Episode 1: Threatening TrioEdit

Julie Chen: Hello. Welcome to Big Brother 18. 16 new house guests all living together. BUT FIRST, let's meet the first four.

(The sun is shining on an Australian homeless shelter with a Shrek logo)

Solar: Look we got mail.

Chwiis: Okay. *reads mail* I made it on Big Brother you nasty aussies

(A man is seen watching anime 24/7)


(Channel changes)


(TV says "Welcome to Big Brother: 18)


(A tuna store is seen closing)

Tyler: sad. *flips sign to closed but it says "Welcome to Big Brother 18" omg tuna

(In Mesa, Arizona)

Aqua: I'm in Purple Kelly's hometown. I WILL meet her.

Purple Kelly Shinn: Hello.

Aqua: OMG

Purple Kelly Shinn: U made BB18

Julie Chen: Let's welcome Chwiis, TDN, Tyler, and Aqua.

(They walk onto stage)

Julie Chen: They will begin playing today but first, let's meet the next four.

(Outside a gay strip club)

Mirnish: Give me your number Ash.

Ash: *writes you made BB18*

Mirnish: Good number.

(At the Immigration Police Station)

White Man: Noah, Heo, Maria, you've been bailed out.

Heo: Que?

Maria: :O

Noah: By who?

WhiteMan: CBS, you're going to Big Brother

Julie Chen: Please welcome Maria, Noah, Mirnish, and Heo! Let's meet the next four.

(Outside a drug store)

Fiz: *smoking and the cigarette gas formed "You made BB18* omg

(At Survivor's 20 Year Anniversary Party)

Izzy: Hi. My name is on the list.

Rocker: *security guard* The only list you're in is the Big Brother 18 cast list.

Izzy: o

Izzy: m

Izzy: g


Cabbage: *swimming* Where's Ruby Lipstick and her big lips?

(A message is in sand)

Cab: *reads* I made BB18! Also how did I reach the bottom of the ocean

(In Barbie's Dream House)

Kendall: Hi, I'm Barbie!

Barbie: *walks in* Get the fuck out my house

Kendall: Um, no.

Barbie: Get your ass to the Big Brother 18 house.

Julie Chen: Please welcome Fiz, Izzy, Cabbage, and Kendall! Let's meet the final four house guests.

(At a farm)

Milk: Hi I'm a farm girl. *milks cow and a BB18 key comes out*

(At Wendy's cast register)

Wendy: *sees Jordan walk up* May I take your order.

Jordan: *hands them a key*

Wendy: Yay!

(At Halsey's concert)

Blake: *twerking and twerks too much that he takes a shit that says BB18*

(At CBS)

Spirit: I was rigged out of Jamaica. Let me in.

Darules: I'll let you into BB18

Spirit: Fine.

Julie Chen: Please welcome Spirit, Blake, Wendy, and Milk! Hello 16 house guests.

All: Hi.

Julie Chen: Enter the house.

(They walk in)

TDN: Hi guys.

Milk: Hi.

Aqua: There's 4 people per room. My room is the ladybug room and I'm sharing it with my kids.

Maria: yay.

Aqua: Not you Puta. Noah, Tyler, and Cab.

Maria: D:

Tyler: :D

Cabbage: :D

Noah: :D

Aqua: DR: Tyler, Noah, and Cabbage out of the gate are my allies since I'm their mom and they have to respect me. My mom is Vanessa and I'm planning to play like her. Watch out. I will be Purple Kelly + her unaired screen time.

Noah: DR: Ey. So we just started the season and I'm forced into a room with Aqua, Tyler, and Cabbage. They push me around a lot so I'm a bit uncertain.

Milk: Mirnish, Kendall, come here.

Kendall: Hi.

Mirnish: Hi.

Milk: We are all the 3 biggest challenge beasts in this joint. The inferior users like TDN, Noah, and Spirit will target us early..unless we stick together...

Mirnish: Mhm boo.

Kendall: I'll agree with that. (DR: Milk had this great idea of the 3 threats sticking together. That's literally so perfect.)

Mirnish: DR: Milks and Kendall want a threatening trio alliance. I'm fine with that for now. But I'm keeping my options open so I don't dig myself in a coffin too early. I have potential allies with my AleciaVivor twin Aqua, my WC cunts Wendy and Blake, and the goats aka TDN, Chwiis, and Heo. I came prepared. *snaps*

Spirit: *in beach room with Izzy, Fiz, and Maria* I really want HOH. I always go early. It's so annoying. (DR: My goal is to not go pre jury. I leave before the jury in everything. It's annoying. Whoever evicted me should kill them self.)

Maria: DR: Izzy es un coño irrelevante

Fiz: *hangs up LJ posters* (DR: I hav an obeesession with ljesus. And nobody will take that away from me.)

(Chwiis and Heo are seen eating cereal)

Chwiis: Heo, these hams are gonna take over.

Heo: I agree. Us bois gotta put a stop to it.

Chwiis: Who can we pull in?

Heo: Idk. TDN? Maria? Noah? Which ham is the least annoying? (DR: Chwiis and I were thrown in a cast of a bunch of hams. It's disgusting.)

Chwiis: DR: I fucking hate this show. Of all people, my only ally is Benny Oliva the Mexican singer.

Julie Chen: Houseguests, gather in the living room.

(They are in living room)

Blake: what

Julie Chen: Week One will be a fan favorite twist Battle Of The Block


Julie Chen: Two Head of Households. Each will nominate two people. The two pairs will compete in Battle of The Block and the winning pair dethroned the HOH, making the pair safe and the HOH not. So everyone go outside for the HOH!

(Outside, 16 giant toothbrushes are seen hanging from the ceiling and the Houseguests are in dentist outfits)

Aqua: Children, make sure your teeth clean.

Cabbage: k

Tyler: k

Noah: k

Cabbage: DR: I really want to win HOH so I can prove myself. I don't want to end up like Hope by staying too quiet and leaving early. Id prefer to be a strategic warrior like end gaming Sierra Dawn Thomas.

Tyler: DR: I'm not bland. I am just different from everyone and that will be shown once I win HOH.

Wendy: DR: So we go outside and there's 16 giant toothbrushes. I have no idea what we're gonna do and that really resembles the flow of Big Brother. You don't know what to expect but you adapt, live, and succeed. It's the game and that's why I'm so ready.

Julie Chen: For this HOH, you will hang onto giant toothbrushes for as long as you can. Once you drop, you're out. The last two remaining are Co Head of Households. We'll begin.

(Everyone is hanging on)

Tyler: humps

Aqua: Tyler how dare you!

Maria: XD

Aqua: Shut the fuck up.

Julie Chen: *pulls lever as toothpaste falls on toothbrushes*

Fiz: yay

TDN: (DR: So toothpaste falls on us and it does not taste good. It tastes disgusting. And I could feel myself slipping. But I'm not gonna be the first out of HOH.) *falls* UGHUGUVUGUGHUGGUGH

Aqua: haha

Izzy: Aqua stop screen hogging

Aqua: no u

Julie Chen: Next to drop is immune.

Cabbage: *drops*

Izzy: *drops* ugh I was too late

Julie Chen: Cabbage is immune. And suddenly, people are slipping off.

Heo: *falls*

Fiz: *falls*

Noah: *falls*

Blake: *falls*

Julie Chen: We are down to Tyler, Aqua, Chwiis, Wendy, Mirnish, Milk, Kendall, Spirit, and Maria.

Kendall: Maria, let's drop so we can scissor. *drops*

Maria: *drops*

Tyler: *drops* UGH. (DR: I really wanted to win HOH but I really couldn't hang on any longer. Hopefully my social game helps me avoid eviction.)

Spirit: *drops* Kill yourself toothbrushes

Blake: crying does Spirit never brush his teeth yikes

Spirit: Kill yourself

Blake: DR: People are so damn petty. But I'll stay calm atleast. I'm not as crazy as these cunts so it'll be easy.

Julie Chen: We are down to 5. Milk, Mirnish, Aqua, Wendy, and Chwiis.

Milk: DR: I'll seriously be disgusted if Chwiis wins HOH.

Heo: Hang in there, Chwiis.

Julie Chen: Last to say I is out.

Mirnish: I.

Milk: I.

Aqua: I.

Wendy: I.

Chwiis: I is out.

Julie Chen: Chwiis, step down.

Heo: *facepalms*

Aqua: HAHA *falls* what!

Cabbage and Tyler: *sighs*

Julie Chen: Milk, Mirnish, Wendy, two of you will become Head of Household. One of you not.

Mirnish: (DR: I'm looking around at Milk and Wendy. They'll both keep me safe and the blood will be on them, not me. So honey, it's fine with me.) Good luck you two. *drops*

Julie Chen: Milk and Wendy are Head of Household!

Milk: YES! (DR: I'm HOH. All I gotta do is stay HOH. Mirnish, Kendall, and I will be in control.)

Wendy: DR: I'm glad to be HOH but I don't know what to do so lol!

Izzy: DR: I don't know what this means for me. I hope it means I'm safe. There's bigger targets than me.

(They are seen walking inside from HOH Competition)

Wendy: *hugs Blake* We're surviving this week. (DR: Everyone here is original TRD or original TDRPW. Blake and I were on the bottom so it's great to come out on top for once.)

Milk, Mirnish, Kendall: *walks into kitchen*

Milk: *happy dance*

Mirnish: *happy dance*

Kendall: *happy dance* (DR: IM SO HAPPY THAT MILKS WON HOH! We are in power! Now we just gotta figure out who to put up, because it's battle of the block.)

Milk: DR: I'm HOH bitches. *waves key around* I want to put up two pawns who will lose Battle of the Block. My only goal right now is to stay HOH.

Mirnish: Who are we going for?

Milk: Those family role players. Tyler, Aqua, Noah, Cabbage..a huge voting block that needs to be split.

Kendall: Agreed.

Mirnish: Aqua is the leader. Noah is the follower. Tyler is the silent leader. And Cabbage..he's the glue.

Milk: So which ones do I nominate?

Kendall: I think Aqua needs to be backdoored.

Mirnish: *nods*

Milk: *nods*

(Wendy, Blake, and Mirnish are seen talking in backyard)

Wendy: Hey WC's.

Blake: hi

Mirnish: CONF: I'm playing both sides. The Threatening Trio AND the WC's. I need to be on both of their good sides if I want to be safe.

Wendy: Who should I put up? Because I don't want to put anyone up.

Blake: I think you should start with two pawns then backdoor a big threat.

Wendy: That seems okay. But who?

Blake: TDN. He's not gonna win anything and nobody's voting him, since he's a goat.

Wendy: But who else?

Mirnish: Hm..Heo? Chwiis?

Wendy: No. Those two are leaving over anyone.

Blake: ^

Mirnish: Okay. Noah?

Wendy: No.

Mirnish: Izzy? Fiz? Maria?

Wendy: They're floaters, not worth it.

Mirnish: Aqua? Tyler? Cabbage?

Wendy: Too dangerous.

Mirnish: (DR: I suggested everyone and it was all "No, no, no" The only other person is Kendall. But she's my alliance member. The worst part about playing both sides is when they target each other.)

Blake: What about Kendall.

Mirnish: *facepalm*

Wendy: I don't know. But there's still Spirit.

Blake: That's nearly perfect.

Wendy: But when Spirit is nominated, he's gonna go crazy. I'm telling you. It'll be bad for us.

Blake: We'll see.

(In the kitchen)

Fiz: *making tacos* (DR: I love tacos.)

Maria: yay tacos

Spirit: I can't wait to eat. Now I want pizza..and waffles...and hot dogs...and chicken wings...I want it all! Ooh, and pancakes!

Wendy: DR: Not only is Spirit a good idea for a target but he's annoying. That's a huge benefit. But still, I need to consider people's reactions to their nominations.)

(Tyler, Noah, Aqua, and Cabbage are seen talking)

Aqua: Hey children. Do you think we're safe?

Cabbage: I hope.

Noah: ^

Tyler: ^

Aqua: ^

Cabbage: ^

(Nomination Ceremony)

Milk: Hello. Wendy and I are the head of households and we must nominate two Houseguests each for eviction. I have been randomly chosen to nominate first. The first person I have nominated is...
















(Noah appears on screen)

Noah: wtf

Milk: The second person I have nominated is















(Tyler appears on screen)

Milk: Tyler.

Tyler: omg tuna

Aqua: WHAT

Milk: I have nominated you Tyler and you Noah for eviction. You both are too likable so yeah.

Noah: They don't like me lol

Wendy: The first person I have nominated is...











(TDN appears on screen)

Wendy: TDN. The second person I have nominated is















(Kendall appears on screen)

Wendy: Kendall.

Mirnish: *looks down*

Milk: *shocked*

Kendall: ...

Wendy: I have nominated you TDN and you Kendall. TDN, nobody likes you. Kendall, everybody likes you. This nomination ceremony had been adjourned.

Kendall: DR: I am SHOCKED. With Milks in power, I did not expect that. And I'm against TDN of all people. TDN and I NEED to win BOTB.

TDN: DR: What the hell? I'm not even doing anything and I'm put on the block. It's stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Cabbage: DR: It's sad that I'm nominating with my sibling Tyler. But I have to win Battle of The Block to secure my safety. I can't leave first.

Tyler: DR: I'm shocked to be nominated so early. I don't know what I did wrong but all I have to do is not give up.

Aqua: DR: WHY ARE TWO OF MY CHILDREN NOMINATED? If you're gonna nominate my children, nominate BERRY. Not the ones that I actually like! Wait, berry isn't in?

Maria: DR: coger a la perra que hubiera designado a Kendall

(Noah, Tyler, Cabbage, and Aqua are seen gathered)

Aqua: I'm pissed.

Cabbage: I am too. Sorry Noah. Sorry Tyler.

Noah: Please don't even talk about it. I just wanna win BOTB.

Tyler: ^

Aqua: good idea

(Kendall and TDN are seen talking)

Kendall: We don't talk much but please, let's work together to win BOTB.

TDN: Okay. Got it.

Milk: *walks in* I have no idea what happened.

(Fiz, Izzy, Maria, and Spirit are seen outside in pool)

Fiz: let's go to the beach beach starships were meant to fly

Spirit: You skipped like...too many verses.

Maria: XD

Spirit: Shut the fuck up bitch get a better gimmick

Maria: Never

Spirit: Kill yourself.

Maria: Never.

Izzy: DR: Spirit is picking up way too unnecessary fights with people. Like arguing with Maria? That's just desperate. Anyways, for now I'm going to lay low. But when jury hits, I'll play a villain game like Alicia Rosa.


Cabbage: MY BACK

Tyler: LICK MY-


Aqua: Lol, why are you using a term from 2014? Are you that desperate?

Chwiis: Jew mad?

Aqua: Ugh, grow up.

Chwiis: OMG HOW R00D

Aqua: (eyeroll)

Chwiis: Why won't you go quit the game like you're icon Purple Kelly did?


Cabbage: do you know Purple Kelly quit?





Blake: honestly me

Aqua: Haha Chwiis!

Cabbage: #exposed

Heo: DR: I'm so ashamed.

(Battle Of The Block, it looks like chef's kitchen)

Kendall: Hot.

Spirit: *in chef's outfit* Welcome to your Battle of the Block.

Kendall: Let's win TDN. (DR: It's important for TDN and I to win Battle of the Block. I need my safety.)

Noah: DR: Tyler and I can't lose. We can't be short a member. 3 alliance members out of 15 houseguests isn't good.

Spirit: I will serve disgusting dishes. Both team members must get it down. First pair to do so earns a point. First pair to 3 wins Battle of The Block, dethroning the HOH who nominated them. Let's begin. First testicles

Tyler: I'm not asexual. *eats*

Kendall: Yay I've been thirsty lately *eats*

Noah: *eats*

TDN: Fucking no.

Kendall: *finishes* Done!

Spirit: Kendall is waiting on TDN!

TDN: Nu-uh.

Tyler: Done!

Spirit: Noah versus TDN!

Noah: Done!

Spirit: Noah and Tyler score a point! 1-0. Next dish..cow brain.

Tyler: I'm gonna pull a Kimmi and not eat.


Tyler: *eats and finishes* Done.

Kendall: *eats*

TDN: *eats*

Noah: Done.

Spirit: Noah and Tyler score again. 2-0. One more and they win.


Cabbage: ^

Milk: DR: Noah and Tyler start scoring. I'm scared. We need the backdoor plan against Aqua to work, or we're gonna regret it later on.

Spirit: Next dish...Maria's flip flops

Maria: XD *has dusty feet*

Tyler: No.

Kendall: *finishes quickly* Done. *shoves it in TDN's mouth* He's done too.

Spirit: Kendall and TDN score. 2-1.

Fiz: wats next

Kendall: You're not even in shut up.

Spirit: Up next. Jameka's extensions.

Kendall: YES! *gobbles it down*

Tyler: *gobbles it down*

Noah: *gobbles it down*


Aqua: YES!

Noah: YES!

Cabbage: YES!

Tyler: YES!

Wendy: YES! (DR: I'm staying HOH. I feel amazing right now! But I still need to decide on my target. :P)

Kendall: *sighs*

TDN: This sucks... (DR: Kendall and I are still on the block. I need to win veto or get the votes. And getting vote for people to keep me is gonna be hard. I don't know why, but people don't like me that much.) let's do nuTRD

Fiz: no shut up

(Inside House)

Milk: DR: I'm dethroned as HOH. Wendy holds all cards. I don't. My plan to backdoor Aqua is going to have to wait.

