The hosts of Celebrity Manhunt.

Celebrity Manhunt is a television program that appears in Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions.

The show focuses on celebrity gossip, with the hosts being Josh and Blaineley. In the Total Drama Around the World reunion special, they show photos and play videos to give the audience an update on what the Total Drama contestants have been up to since season three of the show ended. They also speculate and investigate what is going on in some of the former contestants' lives. During the Red Carpet award show, Sierra is given a role as a interviewer for Celebrity Manhunt and is supposed to interview the contestants and dish out all the drama, though she is unsuccessful. Blaineley and Josh are excited about having Sierra at first, but Blaineley grows to dislike her as the show progresses, as she is annoyed by Sierra's lack of interviewing skills and finding new drama.


  • This is the second gossip or talk show to be shown in the series, the first being Total Drama Aftermath.


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