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Duncan and Sky are placed on the same team.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island Duncan and Sky are both placed on the Killer Beavers, which causes them to become very close friends. They both orchestrate an alliance with Tyler, Cody, and Cameron to make it to the final 5. They both become great friends with Tyler as well, and they work together on challenges very well. Later on in the season, the contestants are led to believe that Duncan likes Sky, and she likes Duncan, but the two confront everyone by saying that this is not true, and that they are only good friends. Their alliance is successful in helping the two merge and make the final 6. When Duncan is eliminated Sky shows her affection for him by hugging him goodbye. Duncan supports Sky in the finale, and is excited when she wins the season.


Sky trips and falls on top of Duncan.

In Total Drama Wild West, Duncan and Sky seem to still have a stable friendship. Many of Duncan's friendships have ended, and Sky's friends would rather her not win two seasons in a row. However, this friendship is interrupted when it is discovered that Samey was actually a robot, and that the real Samey is coming to the competition. When Samey arrives, she immediately falls for Duncan, and Sky does not appreciate this. This creates a rift between the two girls, both competing for Duncan's attention. He is leaning towards Sky, because he has known her longer, but Samey has good qualities about her too. However, when Sky's diary is read out by Heather in This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! it is revealed to everyone that she does have secret feelings for Duncan that he's happy. He returns these feelings to her back and it's implied that they are now going out.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Trials and Triva-lationsEdit

Duncan and Sky get off to a friendly start with each other, happy that they're both on the Killer Beavers. They talk throughout the whole episode and eventually decide to form an alliance. They also encourage each other throughout the challenge, even though their team loses badly.


Duncan is seen comforting Sky when she loses her RPS challenge, and is afraid of elimination. Later on in response, Sky cheers for Duncan when he wins his part of the challenge. Both of them are happy and celebrate with their team when Cody wins the challenge, and when they do not have to vote anyone off.

Starting Off on Humble BeginningsEdit


The Beavers watching Leshawna leave via Arrow of Shame

In this challenge, contestants have to race across the island. At the beginning of the challenge, Chef chooses Sky to go first, but Duncan says that he can go first instead. Duncan ends up going against Heather and loses, but Sky and most other teammates make him feel better about it. Later on, Sky wins her portion of the challenge, but the Beavers eventually lose the challenge and have to eliminate someone. Duncan suggests Leshawna, and Sky agrees to vote her out.

All Aboard the Cuckoo TrainEdit


Killer Beavers win in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train

Sky is the first killer on the Beavers, and Duncan tells her to kill Dawn. Later on, while Duncan is the killer, Sky encourages him to kill Tyler. Later on, Sky seems to be killed, and Duncan is very sad about it. This leads every one on the show to believe that Duncan has a crush on Sky, even though they are just friends. Later on, Duncan tries to take candy away from Cody that Sky gave to him, even though he won the challenge. Despite her friendship with Duncan, she glares at him when he does this, even giving Cody candy secretly in private.

Topple on the Luck PlayersEdit


The Killer Beavers vote out Scott.

During this episode it is revealed that Duncan and Sky form a 5 person alliance with Tyler, Cody, and Cameron to make it to the final 5 together. During this challenge, Sky gets a point, but Chef unfairly gives the point to the Screaming Ducks. This causes Duncan to argue with Chef for a while and further reinforces the notion that Duncan likes her. Duncan continues to argue throughout the episode, but eventually gives up when it becomes clear that Chef will not change his decision. Both convince the rest of their team to vote for Scott due to their alliance.

Relay Feelings Speed FastEdit

When Sky points out how guilty she feels about eliminating Scott, Duncan agrees with her, sympathizing with her guilt after eliminating him from the competition.

The Super Wi-Fi SpiesEdit

When Sky unfairly loses a point in the first round, Duncan argues that she should have gotten the point, and immunity, but Chef dismisses him. During the elimination ceremony, Sky is pronounced safe and Duncan was happy for her, but Duncan is in the bottom two. When Duncan is declared safe, Sky hugs him, and the two are happy to advance another week in the competition.

Puzzle RiotEdit

Before the challenge starts Sky and Duncan discuss who should be eliminated next. Duncan views Noah as a threat being good at individual challenges, but Sky argues with him because he's good friends with Tyler. The challenge is captioning pictures, where the best caption for the picture wins the point.

