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Tyler complains to Chris about the challenge they have to do.

Chris is a sadistic host who enjoys the torment and suffering of others. Due to Tyler's accident-prone quirks, he is often ridiculed by Chris for this notable drawback to him. Tyler is a jolly contestant who is always enthusiastic about challenges, so his excitement towards anything Chris throws at the contestant frustrates Chris to no end as he prefers to be criticized. As occasional passive aggressiveness, Chris sometimes ignores Tyler's questions to Chris during challenges, and has also been known to interact Tyler as he converses with others, showing little respect for Tyler. Despite this, there have been a few rare occasions where Chris takes pity on Tyler, such as when he brings Lindsay back as an intern in Korean Teaching or Learning to the benefit of both him and Tyler.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

All Aboard the Cuckoo TrainEdit


Tyler complains to Chris about the challenge they have to do.

Tyler hears Chris on the loud speaker, making Tyler very confused and nervous. When Tyler reaches the challenge area, he asks Chris what happened to Chef, and where was Chris all this time, but Chris just picks up his loud speaker, and shouts right in Tyler's face to shut up, making Tyler fall backwards. Chris gets angry at Tyler when he says he doesn't like the idea of killing people.

The Super Wi-Fi SpiesEdit

Tyler is very happy when he's given a marshmallow and thanks Chris.

Puzzle RiotEdit

Scuba Bear punches Tyler to the ground at the challenge, as he is to close to Lindsay, and both Chris and Chef are laughing hard at Tyler's pain. The first picture was a picture of Cameron's mom. Tyler doesn't want to do it, but Chris forces him to make fun of Cameron's mum angrily. Chris votes twice for Tyler to win a point.

Korean Teaching or LearningEdit

At the reward, Chris surprises Tyler, and brings back Lindsay after previously being eliminated. Tyler is very thankful of Chris, and Chris replies that he also really missed Lindsay's presence at camp.

Supreme Chef AutoEdit

In a shocking twist, Cody has to give up his immunity that he won in the challenge. Tyler is so happy, he states in the confessional that you gotta love Chris sometimes as Tyler is targeting Cody.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Tyler and the Venomous Vipers complain to Chris when he declares that they lost the challenge.

When the Venomous Vipers show their items to Chris, he declares that hats weren't needed, which Tyler, along with Duncan, argue that they need it to protect them from the blistering sun.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

Chris announces on the loud Speaker that it is challenge time, and also says that everyone will enjoy this challenge. Tyler then states in the confessional that anything Chris enjoys must be bad.

Red Dead MergitonEdit

When Scott is knocked out at the challenge, Tyler angrily orders Chris to call the ambulance.

Three EnemigosEdit

In the middle of the challenge, Scott's team start to gain points, which Chris calls them different names every time they score a point. Tyler laughs at some, but also does eventually get mad at Chris.

The Final FinaleEdit

When Chris announces that Duncan has won the season, Tyler is extremely happy.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit

Noah tells Chris to get rid of some bad contestants which he looks at both Alejandro and Tyler.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit


Chris declares Tyler the winner of the first challenge, for his team.

Tyler asks Chris why the team names have references to chemical waste, to which Chris replied saying that the Island is similar to that of Camp Wawanakwa where they dumped chemical waste on. When Alejandro wants to speak with Duncan and Tyler, they are interrupted by Chris explaining the challenge. During the challenge, Tyler gets out of the water, with a stone, and runs to Chris with the number 26 on the stone. Tyler asks Chris if it is the right stone, but Chris says it isn't and tells Tyler that he must try again. Tyler then jumps down again, and goes to Chris, and Tyler pulls out another rock, asking if the rock number was 22. Chris then declared Tyler the winner of the challenge for his team.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

Courtney asks where Chris is, which Tyler answers back that he is at the campfire pit. She then asks why Chef called them then, which Tyler says that he does not know why he called them. Tyler later tells Courtney that Chris isn't there due to not seeing him around anywhere. When Chris arrives back, he declares that Brick and Dave to switch back to their original teams, Tyler tells him that their team needs Brick. Tyler then asks nicely to Chris to let Brick be on his team, but Chris just ignores him.

During the challenge, Chris demands everyone to stop what they are doing, and he explains the new rules of the challenge. Tyler then asks if he could be on the Toxic Sharks team for the challenge, but is ignored by Chris once again. When Chris announces the first team, Tyler is annoyed and shocked that Chris didn't put him on the team. Chris declares that Tyler will be on the Toxic Sharks team for round two, which made Tyler extremely happy. When Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler are talking, Chris interrupts them with the elimination ceremony.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit


Tyler states in the confessional that Chris loves to annoy the contestants and torture the contestants.

