Commando Zoey
Season 3, Song 1
Singer(s): Everyone except Anne Maria and Beth
Episode: Australian Rivals
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Commando Zoey is the first song featured in Total Drama Around the World. It sung by everyone except Anne Maria and Beth when they fall out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet in Australian Rivals. It sung to describe how Zoey and Commando Zoey were feeling and the reaction among the contestants.

Lyrics Edit

Zoey: I'm not a maniac, you know its true.
Commando Zoey: You're anything I want, when I'm in control of you.
Lightning: I want fattie Sadie gone, but my girl is right about Red needing to go.
Zoey: This is not me, Trent needed to go!
Bridgette: We are in a place with Zoey and she's gone completely NUTS!
Commando Zoey: But what about you secretly loved him so?
Amy: We're in trouble! We need to get together and stop all of this arguing!
Geoff: We're coming down to a new location!
Zoey: I never loved Trent you need to know.
Sadie: Ugh! Lightning is next and Zoey is a maniac!
Commando Zoey: I'm in charge now, it's time for you to go!


  • This is the first ever song sung on Total Drama Around the World.
  • This song marks the first and only singing and appearance of Commando Zoey.
  • This is the first song to be named after a contestant.
  • This is the only song to be sung before the merge.

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