Blake: *to Wendy* YAS

Wendy: yas

Blake: yas

Wendy: yas

Blake: yas

Fiz: DR: 69. 666. 420.

Wendy: It's time to pick players for the Veto! The HOH, the two nominees, and three randomly drawn people will compete in veto. As HOH, I'll choose first. *picks name from box* Milk.

Milk: Yay. *walks up*

TDN: *reaches in box and grabs name* Izzy.

Izzy: *walks up* (DR: I'm so glad to be able to compete in Power of Veto. If it's mental, I can totally win.)

Kendall: *reaches in box and grabs Spirit* Spirit.

Spirit: Good.

(Power of Veto)

Cabbage: Welcome to the Power of Veto. You will all jump in a big foamy pool and look for letters. You will use those letters to make a word. Whoever had the longest correctly spelled world wins the Power of Veto. GO!

(They begin running the foam)

Izzy: *quickly gets covered in foam* (DR: I look like a big foam monster right now.)

Milk: *grabs a bunch of letters and brings it back* (DR: My strategy is to just grab a bunch of letters and solve the word later on. Should work out.)

Spirit: Move bitch get out the way bitch *drowns TDN*

TDN: I can't breathe. (DR: The word I'm trying to spell is NARUTO but I can't find a damn R.)

Kendall: *finds R* (DR: I'm so close to spelling Superstar, which is what I am.)

Wendy: *walking through course*

Cabbage: *hosting* Is it a snail? Is it a turtle? NO! It's Wendy!

Wendy: Rude (DR: I want to take my time in this. I'm looking for the letters I need. And I'm not gonna be a crazy cunt in this.)

Spirit: DR: I'm winning this veto because I don't want to go early. If I do, I will horizontally slice Wendy's wrist.

Cabbage: Times up! Kendall, what did you spell?

Kendall: I spell Superstar.

Cabbage: Superstar is a correctly spelled 9 letter word. Kendall leads.

Kendall: Yay.

Cabbage: Wendy, what did you spell?

Wendy: I spell powerful.

Cabbage: Powerful is a correctly spelled 8 letter word. However, it isn't enough. TDN?

TDN: I wanted to spell NARUTO but I couldn't find the R so I go Nauto.

Cabbage: Incorrectly spelled. Sorry TDN. Milk?

Milk: I spelled amazing.

Cabbage: Amazing is a correctly spelled 7 letter word but it isn't enough. Sorry. Izzy?

Izzy: I spelled Survivor.

Cabbage: Survivor is a correctly spelled 8 letter word but it isn't enough. Kendall still leads with 9 letters. It all comes down to Spirit.

Spirit: I spelled MotherFucker.


Spirit: YES! (DR: haha.)

(In House)

Spirit: *talking with Kendall* Why should I keep you?

Kendall: Spirit, I'm capable of winning HOH, and thus capable of keeping you. I'm loyal if you're loyal to me. And you'll prove your loyalty by using it on me. (DR: I need Spirit to save me. I am NOT sitting on the block at eviction night.)

Spirit: *to TDN* Why should I keep you

TDN: Nobody likes me. I could be your goat. I can't win. I'm freaking harmless while Kendall is a beast. (DR: Insert Naruto ninja moves!)

Spirit: *to Wendy* What do you think I should do?

Wendy: I don't want it used. At all. Pls and thank you. :) (DR: I'd prefer for Veto to not be used. I don't see myself nominating the remaining eligible people.)

Spirit: Okay. *leaves*

Blake: *walks in* Wendy, what if it's used? Who's going up?

Wendy: Well, Milk earned the HOH. Aqua has voted behind him. Tyler and Noah are safe. Cabbage has immunity. Fiz and Maria are useless. I'm not nominating you. Chwiis and Heo will leave over anyone and I don't think they should go. Milk earned his HOH and I don't wanna do that. Mirnish is our ally. Who else is there?

Blake: Lots of people.

Wendy: We gotta go for a MENTAL threat. But I just don't want to renominate at all.

(Veto Ceremony)

Spirit: Hello. I have the power to veto one of the nominees. I have decided....













Spirit: to NOT.

Wendy: Phew.

Spirit: To NOT use it on TDN. I'm using it on Kendall. Your welcome.

Kendall: YES!

Wendy: Okay. Well. Sorry but you're a massive mental threat and will dominate trivia. Izzy, take a seat.

Izzy: *hasnt stood up yet* Are you kidding me?

Wendy: I'm sorry.

Izzy: Unbelievable. *sits in nomination chair* (DR: I cannot believe I'm nominated. It's really awful. But I gotta suck it up and save myself.)

Milk: DR: This week was too close of a call. We need to link up with the WC's.

(Blake, Mirnish, Milk, Kendall, and Wendy are gathered)

Milk: So I was thinking some majority alliance..?

Mirnish: Okay. I'm fine with that.

Wendy: Sorry for the nomination Kendall.

Kendall: It's fine. Atleast I'm safe now.

Mirnish: DR: The two sides I've been playing linking up? It's perfect, perfect. I'm the top dog of this game. I'm a front runner.

Blake: Okay.

Kendall: We need more.

Wendy: I'll get someone.

(Wendy returns to the room, with Spirit following)

Kendall: Thanks for using it on me Spirit.

Spirit: Your welcome. What's going on?

Wendy: Join our majority.

Spirit: Okay. I don't have any alliances yet. *mumbles* Bitches not wanting to align with me.

Milk: Who else??

Heo: *walks in with Chwiis* We're bored.

Milk: Perfect.

Mirnish: Hey bigots- I mean Heo and Chwiis, join our alliance.

Both: Sure.

Blake: Our alliance is complete. (DR: We have this massive 8 person alliance. It's me, Kendall, Wendy, Heo, Chwiis, Spirit, Milk, and Mirnish. This is a very tight group.)

(Fiz and TDN are in kitchen)

TDN: Fiz can you keep me?

Fiz: Y

TDN: I seriously want to stay. I haven't done anything and I'll be loyal to you. I'm begging you.

Fiz: Say LJ is amazong

TDN: LJ is amazong

Fiz: k

(TDN is seen talking to Cabbage, Noah, Tyler, and Aqua)

TDN: Can you guys keep me?

Aqua: Our votes are up in the air. But we'll consider it.

TDN: Thanks.

Tyler: Your welcome.

TDN: DR: If I go down, I'm going down with a bang. I can't leave. I just can't.

Maria: Putas.

(The alliance of 8 is seen talking in HOH room again)

Milk: What's our alliance name?

Kendall: The Alecia Holden Police.

Blake: ok. Good name.

Mirnish: So..who are we evicting?

Spirit: I'd like Izzy gone. He's a lot more threatening.

Heo: If we keep TDN, he can go ally the way.

Wendy: So can Izzy.

Blake: This entire alliance is swing votes.

(Eviction Night)

Julie Chen: Hello blah blah. I hate you both so no speeches. So it is time to vote. Wendy, as the HOH, you may not vote. TDN and Izzy also cannot vote. Up first is Heo.

Heo: *walks in DR*

Julie Chen: Heo has recently joined the Alecia Holden Police. Will he go his own way or the alliance's way?

Heo: *sits* I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: Okay. Thank you.

Fiz: *walks in DR*

Julie: Fiz has promised TDN to keep him. Where will he vote?

Fiz: I vote to evict izzy bc ew umi

Julie: Thanks.

(Maria walks in)

Julie: Who's Maria?

Maria: I vote evict IZZY XD

Julie: Thanks.

(Kendall walks in)

Julie: Kendall just survived the block. What will she do?

Kendall: Hey Julie. Love the stripper dress. I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: Thanks. @both.

Julie: It is 2-2.

Tyler: *walks in*

Julie: Tyler is part of the family. What will he do?

Tyler: I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: Thank you.

Blake: *walks in*

Julie: Blake is beneath Wendy's wing. What has he decided?

Blake: I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: Thank you. 4-2.

Noah: *walks in*

Julie: Noah is a loyal member of the family RP. His vote should align with Tyler's.

Noah: I vote to evict Izzy. FUCK THE FAMILY RP. :D

Julie: Thanks. 4-3.

Spirit: *walks in*

Julie: Spirit is loyal to the Alecia Holden Police. Will he prove it?

Spirit: I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: Next.

Aqua: *walks in*

Julie: Aqua has been leading the Family Alliance. What has he decided for them?

Aqua: Happily I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: 6-3. One more for TDN and he's gone

Cabbage: *walks in*

Julie: Hello Cab. Who are you evicting?

Cabbage: I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: Thank you. It's official. With 7 votes to evict, TDN will be leaving the house today. Let's see where the other votes fall.

Chwiis: *walks in*

Julie: Chwiis is apart of the Alecia Holden Police. Will he stick with them?

Chwiis: I vote to evict TDN.

Mirnish: *walks in*

Julie: Mirnish is glad his sides linked together. His vote should be obvious.

Mirnish: I vote to evict TDN. Bye.

Julie: Milk was dethroned but still works with WC.

Milk: I vote to evict TDN.

Julie: Houseguests. By a vote of 10-3...

Julie: Izzy.

Izzy: :O

Julie: You are safe. TDN, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

TDN: Wow. *leaves*

Julie: No interview for you.

Episode Two: Walk In The ParkEdit

(In House)

Maria: hola

Kendall: Hello Maria bae.

Maria: Hi. (DR: We perfect match.)

Kendall: DR: Maria is my BFF. I have a secret F2 deal with her!!!

Blake: DR: Kendall is getting close with Maria. If it's up to me, I'd take Maria out. Kendall's only loyalty should be towards the Alecia Holden Police.

Kendall: XD

Maria: No

(Blake, Wendy, Mirnish, and Milk are gathered in backyard)

Blake: I don't really trust Kendall that much. She's been hanging out too much with Maria.

Wendy: *nods*

Mirnish: DR: mhm. So Wendy and Blake doubt Kendall. That's the last thing I want is for both of my sides to target each other. So I gotta have them make peace. Or I'm choosing a side

Milk: DR: I feel like my ally Kendall is endangered and she can't leave. I need her as a number right now. I need to win HOH to put this shit back into place

(They walk to HOH Competition)

Julie Chen: Welcome to your head of household competition. It will be played tournament style, trivia. Let's begin. First match, Fiz vs Spirit.

(Fiz and Spirit step up)

Fiz: sprite throw to me.

Tyler: Sprite me

Spirit: Kill yourself.

Julie Chen: Who was KR first boot? A. Darnell or B. Cecelia

Fiz: *buzzes*

Julie Chen: Fiz?

Fiz: Cecelia

Julie Chen: No step down. Spirit moves forward. Next up is Heo vs Izzy. First question..what is the tenth sea-

Izzy: *buzzes* Palau. (DR: I know everything about Survivor. This should be a walk in the park. I don't want to sound like a nerd, but I'm using this knowledge to carry me through this competition.)

Fiz: nerd.

Julie: Izzy scores and moves on. Next is Mirnish vs Noah. Who was the first lesbian survivor?

Noah: *buzzes* Trish Dunn.

Julie: Incorrect. It was Sonja. Noah, step down. Mirnish moves on.

Mirnish: hag g.oddess Sonja saving me

Julie: Aqua vs Blake. Who was the youngest quitter?


Julie: Aqua moves on

Aqua: DR: YES! PURPLE KELLY BEING MY SAVIOR. Anyways, I really want to win this HOH. Cabbage, Noah, Tyler, and I feel like we are on the bottom. But if I win, we're changing things up. No doubt :)

Blake: DR: I really wanted to win HOH to take out Kendall's shady ass but it's okay. But for now, I will lay low and take out Kendall once it's me who wins HOH.

Julie: Tyler vs Chwiis.

Tyler: Hi.

Chwiis: Hi. (DR: These hams are controlling the house and they needed to be pecked off. They need to get the fuck outta my swamp so I can win this money.)

Julie: Who is the fifth boot of China?

Tyler: *buzzes* Aaron

Julie: Tyler moves on. Next is Kendall vs Maria.

Kendall: MARIA :O

Maria: :O

Blake: *rolls eyes*

Julie: Who is the third person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains?

Kendall: Maria, buzz and say Randy.

Maria: Randy

Kendall: now buzz.

Maria: buzz? where bee!

Kendall: hit the button

Maria: *buzzes*

Julie: Maria moves on.

Wendy: DR: I see Blake's point about Kendall's love for Maria becoming too much.

Julie: Cabbage vs Milk. What were the two tribes of Nicaragua?

Milk: *buzzes* La Flor and Espada.

Julie: Milk moves on. First eliminated houseguest to say I returns to HOH.

Cabbage: I.

Julie: Okay. Maria vs Spirit. Who got idol'd out in SJDS?

Spirit: Baylor and Wes

Julie: Spirit moves on.

Spirit: haha Maria dumb hoe

Maria: lol

Julie: Milk vs Mirnish. Who is the youngest castaway of BvW?

Mirnish: Rupert

Julie: Incorrect, it's Marissa. Milk moves on.

Milk: yay

Julie: Tyler vs Aqua.

Aqua: hi

Tyler: hi

Julie: Who was the first castaway to get a double vote?

Fiz: next to say Dan hates purple Kelly

Aqua: *buzzes* Dan. WAIT WHAT

Tyler: :O

Cabbage: :O

Mirnish: :O

Aqua: false

Julie: Cabbage vs Izzy. Who was the 9th player of Caga-

Izzy: *buzzes* LJ.

Fiz: my fav

Julie: Okay. Next match ups. Aqua vs Spirit. What is the 7th season?

Aqua: Pearl Islands

Julie: Aqua moves on.

Spirit: No.

Aqua: Yes.

Spirit: The seventh season is All Stars. Because Thailand is season 5, and Amazon is 5.5.

Aqua: me

Julie: Izzy vs Milk. Who was the fifth Ulong member overall?

Milk: *buzzes* Angie

Izzy: WHAT! (DR: Of all questions, I get ANGIE wrong. It's so annoying!)

Julie: Milk vs Aqua. One of you will be the new Head of Household.

Kendall: DR: We need Milks to win HOH.

Tyler: DR: Aqua winning HOH would be great. He'll keep me safe and that's all that matters.

Julie: First to say I wins HOH.

Milk: I

Aqua: I wins HOH.


Milk: rigged/robbed

Aqua: DR: YES! I'm in power and I hold all the cards! It's amazing! But I need to figure out who to target.

(Tyler, Noah, Cabbage, and Aqua are seen in HOH room)

Aqua: What are we doing!!!!

Cabbage: I want to after a threat like Milks. He won last HOH and came in second this HOH. He's dangerous. (DR: People like Milks have a lot of exposed personality, a strong, aggressive social AND strategic game. I don't want to be around someone like that. Someone like me who's just underestimated, people doubt what I can do, and people doubt I can do anything to save myself. That's completely wrong. I'm not just Aqua's goat. I'm playing hard in the background, and that's something that's going to be noticed when I'm sitting in the final two.)

Aqua: I think Milks will just get saved my his allies.

Noah: I'm gonna go make hot coco. *goes downstairs*

Milk: Hi Noah.

Noah: Milk, follow me to bumblebee room.

Milk: ok

(Bumblebee room)

Noah: Aqua, Tyler, and Cabbage are considering sending you out bro.

Milk: First of all, don't ever say bro again. And what, why?

Noah: They think ur threatening (DR: All Aqua, Tyler, and Cabbage do is push me around. I'm being constantly bullied by them. At some point, I'm going to turn on them...break free. This is the part when things take a turning point for me. I don't trust Aqua, Tyler, or Cabbage. Once I win HOH, bye bye family.)

Milk: Thanks for telling me. (DR: So I hear that I'm being targeted. I didn't get the opportunity to backdoor Aqua so I guess it's coming back to bite me. Sad day.)

(Aqua, Tyler, and Cabbage are in HOH room)

Tyler: I don't think timing is right to go after Milk.

Aqua: I agree. In like two weeks, it'll be perfect.

Cabbage: *nods* It's your HOH.

Aqua: I already know who I'm nominating...

(Nomination Ceremony)

Aqua: Hello. As the Head of Household, I must nominate two houseguests for eviction. I will pass around keys if you're safe. The first person safe is....Tyler. *gives key*

Tyler: Thanks

Aqua: The second person safe is...Cabbage.

Cabbage: yay

Aqua: *gives Cabbage's key* The next person safe is...Noah. *gives key*

Noah: ey thanks bro.

Aqua: The fourth person safe is...Spirit.

Spirit: Haha Cunts (DR: I'm safe hoes)

Aqua: The 5th person safe is...Wendy.

Wendy: Thanks. (DR: I'm glad that my HOH last week didn't put me as a target this week. After a memorable HOH, it's best for me to stay low and blend back into the crowd.)

Aqua: The sixth person safe is..Milk.

Milk: DR: I'm called safe and I'm shocked, considering what Noah told me. But, I can't fully distrust him. A backdoor is definitely possible.

Aqua: The 7th person safe is...Fiz.

Fiz: yay

Aqua: The eighth person safe is..Kendall.

Kendall: good.

Aqua: The ninth person safe is...Mirnish.

Mirnish: fuck yes

Aqua: The tenth person safe is...Blake.

Blake: okay.

Aqua: We are down to Maria, Heo, Chwiis, and Izzy. The first nominee is..












