Destroying Dragons
Number of members 6
Highest ranking member Amy, 1st place
Lowest ranking member Brick, 13th place
Advanced to Season 4 2
Advanced to Season 5 1
Team selected by Challenge

The Destroying Dragons is one of three opposing teams in Total Drama Around the World. The Destroying Dragons consists of:

  1. Bridgette - TylerWebkinzFan
  2. Brick- LlewellynIsAwesome!
  3. Amy- DerpyandDawn
  4. Trent - Berryleaf
  5. Geoff - TheEpicDestroyer

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

In Let's Have a World Tour!, the team was officially formed at the end of the challenge when Bridgette, Sadie, Brick, Amy and Trent were the first five people to give their passports to Dave. They won immunity, but afterwards Sadie and Geoff had to switch teams due to Geoff wanting to be on the same team as Bridgette, and Sadie seemed to have to problem switching to the Outstanding Olympians.

In The Great Chinese Race, the Dragons wake up in first class, and when the planes lands they are excited for the challenge. They start climbing up the wall, and they manage to get the lead. Later, they all find their assigned object together. Soon enough, they are the first team to reach the finish line. The team is excited that they won again, and hopes that next time they win and be in first class again.

In Egyptian Torture, they set in their as the superior team of the season after they won two challenges in a row, everyone in the team seems to be extremely united. They found out that the challenge is a trivia and they manage to gain lead but they fell short of their victory after the Olympians overtaked them and maked them lose for the first time ever.


Additional Members Edit

Destroying Dragons teammates
Amy | Brick | Bridgette | Geoff | Sadie | Trent


Destroying Dragons eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Brick Male 13th 5th Icey Antarctica Cost the challenge for giving wrong orders to his team; lost tiebreaker against Trent.
Trent Male 11th 4th Indian Dance Trent went too far with complimenting Chris, and cost the team the challenge because of this.
Bridgette Female 8th 3rd African Safari Alejandro convinced everyone to eliminate her due to their conflict.
Geoff Male 4th 2nd The Big Apple Anne Maria won the challenge and got to select who to send home, and she picked Geoff because of Alejandro convincing people to dislike him and ignore him.
Amy Female 1st 1st Gladiatorial Finale! She managed to eliminate Beth and her helpers from virtual reality.



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