Korean Teaching or LearningEdit

After the captioning challenge, Sky has trouble believing in herself for winning the competition. Duncan helps Sky get in a positive mindset before the challenge begins. Chris says the challenge is based on Korean history. Duncan doesn't have a clue about Korea, but Sky helps him throughout the challenge. Before the elimination, Duncan convinces Sky to eliminate Gwen or Courtney.

Supreme Chef AutoEdit

Duncan and Sky wake up and talk about the upcoming challenge. Chris calls the contestants over and announces that it is another trivia challenge. Sky talks to Duncan about who they should eliminate. Duncan suggests Cody. Sky agrees, even though she does not vote out Cody.

Frozen Yogurty Up Brain FreezeEdit

Sky cheers Duncan on when he initially takes the lead in the challenge. Duncan talks to Sky about who should go next. They agree that Noah is the biggest threat having won the most challenges out of all the contestants.

Final Four Face Off!Edit


Sky and Cameron are the final 2

Even though the alliance all agree that it's over, Sky secretly talks to Duncan about continuing it, to which he responds by agreeing. Duncan later quits the competition due to not catching up to anyone in the challenge. Sky is sad that Duncan is quitting, but realizes that he would've been eliminated anyways. Sky hugs Duncan and Tyler when they're both eliminated. It's announced that Duncan and Tyler are staying to watch the finale, satisfying Duncan and Sky.

Totally Dramatic Finale!Edit

In the finale between Cameron and Sky, Duncan confirms to Sky that he will vote for her to win. Chris reads out the votes, and announces her as the winner. Sky hugs Duncan after hearing that she's won. Duncan, along with most of the other contestants, throw Sky up in the air and cheer. Sky also says that she will share a portion of her winnings with the eliminated contestants, including Duncan.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Duncan loses the first challenge for the Vipers

As one of the captains of the teams, Sky chooses Duncan second happily. He thanks her when she does so. Later the challenge is announced, and Sky has trouble with the challenge. Sky makes Duncan the new team leader, believing that he can lead the team to victory. When Noah makes fun of Duncan and his leadership skills after the team loses, Duncan in turn calls him a nerd, which bothers Sky a bit, but lets it go because she knows that despite his cold outer shell Duncan is a good person at heart. Although Duncan and Sky agree to eliminate Dave, Tyler tells Sky that he is voting Duncan because of his alliance with Noah, disappointing Sky a little. Duncan is eventually in the bottom 3, and when he is called safe Sky hugs him.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

When Sky wins a section of the challenge for her team, Duncan and the others congratulate her on her great song. Before the challenge ends Sky accidentally trips and falls on top of Duncan. She immediately tries to cover up and says it was an accident, but is ignored.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

When Sky tries to ask Duncan about something, she trips and falls into his arms, before being put down by Duncan when asked to do so. In the confessional Duncan says Sky is definitely into him. Directly after that Sky announces in the confessional that it was an accident again, and that she has no feelings for the bad boy. After Ezekiel's elimination, Duncan and Sky talk about how great it was to win back to back.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit

Sky states that she has something important to tell Duncan. Just before she says it, she burps in his face. She apologizes and tells him that it only happens when she is nervous. Duncan smiles but the awkward silence is broken by the other contestants playfully teasing Sky about Duncan. In the confessional Duncan says that he knew she liked him. Consequently Sky states in the confessional that she is not falling for him. Sky attempts to tell Duncan important information again, but ends up burping in his face again, apologizing for this accidental action.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit


Sky and Samey talk about Duncan.

The episode starts off with Sky sitting outside of the girl's cabin sad about Tyler's elimination. Duncan comes by, and puts his arm around her telling her that it will be okay. When Samey tells Sky about how cute Duncan is, Sky immediately gets defensive. She tells Samey to back off, showing hidden feelings for Duncan. The challenge begins and when Sky loses the first point for her team, Duncan cheers her up and tell her she'd score the next time. The teams are tied 2-2 and Sky wins by guessing the final sentence. Duncan and the others cheer her on. The two hug and talk while heading back to the cabin.

The Wild Bunch of LosersEdit

Sky, along with Samey, competes for Duncan's attention numerous times during this episode. Originally, Sky talks to Duncan about the challenge, in which Duncan does well, and she congratulates him. Sky talks to Duncan, and says that she thinks he is really good at the challenges, and the bad boy persona that he has suits him.