(Chwiis appears on screen)

Aqua: Chwiis.

Chwiis: Jew

Aqua: The next person safe is..













Aqua: Izzy. Maria or Heo, you will be the second nominee.

Maria: oh no.

Heo: B)

Aqua: The second nominee is Heo. *Heo appears on screen* Maria, you're sadly safe.

Maria: Haha

Kendall: Yay Maria!

Aqua: I have nominated you Heo and you Chwiis. You both are BIGOTS, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and ANTI PURPLE KELLY. Forget you, go home, goodbye! This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Aqua: DR: Heo and Chwiis both pushed me around, picked on, and bullied me back in "The Dark Era" aka TDRPW. I can't stand them and they need their karma. I'd prefer Chwiis to go.

Heo: DR: Me and my boi Chwiis are on the block. It really sucks man but in times like this, I need to step up to the plate. Back at TDRPW, I was the founder but I didn't represent the leadership role. Here, I need to step up to the gameplay role. This game is a roller coaster and you have to be willing to ride it. I am. I'm not willing to go home this easily. Hammy Aqua will get it. The entire ham thing started with one of Rocker's outbursts. But it's been an inside joke ever since. I insult people because I'm insecure about what I am. People see me as a bigot. That's not who I am. I'm much more than that.

Chwiis: DR: What the fuck Aqua? Betraying your soccer teammate like that. He's GON' get it, if I gotta ride a kangaroo to faggot town and beat his hammy ass, I'll do it. I ain't leaving you Arabs.

(Chwiis, Heo, Milk, Kendall, Mirnish, Spirit, Blake, and Wendy are outside together)

Heo: Two of us are nominated.

Blake: sad story (DR: Chwiis and Heo are nominated. Although, they're in my alliance. I don't really care. They both are annoying and on the bottom of the alliance.)

Chwiis: Wat do we do.

Heo: ^

Wendy: Don't do anything stupid aka don't make fun of Aqua's clique.

Mirnish: ^

Heo: Fine. (DR: I'm at a crossroads. I can either do what I do daily, which is make fun of the hams, or I can make a change, a change for the better. My overall view from others in this game is that I'm a bully. I joined Big Brother to CHANGE that view, because it's not who I am anymore. I formally disliked the TRD's because of jealousy; jealousy that they were succeeding and I didn't. But now I accepted TDRPW's faith.)

Kendall: DR: I honestly don't care if Heo or Chwiis leave. It might suck since they're loyal to us but..what do they bring to the Alecia Holden Police..?

(Aqua, Cabbage, Tyler, and Noah are gathered)

Cabbage: So what if the veto is used?

Aqua: I don't want to think about that for now.

Noah: But what if it is? Who are you putting up?

Aqua: Noah shut up before I send you back to the orphanage.

Noah: *sighs* (DR: This is exactly why I want to flip. Nobody in the alliance treats me with any respect. They're just so annoying, like ugh.)

(In living room, Fiz, Izzy, and Maria are gathered)

Izzy: ugh

Fiz: Wat happened

Izzy: So like

Izzy: I just read the Survivor Wiki

Izzy: And it said that

Izzy: Ashley T

Izzy: Was a

Izzy: Last minute

Izzy: Addition

Fiz: she's not as good as lj that's why (DR: I don't get Y izzy is so obsessedsed with cunts like angie tracy and ashley when there's better gods like lj and Albert.)

Maria: XD

Izzy: Shut up Maria. (DR: Im laying low as much as I can but Maria? She's not even trying. And it's so annoying that as a fan of CBS, someone like Maria isn't doing anything. There was so many applicants that got turned down for her. I mean like Rocky, Eve, Ash, Berry, Bulba, Epic; they all would've been better than Maria.)

Aqua: It's time to pick players for the Veto!

(Everyone is in living room)

Aqua: The Head of Household and the two nominees will compete for veto. Along with 3 randomly selected houseguests. As HOH, I will pick first. *reaches into bag and grabs a name* Mirnish.

Mirnish: yay. (DR: I'm ready to kill this Veto. Dunno what I'm gonna do with it but I'm gonna kill it with some ~Mirnish Domination~)

Heo: *reaches into bag and grabs name* Blake.

Blake: Okay. (DR: Going into the Power of Veto competition, I want it badly. I didn't win HOH but I want SOME sort of power. I need people to know that I'm here to win, and I'll play hard to win the next HOH, which I'll use to separate Maria and Kendall.)

Chwiis: *reaches into bag and grabs name* Fiz.

Fiz: haha

(Power of Veto Competition)

Tyler: Welcome to the Power of Veto. Musical chairs. *song plays*

Tyler: is it too late to say sorry I know that I let you down is it too late to say sorry now

Tyler: Sit

Aqua: *sits*

Mirnish: *sits*

Chwiis: *sits*

Blake: *sits*

Heo: *sits*

Tyler: Fiz is out

Fiz: :(

Tyler: sit

Mirnish: *sits*

Chwiis: *sits*

Blake: *sits*

Aqua: *sits*

Heo: wow.

Tyler: Heo is out.

Aqua: hold on I need to refre-

Tyler: Sit

Mirnish: *sits*

Blake: *sits*

Chwiis: *sits*

Tyler: Aqua is out.

Aqua: Rigged

Tyler: Sit

Chwiis: *sits*

Mirnish: *sots*

Blake: *sits*

Tyler: Mirnish misspelled. It is Blake vs Chwiis. Sit

Chwiis: *sits*


Chwiis: HA!

Aqua: WHAT!

(In House)


Aqua: UGH.

Fiz: Y r u mad

Aqua: Because Chwiis won veto and I have to renominate someone. (Eyeroll)

Fiz: good thing he won. he's my fav user. Now I hope Heo g.od doesn't leave (DR: Heo <3 Chwiis <3)

Aqua: Are you stupid?

Fiz: yes. I will vote to keep heo

Aqua: Stop being dumb, you dumb troll.

Fiz: i have never troled b4 Wat r u talking about

Aqua: Ugh, I'm done with you.

Fiz: Hi.

Aqua: Shut up.

Heo: DR: I'm glad my boi Chwiis pulled out that veto. Now whoever is the replacement, we gotta campaign to get them out.

(Aqua, Cabbage, Tyler, and Noah are gathered again)

Tyler: Who's gonna be the replacement?

Aqua: Trust me, I already know.

Cabbage: :O

(Power of Veto Meeting)

Chwiis: Hey Jews. I'm skipping the speech. I'm using it on myself. GL Heo. Aqua, nominate someone.

Aqua: Fiz, get your ass on the block.

Fiz: r00d. *sits*

Chwiis: This veto meeting is adjourned.

Fiz: DR: idk Y I'm nominated

Aqua: DR: I nominated Fiz because he would keep Heo. Even though I'd prefer Heo to go, Fiz leaving would be fantastic.

(Family Alliance)

Tyler: Aqua, who do you want us to keep?

Aqua: I don't care, but I'd prefer Heo to go.

Cabbage: ok

Tyler: ok. (DR: Cab, Noah, and I are evicting Heo. He's a bully and a really sketchy person, so we can't have him around.

Noah: DR: Since Chwiis won veto, Aqua's target is Heo. But I want to do my best to weaken Aqua's power. My vote is to evict Fiz.

Fiz: Maria keep me.

Maria: ok (DR: I lied XD)

(Kendall, Chwiis, Heo, Wendy, Spirit, Blake, Mirnish, and Milk are gathered in bumblebee room)

Heo: We have the votes to keep me. 7/12.

Chwiis: Yeah its locked in. You're staying.

Spirit: DR: Heo and Chwiis are very confident that Heo will stay. Their overconfidence is REALLY annoying. They think they can tell ME who to vote whenever they want. It isn't going to work like that. I am my own person and I can vote whoever the fuck I want to vote.

Heo: Chwiis, let's go talk to Izzy in case.

Chwiis: okay. *leaves with Heo*

Kendall: So who are US six keeping?

Wendy: idk, but it's definitely not as locked in as Heo and Chwiis think. Because their bullying can turn the house against not only them but us.

Milk: But they're loyal numbers... (DR: Wendy, Kendall, Spirit, and the other whores in my alliance are considering evicting Heo? No. He's a number for us. It'll be a stupid move. If Heo goes, Chwiis is flipping.)

(Milk and Mirnish are in bathroom)

Milk: I don't think Heo should go

Mirnish: I agree. Let's evict Fiz's puta ass.

Milk: Okay.

(Eviction Night)

Julie: Fiz, Heo, before we vote, you can have one final plead to the voting houseguests. Fiz, you're first.

Fiz: keep me or ur straight.

Chwiis: rip

Blake: I'm not straight I'm...

Blake: A

Blake: S

Blake: E

Blake: X

Blake: U

Blake: A

Blake: L

Julie: Heo, you're up.

Heo: Okay. Guys, I apologize for being rude in the past. But I seriously, seriously have tried my best to change in this house. I hope you all noticed that. When you go up to vote, just think, who here says something and sticks with it...rather than flipping because "ew umi" and/or trolling *glances at Fiz*

Julie: Okay. It is time to vote. Heo, Fiz, you may not vote. Aqua, you will only vote in the event of a tie. Kendall, you're up.

Kendall: *walks in diary room*

Julie: Kendall has been on the fence with her vote. What has she finally decided? Hello Kendall.

Kendall: Hi Julie. I vote to evict HEO.

Julie: Thanks.

Maria: *walks in*

Julie: Maria lied to Fiz about keeping him. Her vote should be obvious.

Maria: Fiz XD

Julie: Okay. Gracias.

Milk: *walks in*

Julie: Milk has campaigned to keep Heo. Will he do his part in this campaign?

Milk: I vote to evict FIZ.

Julie: Okay.

Noah: *walks in*

Julie: Noah has been open about going against Aqua's wishes. Will he do the same this time?

Noah: I vote to evict Fiz.

Julie: Okay, thank you.

Cabbage: *walks in*

Julie: Cabbage has promised Aqua to evict Heo. Will he keep his promise?

Cabbage: I vote to evict Heo.

Tyler: *walks in*

Julie: Tyler is also loyal to Aqua. His vote should be obvious.

Tyler: I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: Thanks. It is 3-3 right now.

Wendy: *walks in*

Julie: Wendy is right in the middle of his alliance. With his alliance splitting vote, what has Wendy decided?

Wendy: I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: Thanks. It is now 4-3.

Blake: *walks in*

Julie: Blake has been a vital TDRPW hater. His vote should be obvious.

Blake: I vote to evict HEO.

Julie: Thanks. 5-3.

Izzy: *walks in*

Julie: Izzy has been laying low this week. His vote is anyone's guess.

Izzy: I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: Thanks. It is now 6-3. One more for Heo and he's evicted.

Mirnish: *walks in*

Julie: Mirnish agreed with Milk's plan to keep Heo. Will he follow through?

Mirnish: I vote to evict FIZ.

Julie: Thanks. 6-4.

Chwiis: *walks in*

Julie: Chwiis has been Heo's closest ally. It would be a huge shock if he evicts Heo.

Chwiis: I vote to evict FIZ.

Julie: Thanks. 6-5. Let's see the final voter; Spirit.

Spirit: *walks in*

Julie: Spirit was annoyed at Heo and Chwiis's ego. Was that enough for him to betray them?

Spirit: I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: Thanks. It's official, with 7 votes to evict, Heo will be leaving the house tonight. Let's announce it. HOUSEGUESTS

Maria: Adios

Julie: In a vote of 7-5....

Julie: Heo...

Julie: You have been evicted from the Big Brother House.

Chwiis: WHAT.

Heo: *leaves*

Episode 3: Am I Just Apart Of Some Pecking OrderEdit

(In House)

Chwiis: What the fuck Jews? (DR: My boi Heo just left and now I'm surrounded by all these hams. Faggot land, aka the Alecia Holden Police betrayed Heo and I, and they ain't slick.)

(Milk, Spirit, Wendy, Blake, Kendall, and Mirnish are gathered)

Wendy: Who do you guys think evicted Fiz?

Milk: Chwiis, Izzy, Maria, Noah, and Cabbage/Tyler. (DR: Mirnish and I failed to get rid of Fiz, but we plan to not let anyone know we voted to keep Heo. It's too dangerous.)

Wendy: That's possible. Anyways, since Heo is gone from the alliance, we probably lost Chwiis too.

Blake: Yeah. (DR: We just betrayed Chwiis's best friend in the house. Chwiis is for sure leaving the alliance. But say Chwiis tells the entire house about our majority. It would be 8-6, so we need a new number, and I know who.)

Noah: *walks in* Hi.

Mirnish: Hey Noah. (DR: Noah is obviously on the bottom of his alliance. He's also gullible and loyal. It's perfect.) Want to join our alliance, and betray the family?

Noah: Sure, that's awesome bro. (DR: This is a perfect alliance for me. When the time comes, I'll strike against Tyler, Cabbage, and Aqua. I'm excited now.)

Spirit: DR: Mirnish, Kendall, Wendy, Milk, and Blake are being very happy about Noah joining. But to be, he's just a number. He's just a number for now until it's me who cuts him loose.

(Head of Household Competition)

Julie: Hello. Aqua, you may not compete in Head of Household. I will ask questions about BB17. Say the correct answer and you get to knock someone out. Last remaining wins Head of Household. Let's begin.

Izzy: okay. (DR: Yay! Another mental competition! This should be great, but I can't get confident like last time.)

Julie: Who is the oldest houseguest?

Fiz: Meg

Milk: Austin's beard

Julie: Milk, knock someone out.

Milk: Cabbage.

Cabbage: smh

Julie: Which twin debuted after Jason's eviction?

Fiz: Liz

Mirnish: Julia.

Julie: Mirnish knock someone out.

Mirnish: Fiz

Fiz: how r00d

Julie: Which two houseguests were co Heads of Household in week 1?

Izzy: James/Jason

Julie: Izzy knock someone out.

Izzy: Mirnish sorry.

Julie: Ten left. Who got 4th place?

Blake: Johnny Mac.

Julie: Blake, knock someone out.

Blake: Maria.

Julie: Who's vote were negated in week 2?

Izzy: Jeff Jackie Becky

Julie: Izzy knock someone out.

Izzy: Milk sorry.

Julie: 8 left. Who was evicted first?

Tyler: Jace

Julie: Tyler knock someone out.

Tyler: Hm..Kendall.

Kendall: Okay.

Julie: Who is the only houseguest who made jury and didn't win an HOH or POV?

Izzy: Meg.

Julie: Izzy knock someone out.

Izzy: Tyler sorry

Julie: We are down to Wendy, Blake, Izzy, Spirit, and Noah. Next question, who won a Never Not pass?

Spirit: Becky.

Julie: Spirit knock someone out.

Spirit: Izzy.

Izzy: ugh.

Julie: Who did not attend a Veto Ceremony?

Spirit: Audrey.

Julie: Spirit knock someone out.

Spirit: Noah.

Julie: Spirit vs Wendy vs Blake.

Wendy: My BB memory is rusty..

Julie: Who had a twin but wasn't apart of twin twist?

Blake: Shelli

Julie: Blake knock someone out.

Blake: Spirit.

Spirit: Die

Julie: Who was HOH or nominated in every week they had in the house?

Blake: Jason.


Blake: Yes!!! (DR: I'm the new HOH. My goal from the start has been to separate Kendall and Maria; that's what I'm doing this week.)

(In House)

(Blake, Spirit and Wendy are in storage room)

Wendy: DR: Blake, Spirit, and I have an alliance within an alliance. We plan to go far with the Alecia Holden Police but when we reach that final seven; us three will stick together, reel in Noah and take out Kendall, Milk, and Mirnish.

Blake: What do I do?

Wendy: Didn't you want to split up Kendall and Maria?

Blake: Yes. But I think if I nominate Kendall straight away, it's gonna come back to bite me.

Spirit: So it has to be a backdoor.

Noah: *joins them* Hi.

Wendy: So nominate Maria and someone else.

Blake: *nods* (DR: My goal this week is to split up Maria and Kendall. It's too dangerous to have them both around together. I can't nominate Kendall straight away or else she'll get paranoid and beast through POV. I need to nominate two other people initially.)

Izzy: (DR: I can't just use "lay low" as an excuse to not strategize. I need to talk to people to make sure that I'm safe.) *walks up to Blake* Am I safe?

Blake: Yes

Izzy: Are you sure?

Blake: Yes.

Izzy: I'm scared.

Blake: You're safe.

Izzy: Absolutely?

Blake: Yes.

Izzy: Promise?

Blake: Yes.

Izzy: Really?

Blake: Yes

Izzy: Seriously?

Blake: Yes. (DR: Izzy is a bit annoying. He's too indecisive, paranoid, and weird, yet he's a threat mentally. He can definitely go up sooner or later, maybe now.)

(Blake, Kendall, Milk, and Mirnish are in HOH room)

Kendall: What are you doing?

Blake: I don't know yet.

Mirnish: mhm. (DR: Blake doesn't know what to do. He's confused. That's the perfect time to get in his head.) Why won't you try executing Milks plan when he was HOH?

Milk: ^

Blake: Backdoor Aqua?

Mirnish: Uh-huh.

Blake: DR: I have two backdoor options; Aqua and Kendall. But I don't want to worry about that. I need to make two original nominees.

