This page features the blindsides featured throughout seasons of Total Drama.


Blindsides are vote offs that occur when contestants aren't suspecting it. It usually happens when someone becomes too much of a threat or a contestant or alliance is annoyed with another member and eliminates them because of their annoyance.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

# Blindsided Mastermind
5 ScottProfile SkyProfile
7 HeatherProfile NoahProfile
8 LindsayProfile TylerProfile
9 CourtneyProfile SkyProfile
11 NoahProfile DuncanProfile

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

# Blindsided Mastermind
4 TylerProfile NoahProfile
9 HeatherProfile KatieProfile

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

# Blindsided Mastermind
4 EvaProfile SadieProfile
8 SadieProfile LightningProfile

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

# Blindsided Mastermind
9 LindsayProfile TylerProfile
10 (1) SameyProfile ScarlettProfile
10 (2) DaveProfile SadieProfile
11 TylerProfile ScarlettProfile
12 ScottProfile JoProfile
18 BrickProfile ScarlettProfile
21 JoProfile ScarlettProfile
22 ScarlettProfile StaciProfile

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

# Blindsided Mastermind
4 CodyProfile AnneMariaProfile
6 LindsayProfile AlejandroProfile
8 ScarlettProfile CameronProfile
13 TylerProfile HeatherProfile

Total Drama Back in ActionEdit

# Blindsided Mastermind
9 DawnProfile GwenProfile
11 DJProfile LeshawnaProfile
13 JustinProfile LeshawnaProfile

Total Drama Amazonian NightmareEdit

# Blindsided Mastermind
1 TopherProfile LeonardProfile
6 BeardoProfile LeonardProfile
7 (1) DakotaProfile JoProfile
7 (2) SamProfile SkyProfile
9 DaveProfile SkyProfile


  • Scarlett is only contestant to blindside more than three other contestants.
  • Tyler and Lindsay are the only contestants to fall victim to being blindsided thrice.
  • Total Drama Toxic Brawl is the only season to feature more than five blindsides.