Episode 1: Gripping On For Dear LifeEdit

Julie: *walking in house* Twenty brand new houseguests are about to embark on the craziest summer yet. Twists and turns will shake up the game like never before. It is the biggest cast we have ever had. We have many twists in store but first, #ButFirst..we must meet the first five houseguests.

(At the beach)

Berry: *tanning with Morgan and Anna*

Morgan: *dances and key falls out bra that says Berry*

Berry: OH MY GOD

(At the BBUK Fan Club)

CB: *dances*

Epic: *dances*

CB: *eats a banana and sees key* :O

Epic: *bows down to Hughie and sees key* :O

(In Venezuela)

Mirnish: *walking to McDonalds* I hate this third world country

Natalie: *finds Mirnish* Hi.

Mirnish: Oh my gawd!

Natalie: *gives key*

(In The Bikini Bottom)

Aqua: Pearl lets go to the Krusty krab and shove the krabby parties down spongebobs fat holes

Pearl: ok. *cries and key falls out*

Aqua: omg

Julie: Let's meet the first 5 houseguests! Aqua! Epic! Mirnish! CB! Berry! Let's meet the next five houseguests.

(At Lana Del Ray concert)


Lana Del Ray: *singing* la la la la depression la la la Izzy here's your key

(At KPop and Yo Gabba Gabba collaboration tour)

Wendy: omg I love this

Korean Singers: 여기에 키 웬디

Wendy: Yay.

(In Australia)

Chwiis: Kangaroos are Jews.

Solar: Hi.

Jasmine: Hi.

Chwiis: Hi Rocker

Jasmine: *gives them keys*

(In Arizona)

Heo: *to Smalls* so wanna go to Dairy Queen

Smalls: .-.

Heo: oh

Smalls: *gives key*

Julie: Please welcome...Izzy! Heo! Solar! Chwiis! And Wendy! Let's meet the next five.

(At Ikea)

Blake: Hi I'm your stereotypical Cali girl.

(At a farm)

Milk: stop milking my utters wtf

(Outside a trailer)

Fiz: hi

Grass: how much u got. I'll sell the weed for 20

Fiz: ok *pays*

Grass: *gives key*

(At a motel)

Cabbage: *playing Kahoot* Hmm... *clicks Brenda and sees a sign that says you got a key* yay

(At Grimes revival tour)

Ash: yes yes yes I need toilet paper *wipes ass with toilet paper and sees key*

Julie: Please welcome Cabbage! Fiz! Blake! Milk! and Ash! Let's meet our final five house mates.

(In the middle of nowhere)

Ally: Go Lakers

(At a high school)

Kendall: I'm hotter than you all

Beth: no I'm hotter look *strips down and key hangs from belly button* look it for you

(On ICarly Webshow)

Carly: I'm CARLY

Sam: I'm drunk

Spirit: I'm spirit

Carly: And this is IAmGivingSpiritHisKey

Spirit: good show

Sam: random dancing

Gibby: *dances*

(At Dora's new adventure)

Dora: Where do we go? Do we go left where all the hungry tigers are?

Maria: Yes

Dora: okay *goes left and gets eaten alive*

Maria: XD *grabs key* swiper no swiping

(At a white family dinner)

Mom: Tyler how was your day today?

Tyler: I liked the church session.

Mom: Tyler eat ur broccoli.

Tyler: *eats broccoli but it's a key*

(At Naruto's fight)

TDN: YES NARURO YES YES YES YES YES *touches self and pulls out key*

Julie: Let's welcome TDN! Spirit! Maria! Ally! And Tyler!

Julie: You all may enter.

(Everyone enters)

Tyler: *looks around* OMG TUNA

Aqua: Yay.


Fiz: i think im winning

Tyler: OMG TUNA (DR: I'm in the Big Brother house and I'm so excited! I can't hold in all this excitement! Like, yes! I may be young but I'm ready to win Big Brother.)

Solar: DR: I'm in the BB House.

Cabbage: *to everyone* hi I'm BRONTE

Chwiis: get away from me

Ally: Hi.

Heo: DR: I see Ally and I think she's the girl of my dreams. She's the perfect height. She has everything. I should sing for her.

Aqua: *walks in bathroom with Cabbage* Wanna stick together?

Cabbage: Ok. (DR: he smells bad.)

Aqua: DR: I wanna stick with Cabbage because he seems nice and loyal. That makes a good slave

Ash: *to Wendy* We have to work together.

Wendy: Agreed.

Izzy: DR: I'm a superfan of this game. I don't wanna get too confident but my intelligence on reality TV is over the top. I just need to stick with a certain few people.

Spirit: *walks in room with Izzy and Milk* Izzy what do you want

Izzy: I like this three.

Milk: Ok and?

Izzy: Let's form a final 3.

Spirit: Okay. (DR: Izzy wants to form a final 3 early on and it seems a bit aggressive. Like we just got here. I haven't even humped anything yet. Pump the brake.)

Milk: DR: Izzy is being too aggressive too early. I don't like being dictated but that is an alliance so I'll stick with it.

Epic: Aqua

Aqua: Hi

Epic: Did you see the BBUK spoilers?

Aqua: no don't tell me

Epic: What episode are you on?

Aqua: Episode 47

Epic: Oh. Please catch up.

Aqua: Ok

Epic: CONF: Alex was good at first when he was UTR but now he's intolerable. Hughie is my pick to win.

Ally: *tanning*

Heo: Hey Ally B)

Ally: ew who are you

Heo: .-.

Ally: Lol! (DR: What a weirdo!)

Chwiis: Haha Heo you can't get bitches

Heo: .-.

Chwiis: DR: Heo is my boi but he just can't get any. It's hard tho since this house is just a bunch of hams.

Maria: Hola.

Maria: DR: Throws manchineel fruit at Grodner

CB: Spirit watch BBUK7.

Spirit: No.

CB: Please.

Spirit: No.

CB: Why not?

Spirit: I don't like you.

CB: DR: Spirit has been rude to me lately and I don't like it. I'm not even trying to annoy him. I think it's very ignorant of him.

Spirit: DR: CB is annoying. Just shut the fuck up I don't wanna watch it. Go away.

Fiz: TDN


Fiz: let's showmance

TDN: No.

Fiz: Y not

TDN: You make me feel uncomfortable. (DR: Fiz is a bit creepy.)

Fiz: DR: I like men who like anime. I like men in general. Now I should win HOH so we get HOH bed. But I'm not a comp whore I'm just a regular whore.

Spirit: *to Izzy and Milk* CB is fucking annoying me.

Izzy: He is?

Spirit: Yup. If I win HOH he's going up.


Spirit: It's time for IPussy.

Cabbage: *joins* I'm excited for our first show. Berry be the camera girl.

Berry: Ok.

Solar: This looks stupid.

Chwiis: ^

Solar: Don't ^ me

Blake: ^

Solar: Shut up Blake.

Aqua: hush

Berry: Recording in 3...2..1-

Julie: Houseguests, head outside for the first competition of the summer!

(Everyone is outside)

Julie: First HOH of the summer. You will play in four teams of 5.

Mirnish: Did you steal this off of BB18 you cheap whore

Julie: Shut up. Ally, Heo, Tyler, and Wendy were randomly chosen to pick first. Heo pick.

Heo: Chwiis.

Julie: Tyler pick.

Tyler: Berry.

Ally: Fiz.

Ash: Wendy pick me.

Wendy: Mirnish <3

Ash: wtf

Julie: We will go in reverse order. This time, those were chosen will pick. Mirnish, pick.

Mirnish: Wendy who do I pick?

Wendy: Ash.

Mirnish: Ash.

Ash: DR: So I'm chosen third instead of second. I hope Wendy and Mirnish don't get too close. It's supposed to be Wendy and Ash, not Wendy and Mirnish.

Fiz: I pick TDN.

TDN: Are you kidding me.

Berry: Aqua.

Chwiis: Solar.

Solar: Good.

Julie: Once again we will go in reverse. Solar pick someone.

Solar: Blake so I can torture him.

Blake: yikes

Aqua: Cabbage.

TDN: Milk.

Ash: Izzy.

Julie: Final round of picking. Izzy pick someone.

Izzy: Spirit.

Julie: Milk pick Maria, CB, or Epic.

Milk: Epic

Julie: Alright. Cabbage, pick CB or Maria.

Cabbage: DR: Shit I hate both

Julie: We're waiting.

Cabbage: CB.

Blake: Maria.

Julie: We have our teams. Come up with team names.

Aqua: Let's be Good One Ellen.

CB: No.

Aqua: Shut up.

Berry: I agree.

Tyler: GoodOneEllen it is.

Cabbage: Yay

Chwiis: We will be The Aussies.

Solar: Ok.

Blake: um no

Maria: Yes

Chwiis: Your opinion doesn't matter.


Fiz: YES

TDN: fine.

Ash: We will be Fifth Harmony

Good One Ellen: Aqua CB Berry Tyler Cabbage

The Aussies: Heo Chwiis Blake Solar Maria

Fifth Harmony: Mirnish Ash Wendy Spirit Izzy

The Wonder Pets: Fiz Ally TDN Milk Epic

Julie: It's time for the first competition of the summer! You will hang onto a Popsicle for as long as you can. Once everyone from your team falls, you're eliminated. The last team remaining is immune for the first two evictions.