(Nomination Ceremony)

Blake: As the Head of Household, I need to nominate two houseguests for eviction. I will pass you a key if you're safe. The first key goes to...Kendall.

Kendall: Yay. *grabs key*

Blake: The next key goes to...Wendy.

Wendy: Thanks bae *grabs key*

Blake: The next key goes to...Spirit.

Spirit: Thx

Blake: The fourth key goes to...Milk.

Milk: ok

Blake: The fifth key goes to....Noah.

Noah: *nods*

Blake: The sixth key goes to...Mirnish.

Mirnish: Yas

Blake: The seventh key goes to...Fiz.

Fiz: :D

Blake: The eighth key goes to...Cabbage.

Cabbage: Phew.

Blake: The ninth key goes to...Tyler.

Tyler: Thank god.

(Camera zooms in on Maria, Chwiis, Izzy, and Aqua)

Blake: It is down to you four. The first person nominated is...













(Maria appears on screen)

Maria: Pendejo

Blake: The next person safe is...














Blake: Aqua. Izzy, Chwiis, one of you will be the second nominee.

Izzy: ugh.

Chwiis: Bitch

Blake: The second nominee is



















(Chwiis appears on screen)

Blake: Chwiis. I have nominated you Chwiis and you Maria. Maria, you're just floating on by. Chwiis, you're vulnerable since Heo is gone. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Maria: DR: I sad. Donnie sad. Donnie and Sammy mad and kill Prince Blake.

Kendall: DR: I'm sad to see Maria nominated but I think she's a pawn for the Aqua backdoor, so it's fine with me.

Chwiis: DR: Seriously? Am I just apart of some pecking order? It's stupid and annoying how these hams keep on winning HOH. But I'm winning that fucking veto again, no matter what it takes.

(In Maria's strip club decorated bedroom)

Maria: Donnie

Kendall: What

Maria: I'm nominated :(

Kendall: I know :( If you get HG Choice, pick me.

Maria: ok (DR: Blake es un asexual fumar que se parece a un ciervo consiguió corrió encima , ahora hes sacarlo en mí que zorra , incluso Hijotee era mejor)

(Aqua, Tyler, Cabbage, and Noah are gathered)

Aqua: We're all safe!

Cabbage: For now. (DR: Yes my alliance is safe for now but we can't rely on luck for safety. We have to stop sitting around fantasizing about Julia, Purple Kelly, and Ruby Lipstick. Because that isn't going to help us.)

Noah: What are we gonna do for here on out?

Tyler: Lay low.

Noah: DR: This family alliance is stupid. They think laying low is gonna help them. That's why I'm taking them out as soon as I win HOH.

Chwiis: Fiz.

Fiz: hi

Chwiis: Keep me.

Fiz: ok. (DR: Chwiis shouldn't go he's a nice guy.)

Chwiis: DR: The very person that I voted to evict is my hope for surviving now. Thank god Fiz is a gullible little bitch.

Aqua: *joins Chwiis and Fiz* What's happening?

Fiz: We're talking about porn.

Aqua: DR: hm...Fiz and Chwiis were whispering then I walk up, so they shut up. I know what's happening. Fiz wants to keep Chwiis. Sadly, I known them both long enough to figure that out. TDRPW was a hell hole but the interaction knowledge I gained from that is benefiting me now. Fiz is SHADY.

Blake: It's time to pick players for the Veto!

(Everyone is in living room)

Blake: The HOH, the two nominees, and three randomly selected houseguests will compete in veto. As HOH, I will choose first. *digs in box and grabs a name* Noah.

Noah: Daang

Maria: *picks* I can't read yet I'm not old enough

Blake: It says houseguest choice


Kendall: Yas!

Chwiis: *picks name* Aqua.

Aqua: Kk.

Blake: ... (DR: My two backdoor targets have just been picked for Veto. I just hope myself, Maria, Noah, or Chwiis can pull off this Veto.)

(Power of Veto Competition)

Milk: Hi.

Maria: hola

Kendall: Hi.

Blake: Hi

Chwiis: Hi

Aqua: Hi

Noah: Hi

Milk: This POV is Hide and Seek. The seeker is Kass McQuillen. Go hide.

(They hide)

Noah: *hides in Maria's underwear drawer*

Maria: *hides in an oven that's 350 degrees on*

Blake: *hides in pool, drowning*

Chwiis: *hides under bed*

Kendall: *hides in Cabbage's pile of Halloween Costumes*

Aqua: *hides in fridge* oh no I'm trapped

Kass: *walks around* Chaos will be in the house. I will now have sex on a bed..that's very chaotic *humps pillow but breaks bed and lands under bed* Haha Chwiis you got found.

Chwiis: Shit

Kass: Omg a Ruby lipstick Halloween costume how chaotic *puts it on* ugly costume. *puts on every costume until she finds Kendall* Haha.

Kendall: :(

Kass: These people are bad at this. I will take a break and make brownies. *goes in kitchen, and begins to make brownies* I need eggs then I can put this in the oven. *opens fridge for eggs and finds Aqua* haha

Aqua: sobbing

Kass: *puts eggs in and opens oven, then sees Maria* Haha.

Maria: *cries*

Milk: According to ASHison Grodner, the two remaining are Blake and Noah.

Kass: I want to try some underwear. *sees Maria's underwear drawer* :O but maybe, someone left underwear in swimming pool. I have to decide between underwater underwear and underwear drawer underwear. How chaotic. I will flip. *finds an underwear and someone* Yay.

Milk: Congratulations to










Milk: BLAKE! You have won the Power of Veto!

Blake: YES!

(In House)

(Blake, Spirit, Kendall, Mirnish, Milk, Wendy, and Noah are gathered)

Mirnish: Blake, you gonna backdoor Aqua?

Blake: Mhm.

Mirnish: We only take up 6 out of 11 votes. We need to have a larger majority. Milk, Kendall, let's talk to Izzy. *they leave*

Noah: You're really backdooring Aqua?

Blake: My options are Aqua or Kendall. (DR: I'm backdooring some and its Aqua or Kendall. They both have pros and cons...but I gotta backdoor one, keep the other.) Either way someone's getting mad. For Aqua if he goes, Cabbage and Tyler will be mad. And for Kendall, Milk and Mirnish will be mad.

Noah: Blake..

Blake: What?

Noah: I want to ask you for a favor.

Blake: ?

Noah: I want to be the one to take out Aqua. Please wait until I win HOH. THEY are the ones who push me around and I need to be the one to get the justice. I'm begging you.

Blake: I'll consider it.

Noah: If you do nominate Aqua and get rid of him, I'll take the rest of this competition solo.

Spirit: Meaning?

Wendy: ^ I'm confused.

Noah: I'll flip to my own side.

Wendy: :O

Spirit: DR: Noah is being a bratty cry baby right now. This may be our only opportunity to get rid of Aqua and he's saying to wait until he wins HOH. Bitch you suck at competitions though.

Wendy: DR: I can't imagine the decision Blake has to make. Strategy wise, it's smarter to keep Kendall around, Aqua is dangerous. But Noah is a bit stubborn..?

Noah: DR: I will do anything to have it be ME who takes out Aqua, and not anybody else. It's me who deserves the credit for defeating the evil.

Blake: DR: Noah is making things a bit difficult. If I nominate Aqua, he'll flip. If I nominate Kendall, Aqua stays in and has a lot more control. It's going to be rough. Someone's gonna get pissed.

(Veto Meeting)

Blake: As the Power of Veto Holder, I have the power to take a nominee off the block. I have decided..
















Blake: To USE...

Blake: The Power of Veto...

Blake: ON...

















Blake: Chwiis. Congratulations. Since I just veto'd one of my nominees, I must re-nominate. I'm sorry but...

Fiz: yay Chwiis

















Blake: Kendall, take a seat.

Kendall: WHAT

Milk: WHAT

Mirnish: WHAT

Maria: BITCH

Kendall: *backyard with Milk and Mirnish* Seriously like..what? (DR: Blake betrayed us, he betrayed the alliance. The Alecia Holden Police is DEAD. There's 11 people voting today, so I need 6. I'm confident I have Milk and Mirnish. I can reel in the family aka Aqua, Tyler, and Cabbage, and then a floater like Chwiis, Fiz, or Izzy. I WILL stay this week.)

Milk: I don't understand why Blake would do that at all. (DR: Kendall is now nominated against Maria. It puts me in an awful position since one of my closest allies is vulnerable. All we gotta do is reel, reel, reel until someone bites.)

(Mirnish, Kendall, Milk, Noah, Tyler, Cabbage, and Aqua are gathered)

Noah: Hi Kendall, Mirnish, and Milk. (DR: The infamous threatening trio arrive and I know what they're gonna do, campaign. I already promised Blake Id evict Kendall, so whatever they tell me, I won't buy it.)

Kendall: Okay here's the deal. Cabbage, Aqua, Tyler, you're on the bottom. Once Wendy or Blake wins another HOH, y'all getting wiped out. We will offer you PROTECTION. We need you.

Cabbage: DR: The goal is for us to advance as much as we can. Kendall is coming in a bit aggressive. She never talked to us before and here she is begging. Desperate much?

Mirnish: DR: Kendall is campaigning to the family about keeping her. I can see in the families faces that they aren't on board. Kendall is coming in way too hard and with her position, it's not smart at all.

Kendall: Maria is a FLOATER.

Mirnish: DR: It's sad that since I'm with both the threatening trio and WC's, I knew Kendall was going up.

(Flashback to before POV Meeting)

Blake: So I'm nominating Kendall. Would you evict her?

Mirnish: *nods*

(Present; in HOH room, Wendy and Blake are seen)

Wendy: You want me to evict Kendall, right?

Blake: Yeah.

(Door knocks)

Blake: Come in.

Kendall: *walks in* So what the hell happened?

Blake: I had no other choice.

Kendall: No other choice? What about Izzy...or the Aqua backdoor we discussed?

Blake: It wasn't the right time.

Kendall: So it was the right time to backdoor me?

Blake: ...Yes, it was. You have a great shot at winning, that's why I want you gone.

Kendall: Whatever, I'm staying this week.

Blake: No you're not.

Kendall: DR: I will stay this week and fight as hard as I can, because I'm an audacious person in life. My goal coming into this house was to prove that, I'm a warrior, and nothing can change that. Transitioning from Derpy to Kendall was a big chance for me, a big load of insecurity. Now I have to pick myself up and keeping going, no matter what comes in my way.

Maria: Donnie

Kendall: What?

Maria: Keep me.

Kendall: I can't.

Maria: :( (DR: Maria sad)

(Eviction Night)

Julie: Hello. Kendall, Maria, one of you will leave tonight. Before we vote, you each have 30 seconds to give a speech. Maria, you're first.

Maria: Hola. Adios. *sits*

Julie: Kendall.

Kendall: I came into this game enthusiastic and ready to have fun. Never did I expect this strategy fest. But, I can seriously help you if you keep me. No doubt about it.

Julie: Okay. It is time to vote. Maria and Kendall, you may not vote. Blake, you also cannot vote. It is time to vote. Wendy, you're up.

(Wendy walks in)

Julie: Wendy claims to follow Blake's wishes. Will he follow through?

Wendy: I vote to evict Kendall

Julie: Thank you.

(Mirnish walks in)

Julie: Mirnish knew that his ally Kendall was on the chopping block. He didn't give her this knowledge. Now that's she's nominated, what will Mirnish do?

Mirnish: Hi Julie. I sadly vote to evict KENDALL.

Julie: Thank you.

Milk: *walks in*

Julie: Milk is closely aligned with Kendall. What will he do for his own game?

Milk: I vote to evict Kendall.

Julie: Okay.

Chwiis: *walks in*

Julie: Chwiis is fresh off the block. He's been an outsider but what has he decided?

Chwiis: I vote to evict try hard social warrior Kendall.

Julie: Thanks.

Cabbage: *walks in*

Julie: Cabbage has been annoyed by Maria's gimmick for a long time. Is that enough to evict her?

Cabbage: I vote to evict Kendall.

Julie: Thanks. 5-0. One more for Kendall and she's out.

Fiz: *walks in*

Julie: Fiz doesn't care who goes.

Fiz: I vote to evict Kelsey

Julie: It's official. Kendall WILL be leaving the Big Brother house. Let's see where the other votes fall.

Noah: *walks in*

Julie: Noah has been undercover flipping to the Alecia Holden Police. But what has he decided to do?

Noah: I vote to evict Kendall.

Izzy: *walks in*

Julie: Izzy has still been under the radar. What vote has he come up with?

Izzy: I vote to evict Kendall.

Tyler: *walks in*

Julie: Tyler has been in the middle of the road watching the drama unfold. What will he do?

Tyler: I vote to evict Kendall

Spirit: *walks in*

Julie: Spirit is strongly loyal to the Alecia Holden Police. Will he vote with them?

Spirit: I vote to evict Kendall.

Aqua: *walks in*

Julie: Aqua has been a backdoor option but he doesn't know that. After being campaigned to by Kendall, what will he do?

Aqua: I vote to evict Kendall.

Julie: Let's announce the news to the houseguests. HOUSEGUESTS..

Maria: Hola

Julie: In a vote of 11-0....

Fiz: ew umi

Julie: Maria...

Julie: You are safe. Kendall, YOU have been evicted from the Big Brother House.

Kendall: GL Milk and Mirnish *leaves*

Episode 4: Bedroom Sharing Is Automatic FriendshipEdit

(In House)

Milk: I miss TDBB

Aqua: Okay. Nobody cares

Milk: Wow. (DR: I had to evict Kendall or I'd be dead. Now I really feel lonely. Sure there's Mirnish but two out of thirteen people isn't something to brag about. I need to go turbo mode.)

Aqua: Kids!

Tyler: Hi

Cabbage: Hi

Aqua: We're going to the MOVIES

Tyler and Cabbage: Yay

Cabbage: What are we watching


Tyler: Yay Nicki Minaj

Aqua: Where's Noah? (DR: I noticed Noah has been distancing himself from us lately. He hasn't been hanging out with the family anymore. Something is up.) hi Noah

Noah: Hi

Aqua: Y don't you hang out with me anymore

Noah: Because my body is changing. (DR: Nobody here will ever know what it's like to be a growing teenager playing Big Brother. It's difficult. You have insecurities everywhere, growing hair in pubes, it's hard. That's why being around Aqua just makes me feel uncomfortable.)

(Head of Household Competition)

Julie: Hi

All: Hi

Julie: Blake you will not compete. You will all get a baseball bat and knock a baseball into a hole. Each hole is numbered 0-30. Whoever has the highest scoring hole wins HOH! Let's begin.

NOTE: All numbers are randomized, therefore the HOH is randomized.

Izzy: *walks up and swings*

(It lands on 1)

Julie: Yay. Izzy, sit in the number one chair. Up next is Cabbage.

Cabbage: *swings*

(It lands on 17)

Cabbage: Yay.

Julie: Izzy, you're out of the running. Cabbage, go to the number one chair. Next is Spirit.

Spirit: *swings*

(It lands on 3)

Spirit: Kill yourself

Julie: ok. Next is Wendy.

Wendy: *swings*

(It lands on 12)

Julie: Bye. Cabbage still leads with 17

Cabbage: haha

Julie: Next is Tyler.

Tyler: *swings*

(It lands on 6)

Tyler: :(

Julie: Cab still leading. Next is Maria.

Maria: *swings*

(It lands on 1)

Maria: :O

Julie: Cabbage STILL leading. Next up is Fiz.

Fiz: *swings*

(It lands on 25)

Julie: Out of nowhere, FIZ leads with 25. Cabbage, step down. Fiz, sit in the number one spot. Next is Milk.

Milk: *swings*

(It lands on 26)

Julie: Now it's MILK who leads with 26. Fiz, step down. Milk, take a seat. Next is Aqua.

Aqua: *swings*

(It lands on 19)

Julie: Not quite. Next is Noah.

Noah: *swings*

(It lands on 7)

Noah: wow

Julie: Chwiis, you're up.

Chwiis: *swings*

(It lands on 16)

Julie: Good hit but not enough. It all comes down to Mirnish.

Mirnish: *swings*

(It lands on 16)


Milk: YES!

(In House)

Milk: DR: Last time I got dethroned. This time, I'm HOH for the entire week. Kendall just left and this HOH is to avenge her. I need to get to the bottom of this.

(Milk, Mirnish, Noah, Wendy, Spirit, and Blake are gathered)

Wendy: What are you thinking about doing? (DR: Hopefully even after that Kendall backdoor, Milks and I are tight. We were co-HOH's together for crying out loud. We shared a bedroom. Bedroom sharing is automatic friendship. That hopefully sticks. But I have to get in his head.

Milk: I'm just still wondering about why Kendall left.

Blake: She was too threatening.

Milk: There has to be more than that.

Blake: That's the cold truth, sorry.

Milk: You all are liars and I'm not gonna trust you. *leaves room and slams door*

Blake: yikes

Mirnish: ^

Blake: I'm gonna calm him down. *goes downstairs and follows milk to storage room* Milk, wanna know the real reason why Kendall left?

Milk: Oh, please tell.

Blake: Okay, I just won POV and was fully on board with backdooring Aqua. I told the others that Kendall was a backup backdoor and Noah threatened to leave the alliance if I nominate Aqua.

Milk: But he hates Aqua.

Blake: He says that HE wants to be the one to take him out.

Milk: That's stupid. So Noah is basically playing both sides and he thinks he holds all the power?

