This article focuses on the interactions between Duncan and Samey.



Duncan confesses to Samey that he likes her a lot, more then he likes Sky. Duncan eventually breaks up with Sky, and starts dating Samey.

Duncan begins Total Drama Wild West, oblivious that Samey is actually a robot, much like the rest of the cast. However, when Samey arrives and takes the place of Samey-Bot, she takes a liking to the delinquent. She and Sky compete for Duncan's attention on numerous occasions, and Samey's usual tactic is to try to force Duncan's nice side to come to the surface. At first Duncan resists this, but eventually, he begins to become softer, which he is not comfortable with. Eventually, he becomes so insecure with himself that he decides to vote Samey off of the show, but soon after he does it, he realizes his mistake.

Once both return to compete in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Duncan begins to get more and more attracted to Samey as the season progresses. Once again, Samey tries to get Duncan to show him true self to others, and not to hide behind his fake bad boy persona. In En-Toxicating, Duncan finally confesses in the confessional that he likes Samey, and that he preferrs her over Sky. Duncan asks Dawn to help him decide between Samey and Sky, which ultimately Duncan chooses Samey. But after many lies spread about Duncan, Samey gets mad at Duncan and says that she will never go out with him, and then votes him off. But after it's revealed that Duncan really likes Samey, the two of them get together and become a couple.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, the two of them do not interact a tonne. After Duncan chose Samey over Sky, most contestants have lost respect for Duncan, leading to his early elimination, much to Samey's disappointment.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit


Duncan states that Samey "did not do much," and "she had it coming," when Samey was eliminated. Duncan waves bye too Samey as she is flung out of the Arrow of Shame.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit

When Sky chooses Samey to be on the same team as her and Duncan, Duncan greets her, but is ignored by her. After the challenge, Duncan states in the confessional that he hates the lack of participation and contribution Samey has during everything.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Duncan is once again annoyed by Samey's lack of everything.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit

Before the elimination ceremony, Cody, Sky and Duncan all agree to vote off Samey for her lack of participation during the challenge. When Samey is revealed to be Samey-Bot, Duncan gasps when the real Samey jumps onto Samey-Bot. As they fight, Duncan tells Sky that he is confused about who is who. After Samey wins and destroys Samey-Bot, Duncan greets her, which she greets him back. Duncan still votes off Samey at the elimination ceremony, with Cody and Sky. When Samey was deemed to be safe, Duncan gasps as Tyler was eliminated.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit


Samey and Sky both confess to each other that have crushes on Duncan.

In the beginning of the episode, Samey is seen looking at Duncan dreamily from her cabin window. Later on, Samey and Sky speak to each other about Duncan. Samey says that Duncan is "cute", and Sky immediately says "back off". Fortunately for Sky, Samey does not hear this. Sky also confesses her crush on Duncan to Samey, but Samey misunderstands Sky and does not hear exactly what Sky tells her. At the challenge, Duncan and Samey get to know each other, and Samey tells Duncan what happened between her and Samey-Bot. After their team won the challenge, both Duncan and Samey high five each other.

The Wild Bunch of LosersEdit

When Duncan see's Samey on the stairs, he joins her and starts a conversation with her. Sky soon joins them, and she then burps, which causes Samey and Duncan to be look at each other in confusion. Later on in the episode, both Samey and Sky compete for Duncan's attention.

Serpent ShowdownEdit


Sky and Samey competing for Duncan's attention

During the challenge, Samey is much more focused on speaking to Duncan than participating in the challenge. Duncan states in the confessional that he is getting quite attracted to both Samey and Sky, but he doesn't know which one to choose. After the challenge, Duncan starts to insult Cody and Noah, which Samey tells Duncan that he is suppose to be nice. Which Duncan says that he is not nice, which Samey tells him that she see's the nice in him and that he should embrace him.

Red Dead MergitonEdit


Duncan, Samey and Sky are all paired up for the challenge.

When Chris announces that the remaining eleven contestants have merged, Samey hugs Duncan out of joy. She then realizes what she has done and pushes her away from Duncan and apologizes to him. Sky is then seen glaring at Samey, and then coughs trying to get both Duncan and Samey's attention. Chris then pairs up all three of then for the challenge, which Duncan states in the confessional that he is paired up with the two "hottest babes" left in the game, referring to Samey and Sky. As they practice the challenge, Samey is seen starting at Duncan dreamily, which causes Sky to fake trip and push Samey over, which makes Samey get mad at Sky. Duncan then tells both Samey and Sky to stop, and to start practicing if they win. During their performance, both Samey and Sky act like they are in love with Duncan, which once again they start competing for Duncan's attention. Samey and Sky tackle each other and start fighting, while they both shout out they like Duncan, and that he is theirs. Duncan just looks at them with a grin on his face, he then states in the confessional that he loves it when two girls fight over him. Samey then states in the confessional that she really likes Duncan, and that Sky is getting in the way of her attraction to Duncan. Before the elimination ceremony, both Duncan and Samey agree on voting off Dakota and Noah at the elimination ceremony.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit

After Duncan performed his talent, Samey is seen impressed, and tells Duncan that his talent is amazing. After Duncan and Sky kiss, Samey starts to tear up, and she runs off without anyone noticing. Samey states that she is irritated at Sky, because she had already told her that she liked Duncan. Samey then starts to cry, saying that she really liked Duncan.

The Magnificent 8 CowboysEdit

Samey is still seen upset about Duncan and Sky kissing at the challenge. Samey is paried up with Sky, which leads to Samey being a little mean to Sky, for kissing and taking Duncan away from her. After Samey wins the challenge, Samey chooses Duncan to join her with immunity, as she still has a crush on Duncan. Duncan thanks Samey. After Sky quits the game, Samey comforts Duncan.



Duncan votes off Samey, due to his alliance with Cody and Scott.

When it comes to a vote as part of a double elimination, Duncan votes off Samey since she's the leader of the girls alliance that's against the guys alliance. He's worried when it's 3-3 between Samey and Scott, and supports Scott when he performs in the tiebreaker. When Samey is eliminated, Duncan is glad that they're alliance is being successful. Duncan fare-wells Samey as she leaves, which she also fare-wells him.

The 5 Not So Lucky Horse RidersEdit

Duncan is still seen quite upset for eliminating Samey, but he just shrugs it off in the confessional.

Aftermath: The UnlimitedEdit

Samey wants Duncan to win, even though he voted her off.

The Final FinaléEdit

When it's between Duncan and Scott, Duncan is supported by Dave, Jo, Dakota, Sky, Samey, and Katie and they cheer when he ends up beating Scott 5-3. Samey congratulates Duncan she he wins, which Duncan thanks her.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit


Samey tells Duncan to be nicer after he laughs at Noah's misfortune.

When Duncan says the season is gonna suck without Sky, Samey comforts him saying everything will be fine. When Duncan laughs at Noah's misfortune, Samey tells him that he is not being nice, which Duncan apologizes to Noah and Samey. Duncan then asks himself why did he apologize in the confessional. Samey tells Duncan that it is fine, and that she knew that he did not mean to be rude to Noah. After the challenge, Samey approaches Duncan and greets him. Samey asks how he is doing, and tells him that she voted off Beardo. Before Duncan could answer they are interrupted by Chris at the elimination ceremony. When both Duncan and Samey receive a marshmallow, Samey hugs Duncan out of joy. Alejandro then asks Duncan if he is going out with Sky. Samey then tells Alejandro that it was just a friend hug. Alejandro then says "oh" and says that it looked like the two had a moment there.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit


Duncan and Samey team up in the challenge.

In the morning, Samey greets Duncan, but Duncan does not reply as he did no hear her. At the challenge, Samey asks Duncan if he would like to team up with her. Duncan then teams up with Samey, which both run off together in the forest. Duncan asks Samey how she is doing, by calling her "Samey", before stopping and called her Sammy. Before Samey could answer, Chris changes the challenge, and put Duncan on team 1 for his team, which Samey wishes him luck. She then hugs him and smiles at him, which Duncan reluctantly hugs back. When Duncan and Samey hug each other, Tyler looks at them in shock, and asks what Duncan is doing, and tells him that he already has a girlfriend, Sky. He then asks Duncan if he remembers Sky at all. Duncan then looks nervously at Tyler, saying that it was just a friend hug. grabbing him by the collar. Tyler then tells him to chill and to calm down. Duncan states in the confessional that off course Samey likes him, but before he could finish his sentence, he says that he does not like her.