Tyler: DR: I hear whichever team wins is safe for TWO evictions. That's crazy. That's more than Paola Shea lasted.

Berry: DR: I'm really hoping to win that team immunity because I really like our team.

Chwiis: DR: Fuck off.

Julie: Go!

Fiz: I hope we win

Julie: Next five to drop get to watch Survivor: Gabon

Spirit: *drops*

Izzy: *drops*

Milk: *drops*

Berry: *drops*

Cabbage: *drops*

Tyler: Me

Wendy: same

Julie: After that, there's 5 of The Aussies! 3 of Good One Ellen! 4 of The Wonder Pets! 3 of Fifth Harmony! Next three to drop get to watch the new Pixar movie Finding Heo A Girlfriend

Chwiis: *drops*

Ally: *drops*

Fiz: *drops*

Julie: 4 of The Aussies! 3 of Good One Ellen! 2 of Wonder Pets! 3 of Fifth Harmony!

Epic: *drops*

TDN: DR: Epic drops and I realize I'm the last one left on my team that fast. Wow.

Julie: TDN is the last remaining Wonder Pet!

Ally: Go TDN!

TDN: *slipping*

Milk: Hang in there TDN!

TDN: *falls*

Julie: Ooh, Wonder Pets lose the competition! You four are have nots

Fiz: wtf stop rigging

Milk: ^

CB: *falls*

Aqua: haha

Tyler: he's on our team. It's just us now!

Aqua: Oh.

Julie: It is 4-3-2-0! The Aussies in the lea-

Maria: *falls off* XD

Solar: *falls*

Heo: *falls*

Julie: Just like that, Blake is the final member of his team

Blake: DR: I realize I'm the last one on my team. I don't really like my team. They don't deserve safety, especially Chwiis. So I decide to throw it.

Maria: Blake dont caer o de lo contrario le alimentar a Donald Trump

Cabbage: Lol

Blake: *falls*

Maria: XD

Julie: The Aussies are eliminated from the competition! It is down to Fifth Harmony and Good One Ellen! Good One Ellen has Tyler and Aqua! Fifth Harmony has Ash, Wendy, and Mirnish!

Tyler: *falls*

Ash: *falls* (DR: I fell off and now it's Mirnish and Wendy up there. I didn't pull my weight and I feel bad. Wendy can use that as an opportunity to link up with Mirnish instead of me.)

Aqua: DR: I look to my left and Tyler is gone. It's me versus Mirnish and Wendy. I don't wanna lose to them. I don't.

Wendy: DR: It's down to Mirnish and I on our team. I'm literally gripping on for dear life because my life IS on the line.

Aqua: *starts slipping*

Berry: NO

Wendy: *starts slipping*

Mirnish: *falls*

Aqua: *falls*


Spirit: YES!

Izzy: *hugs team*

Mirnish: DR: So now this Latin firecracker is safe for two evictions. Now the irrelevants and/or TDRPW garbage can get picked off in the meantime. (In House)

Cabbage: That sucked.

(In Storage Room)

Wendy: *celebrating with team* We did it!

Izzy: *twerks*

Wendy: DR: So my entire team is safe for the first two evictions and I won it for us. It's surreal.

Julie: Houseguests, please gather in the living room!

(Living Room)

Fiz: hi

Julie: Fifth Harmony, congrats on being safe for two evictions.

Izzy: Yay

Julie: As for The Aussies, Good One Ellen, and The Wonder person from the fifteen of you will be leaving us shortly.

Aqua: Mean.

Berry: DR: So Julie drops this bomb on us and I'm actually shocked. I thought we were gonna wait a week for someone to leave but day 1? That's crazy.

Julie: The 3 teams will compete in a competition. Winner of that is safe from the first eviction. The. The remaining two teams will compete again. Winner of that is safe from eviction. The losing team will compete against each other. Whoever loses that is evicted. Head outside!


Julie: Here's how it works. You are all tied up to each other. The goal is to work together to get untied. First team to get untied and hit the buzzer are safe. On your marks, get set, go!

Aqua: hey slaves get untied

Fiz: *gods and gets entire team untied*

Julie: The Wonder Pets are out of danger!

Fiz: DR: yay

Julie: Good One Ellen, The Aussies, one of you two teams will lose. The losing team will compete against each other. Once the first person is evicted, you guys will decide which one of you is Head of Household.

Aqua: omg

Cabbage: DR: I'm getting this much closer to possibly going home first. I shouldn't be this frustrated on Day 1.

CB: DR: At this point my team couldn't be anymore useless so I have to start talking with people from the OTHER teams.

(In House)

Cabbage: I now listened to NO 50 times.

CB: *to Mirnish* I think we can be a good duo.

Mirnish: Oh sure.

CB: We can cause some damage. (DR: I get started on working with people not on my team. Mirnish is a good ally because he's great at competitions and he's a good shield because people will target him before me.)

Mirnish: DR: CB is desperate for numbers right now. Listen puta, stay on your own team, mkay?

Aqua: *to Berry, Cabbage, and Tyler* In the event that we do lose, let's agree that we all try our best to beat CB at the competition.

Berry: *nods*

Aqua: DR: I don't want us to lose this next competition. But if we do, I don't want Cab, Tyler, OR Berry to leave. That leaves CB.


Julie: Hello houseguests. Solar Heo Chwiis Maria Blake vs Aqua Tyler CB Cabbage Berry. One of you will be leaving us shortly. But first we must have a competition to decide which team is safe.

Blake: DR: I really wanna win this competition. Going home first would be terrible and I have a lot more to prove.

Julie: Here's how it works. There are 45 puzzle pieces but only 30 fit. Those 30 pieces should fit to make the shape of Joey Van Pelt's head from Big Brother 16. On your marks, get set, go!

Berry: DR: This isn't a physical competition. It's a mental competition and I actually consider myself somewhat intelligent. I'll use whatever I need to to secure my team's safety.

CB: That piece fits.

Aqua: no it doesn't ugly fat

Heo: Just let me take over this entire puzzle guys.

Solar: No. (DR: Heo is trying to boss us around and it's really annoying. It's a team puzzle not a Heo puzzle. Get your shit together. You're worse than Fiz at this point.)

Maria: *pole dancing on piece*

Tyler: *arranging pieces with Cabbage, Berry, and Aqua*

CB: DR: I know how the puzzle is supposed to work but no one is listening to me. It's really idiotic.

Aqua: DR: I'm really trying to lay low in this game. If people get suspicious enough, they're gonna know Vanessa Rousso is my mom and that's gonna put a target on my back.

Tyler: We're in the lead.

Solar: Shit. Hurry up.

Maria: Chicos , la producción manipuladas para mí y sé que las respuestas del rompecabezas . Las piezas de señuelo son aquellos 15 por allí . Sé que ahora dentro y por fuera .

Chwiis: shut up if you're gonna illegally come to America Atleast make an effort to speak the language.

Blake: screams

Maria: *sighs*

Chwiis: DR: I hate thaI dumb bitch

Ally: *watching from bleachers* (DR: I'm looking at the two teams and NONE of them are working together. One team is everyone but CB. The other is Chwiis and Heo vs everyone else. It's stupid and funny. Haha.)

Solar: Fuck you all *solves puzzle*

Julie: The Aussies win safety! Berry, Tyler, Aqua, CB, of you will be the first person evicted from the Big Brother house.

Aqua: DR: I don't wanna leave so early. I refuse to leave especially under the works of ugly fat Grod- *is kicked out DR*

(In House)

Epic: *to CB* I don't want you to go.

CB: Thanks.

Epic: I'm gonna help you prepare for the competition.

CB: Do you know what it is?

Epic: No. But we need to get you mentally and physically prepared.

CB: Thanks.

Epic: First, eat all these vegetables. It'll help your brains and physical abilities. I want you to study the memory wall to work your brain then drink water. (DR: I don't want CB leaving since he's one of the few BBUK fans here.)

CB: I appreciate this.

Aqua: *to Tyler* Epic is helping CB

Tyler: not nice


Julie: Welcome Tyler, Aqua, Berry, CB, and Cabbage, or should I say Good One Ellen...welcome!

Cabbage: good name

Aqua: ^

Tyler: ^

Berry: ^

CB: Horrible name.

Aqua: shush

Julie: This competition is called simple math. I will say an equation and you must be the first to answer correctly. Once you reach 3 points, you're safe. Last to get 3 points is evicted from the Big Brother house.

CB: DR: It's a math competition and I'm ready. I've been mentally preparing all day for this.

Berry: DR: We need CB to go. I don't wanna lose Tyler, Cabbage, OR Aqua.

Cabbage: DR: I'm secretly a math teacher working to solve the problem with prime numbers.

Julie: 9+10

CB: 21

Tyler: Me

Berry: 19

Julie: Berry scores! 1-0-0-0-0!