Blake: Mhm

Milk: His ass is going on the block then.

Blake: Fine with me.

Milk: I'll tell Noah he's a pawn.

Blake: Who are you nominating against him?

Milk: Hm...

Blake: yikes

Blake: Let's go through each person. Aqua?

Milk: Aqua would leave over Noah so no. And I'm not nominating Mirnish either, or any other Alecia Holden's besides Noah.

Blake: That leaves Tyler, Cabbage, Chwiis, Maria, Fiz, and Izzy.

Milk: Chwiis and Maria would leave over Noah. Tyler and Cabbage causes too much blood from Aqua.

Blake: Too much blood from Aqua? Aren't u nominating his alliance member Noah though?

Milk: Nobody likes Noah though

Blake: So you have to nominate Fiz or Izzy.

Milk: Okay.

Blake: DR: Milk and I are a strong unexpected duo. Together, we're dangerous. We can control this game possibly.

Milk: DR: My target this week is Noah the rat. All I need is a pawn, which will be Izzy or Fiz. I'm making the most out of this HOH so I can avenge Kendall. It's do or die.


Maria: I miss Donnie *crying*

Fiz: stop crynying

Spirit: Yes you big cry baby your gimmick is so 2015 shut up.

Maria: Never.

Spirit: Excuse me

Maria: Yes (DR: Spirit crazy)

Spirit: DR: Maria's gimmick is so overused that it's annoying at this point. She needs to kill herself horizontally. I hate that bitch

Chwiis: DR: I'm letting these hams fight it out. It's hilarious watching these gays argue, while I'm chilling in my swamp.

(Nomination Ceremony)

Milk: As HOH, I have to nominate two houseguests for eviction. I will give you a key if you're safe. The first key goes to Mirnish.

Mirnish: Thanks bae.

Milk: The second key goes to Blake.

Blake: Yay.

Milk: The third key goes to Wendy.

Wendy: <3

Milk: Next key goes to..Aqua.

Aqua: Yay!!

Milk: Spirit, you are also safe.

Spirit: Good

Milk: Cabbage, you are safe.

Cabbage: haha

Milk: Tyler, you are safe.

Tyler: I'm happy now

Milk: Chwiis you are safe.

Chwiis: Take that negros

(Camera zooms on Izzy, Fiz, Maria, and Noah)

Milk: The first nominee is...

















(Noah appears on screen)

Milk: Noah

Noah: What the...

Milk: The next person safe is...









. .


Milk: Maria.

Maria: Feliz Navidad Sammy

Milk: Izzy, Fiz, one of you is my second nominee. My second nominee is














(Izzy appears on screen)

Milk: Izzy. Fiz, you are safe. I have nominated you Noah and you Izzy. You're both way too smart for this game. This nomination ceremony is adjourned. (DR: Hopefully all goes as planned and Noah leaves this week, that's the best case scenario at this point. There's still POV looming and Blake, Wendy, or myself need to win it.)

Noah: DR: I am so confused bro. Like DAAANG. This is a crazy game. But I guess I have to win veto to stay here. I don't want to go fourth.

Izzy: DR: This is my second time nominated. I need to win veto or else I'm done. I don't see why people are intimidated by my knowledge. I haven't won any competitions, it's a stupid move, but whatever.

Izzy: *doing everyone's laundry with Aqua* Mom Squad, huh? (DR: In order to survive this week, I can't sound desperate, I need to kept it on a low. Using my social skills can do that for me. Im a bartender and that's a social job. Im gonna pretend to be under someone's wings but I can hold myself bro. Aqua is a powerful person in this game. He has Tyler and Cabbage under his wing. In order to gain some votes to save me, I need Aqua on board. That's a key thing right there. If I can find some way to social bond with these people by pretending to like Purple Kelly, Shrek, Penny, Brenda, LJ, Debbie, KPop, Halsey, Courtney Marit, and Samey, I'll do it.)

Aqua: Sorry that you're on the block.

Izzy: It's not your fault. Anyways, be honest. Do you think I'm the main target?

Aqua: I honestly haven't spoken with Milk yet. But people love you a lot more than Noah.

Izzy: Thanks.

Aqua: DR: Izzy isn't the paranoid nerdy cunt everyone thinks he is. Sure, he can be annoying when it comes to Survivor Inc, but if you look past that, he's a great ally. He's smart and loyal, that's great. I might just adopt him. Key word; Might.

Izzy: I really trust you.

Aqua: DR: On the other hand, there's Noah. Noah was in my day 1 alliance of Cabbage, Tyler, him, and myself. But Noahs been acting odd lately. He has been hanging out with different people aka the Wendy Blake clique. It's definitely concerning but I don't want to assume things. I don't know what to feel about Noah being nominated. I want to avoid winning Veto so I don't have to make a choice between Noah and Izzy, I want to make it be natural throughout the house.

Fiz: hi Chwiis

Chwiis: Hi ham

Fiz: So.. :)

Chwiis :D

Fiz: Chwiis

Chwiis: what Jew

Fiz: let's make f2 deal

Chwiis: Y. This isn't some survivor or big brother shit.

Fiz: But it's big brother tho

Chwiis: O then okay. (DR: Fiz is kinda stupid. He hasn't realized that I evicted him in week 2 but whatever. He's loyal and dumb, perfect side bitch.)

Fiz: yay (DR: chwiis and I have sercet f2 deal. it makes sense since we r the only revlent ppl in the house.)

Milk: It's time to pick players for the Veto!!

(Everyone is in living room)

Milk: I, the HOH, and the two nominees will compete in the Veto along with three randomly selected houseguests. As HOH, I will choose first. *reaches in box and grabs name* Fiz.

Fiz: yay (DR: I should win)

Noah: *reaches in box and grabs name* Aqua

Aqua: omg!!

Izzy: *reaches in bag and grabs name* Spirit.

Spirit: Good

(Power of Veto Competition)

Wendy: Welcome to the veto! For this competition, you will dive into a pool of sticky, sticky, caramel. In that pool, you will find 3 bags of puzzle pieces. You will race to the platform and solve the puzzle. First to do so wins the Power of Veto! Let's begin...GO!

(Everyone dives in)

Fiz: *sinks and doesn't come out until end of veto* (DR: I won just like Kelsey did)

Maria: *in audience watching* XD

Izzy: *exhaustedly crawling through caramel* (DR: This caramel is HEAVY. It's so hard to crawl and so hard to even move. But I have to persevere through it. Because I'm not comfortable until I win this veto.)

Milk: *quickly makes way through caramel and finds first bag* (DR: My strategy is to get as least caramel on me as possible, I don't need that extra slow down. I need to go as fast as I can from the start.)

Spirit: (DR: Kill yourself dumb ass caramel.) *sinks in caramel like Fiz did*

Maria: *watching* XD

Wendy: Spirit and Fiz have sunk and are pretty much out of it! Milk has his first bag. Aqua, Noah, and Izzy however are still looking.

Izzy: *finds first bag* Yes!

Noah: *finds first bag* Yay.

Aqua: DR: I'm trying my best to throw this veto. I'm not ready to choose between Izzy and Noah, not at all. I just can't do it.

Noah: *sinks*

Maria: XD

Aqua: rip

Milk: *sinks*

Maria: XD

Aqua: rip

Izzy: *finds second bag*

Wendy: Izzy has two bags! Aqua has none! Everyone else has sunk!

Aqua: DR: While I'm throwing it, I don't want to sink..because I'm allergic to not breathing...

Izzy: *sees third bag* YES! *dives into bag but sinks*

Maria: XD

Wendy: EVERYONE except for Aqua has sunk. Crazy situation we have here.

Aqua: *sighs* (DR: it sucks I seriously don't even have a choice. But I still want to prove that I'm a force to be reckoned with in competitions. I have no idea what I'll do, ugh.) *steals Izzy's three bags and runs to puzzle platform and begins solving*

Wendy: Aqua is the only person competing and the only person with a Chance of winning.

Aqua: *solves puzzle* DONE


(In House, Aqua and Izzy are seen talking)

Aqua: I didn't want to win that.

Izzy: But you did. Congrats.

Aqua: Thanks. But I don't know what to do.

Izzy: You know what I'd want.

Aqua: I do, but please give me reasoning. I'm at a crossroads. WHY should I keep you?

Izzy: Aqua I'm not a threat. I have no other connections in this house besides with you, and you know yourself that's true. We're the Mom Squad, Zumba buddies. I understand if you don't use it on me, but please consider keeping me around. (DR: I'm really counting on Aqua right now. I hope the relationship I made with him is worth it. I didn't drown in caramel just to lose half a million dollars like this.)

(Noah and Aqua are seen talking)

Noah: Save me pls

Aqua: I'll be honest. I'm having my doubts with you.

Noah: Why?

Aqua: You have been distancing yourself from the family alliance. We can't help but be suspicious. As your mother, it's a mother instinct.

Noah: I haven't flipped lol.

Aqua: Are you telling me the truth?

Noah: Absolutely.

Aqua: Swear?

Noah: *nods* (DR: Yes, I'm with Wendy, Spirit, and Blake now but Aqua knowing that, especially at this point would be terrible.)

Aqua: I'll find out if you're lying or not, you know that right?

Noah: Yup

Aqua: DR: This is such a difficult choice. Noah or Izzy..they both have pros and cons. I want to keep them both around for VASTLY different reasons. I..I don't want this veto. I don't want this power. I'm hurting someone's feelings whatever I fucking do and it's so stupid. I don't want to have to do this. If I can somehow give this veto away, I'll do it. This is a tough, tough game. There's a lot of turns. A perfect analogy would be like in a childhood game, take softball for example. Sometimes you gotta step up to the plate even when your mind isn't cleared enough for it. However, you gotta take a kick at it, whether it be a score or foul. I have big decision to make. *begins to tear up* But I don't wanna do it. I'm so indecisive right now...*sobbing* I can't do all.

(Power of Veto Ceremony)

Aqua: Hello. I have the power to veto one of the nominations. I HAVE decided to...
















Aqua: USE the veto on...




















Aqua: Nobody..I'm so sorry :(

Izzy: *sighs*

Noah: *sighs*

Aqua: This veto meeting is adjourned.

Milk: DR: I'm glad the veto wasn't used bc I had no idea in hell who I was putting up lol. But I need to make sure that the hoe aka Noah leaves. He's the reason why Kendall left and karma's gotta bite him. I need 5 at minimum to get rid of Noah. I got four locked down; Spirit, Mirnish, Blake, and Wendy. We need one more.

Fiz: Chwiis who R we evicting

Chwiis: Let's evict Izzy

Fiz: No

Chwiis: Y

Fiz: Noah is a fuq boi.

Chwiis: true

Fiz: DR: Hi.

(Aqua, Tyler, and Cabbage are seen talking)

Tyler: Why didn't you use it?

Aqua: I didn't want to go through that tough process.

Tyler: K. Who are we evicting

Aqua: Idk

Tyler: DR: My preference is that Izzy goes. Izzy hasn't shown any ounce of loyalty to us really. Noah however agreed to our alliance from day 1. Whether he flipped or not, at one point, he was loyal to us. You can't say that about Izzy, at all really.

Cabbage: DR: It doesn't really matter to me who goes TBH. I don't like both of them :P

Milk: Maria

Maria: Hi Milk.

Milk: Donnie left.

Maria: Yes

Milk: Will you evict Noah

Maria: Never (DR: I don't know. Eats fruit as Sammy.)

(Milk, Blake, Wendy, Mirnish, and Spirit are gathered)

Milk: If Noah goes, look at the pattern. Heo-Kendall-Noah. They were all in the alliance at some point.

Wendy: Yeah. This pattern needs to stop. I'm saying this, this is a great five right here.

Milk: ^

Mirnish: ^

Spirit: ^

Blake: ^

Milk: Let's just form a new solid alliance and be a final five deal.

Spirit: I'm okay with that.

Mirnish: Its perfect.

Wendy: I'm in.

Blake: So am I.

(everyone puts their hand in)

Spirit: What's the new alliance name?

Mirnish: The Sandra Diaz Twats

Milk: Yes.

Mirnish: DR: Me and my fellow house royalty are making this final five deal. It's me, Milks, the asexual, Wendy, and Spirit. We got a strong thing going on and I don't see it breaking.

Blake: DR: Us five are a powerful ass group. We all are smart, social, and great at competitions. We have to be cohesive and be able to work together. As for the other houseguests, yikes.

Spirit: DR: If this alliance is final five, I'm in a powerful position. Blake and Wendy are tight. Mirnish and Milk are tight. I'm the swing vote, it's gonna be a glory down the road for me.

(Eviction Night)

Julie: Hello. Noah, Izzy, one of you will be evicted. But first, you will state why you should stay. Noah, you're first.

Noah: Hi. I think I'm loyal, trustworthy, and smart. I would love to stay in this house so pls don't evict me.

Julie: Izzy, you're up.

Izzy: Hi. Okay so, I really wish all of you best of luck if I go. I can be a great asset to many of your games and I don't want any drama caused. I'm a fighter and I can fight alongside you.

Julie: Okay, it is time to vote. Izzy and Noah, you may not vote. Milk, you may only vote in the event of a tie. Spirit, you're up.

(Spirit walks in)

Julie: Spirit recently joined an alliance called the Sandra Diaz Twats. He's confident about it but is he confident with his vote tonight?

Spirit: I vote to evict Noah.

Julie: Thank you.

Aqua: *walks in*

Julie: Aqua has been stuck on Izzy or Noah ever since he won veto. He's been paranoid but what has he finally come up with?

Aqua: Hi Julie. I sadly, sadly vote to evict Noah.

Julie: Thank you.

Maria: *walks in*

Julie: Maria only cares for Donnie and Samey. Since Kendall is gone and Samey isn't competing, what will Maria do?

Maria: Hola. Evict Izzy XD

Julie: Thank you.

Chwiis: *walks in*

Julie: Chwiis has been surprisingly not pissing people off this week. Will he keep it up with his vote?

Chwiis: I vote to evict Izzy.

Julie: Thanks. It is now 2-2.

Cabbage: *walks in*

Julie: Cabbage has been going with the flow. Will he do the same with this vote or will he reveal his own path?

Cabbage: I vote to evict Noah.

Julie: Thank you.

Wendy: *walks in*

Julie: Wendy has been open to the Sandra Diaz Twats. Will this openness be represented with a vote?

Wendy: I vote to evict Noah.

Julie: Thanks. 4-2.

Mirnish: *walks in*

Julie: Mirnish has been very loyal to Milk. They're a strong duo. Mirnish SHOULD stick with what Milk, the HOH wants.

Mirnish: I vote to evict Noah.

Julie: Thank you. One more for Noah and he's eliminated.

Fiz: *walks in*

Julie: What troll vote has Fiz come up with?

Fiz: I vote to evict Izzy.

Julie: Thanks. 5-3.

Fiz: Y did u tell me votes

Blake: *walks in*

Julie: Blake is the one who told Milk that Noah got Kendall out. Was that for a reason?

Blake: I vote to evict Noah.

Julie: It's official. Noah WILL be leaving the house tonight. Let's see where the last vote falls.

Tyler: *walks in*

Julie: Tyler prefers for Izzy to go because Noah shown loyalty, but is that enough?

Tyler: I vote to evict NOAH.

Julie: Houseguests...

Julie: In a vote of 7-3...

Julie: Noah...

Julie: You have been evicted from the Big Brother House.

Noah: Wow okay. Thanks for being a traitor Milk.

Milk: Whatever.

(Noah leaves)

Episode 5: Golden RoadEdit

(In House)

Fiz: Maria join me and Chwiis

Maria: ok

Fiz: We r the new Witches Coven. Of course I'm Kelley. Chwiis is the foreign hated one aka Abi. And Maria is the one in love with gameplay aka Ciera

Maria: We win?

Fiz: Yes

Maria: DR: Samey will have Mexico of Terror

Chwiis: DR: What kind of fucking alliance is this even

(Head of Household Competition)

Julie: Hi. Welcome to Minority Rules. Milk you may not compete. First question. Who was more robbed of competing? A. Darules B. Eve

Fiz: *answers Eve*

Chwiis: *answers Darules*

Aqua: *answers Darules*

Cabbage: *answers Darules*

Tyler: *answers Darules*

Maria: *answers Eve*

Spirit: *answers Eve*

Mirnish: *answers Eve*

Izzy: *answers Darules*

Blake: *answers Darules*

Wendy: *answers Darules*

Julie: Minority answered Eve. Blake, Wendy, Tyler, Cabbage, Izzy, Aqua, and Chwiis are eliminated. Maria, Spirit, Mirnish, and Fiz remain.

Maria: Yay

Julie: Next question. Who is the best boot? A. TDN or B. Noah

Fiz: *answers TDN*

Maria: *answers Noah*

Mirnish: *answers Noah*

Spirit: *answers Noah*

Julie: Fiz is out.

Fiz: No it's manoirty rules not makoririty

Julie: No I'm rigging shut up

Julie: Maria, Mirnish, and Spirit remain. Next question. Who is the best winner? A. Sandra or B. Tina

Mirnish: *answers Sandra*

Maria: *answers Sandra*

Spirit: *answers Tina*



(In House)

(Spirit, Blake, Milk, Wendy, and Mirnish are in HOH)

Wendy: Another win for the Sandra Diaz Twats alliance!