After Duncan shot Dave multiple times, Samey tells him that he did not have to do that, and be so rude towards Dave. Duncan then sighs and says that he knows and then apologizes to Samey. Duncan the shakes his head and says that he meant to say. Before he could finish, Samey interrupts him by saying that it is fine, as long as he tries. Samey then tells Duncan that she knows that he has good in him, and that he should just embrace it more. She then hugs him, and leaves for the second part of the challenge. After Samey and Duncan's team lost, Duncan tells Samey that she did great in the challenge, but he stops himself again. Samey smiles at him, and thanks him. Samey then tells him that he did great in the challenge as well. At the elimination ceremony, when Samey receives a marshmallow, Duncan tells her good job, but once again stops himself from finishing the sentence. Samey tells Duncan that he is really sweet. Duncan just sighs and thanks Samey.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

When Duncan gets mad at Courtney, he then shouts at Courtney to not talk to Samey like that, almost saying girlfriend. Tyler then glares at Duncan, he then overreacts and can't believe that Duncan and Samey are going out, behind Sky's back. He then asks Duncan about Sky. Brick the tells Tyler that he was about to ask the same thing. Duncan then tells Tyler and Brick that Samey is his friend, and that Sky is still his girlfriend. Tyler then argues back that he was clearly gonna say girlfriend. Samey then butts in, and says that they are not dating and that they are just friends, which Tyler then gives up on the argument. Tyler then sits down next to Alejandro, telling Duncan that if he is cheating on Sky, he sarcastically then says great job. Near the end of the challenge, Samey tells Duncan that she hopes they win the challenge. Both Duncan and Samey high five when they won the challenge.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit

Samey tells Duncan at the challenge, that she hopes they win, which Duncan agree's with her.



Duncan asks Dawn about what he should do about Samey and Sky.

When Amy and Scarlett talk about fixing the conflict between Amy and Samey, Amy asks Scarlett if she should help Duncan and Samey's relationship, as Duncan seems to be smitten over her. After both Duncan and Samey wake up after being poisoned, Duncan greets her. Samey blushes and greets him back, which Duncan smiles at Samey. Duncan then states in the confessional that he likes Samey. He sighs and says that he dating Sky, and that he needs to talk someone about it. He then says that he will talk to Dawn. Duncan approaches Dawn, and starts to ask her about Samey and Sky, before being interupted by her. Dawn says that she knows that he has been crushing on both Samey and Sky recently. Duncan then asks her who is his true love between the two, which Dawn tells him that if he dates Samey, Sky will find another man, but if he dates Sky, Samey will never find another man. Duncan states in the confessional that he has been spending time with Samey more, and that he feels more for her then he does for Sky.

Later on, when Samey joins her team, she asks where Duncan is. Duncan is still with Dawn, and he says to her that he likes Samey a lot. Dawn then tells Duncan that he should then tell Samey that he likes her, and says that it will make his situation much better if he does. Dawn then tells Duncan she has to leave, and she then leaves. Duncan thanks Dawn for the advice and catches up to Samey and his team. During the challenge, Duncan and Samey run beside each other to the finish line.

Mutant KingdomEdit


Duncan confesses to Samey that he likes her a lot.

When Duncan is seen talking to Scott, he tells Scott that he needs to talk to Samey. Duncan approaches Samey and asks if they could speak, which Samey says they can speak. Duncan confesses to Samey that he likes her, and that he wants all the drama to stop between them and Sky. Before Samey could anwser, Chris announces the challenge, which both Duncan and Samey walk together to the challenge. At the challenge, Lightning tells Samey that she cannot trust Duncan at all. Samey then tells him that he is soo sweet and nice, and asks why she can't trust him. Lightning tells Samey that she is the second woman he is cheating on, which Samey asks Lightning if he is actually cheating on her. Lightning tells her that he is still going out with Sky, and that he is also now going out with her. Which makes Samey mad at Duncan, along with Lightning.

After the challenge, Scarlett informs Amy that Duncan is cheating on Samey and that he is using her. Amy gasps and tells Scarlett that she needs to tell Samey at once. Amy runs to Samey and tells her that Duncan is using her, which Samey tells Amy that it is ludicrous. Amy and everyone on the team tells Samey that she is telling the truth. Samey states in the confessional that she cannot believe what she is hearing from everyone. She starts to tear up, and says that they must be telling the truth. Duncan approaches Samey and tells her that they need to talk. Samey then shouts out at Duncan to be quiet, and she tells him that he is obviously using her, and that she cannot believe she fell for what he said.


Samey gets mad at Duncan and shouts at him, after everyone spread lies about Duncan.

She then leaves crying, which Duncan is seen confused to what just happened. Duncan states in the confessional, that he has been to focused on Samey then the game, and has let down his game. When Samey gets marshmallow, she glares at Duncan. When Duncan is eliminated, he tells Samey that he was never using her, and he says that he has been trying to tell her that he is gonna break up with Sky because he loves her. Samey gasps, and says that Amy must have lied to her, and she then glares at her.

Down, Down In My Awful MineEdit

Samey is seen still very upset about Duncan's elimination, and still blames Amy for his elimination. She later votes off Amy for lying to her about Duncan.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit


Samey asks Duncan how he has been after the show.

