs Chris to let them out. In Final Four Face Off! when Cameron has difficulty deciding whether to eliminate Sky or Tyler, Chris orders him to hurry up as he's delaying and they're on a strict budget, while also showing Cameron a watch with the time. Chris is shocked when Cameron chooses to eliminate Tyler.



Cameron and Cody talking to each other.

When Cody is placed on the same team as Cameron in Trials and Triva-lations, he immediately sympathizes with him and his terrifying experience with Sierra, saying in the confessional that this is a good reason to befriend someone like Cameron.  In Volleybrawl, Cameron and Cody both talk to each other about winning the next challenge, saying in the confessional that he hopes that they can both be friends. Both are part of a group high-five when their team wins for the first time.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Cody offers Cameron a book, but is disappointed when he fails when Noah gives Cameron one. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Cody cheers for Cameron when he wins the challenge for his team. In Puzzle Riot, after seeing Cameron tearing up after jokes about his mother are made by everyone including Cody during the challenge, Cody seems to feel bad about this. In Korean Teaching or Learning, Cody congratulates Cameron, Noah, and Tyler for winning the challenge.

However, in Supreme Chef Auto, Cameron votes off Cody because of him being a massive threat in the challenge in the episode. In Final Four Face Off!, Cody seems to be happy when Cameron and Sky are announced as the Final 2. However, he wants Sky to win over Cameron in Totally Dramatic Finale!



Courtney bosses Cameron around.

Cameron and Courtney start off with a friendship but eventually devolve into a conflict. Cameron thinks that Courtney should stop her bossy ways, but nonetheless, they don't hate each other and support each other in the first few challenges as Courtney notes in the confessional that she values Cameron's intelligent input, saying that he seems of great value to the Beaver team. They start getting closer to each other after their team wins their first challenge in Volleybrawl as Courtney appreciates Cameron's strategy for the team.

Courtney talks about how she values Cameron's strength in the challenges.

They later have a conflict in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train and Topple on the Luck Players due to Courtney thinking Cameron is a weakling in these challenges, not caring when he's too sick to show up in the former, and doesn't do too well in the latter. This makes Cameron mad and he shows to his team that he also deserves to be there winning by himself the team challenge in Relay Feelings Speed Fast. In the confessional, Cameron thanks Courtney for being such a cruel teammate as it pushed him to win the challenge. Courtney also seems to appreciate Cameron again, but mentions that once the teams merge, he's going down first chance she gets.

In Puzzle Riot, where the contestants are to caption pictures of Cameron's mom, he sobs in reaction to their mean comments. Courtney isn't as sympathetic of his feelings as other contestants, saying that if his mom is worth making fun of, then he looks just like her. He later votes her off in Korean Teaching or Learning, cheekily saying in the confessional that he's not sorry at all. Not surprisingly, Courtney votes for Sky to win over Cameron in Totally Dramatic Finale!



Dave and Cameron in the Bottom 2.

Dave is possibly jealous of Cameron because of Sky being much friendlier towards Cameron than she is with Dave. When the team loses the first challenge, Dave hopelessly places the blame on Cameron. Although Cameron harbors no bad feelings towards Dave, he's insulted by Dave trying his hardest to try and form numerous alliances to eliminate Cameron. Since Cameron was in the Bottom 2, it's fairly obvious that Dave voted him off. Cameron likely did the same to Dave.

In Final Four Face Off!, when Dave cameos along with other former contestants, he points out his hatred towards Cameron and how he really wants him eliminated, and is very disappointed when Cameron ends up winning immunity. Dave roots for Sky to win over Cameron in Totally Dramatic Finale!


Though they've had no direct interaction, Dawn is seen glad when Dave is eliminated in Trials and Triva-lations, saying that he deserved being eliminated due to targeting Cameron for most of the episode.



Cameron and Duncan are speaking to each other at the challenge.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Cameron and Duncan talk briefly about the trouble of actually coming back to such a painful show, to which they both mutually think. When Cameron almost gets a question right, Duncan congratulates him for trying his best.  During Volleybrawl, both Cameron and Duncan win their separate parts of the challenge and cheer for each other. They are seen high-fiving when their team wins.  In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Duncan loses his first part of the challenge, and is comforted by his team, including Cameron. Cameron wishes good luck to Duncan when he temporarily goes off to juvy that day.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, both players seem concerned about the others well being when it comes to a murder challenge, but when their team wins, they are seen cheering along with their team. When Dawn is eliminated, Duncan points out to Cameron that this is good for their team. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Duncan cheers for Cameron when he wins the challenge all by himself, and high-fives him. 

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Cameron and Duncan are happy for each other when they both make the merge. When Duncan is called safe during elimination, Cameron, along with Sky and Tyler, high-five him. Duncan feels bad about making fun of Cameron's mother in Puzzle Riot, apologizing for his harsh comments. Duncan congratulates Cameron when he wins immunity in Korean Teaching or Learning. Cameron high-fives Duncan when he is called safe. In Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, Cameron congratulates Duncan when he wins immunity.  In Final Four Face Off!, Cameron feels sad when Duncan quits the competition and waves at him when he's eliminated. Duncan votes for Sky over Cameron in Totally Dramatic Finale!, but comforts Cameron over losing and getting second place.