Mirnish: Mhm. (DR: I can't believe we won so much HOH's lmao. We have power for another week. We don't know what to do rn but we're just glad we got power again. *laughs*)

Spirit: DR: I'm fucking HOH, hell yes. No one can nominate me and I'll nominate these bitches.

Blake: So who are you nominating?

Spirit: I want to go after the family?

Milk: Backdoor Aqua plan again? Those plans never work.

Spirit: Let's backdoor someone unexpected then, like Tyler.

Milk: That's actually smart. (DR: We have this plan to backdoor Tyler, which is a smart idea. He's innocent, normal, social, smart, good at competitions, and a lock for endgame. He's having it too easy.)

Spirit: But first, I'm nominating two pawns, like Maria.

Mirnish: Yeah, nominate Maria. You've had several arguments with her and people would think she's your target.

Milk: Okay.

Blake: This needs to work. (DR: We've had two failed attempts at backdooring Aqua, so we practically given up on that. What we need to do is backdoor his ally; Tyler.)

(Tyler, Cabbage, and Aqua are in backyard)

Cabbage: Okay. That was my tenth time listening to NO.

Tyler: Ok. (DR: I like our alliance. Aqua and Cabbage are great to be around. In Big Brother, it's so chaotic and it's great to have strong, likable people like them around you. I've been laying low lately but hopefully I'm starting to pick it up.)

Cabbage: I now listened to NO 11 times.

Aqua: listen to small potatoes instead.

Cabbage: No. *blocks Aqua's PMs*

Aqua: r00d

(Fiz, Maria, and Chwiis are in living room)

Fiz: Do u think we're safe.

Maria: Yes

Chwiis: Obviously. If those hams even dare to nominate me, I'll kangaroo punch them.

Fiz: yay

(Nomination Ceremony)

Spirit: Blah blah blah

Cabbage: *singing* I be like blah blah blah nah to the ah-

Spirit: Shut up. First key goes to Wendy.

Wendy: Yay.

Spirit: Second key goes to Milk.

Milk: Thanks.

Spirit: Third key goes to Mirnish.

Mirnish: Yaas

Spirit: Fourth key goes to Blake.

Blake: yikes

Spirit: Fifth key goes to Fiz.

Fiz: yay

Spirit: Sixth key goes to Aqua.

Aqua: Thanks

Spirit: Seventh key goes to Cabbage

Cabbage: Good.

(Camera zooms on Tyler, Maria, Chwiis, and Izzy)

Spirit: My first nominee is...











(Maria appears on screen)

Spirit: Maria. The next person SAFE is...













Spirit: Tyler. Izzy, Chwiis, one of you will be my second nominee. You both are trailer park trash but the second nominee is...
















(Izzy appears on screen)

Spirit: Izzy. I have nominated you Maria and you Izzy for eviction. Izzy, other people nominated you so the blood isn't entirely on me. Maria, fuck you. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Spirit: DR: I nominated Maria and Izzy. They both are pawns for the upcoming Tyler backdoor. It's gonna strike at him, fast. I have a big golden road ahead of me if I am able to get rid of Tyler.

Maria: DR: Oh no!

Izzy: DR: Ugh, my third time nominating. It's getting tiring. I need to get off the block. What do people even have against me? It's getting really annoying.

Fiz: DR: Maria is on the block, it's a sad day. We need her saf because we need her number

Fiz: Maria, Chwiis and I will make sure u stay

Maria: K (DR: Me win)

Chwiis: DR: I don't even know how I ended up in this alliance but I guess I'm in it. It's a crackhead, a beaner, and myself. These two are goats, and nobody thinks they are capable of winning. So if I'm in with them, they'll see I'm a LOVING person and vote me to win. :)

Izzy: Hi Aqua.

Aqua: Hi Izzy

Izzy: ugh so I'm nominated again.

Aqua: :( Cab, Tyler, and I definitely like you more than Maria. If it's you two on the block at eviction night, we are saving you.

Izzy: Thanks. (DR: Aqua and I don't have any official thing but we are still great allies. We bonded over last week even if he didn't use veto on me. Aqua and I can be an unlikely final two down the road.

Aqua: DR:

(Spirit, Blake, and Wendy are in bathroom talking)

Wendy: I hope this Tyler backdoor works.

Spirit: So do I. Fucking so do I.

Wendy: DR: We all want this Tyler backdoor to work and hope it will, but doubt is always sprinkled upon us. It's an annoying thing but it's unavoidable. We just have to not let the doubt clog our minds too much. We need to keep our heads in the game.

Spirit: DR: If Tyler's musty bitch ass doesn't go, I will kill. I will. He deserves to go. He's reaching final five without doing anything. It's fucking annoying. I'm not using this HOH on anyone BUT him.

Mirnish: *making sandwiches with Milk* What's your thoughts been lately boo?

Milk: I think we should let Spirit feel special because he's HOH. But what do we do when WE win?

Mirnish: Hm..what about take out the elephant in the room?

Milk: JRO isn't in.

Mirnish: Its FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE. I don't get you Americans. The Latino knows your language better smh.

Milk: Hmph. Anyways, continue.

Mirnish: We take out the person everyone knows is a threat but after a few failed attempts, are too afraid to do it. But with me in power, this house will go upside down.

Milk: Who is this person?

Mirnish: Aqua, obviously. (DR: Aqua has been targeted for several weeks with failed attempts. The only one who has a chance of correctly doing it is obviously me. Sure, Aqua and I are close in AleciaVivor but this is different.)

Tyler: Cabbage

Cabbage: What

Tyler: I have a feeling that something weird is going on (DR: I woke up this morning with an odd feeling in my stomach. It's been bothering me. It's like, a gut feeling that something wrong is happening game wise. Because of that, I need to stay alert more.) Something bad is going to happen.

Cabbage: Don't worry.

Tyler: You sure?

Cabbage: Absolutely. Nobody would target someone as innocent as you.

Spirit: It's time to pick players for veto competition!

Fiz: *zips Chwiis's pants* We're ready

(Everyone is in living room)

Spirit: The HOH and two nominees, plus 3 randomly selected houseguests will compete in Veto. As HOH, I will pick first. *reaches in bag and grabs Fiz* Fiz

Fiz: ok

Maria: *reaches in bag and grabs Cabbage* CAB

Cabbage: Yay my first veto.

Izzy: *reaches in bag and grabs Wendy* Okay.

Spirit: DR: I feel good about the veto players. Wendy and I would use it to backdoor Tyler, Fiz would use it to save Maria, Izzy and Maria will save their own asses. We just have to keep the veto out of Cabbage's hands.)

(Power of Veto Competitions)

Aqua: Welcome to the Veto!

All: Hi.

Aqua: For this Veto, I will name a category and a letter. You will say something in that category that starts with that letter. Last to say one reach round is our. Let's begin. Survivor contestant; L.

Fiz: LJ

Izzy: Lindsey Ogle

Cabbage: Linda

Fiz: Maria say Leif

Maria: Leif

Wendy: Lillian

Aqua: Spirit is out

Spirit: wtf

Aqua: Cartoon; C

Wendy: Caillou

Fiz: Chowder. Maria say Curious George

Maria: Curious George

Izzy: Courage The Cowardly Dog

Aqua: Cabbage is out.

Cabbage: :(

Spirit: DR: I'm glad that Cab is out. Now veto is guaranteed to be used.

Aqua: Disney Movie; A.

Wendy: Aladdin

Fiz: Alice in wonderland. Maria say Atlantis

Izzy: Atlantis :)

Fiz: wtf

Maria: *throws manchineel fruit at Izzy*

Izzy: Ow.

Aqua: Maria is out. Fiz, Izzy, and Wendy remain. Next is Food; D

Fiz: Dick

Wendy: Donuts

Aqua: Izzy is out.

Izzy: robbed

Aqua: Final round. Survivor tribe; H

Wendy: Heroes

Fiz: Hunah;)pa


Wendy: yay!!!

(In House)

Wendy: DR: I'm so happy to win the veto!! It's time that I won a non week one competition. It's great that I was able to prove myself.

Spirit: Wendy, you're using it right?

Wendy: Oh, absolutely.

Spirit: Thanks. (DR: My alliance member Wendy won veto and it's great for me and my HOH. Now Tyler can go.)

Tyler: Aqua I'm scared.

Aqua: *sings* Don't you worry don't you worry child

Tyler: Stop singing (DR: I hope that odd feeling I have just disappears after this POV meeting. I don't want to go. My goal is to reach the jury, literally that's it.)

(Power of Veto Meeting)

Wendy: Hello. I have the power to veto one of Spirit's nominations. I have decided TO...












Wendy: USE it on...











Wendy: Izzy, congrats.

Izzy: Thank you so much!

Wendy: Spirit, since I just veto'd one of your nominees, you have to make a new nomination.

Spirit: Tyler sit your ass down on the block.

Tyler: I knew it...

Wendy: This POV meeting is adjourned.

Spirit: DR: I'm doing the math in my head. Chwiis and Fiz are keeping Maria and evicting Tyler. 2/9. Wendy, Mirnish, Blake, and Milk are also evicting Tyler. 6/9. It's locked in and done imo.

(Tyler, Aqua, and Cabbage are seen)

Tyler: I'm going and it sucks.

Cabbage: Don't give up.

Aqua: Yeah. You have me and Cab keeping you.

Tyler: That's not enough. (DR: I'm packing my bags and saying to myself it's my last everything. My last time going to DR, my last time on the sucks. I don't know what I can do to change these people's minds.

Aqua: Izzy come here

(Izzy joins them in room)

Aqua: Izzy we need you.

Cabbage: ^

Tyler: ^

Aqua: We need to flip this vote. We're voting Maria. Are you in?

Izzy: Yes. (DR: I finally have an alliance!)

(Milk and Mirnish are seen talking in bathroom)

Milk: So we're voting Tyler?

Mirnish: Not quite. I mean, getting rid of Tyler would be great but getting rid of Maria would be fantastic.

Milk: Whys that?

Mirnish: She's an overrated puta

Milk: True. Remember the last time we tried to flip against Fiz to save Heo? That shit flopped.

Mirnish: Okay, but still, getting rid of a loyal Tyler isn't smart. If we keep Maria, that's enabling disgusting Chwiis.

Milk: True

Mirnish: DR: We need to flip to get rid of Maria. But I can tell Milk is unsure. I need to change that before eviction night. In this game, I'm not afraid to make big moves. I'll do whatever it takes to win a million dollars, then I'll pray for forgiveness

Milk: DR: Mirnish is getting a little over his head. I feel like Tyler is a MUCH bigger threat than Maria but he thinks otherwise. I want to prove my loyalty to the Sandra Diaz Twats but it's difficult at this point. I don't think evicting Maria is smart at all, but I don't wanna lose the strong alliance I have with Mirnish either. Yikes

(Eviction Night)

Julie: Tyler, Maria, in a few moments one of you will be evicted. But first, you will have a chance to plead your case. Maria you're first.

Maria: Hola.

Julie: Tyler you're up.

Tyler: I haven't back stabbed any of you and I don't plan to. I beg that you keep me around, I don't wanna go.

Julie: Okay. Tyler and Maria, you may not vote. Spirit, you also may not vote. It is time to vote. Chwiis is first.

Chwiis: *walks in*

Julie: Chwiis is aligned with Maria and views her as a goat, will he keep the goat?

Chwiis: I vote to evict Tyler.

Julie: Thank you.

Aqua: *walks in*

Julie: Aqua is one of Tyler's closest allies. Will Aqua take this chance to keep him?

Aqua: I vote to evict MARIA.

Julie: Thank you.

Izzy: *walks in*

Julie: Izzy has promised the family RP his loyalty. Will he hold his promise?

Izzy: I vote to evict Maria. :)

Julie: Thank you.

Blake: *walks in*

Julie: Blake has been in harmonized agreement with Spirit this week. His vote should be obvious.

Blake: I vote to evict Tyler.

Julie: Thanks. 2-2

Cabbage: *walks in*

Julie: Cabbage has been comforting Tyler this week. Was that to make him feel good before he exits?

Cabbage: I vote to evict Maria

Julie: Thanks. 3-2.

Fiz: *walks in*

Julie: Fiz formed an alliance with Chwiis and Maria. Will he keep his ally?

Fiz: I vote to evict Tyler

Julie: Thanks. 3-3.

Wendy: *walks in*

Julie: Wendy has proven his loyalty by using veto. Will he prove it again with his vote?

Wendy: I vote to evict Tyler.

Julie: Thanks. 4-3. One more for Tyler and he's out for here

Mirnish: *walks in*

Julie: Mirnish campaigned to Milk about keeping Tyler. Is he still confident?

Mirnish: I vote to evict Maria.

Julie: Thanks. 4-4. It all comes down to Milk

Milk: *walks in* Hi Julie

Julie: Hi Milk. What have you decided?

Milk: Thought about this long and hard, but I sadly vote to evict...Maria :(

Julie: Houseguests...

Julie: In a vote of 5-4...

Julie: Maria...

Julie: You have been evicted from the Big Brother House

Spirit: WHAT

Spirit: WHAT

Spirit: WHAT

Spirit: WHAT

Spirit: WHAT

Tyler: YES!

Blake and Wendy: *shocked*

Fiz: wtf

Chwiis: ^

Mirnish: *smiles*

Maria: *throws manchineel fruit at Julie*

(Maria leaves)

Episode 6: Optical Illusions Of The GameEdit

(In House)


Aqua: OMG

Cabbage: OMG

Izzy: OMG

Cabbage: DR: The family alliance is stronger than ever. It's Izzy, Aqua, Tyler, and myself. We have confidence and that's a great thing to have. You don't feel too much anxiety going through your head and you're just confident and excited. We can't wait for the next HOH. We have a 40% chance of winning HOH.

Tyler: DR: I'm so happy to even be here. Our alliance is very tight and I don't see us separating.

(Spirit, Milk, Mirnish, Blake, and Wendy are seen lying around living room)

Spirit: So I just wanna ask, who the fuck flipped?

Wendy: I sure as hell didn't.

Blake: Neither did I.

Mirnish: Milks and I flipped.


Mirnish: We weren't letting that bitch go any further oops


Mirnish: A plan that flopped.


Mirnish: Okay?? It's a game honey. Get used to it before I drag your ass.


Mirnish: Talk to me again when you have a successful HOH.


Mirnish: DR: Spirit is so immature like...lmao. I made a move for myself and he's having some tantrum. He's annoying and I'll make sure he leaves once I win HOH.

Milk: DR: I'm starting to think going with Mirnish put me in a deep hole. It's gonna be tough to get out of but if I'm nominated, it's because I'm guilty by association.

Wendy: DR: The Sandra Diaz Twats are pretty much dead. It's Blake, Spirit, and I holding on for dear life, and hell no I'm not letting go.

Blake: DR: yikes

Blake: y'all messy

Fiz: Chwiis do you hear them arguing too!

Chwiis: No.

(Head of Household Competition)

Julie: You all made the jury.

Fiz: yay

Julie: For this Head of Household Competition, you will skate on a slippery slope with a small cup in your hand, you will go back and fourth. You will refill your cup with BBQ sauce on one end. On the other you will pour it into a bowl, in which there's only a small armhole in that bowl. Once you have enough BBQ sauce in that bowl, you will reach in and grab a key. First to get the key wins Head of Household! Let's begin. GO!

Spirit: *on sit out bench* Come on Wendy and Blake.

(Mirnish, Izzy, Milk, Aqua, Wendy, and Cabbage are seen filling and pouring quickly)

Blake: *falls* Yikes *montage of him flopping*

Tyler: *falls into Chwiis's land as they both crush the ice and fall in freezing water*

Fiz: *going as slow as possible*

Izzy: *pours more* (DR: I have been nominated 4 times. It's getting old and I need it to change. I would love to be HOH.) *skating faster now*

Wendy: *skating* (DR: After that alliance blowup, I don't know where I stand. The safest route is to win HOH.)

Izzy: *pours*

Wendy: *pours*

Julie: Izzy and Wendy are neck and neck. Mirnish, Milk, Aqua, and Cabbage not far behind.

Blake: *still flopping*

Fiz: Do I win

Aqua: *reaches into bowl and arm gets stuck* help

Julie: Aqua is now stuck!

Aqua: *gets arm out by knocks bowl over as BBQ sauce spills all over him and a nearby Cabbage*

Cabbage: Disgusting

Aqua: ^

Milk: *slips on their BBQ sauce* Shit. My back hurts.

Cabbage: Milk what happened?

Milk: My back...

Cabbage: omg my fav song.

Tyler: MY NECK

Cabbage: MY BACK

Aqua: LICK MY-

Julie: Shut up this is a family show.

Aqua: r00d

Izzy: *pours*

Wendy: *pours*

Mirnish: *pours*

Julie: Izzy, Wendy, and Mirnish are neck and neck.

Elapsed Time: 2 Hours

Julie: It seems Izzy, Wendy, and Mirnish each need about one more pour, then they must race back to buzz.

(They pour and put their hand in and begins reaching for key)

Wendy: *cant reach key* I need one more trip!

Julie: Wendy needs one more trip back!

(Mirnish and Izzy both grab their key and begin racing back)

Julie: This is gonna be close!

Mirnish: *in lead*

Izzy: *right behind*

Mirnish: *falls*

Izzy: *falls but hits buzzer on the way* YES!


