The Drop of Shame is the elimination exit for Total Drama Around the World.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

In Let's Have a World Tour!, Mike is the first contestant to take the Drop of Shame due to him being annoying.

In The Great Chinese Race, Izzy is the second contestant to take the Drop of Shame due to her barely contributing to the challenge.

In Egyptian Torture, Staci is the third contestant to take the Drop of Shame due to Sadie convincing her alliance to eliminate her for becoming a threat.

In Korean Pop Quizzing,

In Icey Antarctica,

In Indian Dance,

In Australian Rivals,

In Aloha, Merge!,

In African Safari,

In London the Ripper,

In Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're Out,

In The Big Apple,

In French Talent Contest,


  • This is the first form of elimination seen in the series that does not involve some sort of vehicle taking the eliminated contestant away; rather, the contestant leaves the vehicle.


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