Aqua: Ethan memories from Total Drama College @Milk

Milk: lmao where's RJ to discuss this with

Aqua: it's his ff so

Julie: 7 x 7

CB: 49

Julie: CB scores! 1-1-0-0-0! (5+8+7)2

Aqua: 10

Cabbage: 10

Julie: Aqua scores! 1-1-1-0-0!

Julie: 81-81+81-81

Berry: 81

Aqua: 81

Julie: No.

Cabbage: O me

Tyler: 0

Julie: Tyler scores. 1-1-1-1-0!

Julie: 1+1

Cabbage: 2

Julie: Cabbage scores! Everyone has 1 point!

Julie: 92 divided by 2

Aqua: 46

Julie: 7+2

Aqua: 9

Julie: AQUA is safe from eviction.

Aqua: Yes! (DR: So I'm safe and now I'm hoping Tyler, Berry, and Cabbage can pull it off. CB the stripper has to go.)

Julie: 8+8

CB: 16

Aqua: *nervous* (DR: But CB is one point away from moving on. I'm literally shaking.)

Julie: 9 times 7.

Tyler: 63

Julie: 2-2-1-1

Tyler: Ok

Julie: 81 divided by 9.

Berry: 9

Julie: 2-2-2-1! Cabbage needs to catch up!

Julie: 7 times 5.

Tyler: 35

Julie: Tyler is safe from eviction!

Tyler: Yay. (DR: I'm safe and I'm so excited! But I can't get so excited because one of my friends may leave but I'm so excited! Again I can't get so excited.)

Aqua: DR: Now Tyler is safe. Berry and Cabbage need to get that toilet paper out their ass and start scoring.

Julie: 2+3

Cabbage: 5

Julie: It is 2-2-2. Now if you score, you move on. (83 + 7)2

Cabbage: 180.

Julie: Cabbage is safe! Either Berry or CB will be the first person evicted.

Berry: DR: I'm about to go home and I haven't been anymore scared in my life. I don't wanna go first at all.

CB: DR: I'll be so disappointed if I go this early. I came to win and all this hard work would come crashing down. I've been preparing all day and to lose by this close would be horrible. I need to win HOH and shake things up by nominating some of the snake's head like Fiz and Ally.

Julie: 6+6

CB: 13

Berry: 12


Julie: CB, I am sorry but you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

CB: Good luck Epic. (DR: I'm the first one out and I'm REALLY disappointed. I really wanted to do well but first one out? It's embarrassing. I lost due to a damn math question from first grade. Everyone here is an idiot and I see them all self evicting before the week is over.)

Epic: DR: CB's gone and I'm really disappointed. A fellow BBUK fan is gone but eh, he was glad Jason won so fuck him.

Julie: Aqua, Tyler, Cabbage, Berry, decide amongst yourselves who should be HOH.

Berry: I don't want it.

Cabbage: Me neither.

Tyler: Aqua, do you want it?

Aqua: I'll do it.

Julie: Ok who's HOH?

Aqua: I am.

Julie: Congratulations Aqua, you are the first Head of Household of the summer!

Cabbage: DR: Aqua's HOH and I'm glad. Our entire team is safe and CB is gone. Couldn't have gone any better.

Aqua: DR: I'm the first HOH and that's definitely risky. But I knew the others didn't want it so I had to do it. Now I have to nominate two people. I have some ideas.

Mirnish: DR: My babe Aqua won and I'm so happy <3 I know he'll keep me safe.

Milk: DR: I don't know where Aqua stands so I definitely wanna talk to him.

Fiz: DR: i shoulduv won

Announcer: Who will Aqua nominate for eviction and will someone get saved by the power of veto? Find out next episode as a second houseguest is evicted.

Episode 2: Observations and SpectulationEdit

Announcer: Previously on Big Brother, twenty all new houseguests entered the BB house. They were quickly split into four teams. Good One Ellen, Fifth Harmony, The Wonder Pets, and The Aussies. At the first competition of the summer, the winning team would be safe for the first TWO evictions. Wendy ended up winning it and getting safety for himself, Izzy, Ash, Mirnish, and Spirit. It was revealed that someone would be leaving Day 1. After The Wonder Pets and The Aussies gained safety, it was revealed that either Aqua, Tyler, Berry, CB, or Cabbage would be the first houseguest evicted. In the math competition, it was CB who became the first evicted and Aqua became the first Head of Household of the summer. Who will be nominated? Who will win the first Power of Veto of the summer? And who will be the second person evicted from the Big Brother house? Find out tonight on Biiig Brother.

Chwiis: DR: Of all people, fucking Happy Ham Aqua is HOH. It's shit. We got old beef from TDRPW but that should be over now that he's at the survivor fan club wiki with time to recover. If he tries to recall any TDRPW memories with me I hope it's when we were soccer teammates.

Aqua: DR: Now that I'm HOH, I'm ready for like everyone approaching me for some deal. There's about six names floating around my head but I guess I have to see how this week plays out. *shrugs*

Tyler: DR: Aqua is HOH. Not only am I safe for the week, but Aqua and I have a had tight friendship once we walked in the house. I know he's going to ask me about what he should do.

Spirit: Cab Berry it's time to film IPussy

Cabbage: Yay

Berry: *turns on camera*

Spirit: welcome

Cabbage: to IPussy

Cabbage: time to bring in special guest Ally

Ally: OMG, hi!

Cabbage: *presses button on remote as booes are heard*

Ally: r00d (DR: *crying* I'm being bullied.)

Spirit: DR: IPussy is more successful than CBS Live Feeds

Heo: *to Chwiis, Fiz and Solar* Who do you think is getting put up?

Fiz: probs Milk

Heo: DR: I gotta look out for my troops. No idea what Aqua would do. I rigged Winter Wasteland for him so he owes me.

Solar: DR: So all of the TRD seem like hopeless idiots so I'm forced to align with the TDRPW douches. Fuck this game

Heo: DR: Well, my bois need some numbers if one of us do wind up on the block so I get to work.

TDN: *sitting down outside*

Heo: TRD doesn't have your back. We will protect you.

TDN: Um sure.

Heo: Alright thanks dude.

TDN: DR: Heo asks me for an alliance and I'm like finally, someone that isn't Fiz talks to me. But I don't know about the TDRPW folks. A lot of people don't like them.

Heo: *to Ally* Would you stick with me in this game?

Ally: I don't know. I don't even like you.

Heo: Dude.

Ally: I'm not a dude. Don't talk to me like that.

Heo: .-.

Ally: DR: Heo referred to me as "dude" I'm like, no. There may be a lot of men in the house but no. So it got me thinking.

(Ally, Berry, and Maria are gathered)

Ally: There's limited girls here you know.

Berry: Yeah.

Maria: Yes

Ally: They can just use us as pawns which will obviously be annoying and repetitive.

Maria: derramar la chica del té

Ally: If us 3 stick together, it'll be great.

Berry: I'd wanna do all girls too.

Ally: Yay!

Maria: DR: Esta alianza niñas puede ser bueno para mí. Estoy a favor de feminismo

Berry: DR: Ally wants to do all girls and I'm like, okay. Great! I'm excited.

(In HOH room)

Aqua: *to Tyler, Cabbage, and Izzy* So who should I put up?

Izzy: Id want Fiz up there.

Cabbage: idk.

Izzy: DR: I decide to stick with Aqua because well, he's HOH. He's funny, powerful, and really fun to be around. Long term, sure, I'd love to stick around with him.

Berry: *joins them* Hi.

Tyler: Hey. We're deciding who to put up.

Cabbage: Why don't you just put up Heo?

Tyler: That's fine with me.

Aqua: Fine. But who should we put up next to him?

Izzy: Just throw someone who'd enable him like Chwiis or Fiz.

Aqua: Or I can put up a true pawn who I truly believe has the votes to stay.

Berry: Not me pls.

Aqua: No one in this room obviously.

Cabbage: Aren't Heo and Ally close? Just nominate Ally.

Berry: Ally isn't with Heo.

Tyler: How do you know?

Berry: I'm tight with her and Maria.

Cabbage: Ok. (DR: Berry uses the words "I'm tight with her and Maria." Those are the only 3 girls in the house. That worries me.)

Berry: *leaves room*

Tyler: I think Ally tried to do an all girls alliance.

Aqua: I love Ally but she's been acting kinda distant and shady.

Izzy: Agreed.

Aqua: DR: I don't know what's up with Ally. She's been acting weird lately and she's a loose cannon.


Wendy: I only have one waffle left.

Ash: can I have it?

Wendy: Mirnish, do you want it?

Mirnish: Sure.

Wendy: DR: I feel like Mirnish, Ash, and I are really close. We're all on Fifth Harmony and we have a great dynamic going on.

Mirnish: DR: Wendy and I are good cop and bad cop. Wendy is the nice angelic good cop and I'm the feisty explosive latin bad cop.

Ash: DR: I feel like a third wheel to Mirnish and Wendy. Wendy was my ride or die then Mirnish came along and swooped her from me. I don't know what this means for me. They're even sharing waffles!

Blake: Can I join this clique.

Mirnish: no we hate you

Blake: honestly drag me???

Ash: Yes you can.

Mirnish: wtf

Blake: Yay. (DR: I need some allies in this game so I guess them?)

