Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions
Season 3, Episode 16
Started November 22, 2014 (5:00 PM EST)
Ended November 22, 2014 (T:BA PM EST)
Episode guide
"Gladiatorial Finale!"
"A Radioactive Beginning (Total Drama Toxic Brawl)"

Season three has ended and everyone is living life outside of the show. All of the contestants are interviewed by two hosts and a previous contestant. However, their free living lives come to end after the host brings them on to a plane where most of them will be competing next season.


Blaineley and Josh welcome the viewers to celebrity Manhunt. They first interview Jo, Sky, and Tyler who are at Sky's fitness gym she opened. After they interview Sky about Duncan, Tyler falls causing Sky's trophy case to collapse. Next the crew interviews Dave and Heather who are not getting along. Heather punches Dave in the face causing the two to file lawsuits against each other. Heather and Katie are shown fighting, but the show stops airing it after it gets to graphic. The final interview is with Sugar and Ella. It seems that even after TDPI Sugar still hates Ella, and she continuously hurts her on the show. Finally the full season 1, 2 and 3 cast meet up near the plane. Chris tells the contestants if he calls there name to get onto the plane. The contestants that were called up are a part of the season 4 cast, the others would not be competing in the season. When the contestants arrive at the island Chris tells them to get ready for a group promo picture. After the picture Chris detonated a bomb that sends the cast into the air.



  • This is the first ever special in the history of the roleplay.


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