Serpent ShowdownEdit


Duncan and Sky find a snake.

Sky states in the confessional that she needs to put her feelings for Duncan aside, and focus on winning the game. In the character quote trivia, Sky scores 7 out of the 9 points her team scored. Duncan and the others congratulate her for helping them gain an edge in the next part of the challenge. Sky notices Samey constantly talking to Duncan. She says that she is not jealous in the confessional, obviously lying. Sky teams up with Duncan for the second portion of the challenge.

Red Dead MergitonEdit

In the challenge, Chris partners up Duncan, Samey, and Sky for the western script challenge. In the confessional Sky says that things could be worse, hinting that she dislikes being on a team with Samey, but likes being on one with Duncan. When the group rehearses, Sky suggests to the group that they should make a scene with Samey and her fighting over Duncan, causing the two to agree with her.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit


Duncan and Sky share their first kiss.

Heather reveals in the talent show challenge that she will be reading Sky's diary. The rest of the contestants are in shock including Duncan. When she gets to the part about Duncan, Sky starts to tear up. When she is finished, Duncan tells Sky he knew that she felt like that. Sky blushes, and Duncan leans in to kiss Sky, causing Sky to kiss Duncan back. In the confessional Sky says that the kiss was great, and that she was happy that Duncan liked her. Sky is up next for the challenge, and performs a dunk using a trampoline. Duncan and the others cheer when she lands the trick. Sky convinces Duncan to vote off Heather, and asks if they are officially dating, to which he replies that they are.

The Magnificent 8 CowboysEdit


Sky is eliminated via Horse of Shame.

Even though he's in a relationship with Sky, Duncan is okay with Scott's plan to sabotage the girls so that they'll vote each other so that the guy's vote counts, including Sky. Sky wakes up and greets Duncan. Chris partners up the contestants for a trust fall challenge. Sky hopes to be partnered up with Duncan, but instead is partnered up with Samey. Sky wishes Duncan luck before the challenge. After Scott is eliminated from the challenge, he throws a small rock at Sky, swearing that Samey did it. Despite his relationship with Sky, he's on Scott's side on this, loving his sabotage plan. When Duncan and his partner Cody are eliminated from the challenge, Duncan roots for Sky to win the challenge. Chris merges the mini teams, and in the end Sky comes in second to Samey. She decides to pick Duncan to share immunity with. This infuriates Sky, but she decides to blow it off. When Chris reveals the bottom two to be Scott and Sky, both Duncan and Sky are shocked. Duncan is relieved when Sky is deemed safe, but she decides to quit the competition. Duncan and other contestants are shocked by this. Sky runs up to Duncan, and kisses him goodbye before she leaves.

Yodelayhee...Who? Edit

Duncan agrees with Scott when he mentions that he misses Sky, and both are proud of her sacrifice in the game.

Three EnemigosEdit


The final three and the helpers.

Chris introduces the eliminated contestants that will help the three finalists. Duncan and Sky are excited to see each other. Chris allows the finalists to choose their helpers. Duncan chooses Sky, but is shocked when Chris switches up the choices. Sky wishes Duncan luck, but also assures him she will defeat him. The two are very competitive with each other during the challenge. Near the end of the challenge the score is even, and Sky wonders if she should try and win it, but decides that she should let fate decides what happens. Tyler scores the final point for Duncan, he wins immunity and is guaranteed in the final two. Sky congratulates him.

The Final FinaléEdit


Duncan wins Season 2.

Chris introduces the two finalists to the eliminated contestants. In the confessional Sky states that she hopes Duncan or Scott wins. Sky decides to join the Duncan supporters due to being slightly closer with him than Scott. The challenge begins, and after every point Sky cheers Duncan's name. When the score is 4-3 in Duncan's favor, Sky is the loudest cheerer of all of the contestants, and encourages Duncan by telling him that he only needs one more point to win. Duncan scores the final point, and Sky immediately runs up and hugs him. She congratulates Duncan on winning season 2, and tells Duncan they are both millionaires. Sky also states in the confessional that she is glad Duncan wins, and wants to take a break for a few seasons. Luckily for her, Chris announces that next season will feature a new cast. Duncan and Sky end Season 2 with a kiss.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit

When Blaineley talks about Duncan, Sky blushes and admits to her that she hasn't spoken to him in months. When Duncan and Sky see each other Sky immediately runs up to Duncan and kisses him. She tells him that she is glad to see him, and he agrees with her and informs her that he was helping a cause for animals for community service. Duncan is called into the plane by Chris, and Sky blows Duncan a kiss and tells him she will see him soon. When Sky isn't called, Duncan realizes that she won't be competing and wishes that she was there with him.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit

When Duncan is introduced he states that the season is going to suck without Sky.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

When Duncan and Samey hug each other, Tyler looks at them in shock, and asks what Duncan is doing, and tells him that he already has a girlfriend, Sky. He then asks Duncan if he remembers Sky at all. Dunvan then looks nervously at Tyler, saying that it was just a friend hug. grabing him by the collar. Tyler then tells him to chill and to calm down.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

When Duncan gets mad at Courtney, he then shouts at Courtney to not talk to Samey like that, almost saying girlfriend. Tyler then glares at Duncan, he then overreacts and can't believe that Duncan and Samey are going out, behind Sky's back. He then asks Duncan about Sky. Duncan then tells Tyler and Brick that Samey is his friend, and that Sky is still his girlfriend. Tyler then argues back that he was clearly gonna say girlfriend. Samey then butts in, and says that they are not dating and that they are just friends, which Tyler then gives up on the argument. Tyler then sits down next to Alejandro, telling Duncan that if he is cheating on Sky, he sarcasticly then says great job.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit


Tyler once again gets mad at both Duncan and Samey, for daring behind Sky's back.

Tyler glares at Duncan, and tells him that he is not cheating on someone. But Duncan just ignores him. Tyler states in the confessional, that Duncan has completely forgotten about Sky, and that he only cares for Samey now and not Sky. When Duncan and Samey start to flirt, Tyler tells Duncan that he is forgetting Sky. After Tyler coughs. Duncan tells Samey and Tyler that he will break up with Sky as soon as possible, and states only if Tyler can keep his promise. Tyler then sighs and mumbles "poor Sky". When Duncan and Samey make out, Tyler grabs his shoe and throws it at Duncans's face. Tyler then tells Duncan that he will so get kicked in his private parts from Sky. Duncan then tells Tyler to keep him and Samey a secret from Sky, which Tyler says he will keep it a secret.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit


Sky reminds Duncan of when Cody knocked him out when Duncan is placed on Brawns.

When Sky is introduced she says that Duncan is going down, and she dives into the water. Immediately after Sky lands in the water she punches Duncan. After Duncan gets up, Sky is too choked up to say anything, and she walks away from him. In Sky's first confessional of the season she says that after not competing in Toxic Brawl Duncan wasted no time cheating on her. Duncan tells Chris if he could eliminate Sky already, Heather laughs, and Sky responds by telling Duncan to shut up. Tyler tells Sky that he is sorry and surprised that Duncan cheated on her with Samey, and Sky says she was shocked as well. Sky asks Chris why Duncan is a brawn since he was knocked out by Cody. Cody responds by telling Sky even though he knocked out Duncan, he admits that Duncan is stronger than him. Scott compliments Sky on her meanness, and in Sky's confessional she states that she doesn't want to be mean, but Duncan needs a taste of his own medicine.

Sky is still extremely mad over Duncan cheating on her with Samey.

Before the challenge Duncan tells Sky to go jump on a spike, this causes Sky to push Duncan off the cliff into the water. Duncan hits his kiwis which leads to Sky being satisfied. Duncan tells Sky she is going to get it, but is dragged under by Fang causing Sky to laugh. Duncan tells Sky to push the cart, but Sky reminds Duncan that Scott is pushing it. When Duncan kisses Samey on the cheek Sky states in her confessional that she is angered by Duncan's actions. After the challenge Sky goes to the cabin depressed. Scott comes by and asks Sky what is wrong? She reminds him that Duncan cheated on her and she begins to cry. Duncan arrives in the middle of their conversation, and asks Scott if he can talk to Sky in private. Sky clenches her fist, and Duncan begins to tell Sky that the two can't continuously treat each other badly. Sky ignores Duncan and goes inside of her cabin.


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