Ash: DR: I decided to let Blake hang out with us to give Wendy a taste of his own medicine. I don't want to feel like a third wheel anymore so I brought Blake along to make it 2-2.

Aqua: *walks in HOH room and sees 10 keys* (DR: It's rough winning first HOH, especially this season. Good One Ellen and Fifth Harmony are immune so I can only nominate ten people. Those 10 are Solar, Heo, Fiz, Ally, TDN, Chwiis, Milk, Maria, Blake, and Epic. Only person I'm not nominating is Epic <3) *puts two keys in the box* oops

(Nomination Ceremony)

Aqua: This is the nomination ceremony. It is my duty as Head of Household to nominate two houseguests for eviction.

Milk: *nods*

Aqua: With that said, the first houseguest I have nominated is... *twists key*


















(Heo's face appears)

Aqua: Heo. The next houseguest I have nominated is... *twists key*















(Ally's face appears)

Berry: *gasps*

Maria: Puta

Ally: *rolls eyes*

Aqua: I have nominated you Heo and you Ally. Heo, you're very influential and rude. So yeah. Ally, you have been shady based on observations alone. In Big Brother, observations and speculation are all you can rely on. So sorry. Good luck to both of you in veto. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Heo: DR: I don't know why I'm even put on the block. Aqua isn't playing for himself. It seems stupid of him. He ain't gonna be a boi anytime soon. That's for sure B)

Chwiis: DR: So my boi Heo is up and I'm pretty pissed. He's my number one ally and Aqua is a motherfucker for that. If Heo is still sitting next to Ally, then bye bye Ally.

Ally: DR: I thought Aqua and I were bffs :( I'm sad now.

Aqua: DR: I didn't wanna put Ally up :( I should've nominated someone irrelevant like TDN. But I hope Ally knows she's a pawn and she has a lot of people backing her up. Her going home would end my game.

Milk: DR: So I'm safe. Don't know how that happened but okay I guess. I should stop floating.

Fiz: DR: wtf. ally isnt going after aqua and it pisses me off its illrevent. ally can't go

Berry: DR: I'm disappointed to see my close friend Ally up there. I don't know how that happened but I'm definitely a vote to keep her.

Izzy: DR: These nominations are perfect. Now I need to win veto and make sure they stay the same.

Ally: *to Berry and Maria* I'm worried. I don't know what Aqua has against me.

Berry: Don't worry about it.

Ally: DR: Now that I'm on the block, I have to be careful who I talk to. I only trust Maria and Berry in this game.

Maria: DR: Ally stay

Chwiis: *to Heo* That was a fucking pussy move.

Heo: Yup.

Chwiis: If you get houseguest choice, pick me and I'll pull it out to save you and flip this shit up.

Heo: Aight.

Chwiis: DR: Aqua is a wimp for putting Heo up. He has a backbone as strong as a Trolli sour worm.

Spirit: *overhears* gasp

(In HOH Room)

Cabbage: *to Aqua* Then my mom told me to throw my Buzz Light Year's clothes off and just play with its-

Spirit: *walks in room* Hey. (DR: I decide to tell Aqua what I heard because I need the HOH's trust.) So we just posted IPussy and I overheard Heo and Chwiis-

Cabbage: wtf you posted it without me

Spirit: Anyways, Chwiis was shit talking you. Calling you a pussy, saying he'll flip shit if he wins.

Aqua: Wow thanks for telling me.

Spirit: *leaves*

Cabbage: You should've nominated Chwiis.

Aqua: I know, right.


Fiz: Ally hi

Ally: Hi

Fiz: I'm ur biggest fan

Ally: Thanks so vote to keep me.

Fiz: k

Ally: DR: My campaigning skills are working!!!

Wendy: DR: I'm sad because this house doesn't have any Ellie Goulding music

Aqua: it's time to pick players for veto!!!!!!!

(In Living Room)

Aqua: Will the nominees please join me up here. (DR: The one person that cannot get picked is Chwiis. If he wins it, I'm gonna get a hell worth of blood on my hands.)

Heo: *walks up*

Ally: *walks up*

Aqua: The HOH, the two nominees, and 3 players selected by random draw will compete. I'll pick first. *grabs a name* Houseguest choice. (DR: I get houseguest choice and I know exactly who I'm picking.)

Berry: omg

Aqua: Cabbage.

Cabbage: Good.

Chwiis: DR: Houseguest choice is out the window. All I can hope is that Heo or Ally grab my chip.

Ally: *grabs name* Solar.

Solar: k

Heo: *grabs name* Fiz

Fiz: omg (DR: I need to win veto to pull Ally off.)

(Veto Competition)

Epic: *in a Squidward costume* Welcome to the first veto of the summer! For this competition, you will jump in this lake and look for letters to spell a word. You have ten minutes to spell a word. Whoever spells the longest word in that time wins the Power of Veto! Be careful, there's some traps! Are you ready to play Squidward's Toe Party?

Aqua: hot comp

Epic: Go!

Fiz: DR: I fel like I can win this bc I'm very well at spelling

Heo: *grabs letters and brings it back* (DR: My goal is to find every letter I can and bring it back for the first half. Then when I get enough I'll try and figure something out.)

Ally: DR: I literally need this veto but everywhere I go, I step in Squidward's toe jam. It's like gross! But I need to pull off this win to save myself.

Aqua: *running*

Solar: *grabbing letters* (DR: My strategy for this competition is to look for all the letters in the sentence "Kill me" Wait, it has to be a word?)

Ally: DR: All I need is a freaking L and I can't find it. It's both embarrassing and frustrating.

Fiz: my word is hot

Aqua: *looking for letters* (DR: At this point, I'm running out of time so I have to make soemthing work. Anything.)

Cabbage: DR: I can't spell Winchele because apparently it isn't an English dictionary word so I'm trying to find an alternative.)

Epic: Times up! Heo, what word did you spell?

Heo: I tried to spell religion.

Aqua: that isnt a word! it doesnt even exist!

Epic: You forgot the second I Heo. Sorry, you have been eliminated. Ally, what word did you spell?

Chwiis: DR: Heo fucked it up with the word religion. I'm pissed. If he leaves, it's on him.

Ally: I spelled basketball.

Epic: That is a correctly spelled 10 letter word. You're in the lead.

Ally: Yay!!! (DR: So I'm in the lead and all I have to do is maintain it.)

Epic: Aqua, what word did you spell?

Aqua: I spelled acrobatics.

Spirit: good word

Epic: That is a correctly spelled ten letter word. You and Ally are tied for first. Solar, what word did you spell?

Solar: I spelled pornography.

Epic: That is a correctly spelled 11 letter word. You're in the lead! Cabbage, what word did you spell?

Cabbage: I spelled Foodchele.

Epic: I'm sorry. That is not a real word. It all comes down to Fiz.

Cabbage: mean

Solar: DR: It's me or Fiz and I'm confident. Fiz can't even spell the word Australia. He can't win, right?

Epic: Fiz, what did you spell?

Fiz: I spelled....









Fiz: malfunctioned

Berry: *counting*

Epic: That is a correctly spelled 13 letter word! Fiz, you have won the Golden Power of Veto!!! What

Izzy: what

Solar: what

Chwiis: what

Tyler: what

Ash: what

Wendy: what

Milk: what

Mirnish: what

Berry: what

Maria: Que

Heo: what

Blake: what

Spirit: what

TDN: what

Aqua: what

Cabbage: what

Ally: what

Fiz: OMG yay (DR: I'm a comp best)

Milk: DR: No idea how Fiz won a SPELLING competition but okay I guess. I guess he...MALFUNCTIONED.


Ally: DR: I hope Fiz would use it on me like he said. But I just have to stay calm right now.

Aqua: DR: Fiz is probably using it on Ally so I need a replacement.

(HOH Room)

Aqua: *to Tyler, Cabbage, Berry, Epic, Spirit, and Izzy* I don't know what to do at this point..

Izzy: I didn't want Fiz to win.

Cabbage: Maybe put up TDN.

Aqua: That'd be a waste.

Izzy: DR: If someone came down, I wanted Fiz to go up so this is upsetting.

Epic: I mean, take out a possible vote to save Heo and put them on the block.

(Camera pans to Chwiis)

Spirit: Aqua, remember when I told you Chwiis was talking shit about you?

Aqua: Yeah.

Spirit: He probably still is.

Epic: DR: I'm not in a position to influence much so I'm just going with what the house wants as a support system.

Tyler: If it was me, I'd put up Blake.

Berry: ^ But it's your HOH Aqua. Chwiis or Blake...Chwiis is egotistical and Blake is a loose cannon but smart. Blake is the obvious threat.

Aqua: Ughhh. (DR: I don't know what to do. I really didn't want HOH this early on but here I am.)

(Power of Veto Ceremony)

Fiz: I have the Power of Veto. I can save one of the two nominations. I have decided to...

(50 mins later)


Fiz: I'm tyring to break my record

Spirit: ugh

Fiz: ok I will....












Fiz: USE the pwer of vito on Ally

Solar: So how did he win spelling

Fiz: since i used veto, Aqua name rep

Aqua: I'm sorry. I had several names floating around my head but this seems logical at this point. Chwiis, I'm sorry. Take a seat next to your "boi"

Chwiis: BS move. *sits* Hey bud.