Its Cameron and Gwen

Cameron, along with Gwen arrive to the island.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Cameron and Gwen both arrive to the island surprised at what was in store. During the challenges they weren't able to interact much because of being on different teams, however both were equality terrified of Chef's inhuman behavior.

In Volleybrawl, the two were planned to battle each other, until all the contestants started complaining about the challenge. Later, she is placed to battle Cameron again in the new challenge of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Cameron wins the game, and even though Gwen gives Cameron the "thumbs up" she is thoroughly surprised she lost to him, and is unable to get the thought out her head for the entire day.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, In Gwen tries to persuade Cameron and the rest of the Contestants to move out before they get attacked by the so called "killer".

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Gwen begins to get annoyed with Cameron and what she believes to be his "fake" good attitude towards Lindsay for the entire episode.

In Puzzle Riot, Gwen was genuinely kind, and empathetic to Cameron. During the challenge when the contestants tried to make fun of Cameron's mom to win a point, Gwen refused. Thus, then comforting Cameron saying, "It's OK Cameron."


Cameron apologizes with Gwen at her elimination.

In Korean Teaching or Learning, Gwen was completely irritated with Cameron as he was in an obvious alliance to vote her out. As she went along in the game, she pointed out that she thought Cameron was a "kiss up" by the way he interacted with Lindsay. At the Korean Dinner, Cameron, Noah and Tyler discuss who they think should go home. They decide on Gwen because she was carried all the way to the final eight, and that she doesn't deserve a higher place. Later in the episode Cameron along with Tyler vote Gwen out. Gwen gets mad when she finds out Cameron had eliminated, which caused Cameron to run up to her and apologize. She accepts the apology, and tells him to have fun in the rest of the game.

In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Gwen votes for Sky to win over Cameron, stating that Sky had a much better game than Cameron had, and that she deserved it more.


Cameron and Heather don't interact much in Total Drama Returns to the Island, due to being on opposing teams, along with Heather's early merged elimination, although Cameron is one of the many votes for her. Heather seems to show subtle signs of scathing hatred for Cameron, such as only rooting for Tyler to win the challenge in Final Four Face Off! and voting for Sky to win instead of Cameron in Totally Dramatic Finale! They are both placed on the same team in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, and have conflicting differences with each other. Cameron, although terrified at Heather, has been capable of fighting back against harsh insults by her. He also does not approve of his team, including Heather, arguing on many occasions. Heather underestimates Cameron completely, and considers him a weak contestant, liking to toy with his emotions, such as when she eliminates Beth to make Cameron upset. In Go Big or Go Home, Cameron worries about his chances in the game and attempts to form an alliance with Heather and vote off a mystery person. At first, they both work really well together in the challenge. However, once Tyler puts Heather and Cameron up for elimination, Heather has no choice but to lie that Cameron was telling her to eliminate Cameron, causing Cameron's elimination and making him go back to detesting Heather once again.==LeShawna== Cameron is slightly irritated by Leshawna's lack of contribution to her team, and votes her off in Starting Off on Humble Beginnings. However, it's revealed in Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze a trivia challenge suggested that Leshawna seemed to actually be friends with Cameron off-screen, as he reminded her of Harold.



Lightning about to attack Cameron in the underground passage way.

When Lightning arrives in Let's Have a World Tour!, he looks around and cheers when he realizes that Cameron is not in the season, as he ruined things for him. In Icey Antarctica, Chris tells Lightning that Cameron will be cameoing in the episode, which causes Lightning to tick, and fight the air, yelling and lashing out at how Cameron ruined things with his father. He punches the door excessively where Cameron is trapped in but gives up when he is told it does not work. As soon as Cameron leaves the door, Lightning brutally attacks him for everyone to see, yelling at him for ruining his life.



Lindsay joins Cameron, Noah and Tyler at the reward.

Lindsay is shown to be shocked and amazed at Cameron's skill in the challenge in Relay Feelings Speed Fast. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, when Lindsay manages to win a challenge using her brains, Cameron is shocked by this, and accidentally insults Lindsay with no bad intentions, saying that he's shocked that she won a challenge testing intelligence. She's shown to be irritated by this comment, but he apologizes once he realizes the mistake he's made in what he's said.

Lindsay feels bad about making fun of Cameron's mom in Puzzle Riot however, apologizing to him for being so harsh. Cameron seems to be a little disappointed that Lindsay was dramatically eliminated. Cameron comforts Tyler in Korean Teaching or Learning about Lindsay being eliminated, saying that he misses her too. Cameron is happy to see Lindsay again in Supreme Chef Auto, although feels a little awkward when watching Lindsay and Tyler make-out with each other for a long period of time in front of him.