When Chris announces that the challenge will be a food eating contest, just like Brunch of Disgustingness, Tyler states in the confessional that Chris loves to annoy the contestants and torture the contestants. When Chris tells Tyler that he is out of the challenge, Tyler argues back that he loves protein, and that eggs are protein, and he says he eats protein everyday, so his body is built to handle food like that. He then states that they can't judge him on what he is good at. Tyler then gives up on the argument, and says that he gives up on the judges as well, being Chef and Chris. Alejandro asks Chris if he can compete after a break, which Tyler also asks Chris if Alejandro could compete, but both are ignored by Chris. After Sadie asks Chris and Chef to judge, Tyler tells them to judge already.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit

Chris asks the cast if there is 21 contestants left, which Tyler answers Chris that he thinks there is 21 contestants left. Chris asks who didn't answer during the first round of the challenge, which Alejandro says that Dawn, Owen, Courtney and Scarlett did not answer, which Tyler agrees with Alejandro. In the third round, Tyler did not answer, so Chris deems Tyler out of the challenge, which annoyed Tyler. In the elimination ceremony, Lightning dares Chris to put Tyler on his team, so he can be the next to leave on the Squirrels, which panics Tyler, and he says that he does not want to be on Lightning's team. Chris asks for someone on the Toxic Sharks to go to boney island, Alejandro volunteers, saying that he needs some time to think, which Tyler tells Chris that Alejandro should go.



Chris tells Tyler and the rest of the cast that he had poisoned them for the challenge.

When Chris arrives from nowhere, Tyler immediately asks what he did to the cast. Tyler then asks more rudely why he poisoned them. Chris just laughs and says that he poisoned them, or at least Chef did, he then carries on to laugh. Tyler throws up, and asks where the antidote is for the poisoning after Chris explained their challenge, but Chris just ignores him and tells everyone to begin the challenge. When Tyler reaches the finish line, he trips over a rock and then gets back up and throws up. Tyler tells Chris that he hates the challenge a lot.

Mutant KingdomEdit

When everyone is wondering where Chris is, Tyler tells everyone to calm down, and asks why they are worried, since its just Chris. Staci then starts to get mad at everyone for not caring about Chris, which Tyler then asks Staci what she does she want to do. When Chef brings in a TV, Tyler tells Chef to change the channel to the Sports Channel. When Chris pops on the TV, Tyler is seen saddened by it. Lindsay tells Tyler to keep it on this channel, as Chris needs their help. When Chris tells everyone that he is on top of a cliff, and whoever finds him and unties him, wins Immunity. When Tyler heard immunity, he starts to run to the cliff, telling everyone on his team to come with. When Chris says there is a crazy psycho on the island. Tyler asks if there really is a psycho on the island, but is just ignored by Chris. Staci then asks Tyler if Chris might be fooling them, and she then says that Chris said that everyone will be caught by the psycho. Tyler then tells Staci that she has a good point. They carry on running towards the cliff.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic WasteEdit


Chris announces that Tyler must eat nail stew for getting a trivia question wrong.

When Chris declares that the challenge is trivia, Tyler starts to get annoyed with Chris always making them do trivia challenges. Tyler tells Chris to just start the challenge already, which Chris surprisingly listens to Tyler. Chris reveals to Tyler that he must eat a stew of nails. Alejandro, Sadie and Scott wishes luck to Tyler. Tyler asks Chris who's nails are in the stew, which Chris answers that Chef Hatchet's nails are in there. Which made Tyler disgusted at both Chef and Chris. Tyler then states that as a jock, he never backs down from a challenge, and starts to scarf down the nail stew. Tyler starts to eat slowly, and tells Chris that Chef is disgusting. After Tyler chokes on a nail and spits it out and hits Dave's eye, Chris, Eva, Sadie and Scott laugh at both Dave and Tyler. When Chris declares Tyler is safe, and that Shawn is eliminated. Tyler then shouts at Chris for making it too dramatic, and that he almost killed him from the intense moment.

Fun Zone 3.0Edit

When Chris pops onto a screen, Tyler says morning to him. When Eva gets mad at Chris for dropping them off in the fun zone, and says to him that she will hurt him, Tyler agrees with her. When Chris tells everyone that they are in the fun zone, Tyler tells Chris that there is nothing fun about the fun zone. Chris then reveals that Scott and Tyler will be switching teams as a surprise. Chris then tells everyone that he is joking, and switches Alejandro and Scott instead.