Samey approaches Amy and Brick and ask them if they could help her with some relationship advice. Samey then tells them that her and Duncan are going out, and that things are getting a little awkward. Brick tells Samey to just have a conversation with him, and to try and get to know each other more and better. Samey then thanks Brick, and walks away. Samey then approaches Duncan, and asks how he is doing. Duncan starts to blush but stops and says that he is fine, and asks how she is doing. Tyler states in the confessional, that Duncan has completely forgotten about Sky, and that he only cares for Samey now and not Sky. Scarlett says the Duncan and Samey "the vermin" will be multiplying. Duncan tells Scarlett that they are not having a baby, and he then rolls his eyes and asks Samey where were they. Samey asks if Duncan has already broken up with Sky yet, she then continues by saying that she isn't fond of her, but that she doesn;t want to hurt her too, like she hurt her Total Drama Wild West.

Duncan tells Samey that he hasn't seen Sky since the beginning of the season, and that he hasn't had time to break up with her yet. Duncan alsos says that they haven't been talking lately, and that its more fun hanging out with Samey over Sky. When Duncan and Samey start to flirt, Tyler tells Duncan that he is forgetting Sky. After Tyler coughs. Duncan tells Samey and Tyler that he will break up with Sky as soon as possible, and states only if Tyler can keep his promise. Tyler then sighs and mumbles "poor Sky". Duncan tells Samey that he really likes hanging out with her, and then kisses her on the cheek. Samey blushes and tells Duncan that she is glad he isn't hiding behind his bad boy persona, and showing who he really is. Duncan then tells Samey that he is a bad boy, and that he lost his touch after dating Sky. He then says that when he dated Courtney he still was a bad boy, and now that he is dating her, he is mixed. Duncan then says that he is fine with it, and that he enjoys dating her more then Sky.


Tyler once again gets mad at both Duncan and Samey.

Later on, Duncan asks why Amy always calls her "Samey" instead of "Sammy". Samey tells Duncan that the nickname hurts, and that everyone started calling her that after Amy spread the rumours. She carries on by saying that even her best friend in Total Drama Pahkitew Island, Jasmine, called her "Samey". Samey then tells Duncan that Amy believes that she has fooled everyone, but that she hasn't fooled her, and that she still knows Amy is evil. Duncan is seen confused to which one Amy is, nice or evil, but he says that she has been acting nice ever since Total Drama Around the World. After Samey complains about there being to much trivia this season, Duncan agrees with her. After Amy and Brick, and Lindsay and Tyler start making out, Duncan and Samey start making out. When Duncan and Samey make out, Tyler grabs his shoe and throws it at Duncans's face. Tyler then tells Duncan that he will so get kicked in his private parts from Sky. Duncan then tells Tyler to keep him and Samey a secret from Sky, which Tyler says he will keep it a secret. After Staci won the million dollars, Duncan and Samey make out out of joy for her. After both are revealed to be competing on Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, Duncan and Samey make out.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit


Duncan and Samey greet each other they are introduced to the season.

When Samey is introduced, Duncan called her a babe. After Chris introduces the teams, Samey tells Duncan that she does not want their relationship to end up like the Gwuntney love triangle. Samey states in the confessional that she digs Duncan, but she feel for his soft side, not his fake bad boy side. She states that sometimes his fake side really annoys her. Samey glares at Duncan when he argues with Sky. She then states in the confessional that she hates when Duncan stirs up conflict, and calling her "hot", and that he needs to stop acting like they are a couple just for physical attraction. After Cameron fell of the cliff, Duncan laughs at him. Samey then asks why he is acting like that. Duncan sighs and says that he is trying to act cool infront of her. Samey then tells him that she wants him to be himself, and not some poser. Duncan says he will be himself and then kisses her on the cheek. After both Duncan and Samey's team won immunity, they both make out. Tyler approaches Duncan, and tells him that they need to talk. Duncan asks Tyler what they need to talk about, which made Tyler tell him that he needs to talk with Sky about what happened between him and her, and with Samey. Tyler then tells him that Shy is extremely hurt by what he did to her, which made Duncan tell Tyler that he will go talk to Sky later.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

Everyone is still seen giving Duncan a hard time about him choosing Samey and hurting Sky. After Duncan's team lost the challenge, Samey states in the confessinal that Duncan is most likely to be eliminated.

The Rake-ageEdit

Samey states in the confessional that Duncan has been eliminated, and that she isn't surpirsed. Samy carries on and says that she wishes Duncan showed his true self more then his fake bad boy persona. At the challenge, Samey reveals that Duncan gave her his lighter before he was eliminated last episode. She puts it on and starts to walk through that cave with it.


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