Fiz: This veto meeting is adjourned.

Aqua: DR: I decided to nominate Chwiis because as of right now, I want Heo out and Chwiis is a vote to keep him.

Ally: DR: So I'm safe yaaaaaaaay!

Chwiis: DR: I'm put up as the replacement nominee and Aqua didn't think for himself. It's a stupid move to get rid of me.

Heo: DR: Not only am I still on the block, but Chwiis is right next to me. I don't like this fam. .-.

Ally: Thanks Fiz.

Fiz: yay. who r u voting

Ally: Heo

Fiz: k

(Aqua, Tyler, Epic, Spirit, Izzy, Berry, Wendy, and Cabbage are gathered in HOH room)

Izzy: Who are we evicting?

Aqua: I'd prefer for Heo to go.

Spirit: ^

Epic: Ok.

Spirit: Heo is a lot more influential. Chwiis is not a good player.

Izzy: DR: We are voting to evict Heo on eviction night. He's a lot smarter and social than Chwiis. Chwiis seems harmless other than his bigoted comments.

Wendy: I'm tired. *goes downstairs*

Mirnish: So Wendy, what's the word?

Wendy: They're evicting Heo.

Mirnish: LMAO what

Wendy: What?

Mirnish: That's stupid.

Ash: *joins them*

Blake: *joins*

Mirnish: Think about it. If Chwiis is alone, he'll blow shit up and the house will fall apart. I trust Heo more to be isolated.

Wendy: Good point

Mirnish: DR: Chwiis is a bigoted person and I don't think he deserves to make it past week 1. He's a horrible person and Heo at least is calm and tolerable at times.

Wendy: DR: Mirnish is pushing to keep Heo. Honestly I'm fine with that but you have to realize. There's an entire group upstairs including the HOH you're going to piss off.

Blake: chwiis is disgusting honestly so bye

Ash: ^

Mirnish: We need 9. (DR: I can't believe I'm putting my neck on the line to save HEO of all people. But if I think Chwiis has to go, he IS going one way or another. This vote is getting flipped.) *to TDN* So we need you when it comes to the vote.

TDN: Who do you want me to vote?

Mirnish: Chwiis.

TDN: I thought we were voting Heo.

Mirnish: Shit's changing.

TDN: DR: Mirnish wants me to evict Chwiis. I don't like either nominees but I guess if people want me to go against Aqua's wishes, then sure.

Blake: Maria will you vote to evict Chwiis? Yes or no.

Maria: Si. (DR: Chwiis puta)

Ally: *walks in room with Maria* I want Heo out.

Maria: No

Ally: You want Chwiis out?

Maria: Si. (DR: Blake me dijo que el plan cambió y ahora que lo pienso , la votación fuera Chwiis es mejor para mi juego . Pero yo no lo estoy haciendo , si no es Aaliyah a bordo desde ella es mi mejor amigo en la casa)

Ally: DR: Some people are now leaning towards evicting Chwiis and I'm honestly stumped. I don't like either of them but if I go against the house, I'll probably end up on the block again.

Milk: *to Ally and Fiz* What's the plan

Ally: honestly idk. ill vote whichever.

Fiz: shit

Ally: some people want Chwiis gone instead of Heo.

Milk: Like who?

Ally: Mainly Mirnish. Mirnish Blake Maria TDN Ash Wendy.

Milk: What about Solar?

Ally: idk

Solar: *to Mirnish* I'll do it.

Milk: DR: Two sides of the house are voting different ways. Tyler, Cabbage, Epic, Spirit, Berry, and Izzy are evicting Heo. Blake, Maria, Mirnish, Ash, Wendy, and TDN are evicting Chwiis. Ally, Fiz, and I are swings.

Ally: DR: Come eviction night, lines will be drawn and people will be pissed.


Julie: Hello houseguests.

Epic: Hi Julie.

Julie: Chwiis, Heo, tonight one of you will leave the Big Brother house. But first, you will each have a chance to plead your case as to why you should stay. Heo, you're up.

Heo: Chwiis, I didn't wanna be against you on the block dude but houseguests, if you evict me, you will lose all your Mexican cooking.

Cabbage: um

Maria: Me cook tacos

Mirnish: bitch

Fiz: wtf

Julie: Chwiis, you're up.

Chwiis: *stands up* You're all happy hams if you evict me. Okay bye.

Julie: Okay. Aqua, as HOH, you will only vote in the event of the tie. The two nominees are also not allowed to vote. One by one, the rest of the house will enter the diary room and cast their votes to evict. Tyler, you're up first.

Tyler: *walks in DR*

Julie: Tyler has not liked Chwiis or Heo. But which will he evict?

Tyler: Hi Julie. I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: Thank you.

Spirit: *walks in DR*

Julie: Spirit ran to Aqua after hearing Chwiis talk about Aqua. But will his vote reflect that action?

Spirit: I vote to evict...Heo.

Julie: Thank you.

Ash: *walks in DR*

Julie: Ash has agreed to evicting Chwiis. Will he stick to his word?

Ash: Hi Julie, I like your vampire look. I vote to evict Chwiis.

Blake: *walks in DR*

Julie: Blake has not been very fond of either. He threw the first competition so neither would get safety. But which one does he want gone?

Blake: I vote to evict CHWIIS.

Julie: Thank you. Right now, it is 2-2

Cabbage: *walks in DR*

Julie: Cabbage stated how Heo should go after Chwiis. Will he evict Heo?

Cabbage: I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: Thank you

Epic: *walks in DR*

Julie: Epic has been laying low this week but he has agreed to evicting Heo. His vote should be telling.

Epic: I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: Thank you. The vote is now 4-2.

Maria: *walks in DR*

Julie: Maria has been suspicious about Chwiis. Will she use those suspicions to get him out?

Maria: Evict Chwiis

Julie: Thank you.

Fiz: *walks in DR*

Julie: Fiz has been in the middle of the pact for this vote. Which has he decided to vote?

Fiz: I vote to evict chwis :(

Julie: We are tied 4-4.

Wendy: *walks in DR*

Julie: Wendy has not liked either of the two nominees.

Wendy: I vote to evict Chwiis.

Julie: It is now 5-4.

Ally: *walks in DR*

Julie: Ally has not been flattered by Heo's flirting. But she has heard both names so what will she do?

Ally: I vote to evict Chwiis.

Julie: It is now 6-4.

Berry: *walks in DR*

Julie: Berry has been loyal to Aqua. What Aqua wants is Heo gone so it'll be a shock if Berry does the opposite.

Berry: I vote to evict Heo.

Julie: 6-5.

Mirnish: *walks in DR*

Julie: Mirnish has led the charge against Chwiis. His vote should remain obvious.

Mirnish: I vote to evict disgusting pig Chwiis

TDN: *walks in DR*

Julie: TDN has been approached by Mirnish about evicting Chwiis. Whether or not he was persuaded is about to be shown.

TDN: I vote to evict Chwiis.

Julie: It is 8-5.

Solar: *walks in DR*

Julie: Solar is on The Aussies with both Heo and Chwiis. What will be do?

Solar: I vote to evict Chwiis.

Julie: It's official with 9 votes to evict Chwiis, Chwiis WILL be leaving the house tonight. Let's see where the other votes fall.

Izzy: *walks in DR*

Julie: Izzy has considered both nominees but he agreed that Heo is more dangerous.

Izzy: I vote to evict Heo.

Milk: *walks in DR*

Julie: Milk has been on the fence about the vote but which one has he decided to evict?

Milk: I vote to evict Chwiis.

Julie: Thank you. The official vote count is 10-6. Let's announce the news to the houseguests. Houseguests!

Spirit: Hi

Julie: By a vote of 10-6.....Heo....

Heo: ...

Julie: You are safe. Chwiis, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Aqua: What the hell?

Tyler: O

Mirnish: *smirks*

Chwiis: Motherfuckers *leaves*

Episode 3: Taste Of Their Own MedicineEdit

Announcer: Previously on Biiig Brother...with Aqua as Head of Household, he went after Heo. When he needed a pawn, Ally was brought up, who recently formed an all girls alliance with Berry and Maria. Fiz won the first Veto of the summer and decided to save Ally. Chwiis went up in his place. After much debate, Mirnish began to rally the house against Chwiis. The planned worked and Epic, Aqua, Tyler, Cabbage, Berry, Izzy, and Spirit were shocked as Chwiis was evicted. Who will win HOH? Who will they nominate? Who will win veto? And who will be the third person evicted from the Big Brother house? Find out tonight on Biiig Brother.

Heo: DR: My boi Chwiis just went out the house. I don't really have any other true allies now. It isn't cool fam

Aqua: DR: Chwiis ended up leaving. While I didn't like him, I really wanted Heo to go. I don't know who voted who. So it's time to get to the bottom of it.

Fiz: Ally I'm sad Chwiis left

Ally: But you evicted him.