(Izzy, Aqua, Tyler, and Cabbage are gathered in HOH room)

Izzy: What do I do?

Aqua: Wanna go after all those hoes who nominated you?

Izzy: No. I lost track.

Aqua: O

Izzy: I want to go after two threats from that Mirnish/Milk/Blake/Spirit/Wendy clique.

Tyler: Fair enough.

Izzy: DR: I'm SO glad to finally be HOH. It's a great feeling.

Tyler: DR: It was such a smart idea to reel Izzy in. He won HOH and now we're in power. We can decide who to nominate. It's like the gold rush but better.

(Blake, Wendy, and Spirit are talking in backyard)

Wendy: So we're basically screwed

Blake: Don't worry..We are the new Americana. We can get through this.

Spirit: True

Blake: DR: Spirit, Wendy, and I need to work our way up this annoying social pyramid. As an asexual, I don't have sexual feelings and that makes me stand out among this cast. Im an outsider because of my asexuality and it disgusts me.

Fiz: Izzy R me and Chwiis safe

Izzy: depends

Fiz: Y

Izzy: You troll a lot

Fiz: who started that rumor (DR: IDK whoever said that I troll befor that's far from the turth.)

Chwiis: Fiz, how'd it go fam?

Fiz: idk

Chwiis: DR: With Maria gone, we're down a person so we have to scramble more than ever. In Australia, all you do is ride kangaroos. Kangaroos to LA is a big change. But I'm great at adapting. My strength in this game is my ability to read people. I sense when people are being lying motherfuckers. Fiz is a gullible motherfucker so it's good for me.

Mirnish: Hey Izzy

Izzy: Hi

Mirnish: I helped y'all save Izzy so I hope the favor is repaid. Anyways, what are you doing?

Izzy: I don't know yet.

Mirnish: Just don't nominate me please.. *winks*

Izzy: DR: When you're HOH, people who never talked to you suddenly come marching up the HOH room and laying out their strategy. That's one of the optical illusions of this game Mirnish admits to turning against his own alliance. That's dangerous. If he can flip once, he can definitely flip again. I need to weigh out my options and wait for the right timing to do things. HOH isn't just luxury. With great power comes great responsibility. I learned that when I got demoted from Survivor Wiki. Worst moment of my life. Since then, I learned to grow. Not once have I given up, so many people doubt me but they don't know that I'm one of the most wise people I know in my life. And those people are crawling back to me asking to keep them safe? Hell no.

(Nomination Ceremony)

Izzy: Hi. As HOH, I have to nominate two houseguests for eviction. I will give you a key if you're safe. The first person safe is...Aqua.

Aqua: Thanks!!

Izzy: The second person safe is Tyler

Tyler: Yay

Izzy: The third person safe is Cabbage

Cabbage: Thank you

Izzy: The fourth person safe is...Wendy.

Wendy: Appreciation

Izzy: The fifth person safe is...Blake.

Blake: <3

Izzy: Surprisingly, Chwiis is also safe.

Chwiis: ha

Fiz: U go Chwiis

(Camera zooms on Mirnish, Fiz, Milk, and Spirit)

Izzy: My first nominee is...












(Milk appears on screen)

Izzy: Milk. The next person SAFE is...












Izzy: Fiz. Mirnish, Spirit, one of you will be my second nominee. My second nominee is...













(Mirnish appears on screen)

Izzy: Mirnish. I have nominated you Milk and you Mirnish. You both have flipped once and that's one dangerous reputation. I wish both of you best of luck in the veto. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Mirnish: DR: Wow. Betrayed just like that by Izzy, smh. His ass ain't getting away with it. This bitch is gonna release my inner Chaos Kass. You haven't seen anything yet.

Milk: DR: So I guess evicting Maria got me in this mess. I can't live on regrets but I can live on hope and change. I want to stay, I'm not leaving because I evicted a fucking sock.

Izzy: DR: I decided to nominate Milk and Mirnish. They both are huge threats and I'm not afraid to make moves. I'm not the fragile guy everyone thinks I am. I can carry my own weight and succeed. I'm a warrior inside, I'm not afraid to get blood on my hands. I will use blood instead of body soap, fine with me.

Milk: *to Mirnish* Well, this sucks

Mirnish: Mhm.

Milk: What do we do to survive?

Mirnish: We could confront Izzy.

Milk: We can't cause any drama.

Mirnish: Why not? He nominated us. He deserves it. (DR: Izzy is DIED to me.)

Milk: DR: Mirnish's approach to this game is being the stereotypical aggressive Latino. It's entertaining but as an alliance member, there's a target on my back too. I need to step up and control him before I get evicted due to his actions

Mirnish: DR: I'm a person who can easily get triggered. I'm nominated and triggered. For someone to think I'm going to down without a fight and give up this easily, that's false. I got the Latino sass, the bitchiness, and the endurance. I ain't going anywhere

(Family Alliance is in HOH room)

Cab: Good noms

Izzy: Thanks

Tyler: Which one is your target

Izzy: I don't know yet. As long as it's one of them.

Aqua: ok

Tyler: DR: After surviving last week, I have this new found comfort in this game. Izzy is a close ally of ours and it's good that he's targeting two people to benefit his own game.

Izzy: It's time to pick players for the Veto!!

(Everyone is in living room)

Izzy: The HOH and two nominees will compete, along will three randomly selected people. As Head of Household, I will choose first *reaches in bag and grabs name* Wendy.

Wendy: Ok. (DR: Spirit, Blake, and I are all on the bottom. We have no power this week so I need to claim some sort of power. That power is the veto.)

Milk: *reaches in bag and grabs name* Chwiis.

Chwiis: How dandy

Mirnish: *reaches in bag and grabs name* Fiz

Fiz: yay

(In living room)

Fiz: Chwiis

Chwiis: Hi

Fiz: Wat do I do if I win it

Chwiis: I don't know mong

Fiz: DR: chwiis and I ben out of the loop since maria left :(

(Power of Veto Competition)

Blake: Welcome to the veto.

All: Hi

Blake: You will throw a bean bag in a cup numbered 1-30. Whoever scores the lowest each round gets a prize for whatever place they got. The people who get eliminated after you can trade you for your prize. Whoever has the prize of Veto by the end wins the Power of Veto! Let's begin. Everyone throw

Izzy: *throws and lands in cup #22*

Mirnish: *throws and lands in cup #11*

Fiz: *throws and lands in cup #7*

Milk: *throws and lands in cup #18*

Wendy: *throws and lands in cup #9*

Chwiis: *throws and lands in cup #30*

Blake: Fiz, step down and claim the sixth place prize.

Fiz: *opens prize and sees Veto necklace* do I win

Blake: For now, you have veto. Everyone, throw.

Mirnish: *throws and lands in cup #29*

Izzy: *throws and lands in cup #5* ugh

Chwiis: *throws and lands in cup #28*

Wendy: *throws and lands in cup #10*

Milk: *throws and lands in cup #4* crap

Blake: Milk please claim your fifth place prize.

Milk: *opens prize and sees sign that says SOLITARY CONFINEMENT UNTIL VETO MEETING* :O

Fiz: don't tarde it pls

Milk: I trade this for the veto.

Blake: Fiz, you now have solitary confinement.

Fiz: :(

Blake: Everyone throw.

Mirnish: *throws and lands in cup #17*

Wendy: *throws and lands in cup #14* Meh

Izzy: *throws and lands in cup #5* UGH AGAIN

Chwiis: *throws and lands in cup #21*

Blake: Izzy, please claim your fourth place prize.

Izzy: *opens prize and sees a sign that says HAWAII VACATION* Yay! I'm keeping it since I'll lose veto anyways.

Blake: Okay. Mirnish, Wendy, Chwiis, throw.

Mirnish: *throws and lands in cup #12* oh

Wendy: *throws and lands in cup #23* Yay

Chwiis: *throws and lands in cup #18* Ha!

Blake: Mirnish please claim your third place prize

Mirnish: *opens prize* 2,400 goals in 24 hours

Aqua: Just like Brittany g.oddess...

Mirnish: *looks around* I'd like to trade this for the Hawaiian Vacation.

Izzy: WHAT? Seriously?

Mirnish: Karma for nominating me :)

Blake: Milk still has veto despite being second out. Wendy, Chwiis, throw.

Wendy: *throws and lands in cup #14*

Chwiis: *throws and lands in cup #17*

Blake: Wendy, claim the second place prize.

Wendy: *opens prize and sees 5,000 dollars* Keeping it.

Blake: Okay. Chwiis claim your first place.

Chwiis: *opens prize and sees a sign saying COW UNITARD* Trading for veto.

Milk: My name is milk and I have a cow unitard, how stereotypical! (DR: Is ASHison Grodner making fun of me. *cries*)

Blake: Chwiis wins the Power of Veto!

Chwiis: HAHA

Blake: To summarize, Chwiis has veto. Wendy has 5,000 dollars. Mirnish has Hawaii Vacation. Izzy has 2,400 soccer goals in 24 hours. Milk has cow unitard. Fiz has solitary confinement until Veto Meeting. Have fun!

Izzy: ugh

(In House)

Chwiis: DR: Haha bitches. I conquered the hams and won the fucking Veto. I hold the power now.

(Fiz is seen getting locked in room)

Fiz: DR: Being isolatid is tough. ppl think I'm 18 but I'm actually 69

Milk: *walks out DR with cow costume* (DR: Just when I thought this week couldn't get any tougher.)

Izzy: *in backyard, kicking* Yay I'm at 50.

Aqua: Good job.

(Tyler and Cabbage join them)

Izzy: So what do you guys think Chwiis is doing with veto?

Aqua: I don't know.

Tyler: I think we need to talk to them, but we can't sound desperate.

Cabbage: I'll do it. (DR: I've been told to be the heart and soul of the group. That's fine with me. As long as people think I'm innocent and they underestimate me, I don't care. My social skills are gonna bring me in this game. Since it's the jury now, I'm gonna play harder and be a much better player than I was in the pre-jury.) Hi Chwiis

Cabbage: What's your game plans?

Chwiis: Whatever we fucking want it to.

Cabbage: Okay then.

Chwiis: DR: One of the hams tried to fish for information. Not gonna happen. I ain't gullible, I'm Shrek.


Izzy: *kicks 1200th one* Halfway.

Aqua: Good job. Who are you nominating if it's used?

Izzy: Easy. Fiz. Since Chwiis used it, his ally will go down with him.

Aqua: Okay. (DR: The preferable thing is that Chwiis doesn't use it at all. We don't want more blood.)

Izzy: DR: While Aqua is afraid of blood, I LOVE blood. My favorite RTV people are always the villains, and I plan to be the VILLAIN. Nothing is going to bring me down. I'm not afraid to betray people and cause flames of chaos. It's Big Brother, not a Rugrats Styled Daycare. I'll pull the trigger on who I want to

Spirit: Blake, Wendy, do you think we're safe?

Wendy: Sorry I couldn't pull off Veto.

Blake: It's okay. (DR: This week, we have nothing to do but hope. We don't have enough power to influence the game as of right now.)

Spirit: DR: I'm pissed. I can't do anything about my position in this game. It's fucking annoying. But that doesn't mean I'm just gonna sit back and basically give up. Im gonna make these people suffer through hell until they realize it's smart to keep me.

(Everyone is seen outside as Izzy is at 2,399)

Izzy: *exhausted and kicks*

(It misses)

Cabbage: Me

Blake: Messy

Izzy: *kicks and scores* FINALLY

(Everyone cheers)

Izzy: DR: Thank god that punishment is over. It was exhausting but I'm finally done.

Chwiis: DR: I'm using this veto change my damn position in this game. Everyone here is annoying and my goal is too take these annoying ass hams out so they can panic.

(Power of Veto Ceremony)

Fiz: Yay I'm not locked anymore

Chwiis: Hey negros. I have decided to...










Chwiis: USE the Power of Veto on...










Chwiis: Nobody. Haha! This Veto meeting is adjourned. Milk or Mirnish is leaving!

Milk: *with Mirnish in pool* Welp...I don't why I'm in a cow unitard in a pool.

Mirnish: I'm really pissed some of these floating putas let this happen. (DR: I'm on the block against my closest ally. It's a shitty position to be in. I told milk I wouldn't campaign against him but it's in my best interest to break that promise. I'm here for me, myself, and I, gonna ride on till I die. I don't need a hand to hold even when the night is cold, I got that fire in my soul.)

Milk: DR: I need to campaign my ass of the block. It's Mirnish's doings why I'm on the block.

(Tyler, Cabbage, and Aqua are seen laughing in kitchen)

Mirnish: *joins them* Hey

Cabbage: Hi.

Mirnish: I honestly am so loyal to you guys. In Week One when Milk won HOH, he nominated you Tyler and Noah, he wanted to backdoor YOU Aqua. That's an honest truth. And Cab, if you didn't have immunity in week 1, you'd also be on the block. My trust with y'all has never wavered.

Aqua: *nods* Thanks for the information (DR: It's shocking I was a backdoor target of Milk at some point, but that was week 1. Who knows what he thinks of me now? But I definitely need to consider that information when I go up to vote.)

Tyler: DR: Mirnish randomly tells us all this information. I'm just thinking, why did you not tell us this early. Are you this desperate? He's overplaying himself.

Spirit: Blake, Wendy, I'm evicting Mirnish. He led the flip last week and he needs his karma.

Wendy: *nods* (DR: Spirit is locked in on voting Mirnish. I don't know if I just wanna follow his vote. I'll definitely have to choose between two traitors.)

Milk: *joins the three* Hi.

Blake: Hi.

Spirit: Hi.

Wendy: Hi.

Milk: I'm sounding desperate, and that's because I am, not gonna BS y'all. Mirnish was the one who told me to evict Maria. If I didn't do so, I'd lose him as an ally. I literally had no choice, so I'm begging y'all that you keep me. If you keep me, I'll rejoin y'all. Mirnish probably blabbed about the Sandra Diaz Twats already. I didn't. If Mirnish goes, I have no other choice BUT to join you guys. That's a promise.

Blake: DR: All of a sudden, Milk and Mirnish are spilling the tea about each other. It's fun to watch since they both betrayed us and are now scrambling.

Aqua: *milking Milk's cow unitard utters* Milk your own milk

Fiz: I was first Purle Kelly stan

Aqua: No you aren't. You can't even spell Purple

Fiz: r00d

(Eviction Night)

Julie: Tonight is Double Eviction Night.

All: :O

Julie: But first, one of Mirnish or Milk will leave and become the first juror. They will head straight to the jury house. You each have 30 secs to explain why you should stay. Milk, you're first.

Milk: *stands up* I'm a strong competitor, I admit that. And I'm a threat to most of you. But that doesn't matter. My loyalty is what you should be looking at. I'm sorry for evicting Maria, I genuinely am. Please make the right choice.

Julie: Mirnish, you're up.

Mirnish: *stands up* Keep me Putas. Majority of this house is LGBT. I will support you all in the social justice movement!

Chwiis: Disgusting

Julie: Alright, it's time to vote. Milk and Mirnish, you may not vote. Izzy, you will only vote in the event of a tie. Fiz, you're first.

Fiz: *walks in DR*

Julie: Milk and Mirnish both evicted Fiz's alliance member, Maria. Who will he seek revenge against?

Fiz: I vote to evict Manly.

Julie: You mean Mirnish?

Fiz: yes. except he isn't manly since he gay

Wendy: *walks in DR*

Julie: Wendy has been aligned with both of them and betrayed. Which of whom does Wendy feel betrayed by more?

Wendy: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you.

Spirit: *walks in DR*

Julie: Spirit had a huge blowup with Mirnish earlier this week. Will that affect his vote?

Spirit: I gladly vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you

Cabbage: *walks in DR*

Julie: Cabbage voted with both of these people in the Maria vote. He must vote one out. Who will it be?

Cabbage: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you. It is 4-0. One more for Mirnish and he's eliminated.

Blake: *walks in DR*

Julie: Blake is on the bottom thanks to both of these people. He is loving that they are scrambling. But who will he love to evict?

Blake: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: It's official. Mirnish WILL be leaving the house tonight. Let's see where the other votes fall.

Aqua: *walks in DR*

Julie: Aqua has been told that Milk tried to backdoor him in week 1. What will he do with this information?

Aqua: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you.

Chwiis: *walks in DR*

Julie: Chwiis used the veto on none of them. His vote can be anyone's guess.

Chwiis: I vote to evict Mirnish

Julie: Thank you.

Tyler: *walks in DR*

Julie: Tyler is surprised at how desperate the two nominees are. But which one will he evict?

Tyler: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Houseguests...

Julie: In a vote of 8-0...

Fiz: ew umi

Julie: MIRNISH...

Julie: You have been evicted from the Big Brother House.

Mirnish: I'm on my way out fake ass Putas. Rot in hell, especially you Chwiis. *leaves*

Chwiis: Dumbass

Julie: Time for a second eviction. Go outside for HOH. Izzy, you may not compete.


Julie: Trivia. First question. What social media website is Ryan's favorite? A. Tumblr B. Twitter C.

