Discordful Directors
Directors Rank
Number of members 10
Highest ranking member Gwen, 2nd place
Lowest ranking member Sierra, 18th place
Team selected by Chris

The Discordful Directors are one of two opposing teams competing on Total Drama Back in Action. The Discordful Directors consists of:

Total Drama Back in ActionEdit


Original TeamEdit





Discordful Directors eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sierra Female 18th 8th Lights, Camera, Action Seen as annoying on her team, and she did not help much during the challenge. She also lost the tie-breaker against Izzy, after they tied in number of votes.
Izzy Female 17th 7th School of Hard Rocks Seen as annoying on the team, and she cost the challenge with her horrible act.
Shawn Male 16th 6th Raiders of the Lost Dork The team deemed him useless and unanimously voted him out.
Dakota Female 13th 5th Lord of the Flings With no allies and being considered as the outsider, she was voted out.
Dawn Female 10th 4th Dead Man Walking Deeming her as a major threat in the game, the Fab 3 managed to gain enough votes to blindside her.
Max Male 9th 3rd Loose Lips Loose Hearts Annoyed with his wannabe evil antics, the Fab 3 managed to convince DJ, Gwen, and Sam to join them and eliminated him in a 6-1-1-1 vote.
Rodney Male 7th 2nd Alarming The Champions He was the last original member left that wasn't apart of the Castmates alliance.
Gwen Female 2nd 1st Cut to the Case Gwen received less votes than Leshawna to win.


  • This is one of the most notoriously bad teams in the roleplay. Only 3 of the remaining original members merged, and 2 of them were immediately eliminated after, with the last member being eliminated in 7th. However, Gwen, who was not an original member of the team but switched teams, made it all the way to the finale and won.


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