Fiz: O

Ally: DR: Now that Chwiis is gone, this house is definitely split. Luckily I don't really think I got the blood from Chwiis's eviction

Fiz: DR: ally and I r power duo

(Spirit, Izzy, Aqua, and Tyler are gathered)

Aqua: So do any of you know what happened?

Tyler: No

Spirit: DR: I'm pretty pissed. Chwiis was fucking annoying but Heo should've left. If someone just told me, I would've evicted Chwiis but everyone in this house is a snake.

Izzy: DR: I'm kinda sad that I was blindsided. Right now, I think I'm in the minority. It really sucks. I don't want to go next.

Aqua: Well, who voted where?

Spirit: It's pretty obvious. (DR: It's pretty telling who voted where. Some people are liars in this game.)

Tyler: What do you mean?

Cabbage: *joins them*

Spirit: The votes to keep Chwiis was me, Izzy, Cabbage, Epic, Berry, and Tyler. Everyone else lied.

TDN: *goes in HOH room*

Tyler: DR: I don't know where I stand anymore. Winning HOH is all I can do to secure my safety.

Aqua: TDN, did you to vote to evict Heo?

TDN: You want the truth?

Aqua: Please

TDN: No.

Aqua: Do you know what happened with the vote?

TDN: I don't know. All I know is Mirnish told me to evict Chwiis instead.

Aqua: DR: Now I know it was all Mirnish. I trusted him and I didn't think he'd pull this BS

TDN: DR: Did I just screw up by telling them the truth? Probably. But it's not my fault. Nobody is telling me anything and I feel like I'm just being used as a vote to other people.

Mirnish: *to Solar, Blake, Ash, and Wendy* Nice job sluts

Wendy: Yay.

Ash: DR: Chwiis left and I couldn't be happier. But then again, Mirnish got all the credit for that blindside. So if Wendy respects that, he can easily gravitate towards Mirnish rather than me.

Mirnish: DR: Guess who just pulled off a house flip? Me! If the house decides to keep me for a couple more week, I know I can be a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Right now I gotta cover my bases and win HOH.

Solar: Who's the next target?

Mirnish: Idk. It doesn't really matter. We can go after the other side or we can easily clip one of our own like Fiz or TDN. It doesn't matter because either way, we're in power.

Solar: DR: Mirnish is talking about us being in power no matter what. Listen stupid. One of us isn't in power if the other side wins HOH.

Aqua: *to Spirit and Berry* I'm actually really pissed about the Mirnish thing.

Berry: You shouldn't be worrying about it too much.

Aqua: I shouldn't but I am

Spirit: Aqua look. I'll work my ass off to win HOH. And when I do, I'm taking a shot at the other side.

Aqua: Thank you.

Spirit: DR: I'm still really pissed nobody told me about the plan. So I decide to try and give them a taste of their own medicine I fucking need to win.

Berry: DR: I'm happy to have such loyal and friendly allies in this game.

(Head of Household Competition)

Aqua: Welcome to the Head of Household competition!

Mirnish: DR: So I walk out into the backyard and I see a big balance beam and I'm thinking this has to do with balancing back and fourth. I can do that.

Aqua: As HOH, I cannot compete. So you 17 will compete. You will all walk back and fourth on the balance beam. Anyone who falls while walking will automatically eliminated. Additionally eliminated will be the last to hit the buzzer each round. Remember that the winning houseguest will also secure safety for their team.

Wendy: DR: I'd honestly love to win Head of Household. If I win, I'll ensure my alliances safety. My team will also be safe. So go Fifth Harmony!

Aqua: Ready, set, go!

Ash: *walks* (DR: My strategy is to just go as fast as possible. I know I'm a great balancer already. It's just a matter of getting to that button quick enough.)

Heo: Hi

Ash: DR: But little did I know, this balance beam is like less than a quarter of my foot. I can feel myself slipping off

Maria: Oh no! *falls*

Ash: *falls* (DR: So I fell off and I'm pretty frustrated at myself.)

TDN: *falls* (DR: Damn it)

Tyler: *hits buzzer*

Milk: *hits buzzer*

Mirnish: *hits buzzer*

Wendy: *hits buzzer*

Ally: *hits buzzer*

Spirit: *hits buzzer*

Berry: *runs to buzzer but falls* (DR: I got carried ahead of myself and I really screwed up this HOH.)

Fiz: *hits buzzer*

Heo: *hits buzzer* (DR: I know that now that Chwiis is out, I'm vulnerable. I can easily be put up cause I don't really have anyone.)

Solar: *hits buzzer*

Blake: *hits buzzer*

Epic: *hits buzzer*

Izzy: *hits buzzer*

Cabbage: *hits buzzer*

Aqua: Berry, Ash, Maria, and TDN all fell and are eliminated. Additionally, Cabbage was the last to hit the buzzer so he's also eliminated. Twelve remain! Go!

Ally: *walks* (DR: Maria and Berry already fell. I'm the last remaining female in this competition. But I have to prove women can win competitions too.) *hits buzzer*

Spirit: *hits buzzer*

Fiz: *falls* :(

Tyler: *hits buzzer*

Solar: *falls* fuck this

Epic: *falls* Wow

Milk: *hits buzzer*

Mirnish: *hits buzzer*

Wendy: *hits buzzer*

Izzy: *falls* O

Heo: *hits buzzer*

Blake: *hits buzzer*

Aqua: Fiz, Solar, Epic, and Izzy have all fell. They are eliminated. Epic hit his buzzer last so he's also eliminated. Remaining are Heo, Wendy, Milk, Mirnish, Spirit, Tyler, and Ally!

Spirit: DR: It's down to 7 people and I can nearly taste HOH. I know how much I fucking need this.

Aqua: Go!

Tyler: *walks*

Milk: *buzzes* (DR: I think it's time for me to start comp beasting)

Ally: *buzzes*

Spirit: *buzzes*

Mirnish: *buzzes*

Tyler: *buzzes*

Wendy: *buzzes*

Heo: *buzzes*

Aqua: I'm sorry Heo. You have been eliminated. The Aussies have been eliminated from the Competition.

Heo: *sighs* (DR: I know I'm being put up so it sucks. If I didn't win that, I'll be going home. Now I'm going home.)

Aqua: Go!

Milk: *buzzes*

Ally: *buzzes*

Wendy: *falls* (DR: It sucks that I lost HOH but as long as Mirnish or Spirit win, I'm safe)

Tyler: *buzzes*

Spirit: *buzzes*

Mirnish: *buzzes*

Aqua: Wendy, you have fallen so you are eliminated. Mirnish, you are also eliminated. It is down to Spirit from Fifth Harmony, Ally and Milk from The Wonder Pets, and Tyler from Good One Ellen. Go!

Tyler: *buzzes*

Milk: *buzzes*

Spirit: DR: As this competition narrows down, I know I can win. BUT, I realize Mirnish is on my team. I have to let one of my other alliance members take the revenge. It sucks cause I wanted to win.

TDN: go spirit

Spirit: *falls*


Ally: *buzzes*

Aqua: Spirit has fallen and is eliminated! Fifth Harmony is eliminated! Ally is also eliminated! It is down to MILK from The Wonder Pets and TYLER from Good One Ellen. (DR: At this point, I'm hoping Tyler wins because if he wins, I'm safe. His head is definitely in the game and he knows what to do.)

Fiz: hi

Tyler: DR: I'm hoping to pull it out for my alliance. Not only is safety great but the power to shake up the game would be amazing.

Milk: DR: I haven't officially positioned myself so far so winning HOH would

Aqua: Go!

Tyler: *buzzes*

Aqua: Tyler is the NEW Head of Household! Good One Ellen is once again safe! Tyler, Aqua, Berry, and Cabbage are all safe!

Tyler: Yay!

Aqua: Congrats.

Tyler: DR: I'm so happy to be HOH! It feels so good to pull off this competition win! After such a shocking eviction vote, I for some reason no longer feel like I'm on the outs

Berry: DR: I'm glad that Tyler won HOH. He's a great friend of mine and him being HOH also means I'm safe since we're teammates.

Mirnish: DR: I know my side of the house didn't win HOH but if I work my magic, I can still have this week go in my favor.

(In House)

Tyler: I'm so relieved.

Fiz: DR: i hope tyler doesn't put up ally

Mirnish: *to Blake, Solar, Wendy, Milk, TDN, and Ash* Don't worry. None of us are leaving this week if I have any say in it.

Blake: DR: Mirnish is saying "none of are leaving this week if I have any say in it. Like no. You don't have a say. You just plotted against them and went against their wishes.

(Epic, Tyler, Izzy, Aqua, Cabbage, Berry, and Spirit are gathered in HOH)

Spirit: I had to throw it

Aqua: I understand.

Izzy: Congrats on winning Tyler.

Tyler: Thanks. So I don't know how to put up.

Spirit: Well obviously I want Mirnish gone.

Aqua: And I kinda do too.

Tyler: DR: Mirnish is great as a person but my alliance feels betrayed by Mirnish so I guess I have to go with that.

Epic: Tyler would you backdoor him or put him straight up?

Tyler: I don't wanna do backdoor.

Epic: Ok

Cabbage: Put him up next to a vote that'd keep him.

Tyler: His closest allies are Wendy and Ash.

