Big Ben of a Friendship
Season 3, Song 3
Singer(s): Noah and Tyler
Episode: London the Ripper
Song guide
"Fallout of the Alejandro Extermination"

Big Ben of a Friendship is the third song featured in Total Drama Around the World.

Lyrics Edit

Noah - Near the lancet of Big Ben, here we go again together this Pig Pen, what on earth I did will, why you have me to kill?
Tyler - I don't know what with the Big Ben, you're the one that is pretty lame... this is just A BIG BEN OF A FRIEEEEEENDSHIP.
Noah - Take your time to realize that, it was your only the fault of all that, you pretended to be my leader on the clockwork, but despite my brain I did all the dirty wooork!
Tyler - And I was the first one to go, I just know I didn't have to make you do all the dirty work, it was pretty lame because this is a BIG BEN OF A FRIEND.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only song to not have any of the competing contestants sing in it.
  • This is one of many songs focusing on a main conflict, in this case the conflict between Noah and Tyler.

See alsoEdit

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