Mutant See, Mutant DoEdit

when Chris tells the contestants that their challenge involves water guns, Tyler tells Chris to just shoot him, he also states that he doesn't deserve to be here if Lindsay hates him. In the last round, Chris rigs the immunity win and gives it to Eva and Noah, even though Tyler was still in the challenge. Tyler glares at Chris, but congratulates Noah on winning immunity. At the Toxic Sharks elimination ceremony, Tyler is seen nervous, but when Chris calls his name, Tyler just stands up shocked. He then asks how he is safe.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit


Tyler glares at Chris, after he once again makes the challenge trivia.

When Chris reveals that their challenge is trivia, Tyler just glares at Chris. When Samey-Bot reveals that Chris was stupid to leave that million dollars in his trailer, which Tyler just glares at Chris and asks why he left the million dollars in the cabin all alone this time. Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler run outside with the million dollar case, and Tyler says that he has his million dollars. Chris takes the million dollar case from Tyler, and says that since he got this, he gets a reward. Tyler goes up to Chris and gives him the hair-gel. Chris then apologizes to Tyler, and says that Eva had already won, which made Tyler mad at Chris. Chris tells Tyler that he at least gets a reward. Tyler then asks Chris what the reward is, which Chris answers that he gets to see one past eliminated contestant. Tyler instantly shouts out Lindsay's name. Chris then brings back Lindsay, which she is pushed into him. Chris says bye to Tyler, and then hurls both Lindsay and Tyler, after Tyler is eliminated. But before being hurled Tyler thanks everyone for making this season so fun. Everyone is seen waving bye to Tyler, and fare-welling him.

Chris & StitchEdit

Chris brings back Dawn, Lindsay and Tyler to cameo, and to judge the challenge for him, while he takes a spa day with Chef. When it is revealed that Chris was going with Chef, Tyler along with all the other contestants was disgusted by both him and Chef. Chris gives Tyler a list of which contestant gets what mutant animal for the challenge, and puts him in charge.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit

When Tyler realizes that Lightning is on his team, Tyler over react's and screams out no a few times. Tyler then pleads to Chris to put Lightning on a different team, but Chris ignores him. In the mess hall, Tyler gives Chris his number and tells him that it is 26 again. Chris reveals that both Samey and Tyler tied in the challenge and that both won the challenge for their teams.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

When Chris reveals that the contestants must make a movie for their challenge, Tyler asks Chris if they have to make an actual movie, which Chris answers back that he meant to say skit. Tyler stumbles across a billboard with Chris' face on it. He then says that this will be perfect to get Chris in love with the skit. Sky tells Tyler to put the Chris billboard in the middle of the stage and says that they should be around it repeatably saying Chris. Tyler then finds a standee of Chef and brings it along with him. Both Katie and Tyler inform they have Chef and Chris standee's, which Sky tells then they did a great job. Tyler then tells his team that they will all praise both Chef and Chris during their skit. When Chris asks who wants to go first, Sky asks Tyler if he wants to go first, which he tells both Chris and Sky that they will go first. Tyler brings in Chef and Chris standees and put them both on stage. Tyler and his team all wear T-Shirts with Chef and Chris on it.

Tyler then tells both Chef and Chris that their skit is about how they all love their "favorite" hosts being them, and then thanks them for being the best. Tyler and his entire team bow down and start worshiping Chef and Chris and tells them that are much more superior then they are. Tyler gets up and tells both Chef and Chris that are amazing with the ladies, and that they will have hot wife's soon. At the end of their skit, Tyler and the whole Brawn's team sing out that Chef and Chris are the best with loud tones. Chris tells the Brawn's that he loves that they complimented him, but in the end he gives them an 8.5 out of 10. After Alejandro tells Chris that he stated in an interview that he loved Lindsay's boobs, Tyler over reacts and screams out to Chris that he will mess him up if he ever touches Lindsay. When Chris gives the Brains a high score, Tyler mumbles that the scores are rigged. When Chris reveals that Tyler and his team must sleep in the tents, Tyler tells Chris that camping sounds kinda fun, but then gulps. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler is seen nervous and then stands up and grabs out the hidden immunity idol from his pocket. He then walks up to Chris and tells him that he is super nervous for tonight and then gives him the idol.

The Rake-ageEdit

When Chris greets the campers at the mine, Tyler rolls his eyes and tells Chris to just tell them their challenge. Chris then pushes a button which causes the whole cast to fall into the mine. After Tyler and his team cross the finish line, Tyler walks back to his team, and tells Chris that they have already past the finish line, and asks him if they have already won, but Chris just ignores Tyler. When Lightning asks what is taking Chris so long, and that they need the spa hotel already, Tyler agrees with him. When Chris finally shows up, he deems the Brawn's the winner of the challenge, which made Tyler hug both Katie and Sky in excitement. When Chris asks for one of the Brawn's to go to boney island, Tyler volunteers.

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