Izzy: If you look at who Mirnish is closer to put of those two, you'll know who to put up.

Aqua: omg we're so smart I love this 7

Berry: Me too

Aqua: let's make an official alliance!

Cab: K Man Troll

Berry: OMG let's be The Seven Dwarves

Epic: ok

Cabbage: Yes.

Izzy: good alliance name. anyways I'm tired so I'm gonna go to bed

Aqua: Night

Izzy: *leaves room* (DR: So all of a sudden, I got tired so I started to make my way downstairs then suddenly...)

(Phone Rings)

Izzy: *answers* Hello

Kathy Griffin: Hi you can block 3 people from voting

Izzy: iconic (DR: So I won the ability to block three people from voting at eviction night. That's huge. I can use it to secure my alliance's plan. This is just so iconic though)

Mirnish: DR: I decided to try and talk to Tyler to make sure none of my alliance members go home.

Tyler: *to Mirnish* So what did you wanna talk to me about?

Mirnish: I don't know. What do you wanna do?

Tyler: I'm still trying to figure out what happened last eviction.

Mirnish: I'll spill the Raven Baxter esque tea if you keep Wendy, Ash, Solar, Milks, and I out of danger.

Tyler: Ok (DR: Mirnish is trying to promise me info on the Chwiis vote if I keep him and his crew safe. Okay but I already know what happened. You shook the shit up.)

Ally: *to Maria and Berry* Do you think we're safe?

Berry: Probably

Maria: Yes (DR: Me scared)

Ally: DR: So I am hoping me and my girls are safe. I don't know where Tyler stands but I'm praying for the best

Berry: DR: I think Ally, Maria, and I are a bit of an odd alliance but it's working. I'm also with The Seven Dwarves so I'm absorbing information from both sides

(Nomination Ceremony)

Tyler: This is the nomination ceremony. As Head of Household, it is my duty to nominate two houseguests for eviction. I will twist a key and the person that I nominate will appear on the screen. The first houseguest I have nominated is...*twists key*














(Mirnish appears on screen)

Tyler: Mirnish

Mirnish: lmao what

Tyler: The second houseguest I have nominated is...*twists key*















(Wendy appears on screen)

Tyler: Wendy.

Wendy: *gasps*

Ash: Wow

Tyler: I have nominated you Mirnish and you Wendy for eviction. Mirnish, Wendy, when hearing information about the eviction..both of your names showed up so I'm sorry. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Tyler: DR: I nominated my target and my target's closest ally. Anybody can win veto except Mirnish. I need to lock my nominations in and move on.

Mirnish: DR: I'm kinda pissed. I trusted Tyler but apparently not. Now I have to work my motherfucking ass off to win the veto.

Wendy: DR: I don't really know why I was nominated but I guess I am. I mean, I would love to come off the block but Ash would probably be in my place. And I literally can't decide between Ash and Mirnish. :( This sucks.

Ash: DR: My two closest allies are on the block. Well, it sucks but I hope Wendy now knows Mirnish is no good for him.

Solar: DR: LMAO I told Mirnish so but I guess he wouldn't listen

Heo: DR: I'm shocked I'm not nominated. I just got off the block and whatever I'm doing to stay safe, it's working.

Mirnish: *to Solar, Milk, Wendy, Ash, Blake, TDN, Fiz, and Ally* Don't worry. I'm winning veto bitches

Fiz: K

Wendy: DR: My paranoia right now is at an all time high. I don't really need Mirnish telling me about how he's winning the veto. I'm on the block too.

Ash: DR: The ideal situation is I get picked for veto and I pull off Wendy. Then we vote off whoever the replacement is.

Tyler: *to Izzy, Berry, and Epic* How was my nomination speech?

Berry: It was fine.

Tyler: I'm nervous about the vote.

Izzy: Don't be.

Tyler: Why?

Izzy: The phone rang not long before the ceremony and I can void 3 people from voting.

Tyler: Wow. That's amazing.

Izzy: DR: I decided to tell Tyler because well, he's the HOH. I'm gonna need some help deciding who to void.

Epic: DR: With Izzy having that power, that's great for our game.

Heo: *to Ally* So are we good?

Ally: I don't know. I still don't like you but game wise, you're fine.

Heo: :O Are you calling me fine

Ally: No you're ugly. (DR: I'm flirting with Heo so I can use him later on in this game. Right now he has no one. He's obviously annoying and desperate but hey, so is the rest of the house.)

Heo: DR: I'm going to have to form some bonds if I wanna stay

Tyler: It's time to pick players for the veto competition!

(Living Room)

Ally: Hi!

Tyler: The HOH, the two nominees, and three randomly selected houseguests will compete. As HOH, I will choose first. *picks name* (DR: I'm hoping one of my alliance members get pulled for this veto so I can have help securing my nominees.) Izzy

Izzy: Yay. (DR: I'm picked for the veto and I'm really excited. I need my first competition win. I already can void 3 voters. Why not win veto too?)

Mirnish: *picks name* ugh. Heo

Heo: B)

Wendy: *picks name* (DR: At this point, I'm praying Ash gets picked. Because either way if Mirnish or myself win, Ash will predictably get put up. So Ash needs to get picked, win, use it on one of us, then we evict whoever is the replacement.) Blake

Blake: K

Wendy: DR: Ash was not indeed picked for veto so now I have to rely on myself to pull this off. That's a lot of pressure *sighs*

(Veto Competition)

Ally: *wearing a life guard costume* Welcome to the veto competition!

Wendy: DR: This veto competition is very important. I need this win more than ever.

Ally: Say hello to the beach! For this competition, you will dig up a puzzle piece one by one in the sand then solve it at your station. There are 25 pieces. Beware when you're stacking your pieces, because the platform is on a wobbly spring. Make the wrong move and your entire puzzle will collapse! Are you ready to play?

Fiz: yes

Ally: You're not even in veto. GO!

Izzy: *digs* (DR: Digging in the sand is very frustrating. Like there's decoy pieces such as Heo's album cover. It's not fun at all.)

Wendy: *running back and fourth* (DR: My strategy for this veto is to just bring as many pieces back as possible then solve it when I have all 25.)

Mirnish: *runs*

Tyler: *digs* (DR: My strategy is to get the pieces I need at the moment. Right now I need the bottom pieces so I'm getting all the pieces with a straight end.)

Wendy: *solving puzzle*

Ally: Wendy already has all his pieces! He's solving the puzzle!

Blake: *solving puzzle*

Ally: Blake also solving the puzzle!

Blake: DR: I do feel I'm great at puzzles. This puzzle seems simple. Some pieces connect perfectly and I realize that I'm nearly done.

Mirnish: DR: Puzzles lay down for me like lovers

Blake: *moves piece as puzzle falls* UGH (DR: Then all my pieces fall and I'm actually kinda frustrated. I knew I had it.)

Heo: *walking*

TDN: You're doing great Heo

Heo: Thanks

Wendy: *arranging pieces*

Tyler: *adds piece*

Ally: Wendy and Tyler neck and neck!

Tyler: DR: I'm almost there but Wendy is catching up to me. So I'm trying to move the pieces as quick as I can without fully losing my puzzle.

Wendy: DR: Tyler is catching up to me and I can feel the pressure. My palms are sweating, my entire body is shivering and I feel like I'm gonna accidentally knock the puzzle down. I literally only have a couple pieces left.

Ally: It's close!

Wendy: *adds last piece and buzzes* YES!

Ally: Congratulations, Wendy! You have won the Golden Power of Veto!

Wendy: DR: Yes yes yes! I have the POV. I'm safe for the week and I couldn't be any happier! All the paranoia, stress, and worry I previously had are all gone. I'm so relieved!

Mirnish: DR: So Wendy won veto and obviously I'm happy for him but my stupid ass is still on the block

Ash: DR: I'm fully ready to go up on the block now that Wendy won. It sucks but hey, you have to be ready for it.

Blake: DR: Wendy won and I'm kinda happy for him. This has been a predictable week so lol. We need some crazy thing to happen now so this doesn't drag

(In House)

Ash: DR: At this point I have to make some campaign to Tyler as to why I shouldn't go up to save my ass

Tyler: *to Ash* Hey

Ash: Hey. So who is gonna be put up as a replacement?

Tyler: I don't know. Maybe an outsider like TDN or Heo

Ash: I know I'm on the shortlist for those put up. You don't have to beat around the bush..

Tyler: Sorry

Ash: Look. You know I'm loyal and I wouldn't put you up.

Tyler: Okay but who else can I put up?

Ash: You wanna know who wouldn't go home? Blake. He has no one so no one would vote him off.

Tyler: DR: I'm kinda skeptical about the information Ash is telling me. If what he's telling me is true, then so be it. I'll put Blake up. However something tells me he's lying to save himself

TDN: *making muffins*

Fiz: good muffins

Cabbage: ^

  1. MuffinMan

TDN: DR: I love making muffins

Tyler: *to Aqua and Berry* I don't know who to put up.

Aqua: I thought we were nominating Ash.

Tyler: I know but...

Aqua: DR: Tyler is telling me he's having DOUBTS about nominating Ash. We had this backup plan for ages and now you wanna adjust it a bit? It's odd to say the least

Berry: Who are you thinking of nominating instead?