Cameron, Noah, and Tyler are served a Korean Dinner.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Noah friendly offers to lend Cameron a book to read. Noah is impressed by Cameron's skill in Relay Feelings Speed Fast, sarcastically saying that Cameron is "more computer than human." Cameron and Noah both seem to respect each others skills in challenges in The Super Wi-Fi Spies and Korean Teaching or Learning. Noah openly defends Cameron when Courtney makes fun of him in Puzzle Riot. Cameron attempts to form an alliance with Noah, but Noah turns him down because of Cameron already being in another alliance. Despite this minor friendship, Cameron votes Noah off in Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, due to being the biggest threat.


Cameron is seen laughing when Samey-Bot's vote for Lindsay in the finale is read out to all the contestants, showing that she doesn't want Cameron or Sky to win.


Scarlett immediately considers Cameron a rival in Trials and Triva-lations, considering him inferior to her intellect. Cameron doesn't seem to hold any bad feelings against Scarlett, but is shown to be slightly terrified of her.


You're the squealer

Cameron scared at the past challenge.

Due to their past experiences with each other from their first two seasons together, it's fairly obvious that Cameron and Scott do not get along with each other. Cameron, being the social shut-in he is, is absolutely terrified by Scott. For the third time, both are placed on the same team. This has caused them to interact in plenty of episodes.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Cameron doesn't seem too pleased to be on a team with Scott, unlike how he feels about the rest of his teammates, still seeming terrified of Scott's dangerous nature. Scott sees Cameron as an obstacle that could get in his way. Despite their heated conflict, Cameron seems concerned towards Scott when the teams are told that Fang will attack them if they ever get a question wrong.

In Volleybrawl, when the challenge is, at first, to throw balls at each other, Cameron believes in himself that he can win for his team, before Scott rudely criticizes Cameron, laughing that Cameron's fingers are as slippery as grease. Despite this, both cheer on each other when its their turn to do their now Rock Paper Scissors challenge, both of which both win in.


Cameron and the rest of the Killer Beavers vote off Scott.

In Topple on the Luck Players, when Cameron seems proud of his team for winning the last challenge, Scott questions how Cameron would be surprised in the first place. Despite this, Cameron cheers Scott on when he scores the Beaver's only point, and questions Chef's logic when he doesn't count Scott's second one. Even though Scott was the most useful member of the Beavers in the challenge, Cameron thought of this as a chance to finally eliminate Scott, having no hesitance in doing so. With Scott feeling betrayal from the rest of his team after all the work he had done, Cameron has a guilty look, realizing he could've needed Scott for future challenges.

In Relay Feeling Speed Fast, Cameron, despite having one of the largest conflicts with Scott, feels guilty for betraying him like that. In the challenge, Cameron encourages his team to win for Scott, as hard as it is to say. Cameron later mentions Scott in Supreme Chef Auto, saying that with meaner people like him and Courtney gone, he's found it hard to vote for other people.

Scott, along with other eliminated contestants, cameos in Final Four Face Off!. He still seems to be angry at his Beaver team, noting that he wants Sky and Cameron to be the next two eliminated. He's disappointed to discover that both of them are the Final 2. Scott reluctantly votes for Cameron to win in Totally Dramatic Finale! by saying that Sky doesn't deserve it. Despite him voting for Cameron, he doesn't vocally point out that he's cheering for him, and honestly doesn't care about the result.

In A Wild Western Introduction, Scott is revealed to be taking Cameron's place as captain. He tells everyone that he bribed Cameron with the money Scott shared with him just so he could be captain and take Sky down. In The Final Finalé, when Scott faces off against Lindsay in a tiebreaker to see who competes against Duncan, he beats her in a reverse icon challenge, referring to Cameron as a little dork, saying that he may have actually learned something from Cameron for once.



Cameron and Sky are the Finale 2.

Cameron and Sky have one of the biggest friendships in Total Drama history. They are both very supportive of one another which strengthens their bond. They interact with one another quite often between challenges. Cameron has introduced Sky to new friends such as Cody and Courtney, and Sky has also introduced Cameron to Duncan. The two never seem to disagree, and are thought to be good team players. The two form an alliance to ensure that the two merge. This alliance includes them and many other teammates of the Killer Beavers. They also both ended up being Total Drama Returns to the Island finalists.



Cameron decides to eliminate Tyler for being a huge physical threat and social threat.

Despite being on opposite teams in Total Drama Returns to the Island, both Cameron and Tyler have grown to like each other and grow to be great friends. Eventually in the series, Tyler joins Cameron's alliance with Cody, Duncan, and Sky. This is for Tyler to assure that he makes it far with his friends. Both Cameron and Tyler reach the merge in The Super Wi-Fi Spies. This gives them more interaction throughout the game. Both have proven to be formidable players in challenges. They both make the Final 4/3 together. Cameron ends up winning the last challenge, and as a reward gets to choose who to bring to the finale with him: either Sky or Tyler. He chooses Sky, saying that Tyler is a huge threat in the Final 2. Tyler has no hard feelings, but ends up voting for Sky to win instead of Cameron.

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