Cutthroat Castmates
Number of members 11
Highest ranking member Leshawna, 1st place
Lowest ranking member Beardo, 15th place
Team selected by Chris

The Cutthroat Castmates are one of two opposing teams competing on Total Drama Back in Action. The Cutthroat Castmates consists of:

  1. Beardo - Semaj617
  2. Blaineley - Mirnish
  3. Courtney - Queen Courtney
  4. DJ - SkyFanTD
  5. Gwen - SteelWolf
  6. Harold - VeryUnknownFan
  7. Justin - Izzynoah12
  8. Leshawna - DestructiveMilkshake
  9. Sam - KidLego09

Total Drama Back in ActionEdit


Original TeamEdit



Cutthroat Castmates teammates
Beardo | Blaineley | Courtney | DJ | Gwen | Harold | Jasmine | Justin | Leshawna | Owen | Sam


Cutthroat Castmates eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Beardo Male 15th 10th Silence of the Contestants He annoyed everyone and Justin planted the seed of eliminating him to the team.
Owen Male 14th 9th Could This Be Mutiny? He was deemed useless for barely contributing in the challenge.
Jasmine Female 12th 8th The Sound of Drama She was considered a threat by Blaineley mainly because of physical ability, being the last original post mutiny Discordful Director, and her dislike of her.
Courtney Female 11th 7th Canadian Gladiators She was heavily disliked by her team and lost the challenge for them.
DJ Male 8th 6th Orange is the New Safety Most of the remaining competitors were feared by him and his friendship with Sam was threatening.
Justin Male 6th 5th The Triathl-Amazing Race He was blindsided in a 2-0 vote after Leshawna used the hidden immunity idol on Harold.
Sam Male 5th 4th Back to the Present Leshawna wanted him out because of him and Harold forming a tight bond and she felt he was a threat in a popularity vote, Blaineley sided with her and eliminated him.
Harold Male 4th 3rd The Aftermath X Gwen won the vote from the losers of the season 6-2-2-2, and decided on the spot to eliminate Harold because she felt she needed to seperate him and Leshawna or else she would be in danger of being voted off.
Blaineley Female 3rd 2nd Cut to the Case Her score after her performance in the final challenge was lower than Leshawna and Gwen's, partly because Julie felt she was trying to manipulate the audience with her reveal about her baby.
Leshawna Female 1st 1st Cut to the Case She received more votes than Gwen to win.


  • Despite losing a member before the Mutiny, the team still had the same number of teammates even after the Mutiny.


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