Tyler: I don't know but nominating Ash doesn't feel right.

Berry: DR: Tyler doesn't know if he should nominate Ash. Ash would vote to keep Mirnish and I think it'd be smart to put him up. It's what Id do.

Aqua: Tyler look. Either way Mirnish is leaving but I feel more confident about him leaving with Ash next to him.

Tyler: Fine (DR: I'm still not 100% but I'll nominate whoever one I feel is more safe. Mirnish is the target this week and I shouldn't be worrying too much about the second nominee.)

(Veto Meeting)

Wendy: This is the veto meeting. I have the power to veto one of Tyler's nominations. I have decided to...













Wendy: Use the power of veto on myself. Tyler, since I just vetoed one of your nominations, you must name a replacement nominee.

Tyler: I'm sorry but...Blake, I have nominated you.

Blake: k *sits*

Ash: Phew

Wendy: This veto meeting is adjourned.

Mirnish: DR: I'm still on the block but now Blake is next to me. I'm sure I can give the house a reason as to why he needs to go

Wendy: DR: I'm happy Ash isn't put up. The ideal situation is that we rally numbers against Blake so Mirnish, Ash, and I can all make it out alive.

Ash: DR: Thank god I'm not nominated. I was shaking but now, I'm safe and I'm really glad.

Blake: DR: I don't know what I did? I didn't do anything to Tyler. I left him alone this week and now he wants to target me. Pathetic.

Spirit: DR: I thought Ash was going up but I guess Blake did. I would've wanted to know about this plan. Either way, Mirnish is leaving.

Tyler: DR: I decided to nominate Blake. I feel a lot more comfortable with Blake on the block and not Ash. I think Mirnish has better odds going home against Blake rather than Ash.

Izzy: *to Aqua, Spirit, Epic, Tyler, Cabbage, and Berry* Who's votes should I remove?

Berry: Well who do you think is closer to Mirnish? Remove them.

Izzy: Ok. So you're talking like...Wendy....Milk

Berry: yup

Izzy: Okay I know who I'm removing

Aqua: So are the votes locked in?

Izzy: With my advantage only 12 people are voting. Six voters are in the room so it'll be at least a tie.

Cabbage: yay

Izzy: DR: I think I know who shouldn't voted. It's not really who would vote against Blake, it's people who are closer to Mirnish.

Mirnish: *to Wendy, Ash, Solar, Fiz, Maria, Ally, TDN, Heo, and Milk* We have the numbers to make a move but we aren't doing it..

Maria: que está diciendo la verdad. lástima que nadie en esta sala le gusta tu culo molesto

Mirnish: calm down Maria.

Ally: I mean, if everyone is in agreement, then sure. Let's do it.

Fiz: k

Ally: DR: Mirnish is desperate for any sort of deal, promise, negotiation, alliance...anything to stay in. It's hard to watch because I know he already has 6 votes against him. Yet again, those 6 voters are people we already pissed off so it wouldn't make a difference.

Wendy: I'm willing to shake something up.

Ally: I am too but evicting Blake of all people isn't shaking anything up.

Mirnish: But you'd keep me and I'll do the dirty work.

Ally: So? I thought we were shaking stuff up, not you.

Fiz: fuck you TDN

TDN: Wow.

Mirnish: DR: I'm trying to get an entire pact of people to sit down. I'm just like listen, I have all of your backs. I'm going after Tyler and friends. Don't even worry. It shouldn't even be hard.

(Everyone leaves except Wendy, Ash, Solar, Milk, and Mirnish)

Mirnish: I really need your guys votes.

Ash: Don't worry. We have your back.

Mirnish: That's four locked in. I need eight to stay. The next four have to be Fiz, TDN, Ally, and Heo.

Ash: Maria too. And Milk.

Mirnish: Solar, you're evicting Blake, right?

Solar: Sure. (DR: I mean, I don't really like Blake so might as well evict him)

Mirnish: I'll be back.

Wendy: Ok

Mirnish: DR: So I do want to secure those votes to keep me. I have to talk to each and single one of my potential voters one on one now.

Milk: *to Mirnish* I'll evict whoever.

Mirnish: I have your back. Blake probably doesn't. I'll try to win HOH and put up one person of your choice.

Milk: Ally?

Mirnish: Sure

Milk: I'm voting to keep you. (DR: At the end of the day, Mirnish is a close friend of mine. I haven't spoken to much people here and he's one of the only ones here I tolerate.)

Mirnish: *to Fiz, Maria and Ally* I'm not putting any of you up, know that. Blake is a loose cannon waiting to shoot.

Fiz: i need a cigarett

Ally: My concern is I have a bridge with Berry and I'll burn it if I vote differently with her twice in a row.

Mirnish: Fuck it. Berry can vote with us too.

Fiz: DR: Mirnish rlly wants to stay but idk if everyone is on bord

Mirnish: *to TDN* Nobody here has your back except for me.

TDN: I appreciate that.

Mirnish: I really do need you. And I know you need a close ally and friend. That could be me.

TDN: DR: Mirnish is campaigning HARD. I definitely respect him for it.

Mirnish: *to Heo* I always liked you more than most of TDRPW.

Heo: Thanks

Mirnish: I voted to keep you once and I'm hoping you return the favor

Heo: Alright I'll vote to keep you. (DR: Mirnish got the votes to save me and I gotta repay the boi.)

Blake: *to Cabbage* Are the votes secured? Should I campaign?

Cabbage: No. There is 100000% chance Mirnish goes home. There's NO way you're leaving. It'll be unanimous. I wouldn't even pack my bags

Blake: DR: Cabbage tells me not to campaign so I trust that instinct. But I'm still on the block. Paranoia is still a heavy subject weighing my game down. I'm hoping I don't get blindsided. That would suck.


Julie: Hello houseguests. Welcome to the second live eviction of the summer. Blake, Mirnish, one of you will be the third houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. But first, you will have a chance to plead your final case. Mirnish, you're up.

Mirnish: Hello! There's obviously an evil cult running around the house arrogant as hell and I'll protect all of you and go after the cult. Hi mom! *sits*

Julie: Thank you. Blake, you're up.

Blake: This has been a trainwreck of a first two weeks and I'm grateful for the experience. Hope to stay. *sits*

Julie: Thank you. Neither nominee is allowed to vote. Tyler will only vote in the event of a tie. Also not allowed to vote are....Ash, Milk, and Wendy.

Wendy: What?

Milk: Me

Ash: wtf

Julie: Someone has been given an advantage to remove 3 voters. You three were removed.

Mirnish: Bullshit

Julie: No cursing its live. It is time to vote. Epic, you're up.

Ally: Wow.

Epic: *walks in DR*

Julie: Epic has been very loyal to the Seven Dwarves. He should follow the alliance's wishes. Hello Epic.

Epic: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you.

Aqua: *walks in DR*

Julie: Aqua has pushed for Mirnish to go ever since he found out Mirnish orchestrated the eviction blindside. Will he get revenge?

Aqua: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you.

Heo: *walks in DR*

Julie: Heo has been on the outside since Chwiis left but he has promised Mirnish his vote. Will he keep his promise?

Heo: I vote to evict Blake.

Julie: Thank you.

Maria: *walks in DR*

Julie: Maria has been laying extremely low but she has been approached by Mirnish. What will she do?

Maria: Yo voto para desalojar Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you. It is currently 3-1.

Izzy: *walks in DR*

Julie: Izzy made sure three of Mirnish's allies would not vote. His vote should remain obvious.

Izzy: I vote evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you.

Fiz: *walks in DR*

Julie: Fiz doesn't know if everyone is on board with keeping Mirnish. With three of his closest allies not allowed to vote, has Fiz made up his mind?

Fiz: I vote to evict mirnish :(

Julie: It is currently 5-1.

Solar: *walks in DR*

Julie: Solar has not been very fond of Blake and he has swore his vote against Blake. Will he do as planned?

Solar: I vote to evict Blake.

Julie: Thank you.

Ally: *walks in DR*

Julie: Ally has been fairly uncertain about who should go. What has she finally decided?

Ally: I sadly vote to evict Mirnish. :(

Julie: It's official. With seven votes to evict Mirnish, Mirnish WILL leave the house tonight. Let's see where the other votes fall

Spirit: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Julie: Thank you.

Berry: *walks in DR*

Julie: Berry has been cleanly playing both sides. But will she finally pick a side tonight?

Berry: I vote to evict Mirnish.

TDN: *walks in DR*

Julie: TDN doesn't have any official allies in this game. So which one will he evict?

TDN: I vote to evict Mirnish.

Cabbage: *walks in DR*

Julie: Cabbage told Blake to not even pack his bags. So was Cabbage tells the truth?

Cabbage: I vote to evict Mirnish

Julie: The vote is 10-2. Let's give the news to the houseguests. Houseguests....

Mirnish: *sighs*

Blake: ....

Julie: By a vote of 10-2.....Mirnish, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Mirnish: Wendy Ash Solar Milk good luck. screw the rest of you *leaves*

Episode 4: Double The TroubleEdit

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