Fiz: *answers C*

Chwiis: *answers B*

Milk: *answers A*

Aqua: *answers A*

Wendy: *answers A*

Blake: *answers A*

Spirit: *answers A*

Tyler: *answers B*

Cabbage: *answers A*

Julie: Correct answer was A. Fiz, Tyler, Chwiis, step down. We are down to six. Next question, who got booed? A. Christine B. Zach C. Victoria

Blake: *answers B*

Milk: *answers A*

Wendy: *answers A*

Spirit: *answers C*

Cabbage: *answers B*

Aqua: *answers A*

Julie: Correct answer was A. Cabbage, Spirit, Blake, step down. Milk, Wendy, and Aqua remain. They all had an HOH reign before. Next question. What was Noah's old username? A. ShawnFan14 or B. VaginaFan14

Aqua: *answers B*

Milk: *answers B*

Wendy: *answers A*


Wendy: Yay

Julie: Go inside

(Inside House)

Julie: Wendy, you have ten seconds to make nominees.

Wendy: I nominate Tyler and Cabbage, sorry.

Tyler: Ugh

Cabbage: Ugh

Aqua: Ugh

Izzy: Ugh

Julie: Veto Players are Wendy, Tyler, Cabbage, Blake, Chwiis, and Spirit.


Julie: Welcome to Dildo Catch *throws dildos*'

Wendy: *catches dildo*

Spirit: *catches dildo*

Tyler: *catches dildo*

Cabbage: *catches dildo*

Blake: *catches dildo*

Julie: Chwiis is out

Fiz: robbed

Julie: *throws dildo*

Tyler: *catches dildo*

Wendy: *catches dildo*

Cabbage: *catches dildo*

Spirit: *catches dildo*

Julie: Blake is out. *throws dildos*

Tyler: *catches dildo*

Wendy: *catches dildo*

Spirit: *catches dildo*

Julie: Cabbage is out.

Cabbage: UGH

Julie: *throws dildos*

Tyler: *catches dildo*



Tyler: I use it on myself.

Julie: Wendy, renominate.

Wendy: Aqua, take a seat.

Aqua: Knew it

Julie: It is time to vote. Cabbage, Aqua, you may not vote. Wendy, as HOH, you also cannot vote. Too lazy for speeches. Chwiis, you're up.

Chwiis: *walks in DR*

Julie: Chwiis has TDRPW history with Aqua. How will that history reflect into his vote?

Chwiis: I vote to evict the hammiest of them all; Aqua.

Julie: Thanks.

Tyler: *walks in DR*

Julie: Tyler is aligned with both Cabbage and Aqua. Which one will he keep?

Tyler: *crying* I vote to evict Aqua.

Julie: Thanks.

Izzy: *walks in DR*

Julie: Izzy just joined the Family RP and is aligned with both of them. What will he do?

Izzy: Aqua invited me to the alliance so I have to. I vote to evict Cabbage.

Julie: Thank you.

Spirit: *walks in DR*

Julie: Spirit has been against the Family Alliance. What has he decided?

Spirit: I vote to evict Aqua.

Milk: *walks in DR*

Julie: Milk just survived an eviction. With his paranoia gone, has he calmed down enough to make a logical decision?

Milk: I vote to evict Aqua.

Julie: It's official. Aqua will be leaving the house tonight. Let's see where the other votes fall.

Fiz: *walks in DR*

Julie: Fiz doesn't care as long as Chwiis succeeds. What will he do to benefit Chwiis?

Fiz: I vote to evict Aqua.

Julie: Thanks.

Blake: *walks in DR*

Julie: Blake has been the HOH's closest ally from the start. Will he do as instructed?

Blake: I vote to evict Aqua.

Julie: Houseguests...

Julie: In a vote of 6-1...

Julie: Cabbage...

Julie: You are safe. Aqua, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House

Aqua: Disgusting

(Aqua leaves)

Episode 7: Im A Lone WolfEdit

(In House)

Wendy: DR: I won the Double Eviction HOH and I decided to nominate two pawns, Tyler and Cabbage, then take our their leader, which is Aqua. I hope I did the right thing. Without Aqua, their power in the game majorly decreases.

Blake: *walks up to Wendy* Good HOH

Wendy: Thanks.

Spirit: *joins them* Mirnish the traitor is gone, Aqua the evil leader is gone. Our position just improved, a lot.

Blake: Yeah. (DR: That double eviction went nearly perfect for the trio of my, Spirit, and Wendy. You know, when people like me are discriminated for being Asian, asexual, and liking Halsey; you learn that you can't be bothered by what others think. All that matters is that I, myself believe that I can win.

(Izzy, Tyler, and Cabbage are talking in storage room)

Izzy: Aqua leaving was..not good, at all.

Cabbage: Well duh

Izzy: DR: I flipped to the Aqua/Tyler/Cabbage alliance. Aqua was the one who took me in after I was nominated all the time. Now that Aqua's gone, it's tough. He was the glue in the alliance. I think I'm automatically with Tyler and Cabbage now. We kinda just wanna avenge Aqua.

Tyler: So, we need a new plan.

Cabbage: The only plan TO do is to win HOH.

Izzy: I agree. Anyways, Cabbage. How's this summary for Julie?

Cabbage: Shut up, I hate your wiki

Izzy: :(

Tyler: Um okay. Well, um, I guess us three are an official alliance now. (DR: Cabbage, Izzy, and I are all we have. There's two trios in the house. It's us three and then there's Spirit/Wendy/Blake. Its an ongoing pattern. When one trio gains power, the other trio loses power.)

Cabbage: We need this HOH more than ever.

Izzy: Well, I think we can't do this if we don't stick together.

Cabbage: I agree.

Izzy: So let's make it official, put our hands in, and make a final three deal.

Tyler: Ok

Cabbage: Ok

(They put their hands in)

Tyler: Yay

Cabbage: DR: With that Aqua backdoor, it's time my gameplay evolved. I kind of used Aqua as a shield. Now I don't have a shield, I have to play for myself. It's a game I have to take into my own hands.

Chwiis: *to Fiz* Hey ham I mean fam

Fiz: hi

Chwiis: Your gay Jew ass needs to win the next HOH if I shockingly don't win it.

Fiz: ok (DR: chwiis and I f2 deal is the power duo. im playing for chwiis to win)

Chwiis: DR: Fiz is stupidly loyal to me and I love it. One more stepping stone to this ogre's obvious win.

(Head of Household Competition)

Julie: Hi.

All: Hi.

Julie: Wendy, as the previous HOH, you may not compete.

Wendy: *nods*

Milk: DR: Going into this HOH, I know I need it or I'm gone. My closest ally Mirnish just left and my life in this game depends on this HOH. I don't have any loyalty. I'm a lone wolf. I promised Spirit, Wendy, and Blake if they keep me, I'd join them. But at this point, I don't know. Fiz and Chwiis are two floating irrelevants so I don't want them, and the family trio is too close and I'd be on the bottom. I think I'm the underdog.

Julie: Welcome to HOH. This will be played tournament style. On my go, you and your opponent will run to the other side of this 40 feet course and buzz. First to do so each round moves on. First matchup is Milk vs Tyler. GO

Milk: *runs*

Tyler: *runs*

Milk: *runs*

Tyler: *runs*

Milk: *runs* *buzzes*

Julie: Milk moves on! Next is Cabbage vs Fiz. Go.

Fiz: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs* *buzzes*

Julie: Cabbage moves on! Next is Chwiis vs Izzy. Go.

Izzy: *runs*

Chwiis: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Chwiis: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Chwiis: *runs*

Izzy: *runs*

Chwiis: *runs* *buzzes*

Julie: Chwiis moves on! Spirit vs Blake. Go!

Spirit: *runs* *buzzes*

Julie: Spirit moves on! Semifinals time. Milk vs Cabbage. Go!

Milk: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Milk: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Milk: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs* *buzzes*

Julie: Cabbage moves on! Chwiis vs Spirit! Go!

Chwiis: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Chwiis: *runs*

Spirit: *runs* *buzzes*

Julie: Final match! Spirit vs Cabbage! Go!

Cabbage: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs*

Spirit: *runs*

Cabbage: *runs* *buzzes*


Cabbage: omg

(In House)

Cabbage: DR: I'm the new HOH, it's my first competition win <3 Now Izzy, Tyler, and I have an upper hand in this game again.

(HOH Room; Cabbage, Tyler, and Izzy are seen)

Cabbage: We're in power <3

Izzy: Yes <3 (DR: Now that Cabbage is HOH, we can put up two people we feel need to go. We all have a general thinking process as to who should go, but that's not enough in this game. You need to have a plan that can be properly executed, and properly thought out. You can have the perfect plan in this game, but it can fail based on social relationships, luck, competitions, house meetings, and more. This game is tricky, but that's why I signed up for it.)

Tyler: Cab, who are you nominating?

Cabbage: I think I know who...

Tyler: Ok (DR: Cabbage has a good perspective on this game. He's a likable guy and I don't think anybody can even get mad at him. He has a good view on who should go and who should stay.)

Spirit: *cooking*

Chwiis: Hurry the fuck up and feed me

Spirit: Kill yourself fatass

Chwiis: Suck yourself gay ass

Spirit: Okay bitch listen, your homophobic ass is not gonna run your mouth in my fucking house. Go fucking kill yourself.

Blake: yikes

Cabbage: omg tuna

Chwiis: LMAO you're not scarin' anyone mong.

Spirit: Ugh (DR: I'm so fed up with Chwiis. I'm an explosive person and once someone lights up this bomb, I can turn this game around faster than a round of bumper cars. His ass is gonna get what's coming to him. He's gonna regret talking to ME like that.)

(Spirit and Wendy are seen in storage room)

Spirit: I'm fed up with this shit.

Wendy: Who?

Spirit: Chwiis's stanky ass

Wendy: You need to calm down.

Spirit: Hell no. I was cooking some scrambled eggs and that bitch has the nerve to disrespect ME. Not happening.

Wendy: DR: Spirit as an alliance member well...he's a ticking time bomb to say the least.

Fiz: DR: IDK Y Spirit disrespected Chwiis.

(Nomination Ceremony)

Cabbage: Hi. As HOH, I must nominate two houseguests for eviction. If you're safe, I will give you a key. The first person safe is...Tyler.

Tyler: Hooray

Cabbage: The second person safe is Izzy.

Izzy: Thanks

Cabbage: The third person safe is Blake.

Blake: Ok.

Cabbage: The fourth person safe is WENDY.

Wendy: Ok.

(Blake, Fiz, Chwiis, and Spirit are zoomed onto by camera)

Cabbage: The first nominee is...


















(Chwiis appears on screen)

Cabbage: Chwiis.

Chwiis: Bitch

Cabbage: The next person safe is...












Cabbage: Blake. Spirit, Fiz, one of you is my second nominee. The second nominee is...











(Fiz appears on screen)

Cabbage: Fiz. I have nominated you Chwiis and you Fiz. Chwiis, you have caused chaos in the house lately and it's best that I do this. Fiz, you're a disgusting LJ Stan.

Fiz: wtf

Cabbage: This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Fiz: DR: not only am I nominnated but he insulted ljesus like wtf

Chwiis: DR: That bitch put me on the block but I am surviving this week no matter what. I ain't leaving this early. Cabbage is just a disgusting refugee so he can take his head outta his ass.

Cabbage: DR: I nominated Fiz and Chwiis because they both suck XD

Fiz: Chwiis

Chwiis: Hi

Fiz: U should stay.

Chwiis: I know. (DR: Fiz wants me to stay and I'm just thinking, okay. Be stupid for my benefit. Fine with me.)

Fiz: DR: chwiis don't deverse to go :(

(Izzy, Tyler, and Cabbage are gathered)

Cabbage: Were my noms good?

Tyler: Yes

Izzy: Yes

Cabbage: Thanks.

Tyler: Who's your target?

Cabbage: Chwiis, obviously.

Izzy: DR: Chwiis leaving is the objective this week. He's annoying, rude, arrogant, obnoxious, mean, cold-hearted, disgusting, gross, disrespectful, foolish, careless, greedy, harsh, dishonest, impolite, lazy, irresponsible, naughty, quick-tempered, racist, homophobic, sexist, selfish, self centered, and unreliable.

Cabbage: It's time to pick players for the Veto!

(Everyone is gathered in living room)

Cabbage: The HOH and two nominees, along with three randomly selected people will compete in veto. As HOH, I will pick first. *reaches in bag and grabs name* Milk.

Milk: Ok

Fiz: *reaches in bag and grabs name* Spirit

Chwiis: *reaches in bag and grabs name* Wendy.

(Power of Veto Competition)

Izzy: Welcome to the veto. Here's how it works. You will challenge someone. You and your opponent will look for a bowling ball in a pool of Survivor Contestants. Whoever knocks down more pins moves on. We will do this until one is left. Milk, challenge someone.

Milk: I challenge Chwiis.

Izzy: Okay..1, 2, 3, dive!

(They both dive into pool of survivor contestants)

Chwiis: *lands on Patricia Jackson's belly*

Milk: *digs in Edna Ma's bra* No bowling ball here.

Chwiis: *beats Purple Kelly and Brenda until they bleed* Get the fuck out the way

Milk: *throws Rocky Reid and Cindy Hall out the way* Ughh

Chwiis: *throws Sandra at a pile of beloved survivor contestants and finds bowling ball under Christina Cha* Thanks chink *rolls and gets 7*

Milk: I could beat that. *throws Ramona Gray out the way, finds bowling ball and rolls*


Milk: *gets 6* Shit

Izzy: Chwiis moves on! Spirit, please challenge someone.

Spirit: Chwiis for being annoying

Chwiis: Fucker

Izzy: DIVE!

(They both dive in)

Spirit: *stepping on Ciera's face* I can't find anything

Chwiis: *sees Laura Boneham* Heo, is that you?

Spirit: *sees bowling ball next to Kelly Bruno* nvm that's her metal leg...

Spirit: *finds bowling ball next to Neleh* *rolls and gets 2* Ew

Chwiis: *finds bowling ball next to Terry, and rolls*


Chwiis: *knocks down 7 pins*

Izzy: Chwiis moves on! Cabbage, please challenge someone.

Cabbage: I challenge Chwiis XD

Chwiis: Bitch

Izzy: Dive!

(They both dive)

Cabbage: *lands on Christy, and begins to look*

Chwiis: Move Rocker. *shoves Sekou and finds bowling ball, rolls*


Chwiis: *knocks down one pin* wtf

Cabbage: *finds ball in Keith Nale's mouth and rolls*


Cabbage: *knocks down 7 pins* Yay

Fiz: WTF

Izzy: Cabbage moves on. Wendy, challenge either Cabbage or Fiz.

Wendy: I challenge Fiz.

Fiz: ok (DR: I ned to win veto so I can save Chwiis)

Izzy: Dive!

Fiz: *dives and lands inside Marty's underwear, and finds bowling ball* I knew his bulge wasn't that big *rolls and gets 2*

Wendy: *pushes Sylvia out of the way and finds bowling ball with Mary's phone number on it*

Mary: *sexually looks at Wendy*

Wendy: *rolls and gets 7* Yay

Izzy: Wendy moves on! Wendy vs Cabbage! DIVE!

Cabbage: *dives and makes a hole in the three coffins of Jenn, BB, and Caleb* RIP

Wendy: *digging in Anna's bra* Not here

Cabbage: *kicks So's head* Not here either

Wendy: Found one! *digs in Crystal's dreads, finds bowling ball, and rolls*


Wendy: *knocks down 2 pins* Oh

Cabbage: *throws Teresa to a wall and locates ball next to Sash, then bowls*


Cabbage: *knocks down ten pins* Yay!


(In House)

Cabbage: DR: I'm on a roll, my second competition win this week. It's good to finally have confidence in this game. I now know that I'm not relying on Aqua anymore, my own game is fueling up. Aqua's good player skills rubbed off on me. I am using this veto insure that Chwiis goes home.

Spirit: DR: I'm glad Chwiis's ass is going this week. He's been disrespecting me of all people and does he think he can just away with it? Hell no. His karma is awaiting him.

(Cabbage, Tyler, and Izzy are gathered)

Tyler: Congrats on winning.

Cabbage: Thanks.

Izzy: What are you doing with veto?

Cabbage: IDK. I just wanna insure that Chwiis goes.

Tyler: Let's be honest. Does Fiz being next to Chwiis strengthen or weaken Chwiis's chance of going home? (DR: Chwiis is an unlikable person, but you have to look at the bigger picture. If Fiz and Chwiis are BOTH on the block together, there's that chance that Chwiis is staying. Why? Fiz would ask everyone to evict him and keep Chwiis. It's stupid. And Fiz isn't so liked either, if I was HOH, I'd put a pawn next to Chwiis.)

Cabbage: You make a good point, but I don't want anymore blood.

Izzy: Why? Blood <3 villains <3

Blake: DR: Chwiis needs to go already. He's annoying and frustrating. He's just being dragged along, like???

Fiz: Milk

Milk: Hi

Fiz: evict me and keep Chwiis

Milk: Why

Fiz: xhwiis is better player (DR: cab isn't using veto so me or Chwiis r going home, id rather it be me. I'm playing for Chwiis to win. I will pull a clay)

Milk: DR: Fiz is campaigning to me saying I should keep Chwiis and evict him. I'm just thinking, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

(Power of Veto Ceremony)

Cabbage: I have decided to...














Cabbage: USE the power of veto on Fiz.

Fiz: WTF

Milk: me

Cabbage: I just veto'd one of my nominations and I have to nominate someone else. That person is...




















Cabbage: Blake, sorry but take a seat.

Blake: Wow.

Cabbage: This veto ceremony is adjourned.

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